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  1. Sarasota Fl resident shoots, kills home invader : UPDATED Homeowner arrested.
  2. They Won't Indict
  3. Omaha: Armed home invasion thwarted
  4. NY Gun Registry Deems Almost 35,000 People Too Mentally Ill To Carry a Gun"
  5. Army Vet ; warned robber with knife to stop several times
  6. Joe Bidens son tossed out of NAVY drugs
  7. Democratic congressman defends himself with a firearm...!
  8. Witness intervenes in Phoenix bank robbery
  9. Shawnee (Okla) man shoots home invader, BG in critical condition
  10. I'm surprised this made it into the mainstream media
  11. ME: Homeowwner stabs one of three home invaders.
  12. AL: Home invader shoots himself...
  13. AZ: (apparent) Home invader killed
  14. St. Louis: Armed robbery foiled.
  15. TX: Shoot one, they all run.
  16. Baton Rouge: homeowner shot, shoots back
  17. The Constitution State strikes again
  18. Man shoots down drone
  19. 18 year Teen Shot in St. Louis who fired on Off duty cop
  20. Witness ends up killing car thief and is charged with manslaughter
  21. 3 invaders, 2 killed.
  22. Chicago violence continues...
  23. man "being chased" ends up shot.
  24. Another "You don't want to be this guy" thread
  25. Resident shoots at two armed intruders...
  26. Homeowner tied up. Still shoots.
  27. The gun; as talisman.
  28. Ya' Gotta See It to Believe It !
  29. Grand jury considering the Ferguson shooting is being investigated for misconduct
  30. Dayton, Ohio Open Carrier Stops Robbery
  31. Woman Shoots Stalker
  32. Didn't stop the threat.
  33. Woman shoots invader, and her boyfriend....
  34. Las Vegas: Homeowner shoots 2...
  35. The new reality - beheading at work
  36. SC Trooper Asks Man for DL Then Shoots
  37. 11 year old shoots BG to protect her mother (OKC)
  38. Sister shoots brother to protect dad
  39. Good Guy 2, Bad Guys, Nothing
  40. Active Shooter in my hometown (breaking news)
  41. GOOD: Woman in Chicago Suburb Holds Wanted Intruder at Gunpoint
  42. Video of a fight at the football game and How long it took to control it. 49ers/Cards
  43. A distant relative shot and killed this morning at his business in Suffolk, VA
  44. GOOD: Mom Uses Mossberg She Received For Mother’s Day to Shoot Home Invader
  45. Commandant#10
  46. Walgreens Shootout Caught on Video Shows Pharmacist Fight Off 2 Robbers
  47. Good: Robbers try to use man's own gun against him
  48. GOOD: Concealed Carrier Shoots and Kills Car Jacker Who Was Pretending to Be a Cop
  49. Our world is turning upside down with religious persecution...
  50. Parents of Aurora theater shooting victim file lawsuit against ammo vendor
  51. PA combat vet saves two live in home invation
  52. bouncer fires warning shot. Gets shot as a result
  53. GOOD (AND SAD): Shopkeeper Kills Armed Robber, Gets Death Threats From BG's Family
  54. Teen Shot During Home Invasion
  55. GOOD: Robber shot and killed during armed robbery attempt
  56. Poor Defense of Restaurant
  57. Two Chicago LEOs Robbed and Beaten
  58. So much for Panera's No Gun Request
  59. Self Defense Trial Upcoming! Midwest Trayvon?
  60. Warning shot fired
  61. KS AG asks Court to toss Brady Campaign lawsuit
  62. Reminder: Armed Self-Defense News Stories ONLY
  63. Another One Comes Foward.....This Guy Is In Serious Trouble.
  64. GOOD - OMAHA Homeowner shoot intruder
  65. Homeowner's handgun against the perp's shotty.
  66. "Mom's Demand" vs Riot at Kroger...
  67. Burglar held at gunpoint offers to mow lawn
  68. TX: Car thief shot at gas station
  69. MI: Nude intruder shot and killed
  70. GOOD: Chilling 911 Call of Widow Shooting Intruder Released – “I Shot Him”
  71. Stuff Gettin Crazy Around Here
  72. ISIS Beheadings
  73. Another road rage incident
  74. The militarization of Andy Griffith
  75. Thank You Thrall, TX Police Chief
  76. U.S. Map of SD Shootings In Past 3 Years
  77. The good
  78. Just some punk kids...or?
  79. Woman Defends Herself from Attempted Kidnappers
  80. Attempted armored car robbery
  81. In defense of another...
  82. After begging 911 for help, homeowner shoots intruder
  83. GOOD - 73 year old Vietnam vet shoots intruder
  84. Tragic new out of Arizona
  85. 'Sons of Guns' star Will Hayden arrested for allegedly repeatedly raping minor
  86. 9 y/o Accidently Kills AZ Shooting Instructor
  87. GOOD: 89 Year Old WW2 Vet Shoots Armed Robber, Credits Gun With Saving His Life
  88. WI: Woman shoots at armed invaders.
  89. GOOD: Homeowner Shoots/Kills Home Invader Who Assaulted 11yr Old, 2 Women, and dog
  90. Here we go again: Active Shooter at Fort Lee
  91. Guess what's going down in Chicago?
  92. SC: Four invaders enter, 3 leave on their own
  93. Homeless home invader shot.
  94. Texas police chief fatally shot during traffic stop
  95. 78 year old woman shoots armed attacker...
