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  1. Fire Mission on Poll!!!
  2. Kidnapped Phoenix Girl Rescued by Alert Cop
  3. Good Shoot by the Deputies
  4. Thoughts on this incident
  5. Attempted Terror Attack in Detroit
  6. Ugly...home state once again...Salvation Army worker shot/killed
  7. Wal-Mart to Pay $14.5 Million for Cali Gun Law Violations
  8. NBA players' handgun kept in locker room
  9. Some people are just accident prone, I guess...
  10. Ammo in housefire
  11. From the liberal State of Massachusetts and its wonderful court system.
  12. Chicago: Man says he shot, killed robber after escaping from car
  13. Work related Killings and Hostage takingKilling
  14. Man Beaten with Club
  15. San Antonio, Texas -- Burglars shot.
  16. Huntington,WV Nightclub Shooting in Court
  17. Gunman shoots at family driving on I-95: NC
  18. Victim Foils Carjacker
  19. BAD = ANOTHER police shooting near Seattle !!!!!
  20. Car dealership employee shoots armed robber in Central OH
  21. BAD - Dallas Donut Shop Owner Fatally Shot
  22. Shopko Pharmacist Who Tackled Armed Robber Fired
  23. WV Gun and Sword Fight
  24. Murders drop 10%
  25. Don't Bring A Gun To A...
  26. Bad: Shot During Home Invasion
  27. Email from CalGuns
  28. S&W 500 "hand cannon" used in murder/robbery in Cali
  29. Bad and Good: Dead Victims and Dead Perp
  30. OK Sheriff Found Guilty In Federal Court
  31. Car Jacking in Spokane Wa.
  32. Good: Roderick Scott
  33. Crash and grab
  34. Very Bad
  35. For those that knew or read about Meleanie Hain
  36. Police/Media: "Shotgun might accidently go off during holdup"
  37. Ugly: NJ Cash for Guns
  38. Bad: House robbed twice in one night; STL
  39. If only they could have guns...
  40. This Sheriff was hooked!
  41. Suffolk (VA) cemetery shooting that left man dead ruled justifiable
  42. Older but not wiser
  43. Score another one for the good guy!!!
  44. Isn't there a better way to arrest a drug dealer?
  45. Once again - Gave up wallet and keys then shot
  46. Yikes! The "Trust" Game?
  47. BAD: Stupid, Stupid, Stupid - Tucson, AZ
  48. Man wounds suspected prowler with arrow in buttocks
  49. Handicapped man kills home invader.
  50. Jail time for beating intruder (Nanny State)
  51. Did anyone just watch Fox News
  52. Safety Advisory for .17 HMR Semi-Autos
  53. This happened at the range I frequent
  54. Several States Ease Restrictions on Gun Laws
  55. AK47 Road rage shooting
  56. Gun deaths tried to fray the thin blue line in '09
  57. I tip my hat to the guy
  58. Armed Citizen: Wounded Jewelry Store Owner Detains Robbery Suspect
  59. Good, bad, thank god no ugly
  60. Over 1000 RCMP Members Pay Respects For Fallen Lakewood Officers (Impressive Video)
  61. Update on NC Sen Soles: May be indicted
  62. GOOD: Shooting Ruled Self-Defense Pittsfield TWP, MI
  63. BAD: Liquor Store Clerk Dies In Armed Robbery - Atlanta, GA
  64. GOOD: Homeowner Comes Out On Top - Salem, Indiana
  65. GOOD: Woman Released After Fatal Stabbing Ruled Self-Defense -
  66. Robber gets money and shoots clerk on the way out.
  67. NYC police: Officer kills Times Square scammer
  68. Shooting at Northern Virginia Community College
  69. Another one in Houston....
  70. Second Trial for Killers of Minister at Shooting Range
  71. HCSO: Manager Shoots, Kills Robber Case To Be Referred To Grand Jury Without Charges
  72. "Jeweller who shot robber wants more gun rights"
  73. School shooting...VA again... (MERGED)
  74. UGLY: Officer in Penn Hills PA shot and killed
  75. Ugly: Bronx mom Lakisha Scriven shot in head, killed in front of daughters
  76. Live Footage of Lakewood PD Memorial.
  77. Funeral Today for Four Slain Lakewood Washington Officers.
  78. Marine dies in argument over football game
  79. No Cure for Carelessness: Hunter Kills Himself With His Own Gun!
  80. Wrong dry cleaners to rob
  81. Never play with Legos at work...
  82. 20th Anniversary of the Montreal Massacre.
