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  1. Bingo hall shooter may not face charges
  2. GOOD & BAD : 21 year old jailed for defending himself
  3. Good: Airman defends his apartment
  4. UK, Australia, NZ...
  5. Bad - Upset Gunman Shot by Police
  6. BAD: Paraglider lands and gets beaten up by 3 X 14 year olds
  7. GOOD & BAD: Dog saves owner in stabbing \ hold up (New Zealand)
  8. Good : Woman shot dead by police (New Zealand)
  9. GOOD & BAD: Homeowner Shoots Intruder After Being Shot In The Head - Indianapolis, IN
  10. Good - Armed Samaritan Helps Woman - Shreveport, LA
  11. Bad: NZ Police officer shot dead
  12. Hijacking goes good?
  13. Media bias
  14. Charges dropped against man that killed one home invader
  15. found this to be interesting
  16. Bad: Road rage shooting fatality in Lubbock, Tx
  17. A whole new level of personal defense
  18. GOOD - U of A student defends himself
  19. Bad, in so many ways: 13-year-old runaway in custody after Oak Cliff slaying
  20. Deputy shoots homeowner, following home invasion aftermath
  21. Very Bad: 1 Student Dead, 3 Wounded In Shooting Near School (Detroit)
  22. GOOD: Man Stops Home Invader - Crest Hills, IL
  23. GOOD: Pizza Delivery Guy Defends Himself Against Three Robbers - Buffalo, NY
  24. GOOD: Robbery Victim Defends Himself - Pleasant Grove, AL
  25. GOOD: Homeowner Defends Himself With A Gun - Raleigh, Tenn
  26. Good: Party Crasher Gets Disrupted - Austin, TX
  27. Good - Home Invader Picks The Wrong House - San Antonio, TX
  28. Dallas Homeowner Shoots, Kills Burglar in His Living Room
  29. Bad : 2 cases of teens, killing other teens
  30. Reserve sheriff and wife who owned gun shop killed in their home
  31. Homeowner Shoots Intruder......In Cali!
  32. Good and Bad: 8th Grader stops invader with BB gun (WI)
  33. FBI: Justifiable homicides at highest in more than a decade
  34. Deadly shooting deemed justified - Va
  35. Bad: Police say man shot to death was complying with robber
  36. Violent Home Invasion
  37. UGLY ARTICLE: 'Disposable' AK-47s trend that worries cops
  38. Good: Pizza delivery guy shoots robbers...
  39. Suspect, 16, was unarmed when shot
  40. Good: Pizza Man Defends Self Goldsboro, NC
  41. Ugly: Boy, 12, shot as he does homework
  42. Possible home invasion attempt...
  43. Another Mall Shooting
  44. ALEXANDRIA,VA MEMBERS, girl shot need info please
  45. Bad: His going to have a bad day in Cali
  46. NC News Story
  47. Civilian Gun Self Defense Blog
  48. Good - Some Justice Was Served
  49. Lucky: British Teen Cheats Death
  50. Random Killing
  51. Man Shot Dead In Middle School Parking Lot
  52. GOOD - when a restraining order isn't enough
  53. Good - Another Angry Dad and Naked Guy
  54. Neutral: Woman gets carjacked and gets lucky
  55. Armed Robbery of Las Vegas Hilton Sportsbook
  56. Yet another reason to carry.
  57. Good; Heroic Shopper Thanked
  58. Reason to carry
  59. Pregnant Wal-Mart Shopper Hit By Bullet Fired By Fleeing Suspect
  60. Armed Clerk Kills Robbery Suspect
  61. GOOD: Intruders Find More Than They Bargained For
  62. Another nutjob.
  63. A gun would have saved them the struggle..
  64. DUMB: Witness fires gun as robber flees
  65. Downtown Panhandler Shot Man, Left On Bus
  66. Mugging on Campus
  67. Ugly, things are not always wht they seem
