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  1. (Good) Victim Shoots And Kills Robbery Suspect
  2. Amateurs
  3. BadShooting in Chicago
  4. GOOD: Justified Homicides More Than Doubled - San Antonio, TX
  5. GOOD: Homeowner Fends Off Two Invaders - Amarillo, TX
  6. BAD Post Office Man Shot (UK)
  7. Houston Shooting? Doesn't look good...
  8. Good: Dramatic Video of Customer Shooting Robbery Suspect
  9. GOOD: 70 year old woman holds intruder at gunpoint...
  10. Man Dies of 35-Year-Old Gunshot Wound
  11. Are you in love too?
  12. GOOD: Apartment Shootout Ends Well - Colerain TWP, OH
  13. UGLY: Woman Ends Horrible Domestic Violence - Rosinton, AL
  14. GOOD: 3 Arrested In Home Invasion/1 Killed In Another - Florence County, SC
  15. GOOD: Another Home Invader Hospitalized With Gunshot Wound - Hanceville, AL
  16. Naked Man Tasered by Cop
  17. GOOD: Home Invader Loses Gun Battle - West Park, FL
  18. Very Bad: Dallas police raid apartments where officer was fatally shot
  19. Good. Customer shoots and kills robber
  20. GOOD: 93 y/o Man Shoots Intruder - Springfield, OH
  21. GOOD: Armed Robbery Victim Comes Out On TOP - Thibodaux, LA
  22. BAD: 3 Men Gang-Rape Woman - Richmond, CA
  23. Spokane man shoots at snow plow driver Bad? Good?
  24. GOOD: Darwin Award Candidate Near My Home
  25. Bad: Dallas Police Officer killed tonight
  26. BAD: Fargo woman sleeping with gun accidently shoots neighbor’s headboard
  27. ESPN's Sal Palantonio's An Anti Stooge
  28. Bank robber chase and shot on I-55 (good pics)
  29. BAD: Former SC Trooper Pleads Guilty - Columbia, SC
  30. BAD: Angry 4 y/o Shoots Babysitter - Jackson, OH
  31. BART Transit Police shoot an unarmed man in the back.
  32. GOOD: Don't Bring Pepper Spray To A Gunfight - Phoenix, AZ
  33. Good: Seventy-year-old woman holds home intruder at gunpoint
  34. Good - armed citizen bystander shoots robber
  35. Bad/Ugly: New video shows BART officer shooting Hayward man in the back
  36. Bad? - Texas CWP holder gunned down by undercover New Orleans Police
  37. Interview with a gunfighter: Landlord Kills two (MUST SEE VIDEO)
  38. ND by Las Vegas PD
  39. BAD: Mom Shot, 4 Y/O Kid Adandoned At Rest Area - Dayton, OH
  40. $150 Glock Used
  41. Low turnout at gun-giveback
  42. Good, Bad & Stupid: 911 call leads police department to marijuana haul
  43. BAD & BAD: Home Invasion - Thugs Get Away, Homeowner Arrested - Ft. Myers, FL
  44. Ugly; Man kills son to avoid paying child support
  45. Teen shoots at officer, tries to "excuse" it as ND.
  46. Student Dressed as German Soldier Shot to Death by Police
  47. GOOD: Man Shoots Invader - Covington, GA
  48. One man dead, another injured in stabbings
  49. woman stabs carjacker good
  50. Bad: 93-year-old man killed in home invasion
  51. Good:Trooper takes shotgun blast from wanted man, but kills him
  52. Neutral: Man kills daughter's boyfriend.
  53. Armed Robbery (CCWs- Watch your BACK!...)
  54. GOOD: Liquor store owner wins against a robber with a rifle
  55. Best quote of 2008
  56. Bad Gunman shoots 2 in Danish Mall
  57. Colorado's 'Make My Day' law eyed in home shooting
  58. BAD: 6 year old killed in accidental shooting
  59. Santa Shooting Comment
  60. Bad guy gets shot 22 times - 17 COM with a .40 but still shoots a cop 4 times(merged)
  61. Good: Man shot in foot while attempting robbery
  62. LEO makes a good shoot a few miles from my home
  63. Good: Armed woman defends herself and her toddler.
