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  1. Firearms deaths fall as millions obtain permits to carry concealed guns
  2. Scottsdale Dad kills 2 kids....sad
  3. In the Detroit area
  4. 10 People Shot, 4 Dead in Southeast DC
  5. Bad:KY Woman Raped After Opening Door
  6. Home Invasion Leads To Deadly Shooting
  7. BAD: Security Guard jobs entail some risks.
  8. Bad: Woman shoots, kills former Publix co-worker
  9. Another Wrong House
  10. Good & Bad : 2nd Shooting Suspect ID'd But Dead
  11. USAToday Poll
  12. Good: Homeowner shoot burglar. Chattanooga TN/Rossville GA
  13. You Can't Fix Stupid
  14. Unbelievable
  15. BAD: Home-grown terrorists arrested plotting attacks in USA (MI)
  16. Just what they wanted to hear...
  17. Ugly: AZ Rancher murdered
  18. Homeowner with gun scares away home invasion robbers
  19. Bad: "Gang" riot and shooting by teens in mall (Portland, OR)
  20. Walmart parking lot
  21. BAD -- Mall security guard fired at a shoplifter
  22. Carjack victim shoots suspect to death
  23. South Carolina Ministers Trade Store Gift Cards for Guns
  24. Police accidently hit toddler while shooting bank robber
  25. BAD: Estimated 100 Guns Stolen from Lynnwood Gun, (WA)
  26. Double Bad : 2nd Bank Robbery At This Location
  27. Child Shot in FL
  28. Robbed by ...Ninja's?
  29. Rep. Cantors Campaign Office Hit
  30. Shooting "victims" family wants CWP shooter charged
  31. Bad:Off Duty LEO Assaulted
  32. MSNBC.com - Record Numbers Now Licensed to Pack Heat
  33. Serial Child Killer Serving Life Receiving Government Pension Payments.
  34. This Just Doesn't Happen Here!!
  35. Fort Worth Store Clerk Complied & Still Fatally Shot
  36. Wyoming Cops Stop Bar Fight Without Guns
  37. As if school massacres end if there were no guns
  38. Can I Have My Gun Back?
  39. Colorado State Trooper Arrested
  40. good, some bad in Baltimore
  41. Police ticket man who OC'd in grocery store
  42. BBC take on OC in WI
  43. NY Man Saves a boy and pays with his own life
  44. California: Modesto store clerk shoots and kills robber
  45. Another Fake LEO Home Invasion
  46. UGLY, with a GOOD ending: 3 dead, 1 critical in Clearwater
  47. You Decide: Deadly Tampa shooting may be result of domestic dispute
  48. Ugly: "Catch and Wreck"
  49. Scary, But Positive Outcome: Police kill man who stormed wife's house with shotgun
  50. Also Not Good:Deputy wife accused of shooting HPD officer
  51. Grad student sues UK over being fired for having handgun in car
  52. Individual shot at gun show - Denver/Merged
  53. Stupid : County Commissioner & His Firearm Arrest
  54. Stupid Is As Stupid Does!!
  55. Woman critically wounded in shooting at Taco Time
  56. Why an innocent mother at home with her three children might need a gun.
  57. Not Good: State trooper leaves his loaded handgun at Lowe's
  58. Cut him a break.....he was just cold LOL!!!
  59. CWP holder Lucky to be Carrying
  60. Bad : Armed Robbery Close To My Home
  61. Fatal wolf attack unnerves Alaska village
  62. Bad, Officer Down, BG dealt with quickly
  63. Store Clerk Gunned Down In Kansas City
  64. Bad but Good...Home Invasion Orlando
  65. Good (we think) - Dad defends daughter
  66. Tough Dog Recovers After Being Shot 5 Times
  67. Guns, medical marijuana stolen from Wellington residence during home invasion
  68. This just in
  69. Starbucks shooting Norfolk, VA (prob. not a legal carrier)
  70. Not good, bad or ugly-- revamped basic training
  71. More guns traced to PD -- with a twist
  72. Son Takes Over in Father's Store...Shoots Armed Robber!
  73. So far so good
  74. I would really like to send these people to Afghanistan, without any aid or support
  75. Customer swipes masked man's gun and kill's him! - Merged
  76. Good!!! 3rd time in recent history
  77. Bad news at the border
  78. Sorry, you're not healthy enough to execute. Wait, what?!
  79. Maybe it IS a good idea to carry at Starbucks :)
  80. Would love to know the rest of this story
  81. Pentagon Shooting: Gun came from Memphis P.D.
  82. 1 in 5
  83. More Bad News from across the Pond (UK)
  84. Ohio Man Accidentally Shot
  85. Retired officer shoots burglar
  86. Our tax dollars at work!!
  87. Oops: Gun store owner shoots self in hand, admits fault
  88. 2 Dead, One Injured in Edmonton Chrysler Dealership Shooting.
