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  1. WA: Tuba Mans killers sentenced to Juvenile Detention
  2. Metal underwire in woman's bra deflects bullet
  3. Armed Robbery in University of TN Residence Hall (Gun Free Zone)
  4. Teens Arrested After Attempting To Rob Police Station (FL)
  5. Good: One less Buffalo BG
  6. Families of Slain Somali Pirates seek U.S. Pardon and Compensation
  7. Bounty Hunter shot at
  8. Interesting Twist: Detective sues landlord, shooter over injuries
  9. Tragic: Boy finds forgotten gun, accidentally shoots self in head
  10. Cops wound Bx. gunman
  11. Press paints capture pirate as poor victim
  12. Tow Truck Divers Chase Armed Robbers "UPDATE"
  13. 2 dead in McDonalds shooting (MN)
  14. BAD: Blaming WV for gun trafficking
  15. Atlanta Taco Mac robbery attempt.
  16. Pit Bull Helps Police Catch Wanted Man
  17. Stop Pirating! or we will detain and release you!
  18. News:Armed robbery at Krogers in Pasadena, Tx
  19. Store owner may have fired a gun to scare off would-be thieves
  20. Police: Alleged robber shot by victim
  21. More on VT shooting
  22. Officer Injured
  23. It is getting bad close to home.
  24. Our secretary's daughter's workplace was robbed at gunpoint last night...
  25. Interesting article on the high prices and panic buying from MSN
  26. 80 year old snatches gun from thief
  27. Police: 3 Dead in California Hospital Shooting
  28. FBI Background Checks for Firearm Purchases Hit 100 Million
  29. 71 y/o former Marine taking care of business
  30. Survived Brain Shot
  31. Pics from the San Antonio Tea Party
  32. Good: Silverdale, WA home invasion thwarted
  33. New CCer stops home burglary, shots fired
  34. Good/Bad: Money stops deadly bullet, LEO killed
  35. News: Time to arm ships? (with poll)
  36. Pirates attack second US vessel!
  37. BAD: Security guard killed with own gun by shoplifter at grocery store
  38. Columbine "New Information"
  39. Good (and bad) Syracuse NY
  40. Stephen Hunter on the SEAL snipers who killed the pirates
  41. We just lost our second female soldier in Afghanistan.
  42. Maybe this guy should practice more
  43. The Solution to Somali Piracy by Mike Adams
  44. Bad: South Miami commissioner shot and killed by son
  45. UGLY: Man Shot by His Wife (Unintentional)
  46. Wildlife officer shoots hunter?
  47. Born Again American
  48. GOOD: Man shot, killed while trying to rob Columbia, SC AA meeting (merged)
  49. CWP shoots and kills robber at AA meeting in Columiba SC
  50. Bad Armed Officer Run-down by Car (UK)
  51. Tonight on 60 Minutes
  52. Neutral: Man Defends His Home With A Weapon - Wenatchee, WA
  53. GOOD: Don't Bring A Boxcutter To A Gunfight - Aurora, CO
  54. Good: Don't bring a chair to a gun fight.
  55. Journal-Constitution
  56. ABC "Signature American Shooting Rampages"
  57. Alcohol and Karate Don't Mix, unarmed guy kills 2
  58. VA Pro-gun OpEd: Safety in the gun shop
  59. Local VA paper may be getting it
  60. D.C. Attorney General Peter Nickles at it again
  61. OK Bradies try explaining this w/o raw emotion
  62. Woman watches her home broken into on webcam (911 call)
  63. Hot lead enema
  64. Canadian Lab Helps Solve California Cold Case from 1994
  65. BAD: 2 children & women shot in LA home invasion
  66. Judge: No duty to help NY Subway Rape Victim
  67. Black man's killing by police shakes La. town
  68. [BAD] Two killed in Michigan college shooting
  69. Man shoots bounty hunter
  70. wrong person did the wally world walk
  71. If you fart,you better be ready to defend yourself
  72. Robber Beats Man, 84, Woman, 63: Pasadena, Texas
  73. Gary Graham Blog "To Arms" on Fox News
  74. GOOD: Man Turns The Tables On Attackers - Baltimore County, MD
  75. GOOD: Man Defends His Home (Literally) From Drunk Driver - Los Osos, CA
  76. GOOD: Another Scumbag Shot AND Ran Over - Evansville, IN
  77. GOOD & BAD: Ft. Hood Soldier Shot By Armed Homeowner - Killeen, TX
  78. GOOD: One Shot, one Stabbed - Woodbridge, VA
  79. GOOD: Gun Trumps Knife - Bristol Twp, PA
  80. GOOD: Likely Self-Defense Shooting - Broken Arrow, OK
  81. GOOD: Robbery Victim Turns The Tables - Mt. Auburn, OH
  82. GOOD: Couple Fights Back - Spartanburg, SC
  83. GOOD: Homeowner Cool Under Pressure, Oklahoma City, OK
  84. GOOD: Home Owner Defends Himself - Spokane, WA
  85. GOOD & BAD: Pizza Delivery Man Scares Away Armed Thugs, - Calumet City, IL
  86. GOOD: Armed Robber Has A Bad Day - Harris County, TX
  87. GOOD: Injured Shop Owner And Samaritan Help Capture Armed Robber - Grand Rapids, MI
  88. GOOD: Pizza Shop Owner - 1, Thug - 0: Akron, OH
  89. Binghamton shooter fired 98 rounds
  90. Update to Orlando Chief of Police's 'loss' of her duty weapon
  91. Looks like Texans are taking their highways back one thug at a time.
  92. BAD: Man Shot During Armed Home Invasion - Norwich, CT
  93. Has anyone heard anything about this? Is it true?
  94. Mother shoots son at shooting range
  95. Radical Islam Speaker; Video
  96. Another pirate thread, this one makes me grin
  97. This is why I carry a gun
  98. Senior citizen shoots 4, kills 1 at church retreat
  99. 78 Year old beaten to death in road rage (New Zealand)