  64. Good: Store Manager Fights Back - Pembroke Pines, FL
  65. Kidnappers/Attempted Murders waited in Car [Everett, WA]
  66. Police say argument ended in fatal shooting of Boise MMA fighter
  67. Bad: Get Robbed, Become Vigilantes, Shoot/Kill 14 Year Old
  68. GOOD: Robber's gun "falls apart"
  69. Good: Medic blasts terrorist
  70. Neutral: Ellie Nesler, RIP.
  71. NYPD cop accidentally shoots wife in groin
  72. GOOD: Homeowner - 1, Home Invader - 0, - Cameron, TX
  73. GOOD: Home Owner Opens Fire On Burglar - Dothan, AL
  74. Bad: Clerk fatally shot.
  75. Bad: woman aims at dog but hits neighbor
  76. GOOD: Home Invasion Victim Fights Back - Lillington, NC
  77. GOOD: Home Invader And Three Teen Accomplices Arrested - St. Augustine, FL
  78. BAD: Two Scary Home Invasions On The Same Street - Fridley, MN
  79. BAD: Home Invasion Turns Ugly - Lake Elmo, MN
  80. BAD: Be Careful Who You Let In The House - St. Paul, MN
  81. GOOD: Man Defends Self & Pregnant Wife - Macclenny, FL
  82. BAD: Fast Food Manager Shot Three Times During Robbery Attempt - Randolph, MA
  83. Bad: Father & son shot
  84. BAD-Man shoots someone for talking in the movies
  85. BAD: Shooting At Gun Range - Cheshire, CT
  86. Bad: Gunman Robs Church in Henderson Texas (sort of)
  87. BAD: Philadelphia man shot for talking during movie.
  88. Firefighters let ammo filled house burn
  89. bad-murder in santa suite
  90. Bad: 2 men killed in Carrollton, GA
  91. Good, BG ran into the wrong man....
  92. BAD: 3-year-old shot by felon father's gun
  93. 'Santa' opens fire at Calif. party; 3 dead
  94. Neutral: Shotgun Vs. Handgun - Prince George County, Va
  95. Neutral: Woman Shoots Husband, Claims Self-Defense - Federal Way, WA
  96. Bullet goes off – in store escalator - Dick's Sporting Goods
  97. GOOD: 91-year-old man saves wife from gunman (Merged)
  98. GOOD: Woman Defends Herself With A Gun - Prairie Du Chien, WS
  99. GOOD: Man Turns Tables On Robbers - Prichard, AL
  100. GOOD: Teen Defends His Brother, Himself, & His Home - Ashtabula, OH
  101. GOOD: Teen Shoots Abusive Ex-Stepfather To Protect His Mother - Leavenworth, KS
  102. GOOD: Retired NYPD Officer Shoots Home Invader - Staten Island, NY
  103. GOOD: Man Cleared In Shooting Investigation - Chester, VT
  104. GOOD: Security Guard Wins Knife Fight - Orange County, FL
  105. GOOD: Businessmen Come To The Aid Of Neighbor - New Haven, CT
  106. GOOD: Store Owner Fights Back - Irvine, KY
  107. GOOD: Diamond Store Owner Shoots Back - Chandler, AZ
  108. GOOD - Robbers shot: one dead one wounded
  109. BAD - Boy fatally shoots 10 y/o cousin
  110. Good: Mugger shot in mall parking lot. Orlando, FL
  111. GOOD: Another Home Invader Loses the Fight - Walhalla, SC
  112. GOOD: Home Invader Loses - Myrtle Beach, SC
  113. GOOD: Man Tries To Rob Wrong Store - Indianapolis, IN
  114. GOOD: Bank Robber Loses In Shootout - Dallas, TX
  115. Finally, some GOOD news about the BP!
  116. Good News Close to Home ~Happy Endings~
  117. BAD: 2 die in highway shootings in Dallas
  118. BAD: Suspect sought in downtown armed robbery
  119. Weapons for Giftcards Offered in Southeast San Diego
  120. Good, & Sad: Man Killed While Burglarizing Home - Columbus, GA
  121. GOOD: Maintenance Man Defends Against Knife-Wielding Attacker - North Fairmount, OH
  122. GOOD: AZ shopkeeper 1, bad guy 0
  123. Neutral: Man Shoots Home Invader - Arlington, VA
  124. GOOD: Women Stops Home Invader - Lynn Haven, FL
