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  1. One dead in shooting at university in Elizabeth City (NC)
  2. Verdict: Double stabbing deaths were self defense; NOT GUILTY of murder
  3. Reason everyone should be armed
  4. Mesa man with machete shot by police
  5. Good: Two Robbery suspects shot dead by Charlotte, NC Pizza Hut employee
  6. This is out of control now: Mexican bandits entered US waters
  7. One person killed in Brinks truck robbery attempt
  8. Miami Highway Shooting....... SOS !
  9. No guns -- just pay safe with good kids and come home early
  10. New Jersey draconion anti -gun law fails again
  11. Case of Pinal County(AZ) Deputy shooting in desert reopened
  12. Elderly woman shoots 12 year old in self defense (Merged)
  13. Jacksonville Jaguars WR Kassim Osgood and woman attacked...
  14. BAD: gun safety
  15. .357 to the chest - and he still kept coming (Syracuse, NY Robbery Attempt)
  16. Human Sanctuary, No Shooting....
  17. Las Vegas Costco shooting ruled justifiable
  18. BAD/GOOD -- Shooter at Univ. of Texas on 9/28/10; fires, flees then kills self
  19. Homeowner shot while fleeing Fayetteville home invasion NC
  20. Bad: Texas Church Shooting
  21. GOOD: Store owner shoots, kills robber
  22. University of Texas shooting (21 minutes ago)
  23. Failures Because of Not Being Armed
  24. Sucker Punched to death
  25. Elmo Kicks some Butt
  26. Home invasion plea deals
  27. Bad - Man shot in front of 8-yr old Daughter
  28. BAD: neighbors argue, one goes home & comes back with a gun, one dead
  29. Crazy stuff-- man shot near UVA campus
  30. Gun carriers intervene, stop ‘beating’ in parking lot
  31. Man shot and killed at Gilbert Texas RoadHouse
  32. Another failure of strict gun-control.
  33. What???????
  34. Bank Robbery/Explosive Device (Bomb)
  35. Good: Slow learning curve for Aurora CO BGs
  36. Fatal police shooting during training
  37. 3rd Time's a charm
  38. Good - This was a pretty stupid thing
  39. Good- Husband saves wife from armed robber in NC (merged)
  40. Bad: Real estate agents killed UPDATED
  41. Bad: Man shot wife and two kids before turning gun on himself
  42. BAD -- Another School shooting w/ bombs
  43. Do not break into the cop's house.Burglar ring busted.
  44. member of popular Greenville rock band was wounded outside a South Carolina nightclub
  45. 2 masked home invaders taken care of in the good ol' FL!
  46. Good: Coin shop owner shoots at thieves.
  47. Good: Intruder Shot by Homeowner
  48. Fort Bliss Shooting
  49. Pastor/business owner killed by LE while investigating suspicious vehicle
  50. HPD: 91-year-old homeowner shoots, kills man during struggle in northeast Houston
  51. BAD: Tuttle, OK couple held hostage, home set on fire
  52. Hanover pizza delivery driver shoots suspected robber
  53. Bad- Man Commits Suicide, Accidentally Kills Wife
  54. New murder defense: Caffeine Insanity
  55. Armed Citizen: Brooklyn man wakes to find intruders in home; fires 3 shots
  56. Some people are too nice
  57. Good-Pompano Beach, FL road rage shooting
  58. armed robbers attack on college campus
  59. 14 year old boy accidentally shot in head-Surprise, AZ
  60. Police: Hopkins gunman shot Doctor, himself and relative
  61. Drug cartel had "spotter" living in cave in Pinal County, AZ
  62. Lesson learned hard way - bet they won't do that again!
  63. Shooting at Johns Hopkins Hospital
  64. GOOD: In NYC no less! Brooklyn man shoots intruders.
  65. We are having an epidemic of bank robberies!
  66. Dash Cams...
  67. Good: not 2a related but a soldier recognized in a very good way!
  68. Bad : Armed Robbery at Kroger
  69. Bad- Couple assaulted while sitting on front porch
  70. 'Springfield man arrested in Amherst break-in' and ''Break-ins continue in Amherst'
  71. Dr. William Petit Takes the Stand, Tells of His Family's Slaughter
  72. Man babysitting grandkids in Arizona City shoots intruders
  73. Another Phoenix Home Invasion and Kidnapping...
  74. Good: Robbery Attempt
  75. Seaford boy, 3, blasts firehouse with shotgun window and door struck, no one injured
  76. Boy shot, police say gun was stolen
  77. Officer shoots two dogs on a leash
  78. Violent crime drops even more.... ... .. ?? HUH?? (MERGED)
  79. The Good: AZ Grandfather defends self and grandkids
  80. 7 year old shoots, kills self-- no charges to be filed
  81. Officer shot 3 years ago to return to duty.....
  82. No-knock warrant"Family of woman killed in botched drug raid to receive $4.9m"
  83. Dog attack thwarted by gun owners.
  84. 6 shot and killed in Kentucky...