  100. CCW shooting(good)
  101. Firearms instructors accused of racketeering
  102. Concealed Carry Letter to the Editor
  103. FBI Database Links Long-haul Truckers, Serial Killings
  104. This guy is probably going to jail
  105. Letter shows up from NY shooter
  106. AZ Maricopa County Sheriff's Office speaks out, Mayor Gordon, Shut Up!!
  107. Bad: Man shoots kids breaking into car
  108. Shootings in the News ???
  109. Lone Survivor's Dog Shot & Killed by Teens
  110. Ny shooting and the swat team
  111. BAD---Fort Bliss Soldier Killed
  112. Man shoots neighbors dogs
  113. Two killed in Orlando area shooting range...
  114. Another mass shooting
  115. BAD - Father kills his 5 children then himself
  116. Domestic Violence - 5 LEO Shot - 3 Killed - Pittsburgh (Merged X2)
  117. More Shootings Lately?
  118. Shooting in ny
  119. BAD: Shooting/Hostage Situation - Binghamton, NY
  120. Man arms convenience store with his daughter
  121. Sarcastic Anti Commentary
  122. Leo ad?
  123. Violating department policies
  124. BAD: Shotgun concealed in Super Soaker
  125. Another College Lock-down
  126. Robbery suspect shot
  127. GOOD: man attempts robbery with BB gun, gets thumped
  128. Man arrested for planning violent shootout and bank robbery in Crestview, FL
  129. Saved by the Belt!! (Not Bell)
  130. Another Assisted Living Center shooting
  131. Orange Blossom Trail pharmacist kills armed robber
  132. Officer, dog square off against Modesto mob of 60
  133. Shooter jailed, possible justifiable homicide/SD
  134. Customer, Early for Lunch, Allegedly Fires Shots in McDonald's
  135. Australian Gun Law Update
  136. SAF Sues Eric Holder Over Gun Rights of Non-Resident American Citizens
  137. Bad: Pizza Deliver Man Setup, Murdered!
  138. BAD: Nursing Home Shooting in NC, 8 dead...
  139. Yet another one. This time in San Fran
  140. 'Thug' takes $hot at gun granny
  141. Right not exercised is a Right lost
  142. Eight killed in North Carolina nursing home rampage.... Merged
  143. MA: Drivers Ignore Vicious Attack On Highway
  144. Man robs retired chief at police convention
  145. Not too bad -- for Free Lance Star
  146. "Serial shooter" sentenced to death
  147. Burglar Alarm @ Car dealership in Louisiana
  148. Deputy US Marshal Killed in Mexico
  149. Tow Truck Divers Chase Armed Robbers
  150. Pending West Virginia Legislation
  151. Bad - Two Teens Beat and Rob 81 yr old Man [merged]
  152. Another Pellet Gun pointed at LEO
  153. Wrongful death -- how in the ....?
  154. 2 LEO OK; BG where he belongs, for now
  155. Sooo...a Bobcat walks into a bar...........
  156. Ex CIA man killed/was this a 'hit'? (Merged)
  157. Man pulls gun on friend; 2 nutty stories for the price of 1
  158. You're eating in a restaurant, and BANG!
  159. LTE: Guns don't belong on campuses
  160. Prison Escapees
  161. BAD:11-Year-Old Boy to Stand Trail for Shooting
  162. Poll Should we as CCL holders get involved
  163. Orlando police chief loses gun in a burglary of her city vehicle
  164. Mixing alcohol, guns in restaurants (In defense of conceal carry in NC)
  165. Man shot in Wal-Mart parking lot, police say
  166. Two years -- DARFC
  167. Burger King Robber Killed By CWP Citizen In Miami (merged)
  168. Estranged Husband Shot By Wife's Boyfriend
  169. Home Invasions in Tucson
  170. Police"s Duty To Protect Individuals Running Again
  171. Shooting victim decided not to prosecute???
  172. Mark Parker, shot in 1984 Orlando courthouse massacre, dies at age 44
  173. Homeowner Shoots Burglar in Head, Arm
  174. 3 cops beat guy, one fired, city out &100,000
