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: In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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  1. GOOD: Metro ATL carrier stops assault/robbery on third party
  2. CNN Poll: Should Congress ban ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds?
  3. Bad: 14-year-old shoots 3 relatives, killing 2
  4. Bad: At least 3 shot at California high school
  5. Subway Clerk Shoots Robbery Suspects, Kills One
  6. BAD - Another Cop Killed
  7. OK City Pharmacist Wants New Judge
  8. Bad: Robbed at Kinfepoint
  9. Discovered in Georgia: Internet Controlled Shotguns! Yes you read that correctly
  10. AZ gun law plans, no change
  11. Radio station owner loses CWP after airing "shootout" challenge
  12. "Gun Nuts Showing Off Near Site of AZ Rampage"
  13. The Ugly in Buffalo
  14. Shooting "victim" arrested
  15. Man dies following struggle with police
  16. New Jersey Police Officer shot execution-style
  17. Convenience store clerk convicted for shooting beer thief
  18. Jury now deliberating in James Menard trial
  19. Good read....
  20. Tucson tragedy unlikely to advance gun control legislation
  21. "Some residents buy guns after break-ins" with video of armed homeowner
  22. In the news encounters with the bad guys with both successful and not so successful
  23. Deputy shot in face; suspect killed in East L. A. shooting
  24. FL Police Chief Jailed For Covering Up Child Sexual Assault
  25. Another perspective on the AZ tragedy not changing gun lawsn
  26. Justice served
  27. GOOD? DeLay goes down swinging...
  28. More and more violence
  29. Sheriff Dupnik gave Loughner several passes on death threats
  30. Barefoot man steals snow plow, kills cop
  31. Bad: Advocating a outright ban of all high-cap magazines on CNN's front page.
  32. Westboro Church not going to protest (Merged)
  33. Good: FL Jogger Cleared in Self Defense Shooting
  34. BAD: AP Hit piece on Arizona gun laws
  35. Westboro Church to protest funeral of 9 year old ......
  36. Bad: Baltimore Plainclothes Cop Killed By Uniformed Cops
  37. Sheriffs calling it a "firefight"
  38. UGLY: One of Seattle's Masked SuperHeroes Fails Against Armed Criminals - PICS, Video
  39. nydaily news poll, the anti's are winning MERGEDX3
  40. Congressman Heath Shuler on Concealed Carry
  41. Loudoun malicious wounding suspect possibly caught...
  42. A heartbroken father speaks against more restrictions
  43. SAD: Maj. Richard "Dick" Winters has passed. (Merged)
  44. Good: NKY Home invader shot
  45. UGLY: No words to describe this.
  46. In my sister's neighborhood -- San Antonio, TX
  47. LEO loans his cruiser to a criminal; hispanics frisked for $$$, robbed
  48. Mobile home park Mgr. fights off 2 using the Judge
  49. IDIOT: Man is accused of having a gun and threatening to kill people
  50. ATF source confirms ‘walking’ guns to Mexico to ‘pad’ statistics
  51. Arrests made in double murder....
  52. Woman Shot in Indoor Shooting Range :TN
  53. Good: S.C. home invader shot by occupant
  54. Bad: Man In Shootout With Police-Released By Mistake
  55. Guy saved from a bullet by his Cell Phone.
  56. Store clerk shoots 2 robbers
  57. Its BAAACKK!
  58. Bad: Oregon police officer killed during struggle
  59. GOOD - Homeowner takes robbers gun and shoots him
  60. Omaha School Shooting
  61. Police: Shots fired at Arizona mall
  62. an article out of Lowell Mass
  63. Good: Mont Vernon murder witness arrested for home invasion
  64. Governor of Pakistan's Punjab province assassinated
  65. GOOD:Brookfield pays woman who brought gun to church $7,500
  66. Bad= Daring Robbers Dig Hole Into Paris Bank
  67. Slain Filipino councilman caught killer in family photo
  68. CHL holder stops mugging in Houston
  69. Body of former Pentagon official found in landfill
  70. Orioles pitcher: Shooting death was an accident
  71. 10 year old shoots mom in head
  72. If I had hammer...
  73. Good. Teen home invador shot
  74. GOOD: Clerk Fires at BG's
  75. Writer Take Pot Shot At Gun Ownership and Defensive Carry-Your Thoughts?
  76. Sheriff's deputy shot, killed in western Ohio
  77. GOOD: Self Defense Immunity Granted Murder Charge Dismissed
  78. Anadarko, OK Home Invader Killed
  79. Bad: Bank Robbers Take Hostages in Texas
  80. Couple beaten outside Walmart (Franklin, VA)