  125. GOOD: Woman Stops Robbery - Fort Smith, AR
  126. GOOD: Homeowner Helps Catch Would-Be Burglars - Choctaw, OK
  127. GOOD: Man Beats 6 on 1 Odds - Newberry, SC
  128. GOOD: Man Defends His Castle - Manatee, FL
  129. GOOD: Liquor Store Owner Stops Robbery - Largo, MD
  130. GOOD: Employee Wins Gun Battle - Forest Park, GA
  131. GOOD: Robbery Victims Fight Back - Franklin, MD
  132. GOOD: Man Stops And Holds Intruder For Police - Malvern, AR
  133. GOOD: Man Defends His Family With A Gun - Orange City, FL
  134. Very Sad: Mom Kills Her Own Son In Self-Defense - Fort Smith, AR
  135. Bad: Married Police Officers Placed on Leave
  136. Two victims shot, running away from armed robbery
  137. HPD officer shoots suspect after traffic stop goes awry
  138. Good or Bad?: Wife's Granddad shoots Estranged Husband
  139. News coverage of 2 self-defense incidents: 1 good, 1 horrible
  140. An observation about this sub forum
  141. BAD: Woman killed in her own home by two teenagers
  142. While DC denies gun rights, MSNBC host mugged
  143. 2 ND's in my neighborhood last night
  144. Police: Teen Candy Crook Tangles with Wal-Mart Employees
  145. Dog Walker Kills Armed Teen Robber, Police Say
  146. Good: Robbers with BB gun met owner with REAL gun
  147. MSNBC reporter mugged in D.C.
  148. SAD: Teen Accomplice In Armed Robbery Charged With Capital Murder - Birmingham, AL
  149. GOOD: Business Owner Defends Himself - Catawba County, NC
  150. Neutral: Homeowner Defends Himself With A Weapon - Nitrate City, AL
  151. Neutral: Man Chases After Armed Robbers - St. Petersburg, FL
  152. GOOD: Man Defends Home - Columbus, OH
  153. REALLY GOOD: Liquor Store Clerk Defends Himself With A Handgun - Worcester, MA
  154. Neutral: Man Fends Home Armed Invader - Ogden, UT
  155. GOOD: Man Shoots Home Intruder - Lexington, KY
  156. Lady uses CCW in Fort Smith
  157. Fla. shooting victim goes to work with bullet in head
  158. Police cadet shot day of graduation
  159. Bad: Be careful snow shoveling
  160. Assaults, Robberies on bicyclists
  161. BAD: 4 Men Beaten in Home Invasion
  162. Man steals hearse during funeral, gets shot
  163. (Bad) Slain student called 911, but no one came in time
  164. (BAD) Craigslist used to lure man who was beaten.
  165. Flashback: The Beltway Sniper
  166. Good thing for body armour.
  167. Phoenix Police v Heavily Armed Gangs
  168. Folks who depend on 911?(merged)
  169. Sheboygan staged shootout turns a bit too real
  170. UGLY: Brinks Security guard shot, killed at Old Navy this morning.
  171. Fired Employee Shoots, Kills CEO at Christmas Party
  172. (ugly) wife shoots husband.
  173. BAD: Night club security guard killed in parking lot
  174. (dumb)Woman accidentally shot at store
  175. Ugly: 1 boy killed, another wounded in Juneau shooting (AK)
  176. Bringing a pizza to a gunfight!
  177. Good: Pizza Deliverman Shoots Robber
  178. (Bad) Off duty firefighter shot, Trying to enter wrong house
  179. Oops: Man blames cat for shooting him.
  180. Think tank: If each of us carried a gun . . .
  181. Worcester Ma. Licensed Clerk Kills Robber
  182. Bad: Gunman opens fire in crowded Ohio club, killing 1
  183. Great: Man gets 50 years for shooting in NorthPark parking lot
  184. No CCW make you a target in public parks
  185. Bad: Squirt Gun - Fox Urine
  186. Intruder found guilty of burglary, rape, sodomy
  187. 12 year old shoots 14 year old friend.