  175. Good, Good, Good
  176. GOOD: DPD: 2 Dead, 1 Shot in Home Invasion
  177. Follow up- Ugly - Phoenix officer shoots man who confronted burglar
  178. Houston Rockets basketball player shot
  179. Dum dum
  180. Va. man shoots, stabs intruders
  181. Stray bullet hits sleeping Hampton teen
  182. Pastor robbed at gunpoint, at church
  183. How many wrong?
  184. Felony re-entering of the country + assault on a federal officer
  185. No charges
  186. Respects & Prayers for Family
  187. The Bad: Richmond (KY) man shot in gun sale gone wrong
  188. Security Guard kills club patron
  189. Robber shot by homeowner
  190. Search on for Pennsylvania Man Who Shot Up Girlfriend's Home With AK-47
  191. Home invasion robbers disguised as LEOs
  192. BAD Roanoke Times LTE
  193. Man kills 4 at gathering in Miami, then kills self
  194. Cape Coral man injured after hitting bullets with hammer
  195. How about this piece of work!!
  196. Another Illegal shoots LEO
  197. Subway shop robbed with pepper spray.
  198. Convicted Murder One of Two RCMP Members
  199. Police Officer Arrested On Weapon Charges
  200. Negligent Homicide Verdict In Toddler's Death - Montana
  201. BAD--ND by Permit Holder
  202. Bad dog....No hot dogs!!
  203. My apologies....
  204. Bad: Mother and Children Tied Up by Home Invaders Jacksonville, FL
  205. Siesta Key Shooting, Sarasota
  206. Illegal shoots cop in cold blood
  207. Bad: Trucker killed at rest stop.
  208. Pearland carjacking victim found.. a block away from my house
  209. Talk about having a little bit of everything!
  210. VERY BAD: 5 dead in Alabama shooting; (Merged)
  211. Pizza man says he feared for his life
  212. ND in college classroom
  213. Bad. Pastor shot during worship.
  214. Pizza delivery man robbed, shoots attacker during struggle
  215. Six injured in Miami Gardens shooting spree
  216. Ugly: 12 year old shoots friend.
  217. Try him now
  218. Got-it-all --Arrest, chase, shots, guard dogs, home invasion
  219. Shooter 1; Long criminal history BG 0
  220. Shot by a Border Patrol Agent = $350,000
  221. argument in gun shop vs. Gun Store Clerk Shot Robber
  222. [BAD]Shooting at shopping center in Lexington, KY - At Least 1 Hit
  223. AD kills Michigan boy
  224. Bulldozer attack (merged)
  225. UGLY: Accidental Shooting Kills Michigan Boy, 12
  226. GOOD: Murder Suspect Shot & Killed In Courtroom After Attacking Judge - Fresno, CA
  227. BAD: Two Drivers (ccw), Wife Charged After Shots Fired On I-94
  228. Uncommon success in federal appeals
  229. BAD: Big Chicken Pawn Shop Employee Shot (THIS is close to where I get lunch!)
  230. Man in armored guard uniform rips off Neb. church
  231. FL Wal-Mart Shooting Leaves at Least 1 Man Injured
  232. 'Say please' at U. S. border nets pepper spray
  233. 1 Dead, 1 Wounded in Bond Hill Shooting
  234. Boy accidentally shot by friend in Mount Angel, police say
  235. Local Police Officer Shot In WV
  236. BAD: Gunman Steals Toilet Paper from Elderly Couple
  237. Good Guy 1 Bad Guy 0
  238. Bad Press: Negligent Discharge
  239. Proof Pot will make u stupid
  240. Cookie Monsters
  241. "danced around the officers," jumped into their cruiser and sped off.
  242. Why the second chance
  243. Leo Impersonator -- B&E Shot fired
  244. LEOs 2; Dummies 0
  245. Good LTE -- Roanoke Times
  246. Secret Bush administration legal memos released to public
  247. AZ Walmart Shooting
  248. Good job deputies!!!! 1 bad guy caught, 1 trooper rescued
  249. How can this be? DC & MD???
  250. BAD -- Carjacking & home invasion