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  1. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid:Off-duty cop poses as terrorist with a real gun in a hospital
  2. not bad article about Philadelphia
  3. Healing: WI Deputy killed 6 teens in this house, now it's gone
  4. Very Bad: Officer arrested for pulling motorists over, charged ‘roadside fee’
  5. Homeowner Takes Law Into His Own Hands
  6. 79 year old goes on a rampage at an ATT store
  7. Arrest in case of elderly woman was severely beaten
  8. Robbery and pistol whipping in a barbershop
  9. Victory
  10. BAD: Pardon the pun, but this is why we don't jump the gun.
  11. Brutal St. Louis home invasion beating tied to Craigslist hiring
  12. St. Louis police officer shot 6-8 times during traffic stop
  13. 25 years is not a life sentence...
  14. These Kinds Of Things Don't Happen Around Here!!
  15. Good: Jacksonville, Fla. Homeowner Shoots Teen Burglar
  16. No Honor amound DBags - Texas: Officer, citizen fire at man who allegedly tried to ru
  17. Cop's Murder Has Some Thinking Of Carrying A Gun
  18. UGLY: Two stabbed while walking together
  19. 80-Year-Old Chicago Man Kills Armed Home Invader
  20. Jeffersonville pharmacist pulls gun on would-be robber
  21. Bad: CHL chases shoplifters... to shoot out their tires.
  22. Women Brawl; 4 Stabbed, Five Arrested
  23. Has Daley finally gone over the edge?
  24. Police officer killed in west Phoenix
  25. Good Gun-control in Chicago...
  26. Stupid... CCW tries to thwart robbery
  27. Good news for BGs
  28. Bad: This Behavior Threatens Second Ammendment Rights
  29. Shots fired across the street from me Mesa AZ update!
  30. Stupid: Sheriff allows felon to 'pose' as an LEO
  31. Guns found at Blacksburg [Va] Middle School
  32. More guns equal more crime?
  33. Perry's jog sparks 'Coyote Special' pistols
  34. BAD (and stupid): Cops furious at 'don't-kill' bill
  35. Man shoots burgler "on a hunch"
  36. Black Homeowner's Claim of Self-Defense Rejected in Fatal Shooting
  37. Feds: Sickening Sex Assault of Sleeping Woman On Airplane
  38. Bad: Maine police investigate beating death
  39. Make My Day law - Denver burglary leads to fatal shooting
  40. Guns claim kids' lives in both urban, rural areas
  41. Louisville doctor tallies rising cost of gun violence
  42. Man pulls gun on kin in Mt. Oliver church
  43. LEO dies in gun fight with robbers
  44. Firefighter wrestles gun from accident victim
  45. 2 local pizza shops robbed.
  46. Very Bad...should we ban the American Flag~~~in America
  47. 2 LEOs home burglarized in gun free Chicago
  48. Bank Robbery Sugar Land TX, leaves deputy wounded, 1 suspect dead, 1 in custody
  49. Bad : Bomb Explosion & Bomber Killed
  50. Killed stepfather after threats with ax...
  51. BAD: Accident leads to road-rage shooting
  52. Good!! Armed Robbery Foiled by Brave Employee
  53. Unarmed Intervention - not a good idea.
  54. "Finger Gun" Threat Nets $300 Fine.
