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  1. DE: two residents shot, perp stabbed
  2. Detroit: (again) Another homeowner shoots intruders.
  4. IA:Home invasion/Attempted abduction thwarted by PCW holder...
  5. Someone got dropped off at the hospital with a GSW...
  6. Fl: Warning shot don't always work. So why use them?
  7. Sheriff's deputy is almost killed with his gun
  8. Carjacking and Murder in Syracuse
  9. New Jersey school suspends boy for allegedly making ‘gun motions’ with pencil
  10. theater popcorn shooting video released
  11. LA: Another C-store clerk says "Not today, not on my watch."
  12. Octogenarian stops intruder.
  13. First IL CCW Defensive Gun Use
  14. Good but sad: Women defends against knife weilding home invader.
  15. Video: Elderly Man Uses Cane To Defend Against Pickpocket
  16. OK: wheelchair bound homeowner shoots armed interloper.
  17. FL: Convenience store clerk "stands his ground" prevails against armed robber.
  18. Will Ft. Hood impact ammo availability?
  19. Lupica needs to stay with Sports writing...
  20. ND: Homeowner waits in "fatal funnel," shoots invader.
  21. Good. Woman defends against home invader, no shots fired.
  22. AZ: Neighbor gets into gunfight with home invader...
  23. PA (?): Robber shot resident treated.
  24. OH: GJ "no bills " home defender," Indicts invader.
  25. DEE TROIT: Armed Pizza Driver Prevails.
  26. So as I say. Not as I do.
  27. Concealed carrier at Home Depot stops attack(er) with dirty syringe
  28. You just don't know how to use the internet says Harry Reid ....
  29. Memphis TN: Home invader shot...
  30. DETROIT: Home owner kills two home invaders...
  31. CA: Home Defense done "right."
  32. OH: Unclear who was shot, invader or resident...
  33. Dallas CHL Holder Does Good
  34. Police officer involved shooting with homeless man
  35. TX:Home intruder shot
  36. GOOD: Dunkin' Donuts employee stops robbery with hot coffee
  37. Executive Order Covers Entire Russian Arms
  38. Thunder from Down Under beat down
  39. OK: Tulsa homeowner holds home invader...
  40. IA: Self Defense Shooting...
  41. AZ: Homeoner follows "Shotgun Joe's" advice...
  42. TX: Bad/Good? Can't tell yet.
  43. TX: Breaking story; 1 invader killed...
  44. Bad: Texas dad shoots daughters' boyfriend
  45. Good/Maybe Bad: Maintenance man shoots two in Milwaukee
  46. Armed robbery of OKC laundromat
  47. GOOD (and INSANE) - Armed robber's family is angry after he's shot robbing a store
  48. House Of Pies Robbery (Could Have Been Worse)
  49. Bad: Ammo Shortage Coming
  50. Happy Ending to Attempted Home Invasion
  51. BAD: Chicago thrift store worker killed by gun hidden in donated clothing
  52. Update to Triple Homicide at a Charleston, SC Motorcycle Store
  53. Chicago Mom Beaten While Waiting for Son
  54. Homeowner Shoots BG During Home Invasion (NYC)
  55. Phoenix Detective KIA
  56. BAD: $ officers injured, one shot
  57. Straw buy = 2 dead and only 2 year sentence
  58. Oscar Pistorius Trial - Responsible Gun Use
  59. Interesting Scenario Glad No one Got Hurt
  60. American Rifle and Pistol Association
  61. 11 year old Girl Shoots Cougar Stalking her brother!
  62. It Doesn't Get More Real Than This.......
  63. MN: Man holds home intruder at gunpoint
  64. Bwwaaaaa Zimmerman's "Stash"
  65. OH: homeowner shoots at intruders after struggle
  66. OH - Bible Saves Bus Driver from Two Bullets
  67. Armed Robbery.....CQB.
  68. NC: Pistol whipped with his own gun...
  69. patron of thrift store stops robbery
  70. MI: Detroit homeowner kills one intruder and wounds other
  71. WA: "not so good outcome" Homeowner shot
  72. MO: Woman fires gun at intruders.
  73. CA: Home invader shot, dies at hospital
  74. TX: Homeowner airlifted after stopping home invaders
  75. Good:Detroit home invasion foiled.
  76. 4 Dead At California Eviction Hearing
  77. He Thought it was Funny
  78. Palm Beach homeowner shoots burglar
  79. Good and Bad......... Man arrested in slaying of accomplished musician...
  80. Snowplow driver to irate man: 'I'll move the snow, please don't shoot me'
  81. North Carolinans looking after each other.
  82. Attempted child abduction
  83. OK: Justified shooting of home invader...
  84. KY: home invader shot
  85. WA: Home invasion, OR....
  86. Really good. Woman stops armed suspect, no shots fired.
  87. Chicago robbery thwarted
  88. WV: LEO warns residents to be aware...
  89. Gun Control Working Well in California
  90. armed wedding invasion goes sour - Pakistan
  91. What happens when your Mother doesn't like your girlfriend!
  92. OR: Man stops home invader before he gets in
  93. SC: Stun gun armed robber shot by victim
  94. recently happened...
