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  1. Resident shoots burglar, gets busted
  2. Boy, 5, Finds Gun, Shoots Himself in Las Vegas
  3. Husband accidentally shoots wife
  4. Ugly: Never try to rob a craps game
  5. Ice Cold Murder Case Solved in NM Shootout.
  6. FBI agent faces firearms charges
  7. Man Bursts into flames after being Tasered.
  8. Good - 82 year old Florida man kills home invader!!
  9. Don't bring a SG to a frying pan fight
  10. Store video catches cop bullying woman
  11. BAD: Man killed at firing range
  12. bad: Convicted murderer kidnaps innocent family
  13. BAD: Never surrender your gun, stupid!
  14. Good/Bad? Witness Shot
  15. Bad, shoots self on the freeway.
  16. Suspect in Tucson home invasion killed by neighbor
  17. Dumb & dumber.
  18. Franklin County man sought in slaying
  19. GOOD Bank: Security 2 BGs 0
  20. Why not to visit Baltimore.
  21. Use of K-9 officer
  22. 6 more reasons to carry
  23. ‘If I Wanted To Kill Him, I Could Have,’ Cop Shooting Suspect Says
  24. NH Pharmacy Robbed by Grenade-Wielding Man
  25. Another one !!!!
  26. Buy a truck, get a free AK-47!! (Merged)
  27. $100 pistol used to murder McNair
  28. Good: Shooting victim arrested for burglary
  29. Child shoots intruder
  30. Bad: Shooting at the "Pig"
  31. Portland, OR: Man pulls gun during bar-fight, shoots warning round.
  32. Houston resident fatally shoots intruder
  33. 5 Police Officers Shot, 2 Suspects Killed in Gunbattle
  34. Good - Gun Control
  35. BAD-Chicago... Again
  36. Good: Pizza man shoots robber
  37. Daley’s bodyguard catches killer; ‘we should all be so lucky,’ says saf
  38. BAD on several counts
  39. Good: Tennessee Jewelry Vendor Shoots Robbers -
  40. Very Bad former LEO in standoff with SWAT
  41. Home run!
  42. Own, conceal, drink at 18?
  43. Good: 70 year Old Man Shoots and Kills Burglar
  44. Woman pulls gun on Wal-Mart customers
  45. Local AZ forum OC dinner in the news
  46. Good: Richmond, VA, convenience store customer shoots armed robber
  47. Chattanooga homeowner shoots intruder.
  48. Shot placement, shot placement, shot placement
  49. FLORIDA: BAD 8 children found in home with dead parents
  50. Bad: Florida Woman Shot in Leg by Bathroom Stall Neighbor
  51. Police Chief major OOOPS!!!!!
  52. Just when you though Illinois couldn't get any worse...
  53. BAD: Another non hate crime in Akron
  54. Memphis jeweler shoots 2 robbers, 2 flee.
  55. Good : Man Sentenced for Shooting LEO
  56. Stupid : Felon Shoots at Neighbor in Property Dispute
  57. McNair-Related: Does Anyone Else Find This Odd?
  58. Bad : Another One Shot & Killed
  59. Custom Official shoots robber
  60. What should happen?
  61. Steve McNair: Killed by 2nd Amendment?
  62. Ugly--Police: Man holding his ex hostage in Conn. home
  63. 72 Year Old Helpless Victim? I don't think so.
  64. Couple attacked outside their motel room
  65. Nashville CCW fights off attackers GOOD
  66. Good: 70 yr old man fights off 2 attackers with CCW
  67. Live police chase on in Houston!!
  68. Charges wieghed in Whaleyville store shooting
  69. The Drive by State Run Media does it again!
  70. All star stupid. Guy flashes gun, gets a beatdown
  71. "One dead after botched home invasion"
  72. Former NFL Star Steve McNair Killed in Shooting (Merged)
  73. Road rage leads to shooting outside Palms of Pasadena Hospital
  74. Record time for rookie LEO
  75. BAD: Killer in my area...4 dead in one week
  76. My radio interview rescheduled for July 4th!!
  77. Ugly: Conn. Wife Pleaded for Life, Daughters' Safety Over Text Message
  78. UGLY: Another reason to fear the Dentist's office
  79. Housing Project Police kill armed moron
  80. UGLY: Grandfather Does What Has To Be Done - Lousiville, KY
  81. Good: Retired police officer kills gunman in Burton
  82. Federal agents hunt for guns, one house at a time
  83. dilemma:Very Ugly!