  55. Cops Take Gun off Pilot
  56. Federal Racketeering Law used against Home Invasion
  57. Bad headline; Good outcome
  58. I applaud Representative McClintoc (R-California)
  59. Pizza Shop Owner Allows CCW
  60. Police enter wrong house in drug raid Sebastian County,Arkansas
  61. Man In Standoff With Police
  62. Good : HPD Officer Cleared in Nightclub Shooting
  63. Another death due to census.....
  64. Mayor Daley threatens reporter
  65. Another gap in the Thin Blue Line
  66. Ugly : Man Forcibly Tattoo's A Woman
  67. Stockton restaurant robbery foiled by armed customer
  68. BAD: Shootout in West Memphis 4 dead 2 wounded (Merged)
  69. Ninjas to the rescue
  70. Veteran fatally shot at MacDill Air Force Base had record involving threat
  71. How to pull the plug on the Mexican Drug Cartels
  72. Good: Robber shot with his own gun at Pine Bluff, Ark., fast-food restaurant
  73. Good and Bad: Florida: Woman forced to perform sex act shoots suspect with own gun
  74. GOOD: Tulsa, Oklahoma Cop Imposter Shot To Death
  75. Mom shoots dog attacking daughter
  76. Paramedic stabbed
  77. Good and Bad: Caught On CCTV: Robber Clobbered By Punter
  78. BAD: Trial under way for Vt. man in shooting death of retired professor
  79. Top 100 Place to Eat in Alabama-Attempted Robbery
  80. Anti-gun Bank robbed
  81. :::GOOD::: Pizza guys foils robbery
  82. Mexican Army Outgunned by Drug Traffickers -- Another attempt to blame U.S.
  83. Bad: intruders at a mansion killed man
  84. DOE -- Virginia Tech violated law in '07 massacre
  85. Suspect Shot And Killed During Home Invasion; Three Suspects On The Loose
  86. UGH! ND at Bass Pro...
  87. Good: 74 Year Old Homeowner Kills Intruder
  88. Bad: one killed, eight wounded at graduation party (took place at my apartment comple
  89. Third suicide attempt at a gun range?
  90. Asst. coach pulls gun on soccer dad (MI)
  91. No Mental Evaluation For OK City Shooter
  92. Good...ish?: PD: Victim’s dad confronts suspects after west Valley attack
  93. Man kills one, injures another
  94. UGLY: Another death by Craigslist
  95. The Ammo Shortage Continues
  96. Concealed Carry in a Library?
  97. This is interesting...
  98. No background check needed to fire gun on range
  99. Bad: Lawyer allegedly fired at census worker
  100. Handgun Stolen At NRA Convention!!
  101. Woman arrested at airport, security found gun in bag
  102. Good : Home Owner Shoots Burgular
  103. School Nurse arrested for concealed firearm
  104. Homeowner talks burglar out of it
  105. MDM Muzzleloaders plant explosion, 2 killed 1 injured
  106. Charges filed in Fairfax school bus shooting "He is 14"
  107. Just a couple more misunderstood boys...
  108. Airsoft Rifles Coverted to Real Guns!
  109. Wytheville's PO hostage-taker pleads guilty
  110. Innocent woman killed by stray bullet
  111. Good: Gutsy Gambler Stops Armed Robber
  112. Gun Toting Victims Fight back
  113. Good: Homeowner grabs gun, thwarts would-be robber
  114. Chuck Norris fights for Second Amendment rights at NRA Convention
  115. Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Lots of Guns
  116. Shooting in Detroit / 2nd issue "full-auto"
  117. Shooting suspect's rap lyrics admitted into evidence
  118. New Hawaii law prevents seizure of legal guns in an emergency
  119. Thug blew off his own head with pistol
  120. Bad: Gun fires inside 3rd grader's desk.
  121. ND: CHL holder shoots hole in ceiling, calls 911 to fib
  122. Skimming credit cards at ATM's -- coming to an ATM near you
  123. Good, from AZ, but quit taking prisoners!
  124. BAD--Know your target and what lies beyond it
  125. Ex-Marine accused of gunning down neighbour whose puppy peed on award-winning lawn
  126. Good: Pharmacist shoots robber demanding drugs.
  127. Houston. Homeowner interrupts burglary
  128. Loudoun VA shots fired - domestic dispute
  129. Another china school knife attack!
  130. Mystery Bullet Lodged in Man's Brain
  131. Good guys win
  132. Good; Home invasion leads to thinning of the herd
  133. More Nat Park/Gun fearmongering yet man kills grizzly in self defense
  134. 2 beer bottles does not beat one gun
  135. Yikes...a REAL census taker this time...
  136. CCWer pistol whips bank robber!
  137. Teen Martial Arts student shot dead
  138. Good: Man Repels Decoy, 2 men w/ rifles
  139. Bad:Man killed in north Houston home invasion
  140. Calif. DA: Police killing of bystander justified
  141. A Minneapolis police SWAT team kicked in the wrong door....
  142. Boy shot and killed in alleged robbery attempt
  143. Old Navy Shooting in Chicago Leaves Two Dead
  144. Oddly, the NRA gets the 'last word."
  145. Man justified to shoot robber, Hazelwood police say
  146. Good: Armed robbery victim turns the tables on three armed assailants
  147. Very Bad:Armed suspects target women at fake roadblock
  148. Chicago Code of Silence - Beating the Bullets in Chicago
  149. 5 shot, 2 dead in LA, Gunman with assault rifle invades home