  81. Good: Retired Officer Shoots Restaurant Robber
  82. SW Oklahoma City Homeowner shoots home invader
  83. Remember this story? Here's the latest!
  84. Bad, Arlington officer killed protecting 11-year-old
  85. Ugly: DA Investigator accidentally shoots self.
  86. BAD: Bear attack
  87. Bad year - Line-of-duty deaths among police officers go up
  88. Bad : Armed Robbery in Wal-Mart Parking Lot
  89. Good : WV Man Kills Intruder
  90. Bad: Perry police chief on leave for altercation with Walmart greeter (Utah)
  91. Ugly: Rookie Officer Killed During Domestic
  92. UGLY: Heads UP in Philly!
  93. UGLY: Marine, wife attacked by teens after showing of "Little Fockers"
  94. BAD: Georgia state trooper dies at traffic stop
  95. California outlaws inet pistol ammo orders
  96. Car burglary turns to armed robbery at church service
  97. Man and daughter shot during attempted suicide, family struggle
  98. UGLY: ABC Pushes New "Gun Control" Documentary
  99. GOOD: Arizona Sheriff Issues Deadly Force Directives Against Cartels
  100. CCW holder shoots robber.......
  101. Woman arrested at airport after refusing enhanced pat-down
  102. 911 Operator Tells Homeowner to Put Her Gun Away ??
  103. Bad idea, worse shot
  104. Mexican Army Coverup Disclosed.....
  105. Update: Long Island Shooter John White Commuted
  106. 85 y/o FL LEO gets mugged off duty, administers beatdown.
  107. Terrible: 12 Year Old Fataly Shoots Another 12 Year Old With Father's Gun
  108. "Man accused of shooting son turned gun on himself" (Nutjob/priors/full-auto weapons)
  109. Would-be robber picked the wrong guy
  110. Bad:Woman shot at ATM dies, suspect released from hospital, charged with murder
  111. Stupid boy and his toy! Bank robbery gone bad.
  112. French Truffle Thief Killed By Farmer
  113. Ohio firearms training officer accidently shoots himself
  114. GOOD/BAD: 5 Sentenced, Threats being made to witnesses.
  115. The good old, "I was high on crack" defense...
  116. Manila Police Tape Over the Muzzles of their Handguns for Christmas Holidays
  117. Man fires at robbers, stops home invasion
  118. Attempted robbery while 81 year old man lays flowers at cemetary
  119. Customer shot, shoots back, trying to stop beer theft (Phoenix)
  120. Bad: Providence program destroys childrens toy guns
  121. Customer shot, killed running from robbery (Virginia Beach)
  122. Bad: Man dies in suicide at Hillsborough gun range
  123. FBI Report: Violent crime drops 6.2% in first half of 2010
  124. News Report: Store Owners in Houston Are All Arming Themselves! - Link & Video
  125. LIKE: Utah Looks to Adopt State Gun
  126. Probably UGLY: Nude 91 yr old Homeowner Nabs Burglar with a Revolver !!!
  127. "...shooting was not justified.....stripped of his gun and badge."
  128. GOOD: BG Shot; GG Stunned but no Charges!
  129. Bank Robbery Suspercts Mistake.......
  130. Good: Police say teen killed man in self defense
  131. Store owner shoots and kills 3 robbers!
  132. Flashlight on Plano cop's gun likely to figure in lawsuit
  133. Good: Robber dead in botched North Philadelphia robbery attempt
  134. Good: owner of video store shoots BGs
  135. 3 BGs dead, Jewelry store owner shot
  136. Good: Garage owner DATD, got the BG.
  137. BAD: Victim of Home invasion shot with his own gun
  138. Jewelry store owner wins, but at a cost.
  139. Dallas -ATF press release
  140. Security officer talks about the events around the shooting at the FL school board
  141. Owner of Dutch Bros. coffee chain "gets it" after employee shoots armed robber
  142. old ladies don't need guns
  143. Passer-by helps break-up assault on cop (Ohio)
  144. Bad: Mother killed, 6 hurt in gun battle.
  145. Man killed exiting Dunkin Donuts
  146. BAD: Committing Armed Robbery while wearing.....
  147. BAD: They all are probably dirty but still..
  148. BAD: 2 Guys in a home shot during home invasion BG got away.
  149. Bad - Mother killed in shootout at strip mall in CA
  150. Gunman dead after opening fire at Florida school meeting (MERGED)
  151. ugly Police shoot drunk with hose 8 times
  152. Good: German homeowner shoots and kills 1 out of 5 masked intruders
  153. Good:Tanning salon robber killed with his own gun
  154. Good: Woman uses BG's gun on him
  155. Bad, Gangs Members Found Not Guilty Of Slaying An 11 Year Old Boy!
  156. "Electronic Pickpocket" What Will TheyThinks Of Next ?