  68. NOT GOOD: Juvenile arrested following police chase
  69. DC resident Defends Himself with gun
  70. 16 shots and missed
  71. Asleep on the job. UN-Loaded=Dumb
  72. Stupid:Police Hunt For AK47 YouTube Gang
  73. GOOD: Home Owner Puts An End To Intruders Career - Big Canoe, GA
  74. GOOD: Home Owner Stops Intruder - West Valley, UT
  75. Bad and Stupid: Police Hunt For AK47 YouTube Gang (UK)
  76. Ugly: 2 shot at Athens (LA) area high school
  77. GOOD! Home invader fatally shot in Vero Beach
  78. Shooting In MO. Challenges Castle Doctrine
  79. Ugly - Phoenix officer shoots man who confronted burglar
  80. Bad: Case of mistaken identity
  81. Two Teens Sentenced For Roles In Armed Home Invasion - Ocala, FL
  82. Good;"And Another One Bites The Dust"
  83. Bad: Chicago City Worker Shot in Back for Attaching Boot to Vintage Car
  84. DUMB: Trial set for man accused of pointing gun at coach
  85. GOOD: Tx man shoots intruder. may not be charged
  86. GOOD: Three Intruders Go In, One Has To Be Carried Out - Lexington, KY
  87. GOOD: Man Defends His Home And Family - Sacramento, CA
  88. GOOD: Another Knife Brought To A Gunfight - Augusta, GA
  89. GOOD: Man Brings Knife To Gunfight And Loses - Colorado Springs, CO
  90. Bad: 4 mo old baby thrown from car during armed carjacking
  91. Bad. Round 2
  92. DC resident shoots invader...oops it was an on duty fire crew making entry, 1 injured
  93. Resident shoots man
  94. Angry dad attacks, chases naked teen from daughter's bedroom
  95. My Neighbors Were Robbed
  96. Virginia Tech Simulation on Sims
  97. Home Invasion Robbers Pose as Police
  98. STUPID: Shrubs Spat Involves Gun, Machete
  99. Homeowner Guns Down Burglary Suspect In MWC
  100. Lexington, KY Resident shoots and kills intruder
  101. BAD: Crime & tragedy: Suspect faces manslaughter charge in death of homeowner
  102. Former Police Chief charged in 36 y/o murder
  103. Denton dog shooting incident emphasizes need for responsible pet owners
  104. NJ school gets "tested" w/fake shooter
  105. Psycho hammers subway passenger
  106. Homeowner Dies After Shooting Suspected Thief
  107. Homeowner Shoots BG, Gene Pool Cleaner
  108. Ohio sheriff still thinks it's Clinton era???
  109. GOOD: Victim swipes gun, kills kidnapper
  110. Good: San Antonio Homeowner shoots, kills intruder.
  111. Maybe Bad - Plainclothes Officer Kills Bouncer
  112. Father defending daughter?
  113. BAD....."I kill for God. I listen to God,"
  114. Happy ending in Texas............
  115. Good: Home invaders shot with own gun: Blue Mound, TX
  116. Homeowner walks in, BG carried out (NC)
  117. Hells Angels Leader Slain; Fear Grips SF Neighborhood
  118. Police: Suicidal Woman Killed after Pointing Gun at Officers
  119. BAD: Man shot while investigating fuel theft: WELD COUNTY CO
  120. Couple Fights off Two Men Armed with Shotgun
  121. Ugly: Fairfield (CA) Councilman Dies After Shooting
  122. Neighbor-lady almost robbed at Wal-Mart
  123. Looking For Some Help Here
  124. Update To Story I Posted Late Last Year
  125. UGLY:Baby killed while sleeping
  126. Bad: Father Shot While Confronting Thieves
  127. Threads posted in "In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"
  128. Seattle Police Charged With Shooting Hells Angel
  129. Bad:Man Hospitalized After Being Shot In His Apartment
  130. Don't bring a fake Ak47 to a gun fight!