  85. Sheriff Joe Arpaio...for President???
  86. Bad: Gun dealer goes to prison in TX.
  87. Bad: Workplace shooting, PA
  88. Three shot at Kraft plant in NE Phila; 1 arrest
  89. Good Samaritan thwarts robbery attempt (with video)
  90. Two years!
  91. Victim Selection FAIL
  92. Video of Cop shooting knife wielding man?
  93. Marines Doing what Marines where meant to do!
  94. Bad: us pizza guys are getting it rough this week
  95. Mans shoots his friend 3 times..with a bow
  96. You can file this in the dumb criminal folder.
  97. 81 Year Old Tempe, AZ Man Beaten to Death in Lynchburg, VA
  98. Another day, another home invasion horror story ):
  99. Good: Murder Suspect captured
  100. Bad: Security guard killed after he was disarmed
  101. A different take on a local incident ( PHX metro )
  102. Hostage situation at Fort Stewart ends without casualties
  103. BAD: Getting robbed at gunpoint as they leave the bank with cash
  104. Shooting of officer is ruled justifiable.
  105. Yes, cops use ATM's too...
  106. Just another weekend in Phoenix... all bad
  107. Good - Cop Observes the 20-Foot Rule
  108. 'vicious thugs' killed pizza delivery man
  109. Newspaper story
  110. Toy guns will have to be licensed in Queensland under new firearms laws
  111. $400,000 fine for carrying in airport
  112. Bad: Home invasion one dead, one wounded NC
  113. Idiot with an AK
  114. Tulsa seems a busy place...
  115. Bad, Officer kills one, puts another in coma while DUI on duty
  116. Darwin Award-Felon Loads Wrong Ammo
  117. Two West Palm Beach Cops Arrested......
  118. Good news from the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia for a change.
  119. Suspect shoots at deputy, wrecks, flees, closes I-5 in Snohomish County, WA
  120. Check out the government boondoggle in this article...
  121. Environmental Militant Takes Hostages at Discovery Channel - BAD
  122. Ugly: Two CCW holders shoot each other.
  123. What the??? Shooting at a Baptism Party?
  124. Good : Alabama Woman Shoots Intruder
  125. Washington hiker accidentally shoots himself in the butt while moving gun to back poc
  126. Mobile Alabama; Good guy shot while trying to help
  127. Interesting Reading
  128. Bad- local teen shot by police
  129. Two Dead, Including Bishop, in Shooting at Calif. Mormon Church
  130. SAD, BAD, UGLY -- Arizona police say gunman kills 5, then self
  131. UGLY: Walker stabbing victim's sister recounts his final minutes
  132. New Federal lawsuit re CA school zone carry WITH A TWIST
  133. Full body (airport) scanners on wheels in your community?
  134. Disturbing - half mile from my home.
  135. Murder charges dismissed in self-defense shooting
  136. EPA denies proposed ban on lead in ammunition
  137. Officer injured, suspect killed in police shootout
  138. Mexican Drug Violence- Drug Cartels vs. Legalizing Drugs in America?
  139. Kane County deputy fatally shot near Fredonia, AZ
  140. Bad: 14-year-old girl murders robbery victim
  141. Cat saves owner from pit bull attack
  142. Welcome to Charleston: Two teens charged with murder
  143. Drunken mortgage worker shoots computer server
  144. Odd: Man shot in head, realizes it 5 years later
  145. 12 guns stolen from business in Orrington
  146. Give Me The Shoes
  147. Pretty cool archive
  148. Bad: Man fatally wounded from gunshot at firing range
  149. TN pastor busted in DC with 2 guns, gets Congressional intervention
  150. Video Of Final Swat Team Assault On Bus And Passengers Taken Hostage In Manila.
  151. Mexican Drug gang bullet strikes Texas University
  152. More family violence in Virginia - 3 Dead and 4 wounded
  153. Cops: Man Shot Wife During Training For Robbery Scenarios
  154. BAD -- Columbus police investigate home invasion and sexual assault
  155. Durham NC Red Lobster robbed(merged threads)
  156. Millinocket street evacuated after suspicious device found
  157. AZ + Bikers + Gangs + Shootout + No real details = Front page of CNN!
  158. Finally a good Pitbull story
  159. M & M 's anti gun
  160. BG = 1 dead, 1 wounded & arrested, one more just arrested...
  161. BAD -- Man shot during robbery attempt outside Wawa in Chesterfield, VA...
  162. Why we need to close the Border
  163. SAD & BAD -- Police look for why vet killed family, self
  164. Phony search warrant used in home invasion
  165. Women hires Hitman
  166. Burglar shot and killed at Judge home
  167. Robber shoots bank customer......