  157. - Florida legislature takes up firearms carry reform
  158. Rockdale County Man Shoots, Kills Suspected Assailent..
  159. Priest robbed ...........
  160. Sad: 9 Year Old Boy shot in Orange County hunting accident
  161. Report: Virginia Tech too slow to spread word about shooter
  162. For all those who use birdshot for HD
  163. Good, Homeowner shoots three criminals: Durham, NC
  164. St Louis man attempting to stop a car break in shoots himself
  165. Standoff on I-94 in Milwaukee
  166. Just because it is a drug related home invasion..
  167. Gun Totin' Santa
  168. Montana Honor Student Faces Expulsion for Leaving Hunting Rifle in Car at School
  169. "deprivation of rights under color of law" - Post-Katrina killing
  170. BAD: 14-year-old has been charged with 2nd degree murder in the shooting death..
  171. Blocked into parking space and robbed with long gun
  172. BAD: Home Invasion
  173. Don't know what to say about this one.
  174. BAD: Brinks ATM robbery attempt
  175. NYC Quarter of firearm arrest are teen
  176. Good....... Former Marine STOPS Robbery
  177. BAD:Man robs customers at local bank
  178. BAD:Authorities search for pizzeria gunmen
  179. BAD:Police continue search for mailman's murderer
  180. Bad: Virginia Man arrested for Brandishing...his finger (MERGED)
  181. Holy smokes - Innocent until proven guilty
  182. Detectives are still investigating to see what charges, if any, will be filed.
  183. Watch your 6 when you are watching the game!
  184. BAD: 12 Year old girl missing Amber Alert
  185. Beware of the Animals in New Orleans,La.
  186. Mexican rancher v. drug gang; both lose
  187. A interesting "Stand your Ground" case
  188. Canadian woman in Caribbean fights off pirates with a flare gun
  189. How to dispose of a house full of explosives?
  190. TRAGIC: Son Stabs Parents, Dad Ends the Fight
  191. Don't Know Yet: Wounded Vet arrested for stalking Westboro group
  192. Death of a Warrior SFC Jimmy Thode
  193. LEO uses two rounds to "soften up" the windshield
  194. BAD: How Could Someone Be So Cruel to Animals
  195. BAD? - Or Shout it Be Off Topic/Humor? LOL
  196. Exactly why you should not keep your insurance and registration in your car.
  197. Police investigate murder in Disney-developed town
  198. Man sentenced to death for Petit home invasion murders
  199. Good: Shop Worker Shoots Suspect; Man Wanted In Recent Area Crimes
  200. Good, Serial Killer Of Eleven Children Denied Parole, Again.
  201. Former officer gets 8 years for New Orleans bridge shooting
  202. GOOD: Knucklehead in custody.
  203. Tahoe man kills 500 lb. bear in self-defense
  204. PA maintains "duty to retreat"
  205. Central Illinois father captures intruder at gunpoint
  206. Young man killed...possible retaliation?
  207. Pizza owner smacks down a BG with a gun
  208. Check Out This Creep-Toys For Tots Thief
  209. Memphis TN Family Dollar: Shoplifting turns to armed robbery
  210. Four dead after Missouri man kills three then self in domestic dispute
  211. Two Dead, 1 Critical After Shooting Outside St. Louis Funeral Home
  212. Man critically injured in accidental shooting
  213. Good: Passengers soon allowed guns on most Amtrak trains
  214. VERY BAD: Gunman holding 23 students hostage in Wis. school
  215. Judge, Sheriff, Prosecutor & 2 other killed in Virginia Court (98 years ago)
  216. Card Game Killer, 72, sentenced to 20 years.
  217. Good: The Armed Citizen returning
  218. Bad: Argument results in shooting.
  219. Mosque fire in Portland OR
  220. Shooting at Michigan mall injures 2
  221. Stupid: Carjacked with baby in car...running after car to get the baby back
  222. Ex Arerested in NY in Death of Missing Student
  223. Bad: FL Home Invasion with WV Ties.
  224. Another Foiled Home Invasion
  225. Beach psychiatrist beaten by patient gets $5.35M
  226. FBI thwarts terrorist bombing attempt at Portland holiday tree lighting
  227. Hollow points are controversial - CNN
  228. Like Father Like Son Beat 83 Year Old Man............
  229. Wife of City Councilman robbed at ATM, 45 Minute Police Response.
  230. Carjacker couldn't start car.
  231. Do not threaten the President
  232. VT Man killed in gun prank
  233. BAD: Deputy shot - Greeley CO
  234. Another criminal pays the ultimate price
  235. BAD: Thanksgiving Doesn't Mean Anything to Some.. Double Murder
  236. 'Ugly Betty' actor charged with sword murder
  237. TX Homeowner kills Burglary in shootout this morning
  238. If you can't get to your own gun, the perp's might work...
  239. Bad: Canadian man arrested for defending his property with (unloaded) shotgun.
  240. Police release sketch of Dunwoody murder suspect
  241. BAD: Armed Robbery at Night Deposit
  242. BAD: 14 Year Old Dead, Shot by Cousin
  243. Glad work trumped my weekend for once...
  244. Bad: Home Invasion not far from home this AM
  245. Sledgehammer bandits strike again!
  246. Bad : Letter to Editor Wants Guns Registered for Our Safety
  247. Florida Family of Four Slain.....
  248. Bad: Man Shot in Chest After Answering Door
  249. This is not justice for the dead child.......
  250. Good: Gun goes off killing suspect during robbery