  84. Op Ed by Philip Van Cleave, President VCDL
  85. Home Owner goes to jail for shooting intruder
  86. New Zealand - Paraplegic Shooting Rampage
  87. Update number 3 on "Guilty" and my Apologies to All for a 3rd Thread!
  88. Ugly: Seven people hurt in Detroit bus stop shooting
  89. Good
  90. Harold Fish conviction overturned
  91. Ugly: Slain Woman Also Accidentally Shot By Police
  92. Update on "Guilty"
  93. Strange: Pulled over by trooper, man shoots self in head on Thruway
  94. Richmond Coliseum & the 1st Amendment.
  95. Firearms in Church in Ky
  96. Letter to Editor
  97. BAD -- Murder-suicide, three members of a Henry County
  98. Common threads in home invasions reports -- Roanoke Virginia
  99. Two Pro Letters to The Editor -- Roanoke Times Roanoke VA,
  100. Guilty!
  101. BAD: Masked men storm home
  102. Boxing Champ 1, BG's 0 / Campbell foils robbery !
  103. Good: Clerk 2; BG's 0 KC, KS.
  104. 21 guns, a slew of charges for Easthampton man (MA)
  105. Virginia State trooper dies following Henry County crash
  106. Orange County FL deputy shot, big confused scene.
  107. Suspect Killed by KY Deputy
  108. What kind of police chief is this..??
  109. Good Op-Ed: Tacoma News Tribune
  110. Widow vows to find husband's killer (TN)
  111. FloriDUH: Man shoots neighbor twice in the back -- over cats. Say cats "are people to
  112. Off-Duty Cop Shoots 2 in Parking Lot After Angels Game
  113. Gang shootout in Chattanooga
  114. Roanoke Times: Letter To the Editor
  115. Roanoke Times -- Letter to the Editor
  116. Roanoke Times Op ED
  117. Wally world shopper fights armed robber in Texas
  118. UGLY: Miami (Little Haiti) Pastor Working Day Job As A Cabbie SHOT
  119. Bad: Football coach dies after shooting at Iowa high school
  120. Man fatally shot himself at a Delray Beach shooting range
  121. Somebody should have been carrying
  122. Police: Man killed in Suffolk break-in had no gun
  123. Bad: 6 yo shoots father on father's day
  124. 3 dead in 1 hour's time in Memphis
  125. Editorial -- Roanoke Times, Roanoke Virginia
  126. Multiple Armed Gunmen Open Fire at New Mexico Denny's
  127. Moorhead man kills intruder
  128. felon shoots felon
  129. Good : Cops Shoot Murder Suspect in Hospital Escape Attempt
  130. Home invasion shooting,Florida
  131. For those who think only a .45 will do
  132. Bad.....another officer lost in Arkansas
  133. Neutral to Bad - Nobody Hurt, But Robbery Occurred
  134. GOOD: Nice shot from a police sniper
  135. Cop Accused Of Pulling Gun At McD's bec order took to long.
  136. Granny Get Your Gun
  137. Bad: Man Puts Video of Getting Shot Online (TX)
  138. Why Do Liberals Bleed?
  139. Police Release Photos of Armed Robbers
  140. Dad in Heathrow murder-suicide complained about teacher's gun
  141. Houston Home owner shoots crackhead [merged]
  142. Concealed weapons permit holder stops would-be robbers (Merged)
  143. TN Attorney General Opinion good very GOOD
  144. Store Clerk Murdered; Customers Keep Shopping
  145. Teen Assaults Minister, Minister Opens Fire
  146. Anti LTE -- Roanoke VA
  147. Home Invasion -- black clothing emblazoned with the word "police"
  148. GOOD: Woman Shoots 2 In Home Invasion
  149. Florida Police Fatally Shoot Man in His Bedroom
  150. Cleveland TN...special church deputies
  151. Miami cat killer caught
  152. Two life terms plus 10 years = 21 years????
  153. Armed College Student Saves 10 Lives (month old)
  154. Chicago: 87 "shots fired" calls per day
  155. Criminals find a way
  156. Why I'm glad we now have reciprocity
  157. Bad : Woman Shoots Husband In ICU
  158. Ugly week in Chattanooga
  159. Good: Postal worker with a .380 vs Robber with a shotgun - Postal worker wins!(Merged
  160. Murder of 14 year old girl has conviction restored!!
  161. BAD off duty police officer shot in St Louis
  162. Bad: Two people shot at Goldsboro hotel
  163. Police shoot 15 y.o. girl after robbery (SC)
  164. Unarmed bartender shot and killed, and one robber shoots and kills a second robber
  165. BREAKING NEWS: Police: Two people shot at Holocaust museum in Washington, D.C.
  166. Bad: Girl Fight Ends in Shooting
  167. Justifiable Homicide Walker County, GA
