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: In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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  1. Suspect killed in failed home invasion
  2. Trio of home intruders held at gunpoint
  3. Woman at home with kids kills one home invader, other two flee
  4. Texas man shoots burglary suspect
  5. Fast Food Stupidity
  6. LAS VEGAS: 2 suspects killed in separate home invasions
  7. Florida man kills intruder who climbed in window
  8. Shots fired mall NC
  9. Florida restaurant employee shoots, kills masked gunman
  10. Robbery victim fatally shoots suspect at gas station
  11. GOOD: Customer shoots, kills robber
  12. Proof Monsters are amoung us
  13. Neighbor shoots at home invasion suspects
  14. Uh oh! what?
  15. Robber targets wrong victim
  16. Shots fired at Madison shopping mall!
  17. Homeowner dead after gunfight with home invaders
  18. California Homeowner shoots one intruder - second one flees
  19. Ex-cop brandishes gun at Applebee's because he was rude to a waitress
  20. Ohio homeowner shoots and kills man shooting into his home
  21. Intruder Breaks Into Home; Shot By Entire Family
  22. Burgler killed by north St. Louis County homeowner
  23. Georgia resident fatally shoots home invader
  24. What were they thinking?
  25. Florida Man Kills Home Intruder
  26. Texas Home Invasion Suspect Shot Twice By Home Owner
  27. Ohio Home Invader shot in butt
  28. I don't really know whether to place this in "good" or "bad," but it's interesting...
  29. Robber referred to as "the now deceased suspect"
  30. Bank Guard Shoots At Fleeing Robber
  31. Armed bystander saves victim from armed robbery suspect's beatdown
  32. Assistant district attorney shoots home intruder
  33. Witness to domestic altercation shoots suspect
  34. Contractor shoots and kills suspected teen robber
  35. Looks like home defense (hard to tell from the article)
  36. Good and Bad: Pizza delivery shootout in Detroit (where else?)
  37. Suspect shot, killed after trying to rob liquor store
  38. Armed Residents Save Elderly Man's Life
  39. District Attorney: Victim justified in fatally shooting robber
  40. Craigslist Robbery Gone Bad? Naw - Gone Good
  41. Kidnap "prank" gone bad
  42. It has to be bad when you are shot by a dog.
  43. Miami Police Shooting
  44. No charges in fatal shooting of car burglar
  45. Shooting close to home last night
  46. Bunny Park Shooting - Unreported
  47. OMG! Guns in Ohio Day Care Centers! OMG!
  48. Parking Lot Meetup For Toy Sales Ends Up With Robber Shot & Arrested
  49. Not A Good Day For Him
  50. Good? or Bad? ‘School Shooting’ (University AZ off Campus) May have been Self Defense
  51. 1 BG dead, 2 more arrested, after Houston area home invasion
  52. Active shooter alert
  53. Good - Craigslist Robbery Foiled by Woman With Weapon (WWW)
  54. Home Invasion Victim Returns Fire - Suspects Flee, Then Arrested
  55. Paper doesn't get it done, but lead does.
  56. 70 year old fights off armed intruder to save wife
  57. That guy the old folks held at gunpoint? already out & robbing again
  58. Threats at my sons school to.
  59. Stop or I will kill your truck!
  60. Armed albuquerque couple, 66 & 70, gets upper hand on burglar
  61. Med student rescues woman, gets shot, BG's gun malfunctions
  62. Armed out of towners save Hollywood stabbing victim
  63. Intruder kicking in door stopped with one shot
  64. Neighbor shoots, kills suspect in alleged home invasion
  65. Clerk didn't listen when robber said "Don't be a hero"
  66. Robbery victim able to reach his firearm kills gunman
  67. Homeowner wakes up to shoot two intruders
  68. BG Brought Pepper Spray to the Gun Fight - Oops
  69. UPDATED: Man protecting grandson shoots 2 home invasion suspects
  70. Newly bought gun saves family from home invasion suspects
  71. 88 year old Miami woman drives off home invaders with .25 cal
  72. Mostly good: Victim grabs BG's gun, BG shoots victim's hand and himself dead
  73. Carjacking lolz?
  74. Teen kills attempted home invader with mom's .45.
  75. Woman Arrested After She Said She Pulled Gun In Self-Defense
  76. Good: Fight over leafblower broken up by gun-toting woman
  77. Alleged Bank Robber Shot By GG