  96. Store owner stops armed robber
  97. Gamestop in GA robbed - man has CC , but...it's in the car!
  98. LA: man stops armed home invader...
  99. Houston: resident shoots 1 of 3 home invaders
  100. GOOD: Man Pulls Toy Gun In Attempt To Snatch Child, is Killed By Mother’s Boyfriend
  101. Rule #3 Know your target and what lies beyond ---OPD Major Fail
  102. Successful use of the "Biden" defense
  103. BAD: Grandmother Shoots Her 7 Year Old Grandson Mistaking Him For Intruder
  104. CA: Home invader shot. LEO investigating
  105. GOOD: Phoenix Man Shoots Carjacker, Saves Neighbor
  106. GOOD: Florida Couple Both Grab Handguns and Open Fire on Home Invader, Killing Him
  107. Video BG takes hostage civilian one shot to head sack of potatos
  108. GOOD - Suspected robber killed by homeowner
  109. senior citizen carjacked, neighbors take action - PHX
  110. GOOD: Long Beach, California Resident Shoots and Kills Late Night Intruder
  111. GOOD: Armed Robber Shot and Killed at Shop; Owners Encouraged Employees to carry guns
  112. GOOD: Home Invader in Missouri Has Panic Attack After Encountering Armed Homeowner
  113. "Smart-Gun" Push coming to LE Agencies....after consumer roll-out.
  114. Long Beach: Home invader shot
  115. Good: Robber Brings Knife To A Gunfight
  116. Bad. But Lucky. 19yr old GA mom vs. home invaders
  117. When you actually want to hit your target...
  118. Sucessful Self Defences in your state?
  119. Intruder killed inside Garland apartment last night # 9:30
  120. Moral of the story - Don't open the door
  121. Bad - Cop Couple Kills Daughter's unarmed BF for walking with her
  122. Woman shoots alleged burglar in Goldsboro
  123. GOOD: PA Prosecutor Rules That Quick-Draw Killing Of Home Invader Was Justified
  124. Bad - Aftermath of Vegas Shooting
  125. Armed school staff.
  126. Self Defence In Australia Gets You Murder Charges
  127. GOOD: Psychiatrist Will Not Be Fired After Shooting Murderer in “Gun Free” Hospital
  128. GOOD: Delaware Woman Shoots Intruder She Found Sleeping in Her Bed
  129. Burglar shot after brief fight with home resident
  130. Bad Day In SW Houston
  131. GOOD: Clerk Fakes Illness to Create Distraction to Grab His Gun During Robbery
  132. GOOD: FL Homeowner in Gated Community Shoots 1 of 2 Intruders Armed With a Knife
  133. 74 School shootings due to Obamacare!!