  168. Okahoma shooting of 2 girls... BG not yet found
  169. Add Stupid to Good, Bad, Ugly on this one!
  170. CHL Man kills attempted carjacker in NE Houston
  171. Good - Houston
  172. Good-Jonesboro AR
  173. Parade Magazine online poll
  174. GOOD - Phoenix liquor store clerk shoots would-be robber
  175. Good guy = 1/bad guy = 0 - Houston, TX
  176. Oops - Army SGT screwed up...
  177. Too close to me
  178. Editiorial on Walmart Shooting: Case clearly separates criminal mind from law abiding
  179. Manhunt ends for Edgecombe Co, NC kidnappers
  180. BG gets shot by home owner who had been tied up with wife
  181. Mugger Attacks Wrong Guy
  182. Good? 1st and 2nd Amendment Clash About CCW on Campus
  183. BAD: Bus driver stabbed
  184. Didn't they know they are in Texas?
  185. Elderly homeowner shoots suspected burglar - Idaho
  186. Some good among the bad
  187. Armed Citizen: LI deli owner pulls gun, pays robber‏
  188. Teenager that Killed Hiker in Washington: "Guilty, 2nd Degree"
  189. Another officer executed near St. Louis
  190. BAD: Lakewood WA, Armored Car Guard Shot
  191. Layed off mom made kids commit armed robberies - Phoenix
  192. Bad: Abduction Turns into LEO Shooting - Hampton Roads, VA
  193. Bad-Chicago has 7 shooting deaths in 24 hours
  194. Good: +1 for the good guy....
  195. Man violating restraining order finds police inside home. Shots fired, he's done.
  196. BAD: Shooting at Army Recruiting Center
  197. Gunman Shoots 2 at Arkansas Military Recruitment Center
  198. BAD: Doctor shot in church
  199. BAD-Massachusetts Strip Club Shooting Spree Kills 1, Injures 5
  200. Bad: Expensive Fire
  201. GOOD....Atlanta, Ga.
  202. BAD: Man shoots PI investigating him
  203. B.C. Courts convict 1 in 10 gun crimes: stats
  204. (Mostly good) Quick-thinking pizza man leads cops to rape/would-be murder victim
  205. Spector gets 19!!
  206. My daughters school on shut-down today due to home invasion
  207. BAD: Off-duty NYPD cop fatally shot by fellow officer
  208. Oklahoma City Man Kills Intruder
  209. Good: Clerk fights robber (CNN Video)
  210. Bad: Pharmacy manager to be charged with murder
  211. BAD:Girl, 3, Accidentally Shoots and Kills 2-Year-Old Brother
  212. muggin victim fights back
  213. (Mostly) Good - Off-duty Secret Service agent thwarts purse snatch
  214. BAD: Char-Mech schools this Memorial Day
  215. BAD: 2 Dead In Arizona Graduation Party Shooting - Mesa, AZ
  216. Rapper PBR's House Robbed by Fake Police (AZ)
  217. GOOD: Seattle Police Officer shoots father who threatened toddler [WA]
  218. This one kinda hurts.....
  219. What Happened???
  220. Bad: Parents Killed in Front of Son
  221. Bad : WV Woman shot 5 times
  222. GOOD: Liquor Store Clerk Shoots Back - Macon, GA
  223. St Augustine, Florida: Family Says Gun Laws Are Flawed
  224. good/lucky Police Arrest Man With Rifle Outside Portland Church
  225. Video of blind woman punched in the face on Seattle bus
  226. Paradise , WV
  227. Bad: Video of Handicapped man assaulted (NW Miami) UPDATED
  228. Pearl Jam Bassist Tackled and Mugged
  229. Robber shot in the eye by a homeowner
  230. Good: Pharmacy Employee shoots and kills armed robber OKC
  231. Crime in NY?? No way.
  232. Followup: Firefighter shot 7 times interrupting burglary at his home
  233. Teen shot to death at McDonald's drive-through
  234. Stupid: BG uses banana in armed robery
  235. God Bless Oklahoma's "Make My Day Law"
  236. Ugly: Shooting of 11-year-old appears accidental, Fort Worth police say
  237. Louisiana School Shooting
  238. L.I. driver held in rage death tried 911 for help
  239. Is that a banana or are you just happy to see me?
  240. It is no wonder our youths are in trouble..
  241. CNN Video: Guns and Politics
  242. The NRA just phoned me. They want me on TV!!
  243. Must read! Truth about s. Florida shooting
  244. GOOD: Carjacker surprised when would-be victim pulls gun
  245. The Truth will set you Free. Refreshing.
  246. It happened yesterday
  247. TN Restaurateurs fear alcohol & guns lethal mix...Poll included!
  248. GOOD: Robbery foiled by off-duty cop but then a CCW drew on the cop...
  249. Eating at a Waffle House may get you shot.
  250. Dangerous