  188. Bad: Resident with gun shot by cop chasing BG
  189. Outstanding: Controversy Erupts Over School Proposal to Teach Kids to Fight Back...
  190. Dog takes bullet for family
  191. Bad LEO: Police officer accused of (underage) rape
  192. GOOD: Gilbert man fends off would-be burglar
  193. Bad: Pennsylvania teen charged with plotting to kill school enemies
  194. Chaulk one up for the good guys..
  195. Bad: KC Gunshop Being Sued For Selling Bullets Used in Shooting
  196. Joey Porter Representing =)
  197. Across the Hall From My Classroom -- Yesterday
  198. Trouble at Chuck E. Cheese's, Again
  199. Negligent Discharge at Fredericksburg Gander Mountain
  200. Violent Carjacking - Mobile, Alabama
  201. Unexpected Welcome
  202. Bad: Target shooter injured in forest southeast of Estacada
  203. 16 year old try to rob homeland security Assistant Chief
  204. BAD - CVS clerk shot during robbery. Tampa, FL.
  205. GOOD - Storeowner fends of robbers, St. Petersburg, FL
  206. So. Kalifornians trade guns for groceries
  207. OSBI: Muskogee man shot, killed during robbery
  208. 'Gifts for Guns' Gets Record Haul
  209. BAD: HPD Officer Shot During Traffic Stop - Houston, TX
  210. GOOD: Man Helps Neighbor In Trouble - Wasilla, AK
  211. Neutral: Man Shot in Home Invasion - Gallipolis, OH
  212. Neutral: Business Owner Acquitted - San Francisco, CA
  213. GOOD: Man Stops Truck Thief - Cedar Hills, TX
  214. GOOD: Intruder Shot While Entering Home - Green Pond, Sc
  215. GOOD: Business Owner Defends HImself - Corinth, MS
  216. GOOD: Man Enters Wrong Home - Gaston, NC
  217. GOOD: Store Clerks Takes Gun From Robber - Savannah, GA
  218. Journalists become targets in Mexico's drug war
  219. Woman at ATM grabbed by bank robber
  220. A nighttime robbery rattles CNU students
  221. Man poses as repairman to sexually assault Suffolk woman
  222. An Interesting Perspective
  223. Mall Santa Robbed At Knifepoint In Butler County (PA)
  224. Jihad Update (Fox News)
  225. Update on boy killed by Uzi
  226. Another St. Louis carjacking: this time an elderly lady at the library
  227. The Life-and-Death Cost of Gun Control by John Lott
  228. Brother of Actor Mark Ruffalo Shot in Beverly Hills
  229. Another Bad One For Us
  230. Off-duty officer confronts car thieves
  231. Good: St. Louis alderman calls on residents to get armed
  232. Bank of America Robbed (Again)
  233. Open for Debate: Saugerties man admits to gun charge
  234. Bad and Good:St. Louis City Leader Says Police Ineffective
  235. BAD: Giants' WR robbed at gunpoint
  236. BAD: Vet killed in Alaska
  237. Bad: K-Mart gunman in Philly
  238. Bad: Boy, Age 5, Shoots Sister, Age 2
  239. Ugly: 4 found shot dead
  240. Tough Gun Laws in NYC help prevent violent crime?
  241. Ugly - Ahwatukee man beaten with his own gun by possible thief
  242. BAD- Armored truck guy shot
  243. Soldotna Hospital Shooting
  244. Man Shot Sister's Boyfriend With Arrow
  245. City Crime Rankings 2008-2009
  246. No gun, no robbery
  247. Bad: Fake Police Rob Woman (DC)
  248. Carjackers flee, collide with another stolen car, 2 carjackers dead
  249. Bad: Intruder wrestled away victim's gun after getting shot and killed one of them
  250. Bad: Clerk shot during CVS robbery