  78. Ooops!
  79. Tulsa homeowner shoots, kills intruder
  80. Armed Robber Shot Too Many Times
  81. Thug Holding Gun To Daughter's Head Winds Up Dead
  82. Just in case anyone doesn't think gun stores get robbed
  83. National Guard Medic survives home shootout while protecting her baby.
  84. Woman kills her abductor, rapist at Jefferson County apartment, deputies say
  85. Stabbing at UC Merced
  86. Mass Stabbing in CA
  87. Man uses varmint rifle to shoot & hold varmint for police
  88. Man defends girlfriend by shooting robbery suspects
  89. Halloween robbers had gun - So did home owner. Another check in the "win" column
  90. CCer Shoots and Kills Robber on SW side of Chicago
  91. Market employees shoot and kill masked robbers in Reading
  92. Chicago CCL Holder 1, BG 0, Chicago Tribune Does it Right
  93. Never good when a mother has to use a firearm to protect herself from her son
  94. Individual Europeans respond to the Muslim "Migrants" by arming themselves
  95. Video may save this CCW from prison - Wii you be so lucky?
  96. Man shoots at burglar who climbed into bed and kissed him
  97. Pizza delivery driver robbed, shoots suspect
  98. 134 years ago today........
  99. Man arrested with nearly 10K stolen guns
  100. Suspects gun jams - Victim's doesn't All ends well
  101. Another senior citizen shoots back, chases off armed robber
  102. Gunfight at the OK Corral.........Oh Boy.
  103. And the award for "Worst Robbers Ever" goes to...
  104. Robber forced to call 9-1-1 for help after victim shoots him multiple times
  105. 73 year old victim shoots burglary suspect in knee
  106. CPL holder shoots armed robbers after being mugged
  107. Good: Detroit pastor shoots man wielding brick, threatening congregation
  108. Home invasion is hazardous to a criminal’s health.
  109. Liberals doing all they can to besmirch Waffle House CCW who stopped armed robbery
  110. Would-be Waffle House robber dies after having been shot by customer
  111. Arizona Shooting
  112. Ugly Hillary is at it again
  113. Christians encouraged to arm
  114. Homeowner alive, Bad guy no so much
  115. Good: Customer stops bank robbery
  116. Attacker brings a knife to a gunfight
  117. Home invasion is a dangerous occupation.
  118. Pacifist with a cane disarms and kills intruder
  119. Here's 1 positive thing coming out of the Baltimore fiasco
  120. Man Shoots, Kills Armed Intruder-His Own Father
  121. DAYTON Homeowner shoots intruder
  122. All in the Family
  123. Connecticut Homeowner Brings It...
  124. Attorney in steinle case blames gun: It ‘has no safety’
  125. Teenager watches officer's 6 while refueling
  126. "I Had To Pull The Trigger"....
  127. Acute failure of the victim selection process is spreading
  128. Wait, don't white lives matter also?
  129. Learn em young
  130. 11 year old kills home invader
  131. Citizen With CC Assists Police
  132. Regarding the Freddie Gray case
  133. Home invaders SW OKC, one shot and killed
  134. Texas Harris County Deputy Shot
  135. Officer shoots driver, after bad ride while clinging to the car
  136. Have a beer, but don't shoot or vice versa
  137. Bad guy sees "printing" gun under man's shirt, takes it
  138. 4 Home Invasion suspects arrested after home owner shoots one twice
  139. 1 suspect, 3 home invasions, 3 victims had own guns turned on them
  140. Tuskegee Air Veteran robbed and carjacked
  141. Police Investigate Assault with Pipe, Victim’s Own Gun
  142. Air Force veteran murdered by illegal immigrant
  143. Suspect shot, killed by Lorain IL resident during home invasion
  144. Homeless man stops suspect from beating teen girl, pulls own gun after being shot
  145. Delaware man shoots gunman who fired several shots at him and missed them all. Oops.
  146. Armed neighbor saves woman being pistol whipped by carjackers
  147. Would-be robbery victim turns tables, shoots attacker in DeKalb
  148. Robbery victim shoots, kills suspect
  149. Quick thinking man uses imaginary gun to scare of robber
  150. Gun-Wielding Elderly Woman Scares Off Men Attempting To Rob, Rape Her At Big Sur Home
  151. Woman tracks down and holds burglary suspect at gunpoint until police arrive
  152. "I seen you win that money. There’s more money, where’s it at?”