  89. Not good...ND in Virginia
  90. Why I carry
  91. Anger Management Counselor Pulls Gun on Federal Marshalls Over Parking Space
  92. Attack near Auraria campus hours after community meeting
  93. australian violent crime
  94. A Good one for you
  95. Taken into protective custody?
  96. I wonder why he was unemployed?
  97. Good: Granny Gets Her Gun
  98. Former Marion County Deputy on trial for self defense while off duty.
  99. Man arrested after legally? buying guns
  100. 7 year-old sheepdog
  101. I received this in email today. Made me laugh
  102. Driver accidentally shot by passenger in car
  103. Dumb & Dumber All Merged Into One
  104. Bad : Ohio University Campus Shooting
  105. Poll: Better, Worse, or About the Same?
  106. 3-year old mistakes gun for Wii Remote and kills herself
  107. Video Interview; Man defended self with .380
  108. Ontario Provincial Police Officer Dead After Being Shot In The Head
  109. Ugly- Nut shoots another nut
  110. Bad: Paramedic stabbed, killed by suicidal man
  111. BAD: This is no joke, folks!
  112. Oklahoma: Oklahoma City police describe relative’s shooting as self defense
  113. Tennessee: Knife-Wielding Attacker Shot Dead
  114. Louisiana: Home invasion: Suspect caught, dead youth ID’d
  115. Shootout at Wal-Mart in Texas
  116. Gunman killed, officer injured in shootout at Walmart...
  117. Road Rage Motorist Shoots Bat Wielding Attacker
  118. Are you kidding me? I don't know how to classify this.
  119. Bad: Florida Teen Accidentally Shoots Friend While Twirling Gun
  120. Bad: Leave Wild West Tricks to the Wild West
  121. Good and Scary: Armed Robber Chase
  122. Ugly: Ouachita parish deputy Shot
  123. Bad & Good : Second Bank Robbery-Robber Caught
  124. Good: Homeowner Shoots home invaders (OK)
  125. GOOD - Deli owner serves up BG
  126. bad: Road rage sparks ‘terrible thing' Man charged with shooting at vehicle and killi