  150. Bad: Wearing American flag insensitive to immigrants
  151. One punch and man dies.
  152. WV: Man dared Homeowner to shoot him...Man gets shot
  153. Welcome to the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, Ca!
  154. Arrest made in Times Square car bomb plot
  155. Target store stabbing
  156. Woman stabs four in Target store
  157. Bad: gal shot for refusing to give ph#
  158. Teacher Caught On Video Stealing From Lockers
  159. Police: 89-Year-Old Fires Gun At Intruder
  160. Man in Argument Killed by Passer-By
  161. Apparent Car Bomb in New York's Times Square
  162. 2 good guys in Florida this week
  163. Bad : Teen Shot in the Head
  164. This is your special kind of crazy
  165. homeowner pulls on grieving family
  166. BAD - AZ deputy shot by drug smugglers in the desert
  167. Lexington KY Metro Officer killed
  168. Craigslist Dangers - Part Deux
  169. GOOD: Armed Citizen Interrupts Bank Robbery
  170. Would-be robber shot and killed by merchant
  171. Customer Uses Own Gun To Stop Bank Robber
  172. Former Oklahoma Gov. George Nigh robbed outside home
  173. This is what I came home to today
  174. A "2-Fer"...
  175. Ugly: Man Shot Was Protecting Family
  176. This is what compliance gets you
  177. THE GOOD: 2 different stories
  178. China Columbine?
  179. Anytime, anybody, any where
  180. BAD: Some folks still don't get it! Craigslist sale turns fatal [Updated]
  181. Craigslist Home Invasion
  182. Bad, paroled killer kills again
  183. Gun found at Wilson High in Portsmouth; person detained
  184. Why a White House Staffer might need a gun
  185. Go Governor Perry! (Merged again and again)
  186. Score one for the Good Guys - New Haven, CT
  187. Got link posted in the The Armed Citizen
  188. CHL holder kills armed robber
  189. But I thought he hated guns......
  190. Result of restricting the 2nd Amendment
  191. Good: Jeweler fights off ax and sword-wielding robbers
  192. Please, Please Hit This Poll And Help Us Canadians!!
  193. The Roanoke Times picks up the beat...
  194. Major distortion by anti-RKBA Free Lance-Star.
  195. More school violence
  196. Front page hatchet job -- Richmond Times Dispatch.
  197. Carjacker vs 70 year old lady, epic fail.
  198. Man arrested for impersonating US Marshal
  199. Brooklyn Teacher Gets Stolen Car Back, All Souped Up
  200. Paramedic shot during SWAT training (sort of)
  201. Never Take an Iron to a Gun Fight
  202. New Mexico: No more Utah permits, maybe others
  203. Good: Another FL homeowner does good.
  204. NY mugging stopped by armed victim
  205. GA TECH Crime out of control!!! Good, bad, and ugly!
  206. Good: Stolen Firearms Found
  207. Police close in on suspects in booby traps targeting gang task force
  208. Alarm Company Sued Over Murder
  209. British citizens are attacked in their own homes every 30 Minutes
  210. Good: Cops: Fatal shooting of robbery suspect was self-defense
  211. Four-year-old boy shoots, kills self in home (DOE LEO)
  212. Investigators: Girl Not Killed By Service Gun (LEO)
  213. Hamilton Police shooting video
  214. Who robs an insurance office? An idiot !
  215. Arlinton TX Teen shot by off duty Houston Police Officer.
  216. Another group disguising themselves as police
  217. wichita falls rampage!
  218. Kal Penn (Harold & Kumar) Robbed
  219. New Orleans police arrest suspects in IHOP murder and unrelated drive-by shooting
  220. Witness says teen reached for a gun
  221. HPD: Security guard shoots man trying to seize bus
  222. Seven shot, at least one dead in Tuesday night rampage
  223. Woman, 89, grabs handgun and fires at intruder
  224. KC police release name of intruder who was shot and killed Sunday
  225. Anyone following this mess?
  226. Good: In the garage
  227. MD - Frostburg State Student: Shooting Was Self-Defense
  228. 13 Year-Old Student Suspended After "Finger-Gun" Incident
  229. Musta been wearing clown shoes
  230. Three shot at Tennessee hospital
  231. Why?
  232. Bad: Anti story CCP and bars about an incident 13 years ago
  233. "Stealth dog" stops robbery- awesome video
  234. Militia movement's heroes will be packing heat at rally on the Potomac
  235. Store owner beats armed robber with a baseball bat. Good, Bad and Ugly happen.
  236. Bad : Third Time Bank Robbed
  237. Bad and odd- woman shot in face while driving
  238. How well is that gun banning law working??
  239. The Smoking Gun weekly update of mugshots. Some are always amusing.
  240. Bad stuff, close to home
  241. BAD: Man arrested [good] for trying to make citizen's arrest [bad] (WA)
  242. Bad! 13 year old hit "man"
  243. Good: Detroit Good Samaritan stops bank robber
  244. Man Accused Of Pointing Laser At Helicopter..
  245. Good-Man escapes abduction attempt
  246. Bank Robber Subdued By Bear Hug
  247. Another shooting range suicide
  248. Good Story, Bad Tips from the Ohio PD.
  249. And so it begins - Conservatives assaulted
  250. Man Has Handgun Stolen From Vehicle, Faces Charges [update] gun found