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  1. Another Sword in the News (Merged)
  2. "Do you trust me, Marine"
  3. Can't happen here, we live in a good gated community
  4. Mother and Child Bound During Home Invasion
  5. Palm Beach County woman honored for 'quick thinking' in attack on school bus
  6. Female hikers attacked
  7. Another campus murder
  8. Mayor praises homeowner who fired at invaders-UPDATE
  9. SAPD LEOs 1, BG 0 - Armed Robbery Suspect shot dead
  10. Good Tips for Safety
  11. Good, I think
  12. Big Mac, a gat and some weed, to go!
  13. Anybody watch the 9/12 event on Fox?
  14. Suspect to police: 'I'm coming out commando'
  15. BAD- Son shot trying to help father.
  16. GOOD We need more Sheriffs like this one
  17. Good - Female disarms two armed intruders
  18. Don't play games w guns
  19. Good, Pregnant woman defends with shotgun
  20. Bad: Austin Traffic Stop with CHL holder.
  21. Hot off the Wire! Off-Duty LEO in gun battle in San Antonio Eatery
  22. Jewelry Store Owner Fights Back - Kenosha, WI
  23. Homeowner Charged After Shooting Intruder
  24. Bad: Wal-Mart Security Guard Kidnapped & Beaten
  25. A Lesson to all Husbands
  26. Man Pulls Gun in Case of Road Rage
  27. The great gun rush is on !
  28. Tracking crime using online mapping
  29. Model Home Horror: Realtor Raped
  30. Gunshot 'lesson' for cat backfires
  31. Another home invasion in Phoenix
  32. Never rob anyone you would date
  33. Fatal Shooting in Dodge City, Kansas
  34. burglar shoot...sons friend
  35. Purse Snatcher VS Judo Girl
  36. GOOD: Man Defends Himself With A Gun - Chiloquin, OR
  37. GOOD: Woman Fights Back And Wins - Kansas City, MO
  38. GOOD: Hack Gets It Done - Charlotte, NC
  39. Brought a baseball bat to a gunfight
  40. Self Defense - Machete Attack
  41. Assault rifles stolen from Ga. policecar
  42. Bad: Home Invasion/Rape - Torrington, CT
  43. Bad - Idiot Kills Cheerleader - Only 2nd Degree Murder?
  44. Good, Meridian, ID company
  45. Raasan Shannon Charged With Stealing Wounded Officer's Gun
  46. Why
  47. BAD: STUPID if you ask me, Take a pic with my AR-15
  48. CCW'er Will Not Be Charged For Shooting Shoplifter
  49. BG vs sword....sword wins
  50. YEP: I Shot And Killed A Man In The Basement - Chicago, IL
  51. GOOD: Man Won't Be Charged In SD Shooting - Sacramento, KA
  52. GOOD: Armed Homeowner Gets It Done - Hillsborough, NC
  53. GOOD: Granny Gets The Job Done - Bedford Township, MI
  54. GOOD: Homeowner Fatally Shoots Invader - Fairborn, OH
  55. GOOD: How Dumb Can You Be? - Houston, TX
  56. GOOD: Homeowner Stops 4 Armed Intruders - San Marcos, TX
  57. Calgary's 3rd home invasion in past week
  58. Pa. man fires cannon, hits neighbor's house
  59. Article on carry permits
  60. updated news: Pastor fatally shot by police in drug sting
  61. LEO shoots Fire Chief in courtroom
  62. Two Letters to the Editor that I missed yesterday
  63. Good & Bad -- Two Letters to Editor
  64. Here's Some People Who Could Have Used a Weapon
  65. Supid Clerk
  66. Good Shoot/Bad shoot? Pastor Killed
  67. Lifeflight Patient Arrested
  68. Community service ordered for Va gun show accident
  69. A good reason to Carry at Town Halls....
  70. 17 dead in Mexico shooting,..