  134. Bad 911 Advice
  135. Good: Armed clerk defends self against robber with gun
  136. $1 million Closet Heist
  137. Teenage girl kidnapped last year
  138. Why complying with BG doesn't ensure your safety
  139. Emily Miller co-Hosts the View Tomorrow Morning
  140. Bad- Detroit porch shooting...again
  141. Officer takes cover as man with concealed carry permit fires at suspect
  142. Fatal Police Shooting in Huntington, WV
  143. MMA stops robbery
  144. This should be shown in every high school.
  145. Good: Homeowner kills home invasion suspect
  146. Rock, paper, BIG Scissors
  147. Armed Clerk stops armed robbery
  148. Armed Doctor takes out Shooter
  149. Good Shoot or bad shoot?
  150. Man shoots pregnant intruder
  151. Good or Bad? You decide.
  152. Rural Iowa home invasion thwarted.
  153. Zimmerman 2.0? It has begun!
  154. This is NOT how it should be
  155. 47 shot in GUN-FREE Chicago... as usual
  156. Victim shoots at robber on bicycle.
  157. Unbelievable........Armed Robber Suing His Victims
  158. This is how it should be
  159. Pittsburgh man uses shotgun to good effect...
  160. Don't mess with a Nurse
  161. Another Good Guy with a Gun in Orlando
  162. GOOD: 15 Year Old Florida Boy Fires Shotgun to Stop Attempted Home Invasion
  163. Zimmerman 2.0?
  164. At least the police arrested the right people
  165. The curious grammar of police shootings
  166. Update on Salina Man Asked to leave theater.
  167. Wisconsin man unlawfully fired for having a gun in his car at work.
  168. GOOD: Concealed Carrier Defends Herself, Helps Destroy Carjacking and Robbery Gang
  169. Mo couple shot answering a craigslist add
  170. Wrong Door!
  171. This poor single mom
  172. 7 rounds of .45 to stop home invader
  173. Good: Police shooting in my neighborhood (Parkersburg, WV)
  174. Ignorance of the law is no excuse but whats the excuse for ignorant laws?
  175. Clerk shoots at armed robber.
  176. Concealed Carry owner asked to leave Salina
  177. Good: Good Samaritans stop carjacking
  178. Spokane's Police Chief has odd priorities
  179. Hartford: Bad
  180. RIP Jersey City Police Officer Steven Fulop
  181. WWII Vet cleared in self-defense shooting.
  182. GOOD: Criminals fear the armed citizen--Don't be a victim
  183. Milwaukee CCI holder defends herself from Robbery
  184. Shooting in Chicago
  185. Good: MKE Carjacker who recently shot someone was shot yesterday by CC license holder
  186. Suspect found, missing shoes and. ..
  187. Miami Mayor says "ARM YOURSELVES".
  188. MS: two home invaders shot, one running
  189. not so good: TN Homeowner shoots at burglars
  190. GOOD: 18 Year Old Shoots, Kills Mom’s Ex-Boyfriend When He Attacked Her, Saving Her
  191. Blame Weak Gun Laws For Holiday Violence, Chicago's Top Cop Says.
  192. MO: Home defender has no regrets.
  193. Bloody Chicago Weekend: 82 Shot
  194. GOOD: Good Samaritan draws gun to break up fight
  195. Chicago CHL Holder Wins
  196. Weird: Sweetwater Police Officer Hospitalized After His Gun Goes Off at Dolphin Mall
  197. GOOD: Pawn Shop Manager Captures Three Would Be Robbers Using Pocket Gun
  198. I hope he keeps his job.
  199. Good-Intruder killed in home invasion
  200. Good-Sometimes, it is the size of the gun
  201. Robbery Victim Shot, Shoots Both Robbers
  202. OH: Clothier stops armed robbery, DATD.
  203. Bad : woman beat down while filmed and watched NWPS
  204. Idiocy All Around: GA man demands to see a fellow OC'r gun permit
  205. GOOD: Man Uses Video Game Gun to Hold Intruder at “Gunpoint” Until Police Arrive
  206. GOOD: Shopkeeper shoots and kills armed robber
  207. GOOD: Homeowner Shoots and Kills Home Invader
  208. GOOD: Neighbor comes to aid of 60 year old man being beaten
  209. This Family-Run Restaurant Is the Opposite of a Gun-Free Zone
  210. GOOD: Marine stops kidnapping
  211. Robberies At Gun Ranges
  212. Good: Armed Robbery Stopped by Mention of Loaded Shotgun
  213. GOOD: Sami Quick Stop clerk stops robbery (Gunfight Video Has Valuable Lessons)
  214. GOOD: Husband Uses Gun to Chase Off Naked Intruder...
  215. No charges against 19 yo in possession. ..
  216. Lexington Kentucky - Near Daily Shootings - What Has Prompted This? (Opinion ?)
  217. Good: Robber "I Bet you don't have one of These..."
  218. Neighbor unloads on suspects fleeing in car....
  219. Coeur d'Alene man says concealed weapon saved his life
  220. Bad--Paroled Sex Offender Murders 3, Lone surviving victim was CC and fought back
  221. Bad: Robbed at the Range
  222. BBC story on armed citizens
  223. 911 caller sent to voice mail
  224. The Obama Presidency is Imploding!
  225. Good-Clerk stops robbery. Bad-clerk gets suspended.
  226. Good - Another Good Guy with a Gun at High School Reunion (Fed)
  227. Awesome! - CC Texas stops and holds two for LEO/Police - TV News Video
  228. UGLY: Two CCers die in road rage incident
  229. Joseph Wilcox and his survivors
  230. Another 911 call that proves why you need a weapon
  231. California "Career Criminal" freed by jury mistakenly filling out the wrong form...
  232. NJ Senate Passes Ban On Smoking At Beaches and Parks........
  233. Man shot after he 'threatened to shoot everyone' during argument at Cleveland Avenue
  234. GOOD and BAD: Concealed Carrier Shoots Cop Killer in Georgia
  235. Our Own Dave Workman On Liars Shannon Watts and Mike Bloomberg
  236. The best outcome
  237. Nothing wrong with shooting for the moon...
  238. Good: Good father with a gun saves daughter being held hostage.
  239. Somebody Get Shannon Watts on The Phone
  240. Active shooter Portland Oregon Highschool
  241. Husband and wife open fire on gunmen who try to enter their home St. Loui
  242. Know Your Target - Man accidentally shoots 7-year-old boy
  243. TX: Dogs wake owners...
  244. Lawyer Up & Shut Up - A Case Study
  245. When do true Americans get thugs and low lifes to "back up" and show some respect?
  246. MI: Home invasion suspect held by victim
  247. Three Canadian Mounties killed
  248. This just in - another shooting
  249. Sad/Bad - Clerk who won hour long gunfight in March, loses second gun battle (Texas)
  250. 3 RCMP officers dead 2 people wounded!