  153. Armed man shot, killed during robbery attempt
  154. Good: Another one bites the dust in Las Vegas
  155. Resident shoots intruder in Fayetteville home invasion
  156. Good: Legal carrier succeeds in self-defense in St. Paul
  157. Attempted carjacking of two plain cloths detectives
  158. CCW Permit Holder Stops Attempted Murder in Downtown Boulder, CO
  159. Church Shooting In Baytown Texas
  160. Obama for a 3rd term
  161. Cincinnati CHL holder stops shooting
  162. Woman kills suspected serial killer (Neal Falls)
  163. A couple of feel good stories from NOLA
  164. Guarding recruiters
  165. GA CCW Holder Intervenes in Convience Store Robbery
  166. Good: Would be home invader shot and killed
  167. Attempted assassination of a uniformed police officer in St. Louis
  168. "No flaggin'" effort targets Confederate flags
  169. Good ridin and good shootin
  170. Meanwhile In Houston
  171. Teens stealing guns from Orlando Gun Show
  172. Bad AND Ugly. Shooting to break up a fight.
  173. Internet "prankster" shot
  174. Apparently guns were to blame for Kate Steinle's death
  175. GOOD(?): Hatboro councilman pursues, shoots Hatboro bank robbery suspect
  176. It's Houston ! (LGS Robbery Goes South For Perps)
  177. How Chicago Celebrates Jult 4th, More Than 80 Shot and 15 Dead
  178. Reports of Good Guys With Guns Winning Almost Daily
  179. Woman dies in apparent random shooting at San Francisco tourist hot spot
  180. GOOD: Homeowner Shoots Doggie Door Intruder in the Head
  181. They Just Wouldn't Listen
  182. Good: Ex-CNN anchor and husband survive hotel room shoot-out
  183. Albuquerque Motel 6 Shootout
  184. Man Shoots Grandmother, Bystander Shoots and Kills Man
  185. .22 does the job
  186. Domino's Holdup doesn't quite pan out as expected.
  187. 27 killed by gunmen in Tunisia
  188. Pizza delivery driver refuses to be victim
  189. Man points gun at Postal employee in Fl.
  190. Uber stupid
  191. Detroit. Employee shoots robber defends customers
  192. Dallas Self Defense, Dust in the Wind Shootout
  193. Homeowner shoots criminal: Hope Mills, NC
  194. Bystander defends store clerk
  195. S&W MP9 blamed for accidental police shootings
  196. Judge calls road rage shooter a 'danger' to community
  197. Proper Training goes a very long way. People die when you don't get good training.
  198. Detroit woman unloads on 5 home invaders
  199. Texas grandmother doesn't stand for a knife at her throat...
  200. Mugger Targets Dad & Little Girl Getting Gas
  201. Don't mess with Texas women either
  202. Houston Tx Woman shoots Robber
  203. This is sad. New Jersy laws, did kill this woman.
  204. Shoplifter arrested, glad it wasn't my house!
  205. K9 saves LEO
  206. Don't be messin with a Detroit woman with a beauty appointment
  207. Sorry this just made me laugh.
  208. CCW holder shoots 3 robbers
  209. Customer with CCW drives active shooter out of liquor store.
  210. Good: Man defends against attempted carjacking
  211. In Phoenix, right now
  212. How much trouble is this guy in?
  213. Good story w/good ending
  214. Assault on elderly man
  215. Shooting in town
  216. 3 Thugs Try to Rape Grandaughter: Grampa Grabs Shotgun and Blasts Them
  217. Another home invasion gone wrong: for the criminal.
  218. Police Thank Young Black Man Who Foils Carjacking With a Gun
  219. Attempted Car Jacking goes horribly wrong!
  220. Good, Armed Man Held By Pit Bull Until Armed Mother Comes Home
  221. Duplicate thread
  222. Police: Victim shoots at 5 robbery suspects, 1 killed
  223. Naked State Senator, His Ex and His Girlfriend
  224. Armed citizen saves police officer from beating
  225. Why Thugs Should Beware of Jumping a Man with Concealed Carry Permit
  226. Firefighter: CWPs likely stopped deaths of children, firefighters
  227. Police Responding to Home Invasion Call Shoot Home's Resident
  228. Another criminals career ended in H-town.
  229. Houston, Texas Armed robber shot
  230. Man appears to point gun at teens to break up fight
  231. Home defense shooting last night just accross town in Boulder!
  232. Happy Ending (somewhat) in the Murder Capital
  233. Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas ends in shooting .. Two perps dead
  234. Shopper with concealed weapons shoots, kills would-be carjacker outside Utah store
  235. Store Clerk Dead In My Area, Don't Use A B.B. Gun For Defense
  236. teacher takes down armed student
  237. Armed Kroger shopper stops attack on eldery man.
  238. Mob Mentality
  239. Locals Rally Behind Turlock Man Accused of Murder
  240. Panama City is in the news again
  241. Gun-Toting Grandma
  242. Bad Luck at the Range
  243. Anatomy of a Negative Outcome
  244. Chicago Tribune: "Concealed-carry licensed Uber driver shoots gunman, court says"
  245. UBER Driver w/ CCW Shoots Shooter
  246. Faulty Shotgun Safety
  247. Teenager allegedly rapes homeowner at gunpoint, gets shot and killed by neighbor
  248. Attempted robbery of OCer in Washington state WalMart!
  249. Gunfight 2 blocks from me
  250. Good: They brought guns to a knifefight