  83. Bad & Ugly: 15-year-old found guilty of home invasion, 'stranger rape' (MI)
  84. Ugly: Police Officer's Wife Made Up Home Invasion, Shooting (MA)
  85. CoasttoCoastAM on Ft Hood
  86. GOOD: Home Invasion Turns Deadly - Berlin, NH
  87. GOOD: Self-Defense Shooting At Catering Company - Miami, FL
  88. GOOD: Homeowner Comes Out On Top - Gresham, OR
  89. GOOD: Store Shooting Ruled Self-Defense
  90. GOOD: Shotgun Wielding Clerk Stops Armed Robber - Rocky Mount, NC
  91. Report Shows 90 Mintute Gap in Va Tech Shooting Timeline
  92. Shoot them as they run - Go to jail in Missouri
  93. Virginia Tech Latest
  94. Canada news but still, never for get where your handgun is.
  95. 17 Year old kills 10 year old brother on purpose
  96. Bad-- Don't "play" with firearms.
  97. pelham alabama Police officer shot and Killed
  98. Suffolk Va home invasion
  99. System let down assault victim, 73
  100. Bad: Police officer dies after being shot overnight
  101. This could have turned out Badly
  102. Ammo that can go thru your door.
  103. Downtown Digital Design Firm's Offices Invaded by Police Over a Lego Gun
  104. OK Man Shot Dead in Attempted Break-In.
  105. Bad--This is why I gave my wife my old flashlight!
  106. He hee. It's tase a 10 year old season.
  107. This sort of thing really makes me mad!
  108. Neighbor shot dead trying to stop NW Harris Co. robbery
  109. VETS: Tie your hands to your chair before reading you may break something
  110. Seattle cop slayings do not invalidate the idea of armed self-defense
  111. Bankers seeking gun permits ahead of bonus season
  112. Role model to robbers everywhere
  113. Donate online to the children of Lakewood Police Departments fallen officers
  114. Man defends girlfriend, shoots would-be carjacker
  115. Good article
  116. Disney does not joke around!!!
  117. Bad: 2 more officers wounded
  118. Not-So-Smart-Move in Huntington, WV
  119. Firefighter gets 120 days for shooting cyclist in head
  120. Good idea, bad discipline, fatal result
  121. Someone shot me! No, wait...actually, I shot myself.
  122. Mother and Daughter shot while riding horses
  123. Gun control in action
  124. BAD: Woman executed in MY neighborhood hair shop (Hillsboro, OR)
  125. Bad Thanksgiving Weekend In Chicago
  126. Firefighter shoots man who was beating an LEO
  127. Close Call
  128. "Did Forza Coffee Shop have a gun-ban door sign?"
  129. 4 cops shot dead Washington
  130. 4 Police Officers Shot Dead Near Washington State Air Force Base (merged)
  131. Hunting Season Open-Watch Out For Idiots: Hunter charged for shooting another hunter
  132. No-contest plea in shot toward wife
  133. Rural Church armed robbery Thanksgiving Eve
  134. Good: Man Robs The Wrong Store - Bessemer, AL
  135. GOOD: Teenagers Rob The Wrong Guy - LaVergne, TN
  136. GOOD: Woman Defends Herself With A Gun - Westland, MI
  137. Dad Locked Kids in Trunk while he goes shopping
  138. Bad: 4 relatives shot dead at Fla. Thanksgiving party
  139. Teen Shoots Mother with Homemade Bow
  140. Little known law (?)
  141. GOOD: Man Defends Home Against Three Intruders - Berlin, NH
  142. GOOD - break into my house, take a number. Your number might be "38"...
  143. Good guy shoots part of bad guy's finger off (Merged)
  144. Lady raped after trying to defend herself with 22
  145. Man Breaking into Home Shot and Killed by Homeowner
  146. Breaking Wa. news - oops...
  147. I am outraged!!! Wth
  148. Three bad guys, a follower, and a good neighbor
  149. Stupid: Friend charged with shooting App State student
  150. 2008 Metropolitan Crime Statistics
  151. Student expelled for having unloaded shotguns in truck
  152. Man loses concealed weapon in armed robbery
  153. One more reason to carry at home!
  154. Life sentence for scaring her to death
  155. Condition them young - the state can mess up your life if you have a gun
  156. Georgia Third Grader Suspended for Pointing Toy Gun
  157. Childress, TX Man Killed by Police after pursuit
  158. BAD: 2 Dead in "Random Act" Shooting (Hillsboro, OR)
  159. sad events lead to my sister agreeing to carry OC spray
  160. Chicago - interesting - politicians, guns, hypocrisy
  161. Former Cabell Co. WV Deputy Shot in Colorado
  162. U.S. to drop charge against Blackwater guard(long post)
  163. From thursday the 19th
  164. 2nd Denver bank robbery on day of shooting.