  71. BAD: Firefighters dodge bullets as they battle blaze
  72. Another thug taken out by Joe Citizen in Houston
  73. Man Shoots At Car Fleeing Police
  74. Stupid : Accidental Discharge at Taco Bell Drive-thru
  75. Good & Bad : Sex Offender, Firearm Carrying Heroin Dealer Caught
  76. Danger in the Forest
  77. Football Player stops gunman on School Bus
  78. GOOD - Store Clerk Fights Back
  79. Police Getting Guns Off the Street!
  80. BAD - Convicted Rapist Rapes Woman After Release
  81. Convicted thief sues store he robbed
  82. Walmart shopper slaps crying child?
  83. GOOD: Victim Turns The Tables - Jackson, MS
  84. GOOD: Armed, Ready, and Willing - Houston, TX
  85. Gun show discharge
  86. Pastor shot
  87. 80 yo woman in ATL shot in the face = DEAD for 2 dollars
  88. Good: Robbery, standoff end with 2 men dead in Fairborn
  89. Gun Control isn't Working!
  90. Lunatic Hit and Run on a cyclist
  91. 30% Good
  92. Ex security Guard shoots finger
  93. Home Invasion Fredericksburg, Va
  94. Elderly woman was gagged and her house ransacked
  95. man shoots shoplifter story (kinda long)
  96. GOOD - Phoenix AZ pawn shop owner 1, BG 0
  97. BAD: Multiple Homicide - Brunswick ,GA
  98. Old Man Shot In Leg
  99. 78 yr old man shoots attacking dog
  100. Good: 60 year old defends home
  101. ObamaCare used for robbery
  102. Bad: Man Shot in Car (UK)
  103. The last 48 hours
  104. Two BGs with AK 47s on shooting spree near Seattle bridge
  105. Situational awareness FAIL
  106. Bad:Former Olympian Shot to Death Outside Home
  107. Guilty Verdict in Minister @ Shooting Range Murder
  108. great crime writer passes
  109. CA EMT stopped before committing mass murder
  110. Virginia Tech students shot -- off campus
  111. Security Guard shot in armed robbery attempt
  112. Trial for Killers of Minister at Shooting Range
  113. CHL holder shoots BG
  114. Wisconsin man (No CHP) shoots BG, no charges for carrying
  115. Who says Border Fence is useless?
  116. Bad: Boy killed with AirGun (UK)
  117. Israel Defense Force troops thwart Hebron terrorist attack
  118. A pro-carry story on New Orleans news station !!!
  119. Possum shoots Chicken Farmer
  120. Detroit CPL holder turns tables on thug
  121. Charged with burglary and malicious wounding and still on the street???
  122. Good story out of Texas
  123. California teachers thwart school attack
  124. Bad and good
  125. More bad ammunition news.
  126. It wasn't me
  127. Veteran of WWII, Korea and Vietnam Killed in Home Invasion
  128. Police officer and his K-9 partner shot
  129. Hatfields and McCoys?
  130. Possibly Good: Robber possibly shot by accomplice
  131. Soldier Dies at Boot Camp South Carolina
  132. 2 found shot to death inside JeffCo home
  133. Reason for defensive handguns
  134. Oklahoma Pastor Found Dead Inside Her Church
  135. Stupid: 2 arrested in fatal shooting near Purdue
  136. Hummer dealership begins selling guns/ammo
  137. Trial for Killers of Minister at Shooting Range
  138. The Media Gets It Wrong, Again, On Guns
  139. ANOTHER Newport News, VA cop arrested
  140. Lock him in a van til he convulses
  141. Another that kinda thing don't happen here
  142. Frommer won't visit AZ because of Gun Laws
  143. Had my Truck broken into today!!
  144. Pizza man thwarts robbery with beer can...
  145. Bad: road rage and a CPL holder involved
  146. Sheriff says teen violence on this scale is very common
  147. Bad: Police officer shot
  148. Bad: Grocery Cart Trap
  149. Talk about overly protective
  150. Neutral - Double homocide at "Blood Raw" after hours party (Florida)
  151. Bad: Idaho GOP leader arrested
  152. Plaxico Burress Pleads Guilty in Weapons Case
  153. Lockerbie PanAM bomber released?
  154. BAD: 25 years means out to kill again when?
  155. Plaxico Burress agree's to 2 yrs ... Guilty!
  156. Bad: UT student shot, killed in downtown robbery
  157. Good: Ex Giant and MSU star Burress to Jail
  158. Bad times in Tampa
  159. ABC news Gun agenda
  160. Burglar Chats With Homeowners He Just Robbed
  161. 6 Cops, 59 Shots, 43 Wounds, 1 Dead in Tenn.