  127. Stores Land in Gun-Control Crossfire...
  128. BAD -- Pentagon Police Officers down
  129. BAD
  130. BAD: Man Shoots Himself on Campus by Accident (Down the road from me)
  131. Bad : Insanity defense prevails in Burnsville beheading case
  132. Good; Yanta pick fight with Viet Vet
  133. BAD.............but
  134. Double shooting home invasion
  135. Bad-Man shot four times, suspect on the loose
  136. Baby in getaway car shot by victim after robbery of guns/beating
  137. Boy, 10, accidentally kills brother with father's gun after visit to post office
  138. Bad: Bank Robbery In My Hometown
  139. BAD-Missing girl's body found
  140. Tuscaloosa County woman holds man at gunpoint
  141. Saw this on Fox News......
  142. Bad - 3 Residents Killed in Chicago Suburb Home Invasion
  143. BAD/GOOD: Bullet Proof Breasts
  144. Cabell Co WV Sheriff Deputy Cleared In Shooting
  145. LAPD officer shot teenage son S/D
  146. BAD: Teacher fatally shot outside Tacoma, WA Special Needs school
  147. All the more reason for a rope
  148. Good: Update to McDonalds Shooting - Unarmed Customer Rams Suspect with Truck
  149. BAD: Tallahassee Family Beats Child Molester
  150. BAD-Man AD's at airport
  151. Surprise: Another Houston home invasion
  152. BAD-Man with holstered gun rides horse to church
  153. Serial home invasion?
  154. Some good news for a change......
  155. Two students shot by gunman at middle school in CO (Merged)
  156. Would a hard-nosed .45 bullet not hurt worse?
  157. Good 1 suspect dead, 1 injured after allegedly trying to run down Luke AFB security
  158. BAD-‘Life-altering' injuries for teen after assault rifle shooting
  159. Robbers Hide In Ceiling of Food Lion, take hostages
  160. Bad: McDonald's Worker killed trying to protect store manager from robbery
  161. Good; Conneaut, OH
  162. BAD-Police: Woman shoots at hubby over tax return cash
  163. Chamber-check overlooked... again!
  164. BAD-Groom shot dead at wedding by uncle's stray celebratory bullet
  165. Old Man 1-Thug 0
  166. Texas: Man Fatally Shoots Intruder
  167. BAD: Shreveport Louisiana
  168. Bad : Another Bar Shooting
  169. Maybe the start of a trend?
  170. Bad Roanoke Times Editorial
  171. BAD - Seattle: Man stabbed during car break-in
  172. More firearms = worse criminal?
  173. Opinions on this shooting?
  174. Man stabbed in Walmart parking lot in St. Marys, GA
  175. Houston: Two burglars shot, home owner wounded
  176. Hostage Taker Killed By Police
  177. Coroner's jury to review federal building shooting
  178. String of Armed Robberies in Millbrook and Prattville, AL
  179. Mississippi considers "tax free holiday" for guns/ammo purchases.
  180. The Good - Bank robber punched and drops money
  181. Report: Officers lose 243 Homeland Security guns
  182. Pilot Intentionally Crashes Plane Into Austin TX Office Bld (Merged)
  183. Good: Open Carriers Deter Robbery
  184. USA Shields Humans In Afghanistan
  185. 150 yards from a bank robbery and didn't know
  186. Gilbert man shoots at family dog after it bites his daughter in face
  187. BAD Guys don't practice trigger control
  188. University of Alabama shooter
  189. Non Gun Assassination
  190. Georgia and "the gun trail"
  191. EXCELENT!!! US Marine Survives direct hit!!
  192. Maybe excessive JUDGEment
  193. They Keep on Gettin Younger Part II
  194. BAD: Deputy commits multiple murder/suicide
  195. Blind man robbed at gunpoint
  196. Bad: CCW holder stalks/murders waitress.
  197. Don't Arm Yourselves
  198. Cabell Co WV Sheriff Deputy Involved in Shooting
  199. Good: Man with samurai sword defends his dog against mtn. lion (CA)
  200. Gunman Opens Fire Inside North Carolina Hospital
  201. Glad this LEO is ok
  202. Bad:They Keep Getting Younger:15 y.o. Killer
  203. Two teens shot during Richmond church service
  204. Home owner 1, burglars 0...
  205. Man shot in head over video game
  206. Tee, hee, hee...this'll never happen to me!???
  207. Beyond Ugly: Man attacks two women and baby with an axe in Vegas
  208. U. Alabama/Huntsville shooting
  209. Strange: Dispute over toy gun leads to stabbing
  210. UGLY: Fla. Woman Denied Protective Order From Stalker Before Murder
  211. 26-Hour Standoff
  212. BAD: Women murdered near UCF in broad daylight (BG with CWP)
  213. Is nothing sacred?
  214. Good: I guess: UK "Justice"
  215. Seattle Bus Station beating, Security "Observe and Report"
  216. She Survived
  217. MASS Police: Man with weapons cache was preparing for 'Armageddon'
  218. Hostage situation. Kearney, NE
  219. Quick! We Need Legislation Banning Pencils In Schools!
  220. Do you CC while shoveling snow
  221. man shoots self, darwin moment
  222. Good: Tampa, FL Crime Rate Drops 15.8%
  223. Local Cop Advocates Shooting Law Abiding Citizens - Merged 2x
  224. BAD: Teen girl shot, answering door
  225. Residents Fumed Over Weekend Alcohol, Firearm Ban
  226. Expensive Toilet Paper
  227. Stupid?/Darwin: Shot in head DEAD
  228. Car-ma caught up with this guy quickly.
  229. Son's Prank Ends With Mother Shooting Him
  230. I'm starting to like rain
  231. Ugly: Ninth Grader Fatally Shot by Classmate in Madison Alabama
  232. CHP & anger counselor
  233. Planning on Drinking? Leave Your Gun at Home, Mayor Bloomberg Says
  234. Handyman Accepts Apology
  235. About those grandkids...
  236. Texas Woman shot in carjacking in "safe" neighborhood
  237. Good? Anti-Gun Senator SHOOTS intruder!
  238. Parents outraged over football team picture
  239. Bad/Weird - Man with 21 knives arrested after calling police
  240. Close to home, sort of
  241. Oh No! Accidental Shooting!
  242. School system out of control
  243. Good reason to own a gun
  244. Burglars return to murder homeowner who called 911
  245. FFL holder convicted of fraud
  246. Dumb: OK Man Indicted For Having Grenade Launcher
  247. More BAD
  248. This is a drug bust
  249. Good, OKC: Homeowner shoots intruder
  250. Bad made Good