  168. Kills attacker than dies
  169. WV Medic shot, possible ambush, good SA and reflexes!
  170. Sad: 10 year old armed robber shoots himself in struggle
  171. Will Isreal hit Bushehr?
  172. Bears Defend Marijuana Grow Op From Cops!!
  173. In my neighborhood
  174. The way of the gun - something wrong here
  175. Homeowner holds intruder at gunpoint
  176. For everyone who thinks small towns are safe
  177. Attempted Robbery; Perp shot, wounded by owner. Video Included
  178. Heavily armed man orchestrates attack on Texas police building
  179. Camden County Student Faces Two Felony Charges Following Gun Arrest at School
  180. Why I wouldn't carry .22...
  181. Interesting self-defense shooting
  182. Good: Lawrence woman fends off large man's attack
  183. Lesson in gun safety takes deadly turn of events in Mesa
  184. Four dead in Buffalo restaurant shooting
  185. Dirtbag shot by Police
  186. Local Wal Mart,Shoplifter Throws A Punch (video)
  187. You Aren't The Only Country With Illegal Immigration Problems!!
  188. Good and Bad: Police chief leaves "Glock Revolver" in park.
  189. Good: Newborn baby comes, 8-9-10 at 11:12pm
  190. Video Shows Robber Shoot Himself, Clerk At Same Time
  191. Amusing: Wrong Number Connects Drug Seller With Police
  192. Bad: Unhappy Wally World Customer
  193. Good: 11-year-old ready to defend herself
  194. Teen followed, ambushed and raped near my home
  195. WV State Trooper Shoots Assailant at S.P. Detachment
  196. Right under our noses!!!
  197. Speeding motorcyclist taunts crashed trooper
  198. Federal CBP officer charged with murder
  199. Crime Wave In My Area,Latest News,12 Year Old shot Through Car Window
  200. Weapons discharge call turns out to be rap music
  201. Racist Serial Killer on the move from MI to VA?
  202. Close One for a Couple of Kids
  203. Hot Coffee is a weapon right?
  204. Motorcyclist with helmet cam records cop
  205. Turkish groom kills family members (Merged)
  206. Man Assaulted In FL Restaurant Because Child Was Noisy!
  207. Mostly good
  208. Home Invasion - Perps Shot
  209. Crazy- 40 minute shootout in Charlotte, NC
  210. Police Chase all over the metro Phoenix area
  211. Guess she went into the wrong yard?
  212. man shot by LEO after short crime spree on unarmed victims
  213. BAD- A loving gesture leads to a killing
  214. LEOs ask victim to come forward and admit to self defense shooting
  215. Undercover cop/unmarked car brandishes a weapon b4 announcing himself
  216. Why THIS Nana carrys concealed.
  217. LEO Indicted on Federal Firearms Charges-Sad,but it happens
  218. Standing your ground in Florida....
  219. Clermont, FL - Road rage attacker gets stabbed, and then arrested
  220. Another Local Sheriff gets it
  221. Good -- 3 for 1, maybe...
  222. Fed LEO shoots dog...check the comments
  223. Small Town Shooting in South East Colorado-Two Store Owners Shot
  224. Stabbed, killed in a hospital parking garage at the end of her shift
  225. Two news stories, same city, of BG's being shot by the homeowners
  226. Bad/ funny: Where did I leave my gun?
  227. Woman mugged outside Knightdale NC Applebee's
  228. Bad: 2 Shot in Raleigh
  229. Ex-Girl Friend shot breaking into Ex-Boyfriend's mother's home
  230. 2nd mass shooting on 08/03/2010 Indianopolis shooting 2 dead, 6 hurt.
  231. Tapes from Costco shooting now online
  232. Hernando deputy suffers gunshot wound
  233. Besides that workplace shooting in my town near where I shop...
  234. Bad: another workplace shooting - several dead - Connecticut
  235. 11 Year old Girl shoots two Illegal's
  236. Arrest: Man killed shooter at range/stole his AR-15 to use in anti-government group
  237. Fayetteville NC homeowner shoots intruder
  238. Only 4 1/2 years????
  239. What The...? Robber Calls Place He Just Robbed To Complain?
  240. Great! Stolen Revolver Returned!
  241. fox "news" poll
  242. BAd: Woman with butcher knife robs store
  243. Armed Robber Convinced to Choose Jesus Over Cash (He did rob another store later)
  244. Man Still Critical After Being Shot By Wife Six Times
  245. Other side : Texas man .... free after 27 years for Rape he didn't commit
  246. Good, Serial Killer Loses Appeal Bid For New Trial.
  247. Video Of Navy Using A Laser To Shoot Down A Drone.
  248. Let's Welcome Bill, Hillary and Chelsea to My Neighborhood
  249. Got his defensive piece stolen during robbery!!!
  250. Should he have just complied?