  95. CA: Home invaders shot, one dead, one at hospital
  96. Prayers for Taylor County Deputy
  97. CA: "Shotgun Joe's" advice worked!
  98. Be Careful on Who You Let Into Your House
  99. Pot growing cop killer no billed - GJ saw SD
  100. Homeowner shoots at vehicle whose occupants were firing 'into the air'.....
  101. Foreigners?
  102. MI: Victim shoots at home invaders
  103. GA: Woman shoots at home invaders
  104. UGLY: Man pulls gun on Girl Scout
  105. SC: "Winged on the run"
  106. One of my warehouses robbed at gun point
  107. U.K. self defense at its finest
  108. Armed Passenger Arrested ....NOT
  109. TX: 6-7 men storm houses, 2 were shot in second home
  110. OH: Home invasion stopped by sleep over
  111. TX: Self defense, or not?
  112. Bad--School Shooting in Hawaii
  113. Good (and bad): Armed citizens recognized, supported in Mexico
  114. Son Saves Dad's Life by Shooting Burglar
  115. Shooting At A Maryland Mall
  116. Her we go again
  117. WA: 4 people in home fight off armed invaders
  118. Newspaper wants to build C.C. database
  119. SC: Armed robber shoots himself
  120. Another Road Rage Shooting
  121. Argyle, TX School District Approved Armed Teachers / Staff
  122. The Americar Rifleman Armed Citizen Citizen Column
  123. Victim gives robber what they wanted,,,,,gets shot anyway.
  124. Texas DA charged with brandishing
  125. SC: Home invaders in shootout with victim... One suspect dead, two fled
  126. FL: Road Rage gone BAD! Driver shoots himself.
  127. IA: resident brings 2 knives to gunfight, prevails.
  128. Army Veteran and chaplain speaks out against gun control
  129. Gun Shop Smash and Grab
  130. Good: Federal judge shoots down Chicago gun sales ban
  131. New Mexico, David Eckert; body cavity search and enemas
  132. Two shot at Philadelphia school
  133. AL: Dollar General robbery foiled...Robbery Suspect Dead at Hands of Customer
  134. Movie producer Harvey Weinstein to make anti-NRA movie with Meryl Streep...
  135. NRA video- Wrong house...
  136. Perpetrator fatally shot by Boston homeowner
  137. Attempted mass shooting (?) Thwarted...
  138. PA: Answer the door with a 357 in hand...Good Guy Wins
  139. Man Shot in Movie Theatre while Texting
  140. New Study: No Rise in Mass Shootings
  141. Woman who shot teen in self-defense struggles for peace, security
  142. Roswell Middle-school Shooting
  143. Strip Club shooting stopped by man carrying
  144. Oldey but goody why you dont rob a gun store ..
  145. Texas county loses gun show over background check issues
  146. GOOD: Dallas Store Manager Shoots at 5 Armed Robbers; Police Arrive 74 Minutes Later
  147. 20 year old gets gun shoots invader...
  148. Another Texas home invader shot...
  149. 3 robbers in Fl met homeowner's AK47
  150. "Should've shot 'em and killed 'em... Said the 71 year old missus...
  151. Good--Homeowner in Carson City stops home invasion attempt
  152. “Adult” store owner fights back
  153. Family Of Teen Killed in Home Invasion Apologizes to Victim
  154. Marine Who Opened Fire After an Arizona Couple Pulled a Gun Charged
  155. Maybe Bad: Charges may be filed against 61 year old former Marine
  156. Street robbery foiled by armed victim...
  157. Vigilante gunmen disarm local POLICE
  158. another shotgun wielding home imvader...
  159. http://ammoheads.com/14-year-old-phoenix-boy-shoots-armed-intruder-babysitting-siblin
  160. Shreveport Shooting - Lesson for us!
  161. Shreveport grammaw kills armed invader...
  162. Gunfight erupts outside of a convenience store in Oklahoma City; officer and BG shot
  163. Good after bad: Detroit area carjacker shot dead by cops
  164. Obama Administration Report Says Calling Police More Dangerous Than Using Your Gun
  165. Fire Extinguisher 1, Gun O
  166. News videos you will not find on national liberal media
  167. Off duty cop kills burglar in Oklahoma City
  168. Teacher shot twice and manages to subdue thugs and take weapon
  169. GOOD: New mother stabs home intruder to death
  170. Store owner defends himself from an armed disgruntled ex-employee
  171. Know Your Target-Man Shoots Daughter As A Burglar
  172. Loss of a great firearm designer
  173. Like a Good Neighbour, Armed Guy is There!
  174. 4 Under Arrest in NJ..........................