  165. Vince Flynn on Glen Beck - printing?
  166. No charges in stabbing of Mpls. teen
  167. Fake General outed in my hometown
  168. BUG for badguy - Teeth
  169. Attention my portly friends; Beware!
  170. Sandwich Shop Delivery Man Robbed
  171. Gun-Toting Man Challenges Seattle Gun Ban
  172. Why our kids are messed up
  173. Peoples Republic of Illinois
  174. College Student Killed By Deer Hunter
  175. This Guy Is Obviously NOT a DC.com member!
  176. Man Pointed Handgun's Laser Sight At Police
  177. Don't stop and don't leave home without your gun.
  178. Police chase ends in officer being shot, one suspect killed **UPDATED**
  179. Tree trimming crew attacked.....
  180. 2 charged with stabbing South Austin Walmart employee
  181. Hidden Handgun "Goes Off" ???
  182. Liquor store bandito nailed by clerk
  183. Maersk Alabama repels 2nd pirate attack with guns
  184. Santa Cruz pizza delivery man held up at knife-point; suspect was injured at shooting
  185. Arkansas Police Use Taser on 10-Year-Old Girl
  186. Should accused murdererís book be banned?
  187. Good: Colorado: Gun-Toting Homeowner Catches Burglar In His Boxers
  188. wow......
  189. Albany, Ga. Attempted Robbery
  190. Texas school custodian shoots self
  191. No guns, more hugs - The ignorant professor
  192. Statistics show concealed carry saves many lives, takes few
  193. "Guns to blame for shootings" - What an idiot!
  194. Guns and ammunition found in lorry arriving at Dover (UK)
  195. 7 Year Old Fires Gun at School Bus Stop
  196. Jury issues not guilty veredict on Puerto Rico self defense case
  197. Foolish Pregnant woman attacked by dogs
  198. Judge orders pharmacist Jerome Ersland to trial in shooting death of robber
  199. Texas holdup
  200. Civilian pleads not guilty to wearing Navy medals
  201. Good. Meigs County TN homeowner shoots burglar
  202. Police Robot Negotiator Ends Standoff With Armed Man
  203. Jail time for turning in found shotgun (Merged)
  204. Missouri City resident shoots attacker
  205. Guy is saved from mugging by military ID.
  206. Ex-Marine Who Survived War, Knife Assault; Murdered While Installing Cable TV
  207. Victim takes gun, shoots suspect
  208. ND shooter will not be charged
  210. Ugh...Another Moron!
  211. "Half of Detroit Council Packs Heat"
  212. Bad/Good - Hartford CT cop shot, shooter caught
  213. GOOD - our porous border
  214. Chicago Mayor blames guns (Merged)
  215. This is just wrong!!!
  216. Poll: Foxnews.com - Crime or Terror
  217. Breaking News, My Area: Gunman holds principal hostage at school in N.Y.
  218. DC Sniper To Be Executed Tonight
  219. Security Cam videos of robberies thwarted?
  220. Road rage incident in my home town - Another reason to carry
  221. Robber opens fire on Syracuse police
  222. Officials: U.S. Aware of Hasan Efforts to Contact al-Qaida
  223. And another "Trick?" "Here's your treat!"
  224. Police: Man Beaten to Death by Teens
  225. Ugly : Bar Shooting & On Duty Police Officer
  226. Police Chief: 'Cops Should Use Deadly Force' South Africa
  227. Gun-toting soccer mom is shot dead
  228. HPD: Pregnant woman fatally shoots car burglar
  229. Man shot after apparent road rage attack in Detroit
  230. British Man Killed, Texas
  231. Seattle Cop Killer May Have Been Found!!!
  232. Shooting Reported at Orlando High Rise
  233. Oregon woman shoots, kills home intruder
  234. "Chicks Packing Heat" Fox 47 News Jacksonville, FL
  235. Mass Shooting at Ft. Hood Texas Army Base (Merged) - Updated
  236. man with concealed handgun carry permit slays family
  237. Family questions who shot accused burglar
  238. UPDATED: Canada to scrap "long gun" registry? They vote today.
  239. Off-Duty Police Officer Shoots and Kills Friend While Demonstrating Weapon (NY)
  240. Don't give them what they want...give them lead back!
  241. London Mayor saves a woman from an attack
  242. Disabled man dies year after panhandler attack
  243. Suv blocks woman at Cracker Barrell then makes her drive to atm.
  244. 3 Year Old Girl accidently killed by neighbor
  245. Cavaliers' Delonte West indicted on six weapons offenses
  246. Vietnam Vet Grabs BG's Shotgun During Robbery Attempt (Video).
  247. Teen assaults and carjacks woman at Church
  248. People in my area have gone nuts.
  249. Beware of Craigslist transactions!
  250. Interesting Article on Coyote Attacks on Humans