  131. Good: Woman Shoots At Men Trying To Break Into Car
  132. Police: Shopper shoots teen outside Wal-Mart during alleged robbery
  133. Wrong place wrong time?
  134. Shootout ensues in robbery attempt
  135. Good: Would-be robber shoots himself in foot, gets stabbed, then arrested
  136. The Will to Kill: A Study in the Mindset of Violence
  137. Good-Never bring a gun to a...knife fight?
  138. Family Outraged After 5-Year-Old Shoots Baby Brother in Head
  139. They picked the right building.
  140. Ugly: Woman stabbed in Queens, NYC; pleas for help ignored
  141. Update - Good shoot
  142. Lucky?: Carjacking caught on video
  143. Better Than Pizza Hut
  144. Robbery leaves woman hospitalized
  145. Nasty Tucson Home Invasion
  146. UGLY: Self-Defense Killing @ Drug Deal
  147. Good- store owner fights back
  148. The hits keep on comin'! 2 Woman Abducted at Gun Point
  149. BAD: 21-year-old shot to death in
  150. BAD:Tow truck driver arrested in Burton shooting
  151. Shooting in North Knoxville High School
  152. Bad: Student Killed in Knoxville School Shooting
  153. Minor Fender-Bender Leads to Murderous Rampage in Fla.
  154. 11-Year-Old Boy Arrested in Dramatic Gun Shop Heist
  155. Guns in the hands of good people
  156. TX: Car lot manager describes burglary scene in trial of teen with bullet in head
  157. PA: Accused killer had been OKd by Luzerne County for concealed-carry gun permit
  158. Minor Fender-Bender Leads to Murderous Rampage in Fla.
  159. SC father accused of killing teenager at party
  160. GOOD: 85 yo woman stops 17 yo intruder...and makes HIM call the cops. (Merged)
  161. STUPID - Florida Firms Fight to Keep Gun-Free Workplace
  162. BAD - Lufkin Texas - CHL holder killed
  163. Bad: Gorge Attack Victims Being Harasse
  164. Bad - Couple found slain in their home
  165. Kidnapped clerk found (bad) - Texas
  166. Please read and discuss.... 2 similar shootings, only one ends in charges
  167. BAD: Marine accidentally shoots friend at party, police say
  168. Funny: Burglar in boxers steals purse, leaves jeans in washer
  169. Straw...DJ attacked in Jacksonville, FL
  170. Teachers carrying guns
  171. Tragedy: Total Disregard for the "Four Rules" - Queens, NY
  172. Bad: Kids [16 and 6 yr. old girls] Survive Home-Alone break In (TX)
  173. Store owner arrested for shooting at shoplifters - Florida
  174. Cincinnati:Store owner shoots at robbers
  175. Ugly: One shot at Arkansas Democratic Party headquarters
  176. Arlington Texas - Man Killed In His Home
  177. Dallas LEO Arrested for Aggravated Robbery
  178. Good Samaritan in Missouri Murdered While Trying to Save Woman
  179. Former Savannah policeman shot during standoff
  180. Bad.... Bank Robbery Gone Wrong
  181. Bad...Wal Mart associate shot and killed, Paris, AR
  182. UGLY: Police Serve Supposed No-Knock Warrant on Mayor. Kill His Labradors.
  183. UGLY: Another convenience store homicide - Tallahassee, Florida
  184. UGLY: Florida Homicide and Rape
  185. UGLY: More Florida Road Rage
  186. UGLY: Deputy Injured in Lula, Georgia
  187. Real Life Pirates Kill Tourist On His Own Boat!
  188. Unarmed Shopper Battles Bandit
  189. A Reason to carry at all times...
  190. 11 year old robbing a store
  191. GOOD: Teen Home Invader Shot - Union City, GA
  192. Metal Business Card Holder Stops Bullet Aimed at Florida Sheriff's Deputy
