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  1. UPDATED: Canada to scrap "long gun" registry? They vote today.
  2. Off-Duty Police Officer Shoots and Kills Friend While Demonstrating Weapon (NY)
  3. Don't give them what they want...give them lead back!
  4. London Mayor saves a woman from an attack
  5. Disabled man dies year after panhandler attack
  6. Suv blocks woman at Cracker Barrell then makes her drive to atm.
  7. 3 Year Old Girl accidently killed by neighbor
  8. Cavaliers' Delonte West indicted on six weapons offenses
  9. Vietnam Vet Grabs BG's Shotgun During Robbery Attempt (Video).
  10. Teen assaults and carjacks woman at Church
  11. People in my area have gone nuts.
  12. Beware of Craigslist transactions!
  13. Interesting Article on Coyote Attacks on Humans
  14. Women Survives Pitbull Attack
  15. What the heck is with this FL law - Wielding an animal?
  16. My best friend had to shoot.
  17. Sharp rise seen in SC concealed weapons permits
  18. Break-in suspect checks into hospital with gunshot wound
  19. Queens hunter gets prison in death of toddler
  20. Local issues grace the front page again
  21. BAD: Woman says 'Scream' masked person attacked her
  22. Scary: Rapist Impersonating LEO
  23. Could have been there, had it been lunch time
  24. Seattle Officer killed
  25. Hunter shoots self
  26. Not Good for Dallas PD
  27. Police: Victim Shoots Would-Be Robber
  28. Home invasion, murders, intended target not home
  29. Good for the CCW holder
  30. GOOD: Trick? Here's your treat!
  31. Another, claiming to be LEO
  32. Home invasion arrest
  33. Could happen to those who waits in a Bus Stop
  34. Update on Doctor shooting in Houston
  35. 65 Year old disarms armed Raider (UK)
  36. My son had a close one
  37. Not Even A Church is Safe
  38. Firefighters shot at while making entry; LEOs did not notify them barricaded suspect
  39. This incident required a sidearm
  40. PETA's Answer to Stopping Animal Attacks without a Gun
  41. Doctors need to wake up
  42. Lucky Cop
  43. This death might have easily been prevented (Merged)
  44. More Bad News from across the Pond (UK) Road Rage
  45. Lucky store
  46. Lou Dobbs has bullet proof siding?
  47. Truckers need to be armed
  48. Student Vigilante Group Armed With Guns Searching For Bad Guys Near UW Campus
  49. Road Rage
  50. Good: Toledo (WA) homeowner shoots, kills intruder
  51. Tennessee locksmith shot
  52. Why you should carry when you go hiking
  53. Threat of Terrorism
  54. Donít bring a knife to a coffee fight
  55. Armed UW Students Called "Vigilantes". They use Facebook to organize patrols. (WA)
  56. 2 Leo shootouts +1 for Leos
  57. Poker Fiasco
  58. Bad Man charged with Murder (intruder killed) UK
  59. Bad Off duty Police cadet Attacked (UK)
  60. Local kid gets shot.
  61. Boston cops: Psych patient stabs doc, is shot dead
  62. It pays to be prepared!
  63. Very bad part ii
  64. VERY bAD
  65. Stabbing
  66. Certainly heroic, we are happy he was here
  67. Coroner: Homer Staton Beaten In Car, Body Dumped
  68. Daughter Pays $5000 to put a Hit on her Mother.
  69. Murderer makes headway in suit against victim
  70. 15 yr old Gang rape outside school dance
  71. Armed Security
  72. Baltimore: Off duty LEO draws in haunted house
  73. Badger Guns case brings probation
  74. Southern Poverty Law Center Hate Group Map
  75. Bad: Graduate Student Commits Suicide in Professor's Office
  76. 7 Wounded
  77. Granny to the rescue
  78. Brewton, Alabama - Older couple defends home.
  79. Harold Fish granted new trial
  80. BG dead in another episode
  81. Cooperated with the jackers and killed in front of wife
  82. G-grandma and a .357
  83. GOOD. Have spade will travel.
  84. now if she had just had a gun!!