  175. Good/Bad? Father shoots his son in defense of Son's GF and his own life, after son
  176. Gun Grab For Real
  177. Cleveland man shoots two thugs...
  178. Detroit Man Shoots & Kills Huntington, WV Man
  179. UGLY--4 Shot, 2 Killed Renown Medical Center Reno, NV
  180. Navy SEAL Jimmy Graham on FOX 31 tonight about the Arapahoe Shooting
  181. Meanwhile In Houston (Good Guy Wins)
  182. Bar Shooting Involving Concealed Carry Person
  183. Payday for man suing cops over guns
  184. Toilet paper dispenser shooting
  185. Today in 2007
  186. Robber killed @ accomplice wounded, in Chattanooga TN robbery attempt
  187. UGLY: New York Councilwoman finds cause of Knockout Game
  188. Bad, negligent discharge kills printer.
  189. Chalk one up for the good guys!.....
  190. Guy Shoots Himself at Local Indoor Range
  191. Defiant 76-year-old woman dies in shootout with gang of three
  192. Good? Bad? Knock Out Game Vigilante Sought In Thanksgiving Day Shooting of Bronx Thug
  193. Why we only use deadly force when threatened
  194. Police: Florida woman kills daughter holding baby, mistook her for boyfriend
  195. Sad Story from Georgia
  196. Should we trust the Iranians to keep their word about not developing nuclear weapons?
  197. GZ in the news
  198. Bad-Ugly, Three funerals and a wedding
  199. The media friend or foe
  200. The ole "bigger gun" defensive strategy...
  201. Ugly: Nashville police investigate claim of self-defense in downtown bar slaying
  202. Woman Shoots Son-in-Law
  203. Good training video of an arrest in Temple Texas over 2a rights.
  204. Concealed Carry Holder Does the Right Thing saves lives, stops robbery
  205. Good: 60 yo woman knocks out the knockouters
  206. News was GOOD; letter to editor, just kinda funny
  207. A Few Thoughts on the Sandy Hook Video Game
  208. Police warn against dangers...
  209. A Well Prepared Family Deals With a Stubborn Uninvited Visitor
  210. Another anti group that doesn't make any sense
  211. I Guess Walgreens Is Going To Loose My Business
  212. NYPD off duty cop beaten
  213. I Am Actually Happy For Both Parties !
  214. Good: Woman with an M&P affirms she is not ready to meet God
  215. Zimmerman in the news (and jail) again
  216. Granny LOST her gun...
  217. Elderly cancer patient defends self in home invasion...
  218. This is Minnesota, We Have Guns !
  219. Pizza man foils armed robbers...
  220. Since we like warning shots now...
  221. Good: CCW holder shoots robber at Family Dollar
  222. "Knockout Game" / Situational Awareness.
  223. Good: Armed couple successfully resist three time home invader.
  224. Car wash owner stops knife attack with his revolver....
  225. Armed Louisiana Family Kills Kidnapper and Rescues Bethany Arceneaux Ahead of Police
  226. Possible domestic dispute ends in gunfire
  227. Rifle Range - Read before watching clip
  228. I love the South
  229. Catoosa County GA Homeowner shoots burglar
  230. Armed home invader loses HIS gun...
  231. Armed good Samaritan loses his gun...
  232. Woman who shot "warning shot" at her attacker husband to get retrial
  233. Milwaukee Police take out gunman after attempted carjacking
  234. Gonzaga students face possible expulsion for using gun to ward off intruder
  235. 'star trek' actor labels all gun owners 'dangerous'
  236. Family rescues woman who was abducted-Abductor Killed
  237. Not Good - Man shoots intruder at 2am, gets charged with murder
  238. Female clerk shot during robbery, returns fire killing the suspect
  239. Homeowner shoots 19yo woman in head, claims accidental discharge.
  240. Parking lot rage...
  241. Robber with fake gun foiled by clerk with a real one
  242. How bizarre, how bizarre...
  243. Garden State Plaza Mall.........Paramus, NJ.
  244. Armed home invader shot... Resident shot, too.
  245. Would you like fries with that?
  246. Uncle Joe's shotgun can be effective...
  247. Fox reporting possible shooting Central Conneticut University
  248. Colion Noir (NRA spokesperson) "car full of goons circled me and my car"
  249. Chicago paintballers assault person with real gun
  250. Home invader shot, homeowner arrested...........for having 9 lbs of cocaine