  193. Neutral: From Attempted Murder Suspect To Victim - Pomona, CA
  194. Neutral: Store Clerk Stops Robbery - Jackson, MS
  195. GOOD: Security Guard Stops Shooting Spree - Hayward, CA
  196. GOOD: Don't Bring A Baseball Bat To A Gunfight - Hilton Head, SC
  197. Good: Woodland Hills intruder shot, killed [Multiple home invaders at once]
  198. Sheriff commends armed homeowner
  199. Good: Dairy-owner 'had to shoot' to save lives [Using an air pistol]
  200. BAD Man robbed at gunpoint
  201. Grandpa shoots boy while aiming for dog
  202. GOOD: Business Owner Thwarts Thieves - Crawfordville, FL
  203. GOOD: Workers Stop Armed Robbery At Family Business - Houston, TX
  204. GOOD: Man Stops Armed Robber - Jacksonville, FL
  205. Bad: Hold-up in my Town - Thomasville, GA
  206. Bad and Ugly: Murder by knife - FL
  207. BAD 7-11 clerk gunned down BG has 2 young kids with him - Phoenix, AZ
  208. GOOD: Contractor shoots would be burglar/robber - Jacksonville, FL
  209. Ugly - Hiker shot, killed, mistaken as Bear?
  210. Armed Citizen Success Story, Location Unknown
  211. Ugly - CCW Holder Killed in Robbery - Tampa, FL
  212. Man uses .45 to defend his dog from pit bull attack - Oakland Park, FL
  213. UGLY:Baliff Shoots himself in foot - NH
  214. Don't bring a Knife to a gunfight. - Phoenix, AZ
  215. Good: Robbery meltdown at ice cream store. Flagstaff, AZ.
  216. Good in Kansas City: MERGED
  217. Bad: Warehouse Shooting - Bristol, PA
  218. GOOD-Man kills robber in Woodland Hills CA home
  219. Bad:Wis. Gunman Captured
  220. BAD: Girl, 15, shot during robbery - St. Louis
  221. Port St. Lucie Florida BG shot in home-invasion
  222. Store clerk throws hot coffee on robber - Bossier City, LA
  223. Michigan Gunman Kills 3 wounds 1 (BAD) (Merged)
  224. Homeowner shoots BG's-Good or Bad? - Port Arthur, TX
  225. GOOD: Rocket Scientist robs liquor store across from the cop house - Phoenix, AZ
  226. Another Very Ugly: Bus passenger beheaded seat mate - Canada....merged
  227. BAD!: Utah CCW holder displays gun to silly kids.
  228. bad-3 Children Wounded when Gunman Fires at Car - Dallas, TX
  229. [Updated] LAPD Officer shot by Long Beach PD Officer (Merged)
  230. Bad..2 teens arrested in Fort Lauderdale store heist, shooting
  231. Fatal feud leaves 1 dead, 1 wounded - Mercersburg, PA
  232. Bad And Very Ugly. Doctor Killed New Hubby Wounded
  233. Craig's List Rapist - PG County, MD
  234. Ugly-Dangerous night in Detroit
  235. The Armed Citizen August 2008
  236. Gunman critically wounds 7 in TN church: MERGED
  237. Neutral: Possible Self-Defense Shooting - Raleigh, NC
  238. Bad: Family of 4 shot, left in burning home
  239. Rash of Shootings has Police Fatigued - Jacksonville, FL
  240. Cops Shot Dead Man After Threat on Pa. Radio Station
  241. How many homicides is your town at?
  242. Man shoots fox attached to wife
  243. GOOD: 11 y/o Bites Pit Bull To Fend Off Attack - Sao Paolo, Brazil
  244. GOOD: Homeowner Stops Home Invasion - Williston, FL
  245. GOOD: Shooting Ruled Self-Defense - Pulaski County, KY
  246. GOOD: Retired Sgt Shoots In Self-Defense - Barstow, CA
  247. UGLY: Illegal Immigrant Stops Robbery - Mercedes, TX
  248. GOOD: Diner Stops Robbery In Progress - Tacoma, WA
  249. Hope the BG wasn't a CCL holder
  250. Couple turns tables on home invasion robbery suspect ( Monroe WA )