  85. Today 10-23-2009 video on Fox News?
  86. You Never Know Who You're Talking To....
  87. Incident that happened at work
  88. Bad: Woman killed when concealed weapon discharges
  89. Good: Woman, 70, Fatally Shoots Alleged Hotel Robber
  90. More street crime in Orlando area
  91. UGLY - Batallion Chief shoots self while reholstering...
  92. Officer Involved Shooting
  93. Man pretending to be a cop robs teenagers
  94. State Trooper Shoots His Finger
  95. Bad guys need to read blueprints
  96. Intruder Killed by legal pistol (Oswego, NY)
  97. Man shot while at intersection
  98. Nutty Shooting as State Fair Closes
  99. Inmate charged after throwing wet toilet paper at officer!
  100. Woman Shot at Legal Gambling Cafe - Bad
  101. More good!
  102. NC - buy more ammo, you may need it
  103. Always know whats behind your target
  104. This may explain Women drivers
  105. "Accidental Discharge" in my town...
  106. Ban Chefs not guns!
  107. Brothers shoot intruders, killing 1 (GOOD!)
  108. School shooting in SC
  109. This is good! Especially when he threw the gun!
  110. Good guys recover, bad guy goes to jail!
  111. News Videos of?
  112. Bank Robber caught by Drunk Driving
  113. Man Shot at Bus Stop
  114. Sad: Boy, 12, charged with killing brother, 8, in Delaware County
  115. Man found asleep with corpse inside closet
  116. PalmBeachPost.com: Gang Map
  117. Orange County (FL) homeowner shoots, kills burglar
  118. GOOD: Would-be robber shot dead by victim
  119. Rural OK Couple Badly Beaten-Home Invasion
  120. Crime Maps
  121. A 'reverse' home invasion
  122. "It appears the man was a CWP holder"