  162. Elmore County Judge eases up on Murder Co-Defendant!
  163. I guess it's another case of profiling...
  164. Bad: Cop abducts Cop near Houston
  165. Ugly: Ga. animal lovers killed by pack of wild dogs
  166. Bad: Six Marijuana Growers Suspected of Starting California Wildfires
  167. Homeowner shoots at Burglar
  168. Packing for school: Guns on campus one year later
  169. What not to do in Texas.....
  170. Ugly, Austin shopkeeper charged w murder
  171. Scary: 4 home invaders kidnap children at gunpoint
  172. ABC news, CCW in Bars
  173. Another anti who doesn't know what he's talking about
  174. Creigh Deeds's Presidential Dilemma
  175. Hospital ER patient killed by LEO(rightfully so)
  176. Threat Theater
  177. Permit holder rescues boy from kidnapper
  178. Interesting statement by Sheriff...
  179. 16 Yr Old Pleads Guilty To Gang Rape
  180. Milwaukee mayor injured trying to assist victim
  181. Bad Letter to Editor Roanoke Times, Va
  182. 5 hurt in 4 overnight shootings in St. Louis
  183. Here Is Follow Up Article To Store Owner Kills Two...
  184. Don't rob cell phone stores in Houston!
  185. Oops: Mt. Vernon Council Candidate Found Passed Out with Gun
  186. Open Carry Citizen Smeared by ABC News
  187. Harlem Store Owner Shoots 4 Robbers, Killing 2
  188. Missouri Nuns Chase Down Armed Robber on Foot
  189. Right Wing Extrimists Terrorist?
  190. Moron Shoots Self On Camera
  191. Dumb criminal: Don’t give your ID before a robbery
  192. Another Happy Ending
  193. Good Letter to the Editor
  194. Anyone want a $50 Gift Card?
  195. BAD: Man shot & killed by LEO on the BART train
  196. ‘Castle doctrine’ law forces shooter’s release, prosecutor says
  197. good - guy open carries at Obama town hall - MSNBC interview
  198. US Militia Movement
  199. Instructor vs Student; ow.
  200. 11 year old boy shot with sawed off shotgun
  201. Man Attacked with Machetes in London (UK)
  202. Bizarre: Road Rage
  203. Ketchikan armed robbery attempt
  204. High speed chase results in 8 killed
  205. Gun vs can of peas...peas win!
  206. Floridas CWP
  207. Quintessential Liberal Idiot Gets Robbed
  208. Florida Church Robbery...
  209. Never give a TV news anchor a gun
  210. Great Article On Florida Permit Numbers...
  211. Bad: I don't need no stinkin holster
  212. Bring teeth to a gun fight?
  213. Good, a Judge Finally had some Guts in Elmore County Alabama
  215. Perfect hiding spot
  216. Another one that will have you scratching your heads...
  217. GOOD! BG Gets Shot Trying To Commit A Robbery.
  218. Talk about Concealed Carry... LOL Merged
  219. BAD: Murder during a carjacking
  220. Chattanooga takeover robbery using an AK
  221. The Ugly: Why South Floridians need to carry
  222. Bad: Five shot, Two killed on a "Stop the Violence" night...
  223. Very bad: gunman shoots 10+, kills 4+ in Pittsburgh gym
  224. All Good -- New Trend in South Florida Stores.....
  225. Bad: UK - Man arrested after confronting gang at home
  226. When will people learn? Two year old shot.
  227. Good? Bad? Suicide by cop 59 rounds fired, 43 wounds?!
  228. Bad: Discharge in Police cruiser on display
  229. Indiana Motor Vehicles
  230. Good: Would-be robber shot and killed by security guard (Video)
  231. Fired for CATCHING the bank robber.
  232. 13 y.o. carjacked woman, grandchildren at gunpoint
  233. Unbelievable: Man borrows gun to shoot wife
  234. Make sure you grab the right "gun"
  235. Identity Theft
  236. What The?
  237. Man defends 5 year old, kills home invader
  238. Wow... Scary Stuff from LEO in California...
  239. Man shot to death during home invasion.
  240. Teen attacked and set on fire
  241. Washington Man Charged in Brutal Home Invasion Days After Judge Declined to Jail Him
  242. Home Invader Shoots Woman - Homeowner Shoots Intruder First
  243. Flags Ordered Lowered in Memory of Border Patrol Agent Rosas
  244. Bad: Murder too close to me
  245. It's About Who's More Pro-Gun
  246. Randalls employee fired for chasing theft suspect
  247. Good: Homeowner fatally shoots burglar
  248. 'America's Most Wanted' suspect apprehended by ICE
  249. 7 NC men charged with plotting 'violent jihad'
  250. AK47 battle in the streets of Cincinnati