  123. Man Shot & Killed By Homeowner During Home Invasion
  124. Bar shootout caught on tape
  125. Man Shoots Fiancee Day Before Wedding
  126. Officer shoots knife wielding man in South Houston
  127. Bad: Gun Show Loophole on TV News
  128. Officer's .45 Round Inside Barrel of Gaffney SC Serial Killers .25
  129. Neighborhood Watch Gone Bad
  130. Remember the Soccer Mom who wore her gun to her five year olds soccer game?
  131. Charleston police officer killed by FF, dash cam released.
  132. Fight leads to gunfire at Central Toledo bar (Merged)
  133. embarrassment: Toronto "assault rifle" seized
  134. Bad: Walmart Employee Threatens to Shoot Manager
  135. Gun toting soccer mom from last year killed
  136. KY Pastor Quits to Promote Gun Rights
  137. Drove by this Home Invasion Aftermath!
  138. Think before you shoot!
  139. Melanie Hain - OC Soccer mom killed (Merged)
  140. Sting op reveals illegal sales
  141. Naked Burglar Caught On Tape.
  142. BAD/GOOD: Gotta wanna needa getta havva....
  143. Oakland Calf can not protect you.
  144. They tried to rob a cop; Graphic
  145. Ugly: Killing in small NH town
  146. gun carrier 4.5 times more likely to be shot in an assault
  147. Ugly: Panhandler stabs man who refused to give him cash
  148. Rape in Suburbia Herndon VA
  149. Off-duty officer shot 3 times during robbery/home invasion
  150. Crazy: shoots neighbor over yard waste
  151. UGLY--Alleged Armed Man on U of South Florida Campus? Tampa, FL
  152. Funerals and IDIOTS on the ROAD
  153. Good (possibly) : Cops Use Data Base-Recover Stolen Firearms
  154. Bad: Domestic Violence Shooting (Ohio)
  155. Three Hurt in Gun Range Accident
  156. Boy Takes On Burglar; 13 Yr Old Fights Back
  157. Suspect Charged With Murder of Accomplice
  158. Bad LEO's
  159. Dumb: Shot While Learning Gun Defense
  160. 5 Yr old shoots gator
  161. Government Study Shows Disabled people 50% more likely to be attacked.
  162. Home invasion, 7-months pregnant wife raped while husband held at gunpoint
  163. You Say It Isn't Guns?
  164. No Shooting But Worth Reading.
  165. Bad : Shooting Victim
  166. Az Bar Law article - sigh.
  167. Detroit Pastor shoots intruder...
  168. Good (to a point) Armed Robbery Thwarted
  169. The Ugly: Wichita Kansas: Sedgwick County Sheriff Deputy shot
  170. Sad: A Real "Accidental Discharge"
  171. Candidate Uses AK-47 to Raise Cash
  172. Kentucky State Trooper Shoots Suspect
  173. BAD: a murder in my small town. Very rare!
  174. AD at a Gun Show?
  175. Roanoke officers cleared in shooting
  176. GOOD: home defense footage
  177. Returning Vet gets an unwelcome homecoming
  178. Robber asks for his gun back.
  179. Customer tackles bank robber.
  180. Detroit woman kills purse snatcher
  181. GOOD: 91 Y/O WWII Vet Stops Home Invader - Lake Worth, FL
  182. GOOD: Elderly Victim Shoots Would-Be Robber - Dayton, OH
  183. GOOD: Mom To The Rescue - Knoxville, TN
  184. GOOD - Homeowner Stands His Ground - Knoxville, TN
  185. GOOD - Homeowner Won't Face Charges - Wetumpka, AL
  186. Neutral - Could Have Been Ugly - Lemmon Valley, NV
  187. GOOD: Retired LEO Won't Be Charged - Danville, IL
  188. Man accused of plot to blow up federal building
  189. Maybe get free gym membership?
  190. Gunfire training at the mall
  191. 4 NJ SWAT officers shot in raid
  192. Student kills Teacher
  193. Feds probe US Census worker hanging in Kentucky
  194. Ammo Shortage made Drudge!!
  195. Bad: Couple Gunned Down at Dinner AZ
  196. Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009
  197. Gun in Bar
  198. Family killed at home in Central IL
  199. Polk drug agents play Wii during raid
  200. Still think you live rural enough that it won't happen to you?
  201. BG off Street; Citizen buys gun
  202. Welcome to the real world
  203. The beat gos on -- pizza delivery driver robbed
  204. Bad: Man Shoots Self In Head Trying To Prove Gun Safety [merge]
  205. Boston Paramedic (off duty) shoots 2, charged
  206. BAD: Mother and Five Small Children Killed
  207. 4 Chicago cops admit home invasions, thefts
  208. Illinois man gets 50 years for stabbing woman 50 times
  209. St. Louis police say 35 shots fired, man killed
  210. Man shoots St. Louis woman dead in front of their children
  211. Lasers and guns, dont aim at aircraft
  212. Cops Episode - CCW Holder Shoots Attacker, Gets Arrested
  213. Naked WWII Vet Stops Burglar!: MERGED
  214. BAD: Dog attack
  215. Because you can't carry a cop 24/7
  216. Guns save Lives
  217. Invasion victim acted in self defense
  218. Cavs guard West arrested on weapons charges
  219. White Supremacist Held on $1 Million Bail for Facebook Threat
  220. Bad: Murder escapes from day trip to fair
  221. Clumsy home-invasion
  222. Good: Wetumpka man shoots alleged burglar
  223. Homeowner fights back
  224. STUPID: Pharmacy "Readiness" Test
  225. Another Sword in the News (Merged)
  226. "Do you trust me, Marine"
  227. Can't happen here, we live in a good gated community
  228. Mother and Child Bound During Home Invasion
  229. Palm Beach County woman honored for 'quick thinking' in attack on school bus
  230. Female hikers attacked
  231. Another campus murder
  232. Mayor praises homeowner who fired at invaders-UPDATE
  233. SAPD LEOs 1, BG 0 - Armed Robbery Suspect shot dead
  234. Good Tips for Safety
  235. Good, I think
  236. Big Mac, a gat and some weed, to go!
  237. Anybody watch the 9/12 event on Fox?
  238. Suspect to police: 'I'm coming out commando'
  239. BAD- Son shot trying to help father.
  240. GOOD We need more Sheriffs like this one
  241. Good - Female disarms two armed intruders
  242. Don't play games w guns
  243. Good, Pregnant woman defends with shotgun
  244. Bad: Austin Traffic Stop with CHL holder.
  245. Hot off the Wire! Off-Duty LEO in gun battle in San Antonio Eatery
  246. Jewelry Store Owner Fights Back - Kenosha, WI
  247. Homeowner Charged After Shooting Intruder
  248. Bad: Wal-Mart Security Guard Kidnapped & Beaten
  249. A Lesson to all Husbands
  250. Man Pulls Gun in Case of Road Rage