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  1. GOOD: Diner Stops Robbery In Progress - Tacoma, WA
  2. Hope the BG wasn't a CCL holder
  3. Couple turns tables on home invasion robbery suspect ( Monroe WA )
  4. BAD: 3 shot at Arizona college
  5. Bad and Stupid: Russian Skinhead Gang Posts Cell Video of Attacks on Foreigners Onlin
  6. Short man robs Walmart in Vegas
  7. Cop shoots store robbers - on tape!
  8. Robberies on the way to or from the range
  9. South African Missionary Defends Himself with HK Pistol
  10. Good - Homeowner Shot & Killed Home Invader
  11. Moving Co. Workers Thwart Armed Robbery
  12. Road Rage
  13. Ask for Grey Poupon and recieve a gun to the face:Utah
  14. Good: Attempted Robbery Stopped By Doctor, Tacoma
  15. Wally-World Robbery - Where Are the Good Guys When We Need Them?
  16. Good guys +1
  17. Good: Store owner shoots robber
  18. Holdup Victim Kills Gunman
  19. GOOD: Bulldozer Copycat Killer v. CCW (Israel)
  20. SWAT safely removes Office Depot workers-Melbourne, FL
  21. Sad All The Way Around - Oakland, CA
  22. BAD: Fatal Shooting At Post Office
  23. GOOD: Man Stops Home St. Petersburg, Fl
  24. BAD: Woman shot...
  25. GOOD: Man Shoots Home Invader With BG's Gun
  26. GOOD: Police Do Not File Charges Against Man Who Shot Teen - El Paso, TX
  27. GOOD: Would-Be Burglar Stopped - Miami, FL
  28. GOOD: Don't Bring A BB Gun To A Gunfight - Columbus, OH
  29. Father struggles to carry on slain family's legacy
  30. BAD: Guy ambushes Firefighters/Police
  31. Gunmen steal cash, cell phones from Seminole County Publix
  32. Teenage sheepdog
  33. GOOD: Man Stops Burglars - Jackson, MS
  34. GOOD: Elderly Gentleman Uses A Handgun To Defend Himself - Lakewood, NJ
  35. A bystander stepped in (one dead)
  36. Wendys Shooting in West Palm Beach
  37. A local fallen blue warrior:(. Officer down.
  38. felon shooting spree, 70 year old protects himself
  39. Neutral: Man Stops Home Invader - Park Heights, MD
  40. Good: Too Funny Though
  41. Bad:Homeowner shot with own rifle
  42. Good: Man claims self-defense in Midwest City (OK) shooting
  43. Neutral - Farina gets Probation
  44. Bible, watermelon stop stray bullet
  45. Workplace shooting in KY - video
  46. Woman Tells Of Gun Duel With Former Boyfriend
  47. DC Rejects Heller application (again)
  48. (Scary) Fake cops stop motorist in West Palm Beach
  49. Gang members apologize after stabbing wrong man in Modesto
  50. Neutral - Woman Shot By Boyfriend - Galveston, TX
  51. GOOD: Potential Victims Turn The Tables - Newport News, VA
  52. GOOD: Home Remodeler Stops Intruder - Laurens, SC
  53. Wow This is scary
  54. Armed Man at Home Depot! Oh no!
  55. Ugly - Father Beaten Almost To Death At Amusement Park Lot
  56. Good: Vancouverites urged to release inner vigilante
  57. Ugly: CHL holder kills an officer
  58. Assault With A Deadly Backpack - Salt Lake City, UT
  59. Busy day for good guy Part 2
  60. Busy day for good guys Part 1
  61. Armed Citizen catches prison escapee
  62. BAD: 16 shot in france military drill.
  63. Gun held to baby's head during crime
  64. Good: Attempted Armed Robbery Tacoma, WA
  65. And now, ladies and gentlemen, we have WMD free zones
  66. Duo kidnaps, kills food delivery driver; restaurants take precautions
  67. Bad: Man Killed by Shotgun at Skeet Event
  68. GOOD: Pizza Clerk Takes down Suspected Robber
  69. Neutral: Hopefully This Guy Will Stay Behind Bars This Time - Denton, TX
  70. BAD: Two Men Shot By Paroled Killer - Dismal Creek, VA
  71. More women finally taking responsibility for their own safety
  72. GOOD: Woman Chases Armed Intruders From Her Home - Ocala, FL
  73. Judge "learn to protect yourself."
  74. Neutral: Man Shoots Neighbor In Possible Self-Defense
  75. No one was hurt during Armed Robbery
  76. House broken into and a resident was assaulted
  77. Guilty but plan to appeal???
  78. GOOD.Business Owner Takes Crime Problem into His Own Hands
  79. Neutral: Man Loses Control Of Shotgun To Home Invader - Basehor, KS
  80. Security Guard Shooting
  81. BAD: Man Killed After Two Gunmen Force Their Way Into Apartment
  82. I-64 Shooter sentenced to 6 months detention!
  83. Joe Horn case: Houston lawmaker seeks inquiry
  84. Bad:Hooded man stood in road, fired AK-47
  85. BAD: Man Killed Pregnant Wife Cleaning Gun
  86. GOOD: Man Stops Blowtorch Wielding Tunneller - Tampa, FL
  87. Neutral: Woman Shoots Husband In Self-Defense - El Dorado, Ar
  88. GOOD: Man Defends His Family - Avondale, AZ
  89. Neutral - Man Stops Three Carjackers - Corpus Christi, TX
  90. GOOD: Man Stops Violent Attack - Mesa, AZ
  91. Bad - Wal Mart magnet for criminals
  92. Neutral: Would Be Robbery Victim Shoots Perp - Jacksonville, FL
  93. GOOD: Man Shoots Drunken Home Invader - Lake St Louis, MO
  94. GOOD: Homeowner Shoots Man In Apparent Self-Defense - St. Louis, MO
  95. GOOD: Fatal Shooting Ruled Self-Defense - Longview, WA
  96. GOOD: 71 y/o Protects Himself With A Gun - West Jackson, MS
  97. GOOD: Man Charged With Murder Cleared On Self-Defense - Greene County, IN
  98. GOOD: Woman Uses Handgun To Defend Herself - Austin, TX
  99. GOOD: Man In Underwear Foils Burglars - West Valley City, UT
  100. GOOD: Homeowners Stops Home Invader - Hampton Roads, VA
  101. UGLY: Mother Shot in Home Invasion Robbery (CA)
  102. Store clerk shoots back during attempted robbery (video)
  103. Sonic manager shoots back
  104. GOOD Sonic story: Manager shoots back
  105. GOOD: Retired 71yo Marine shoots 2 BG's at Subway
  106. GOOD: Gunman shot dead by autozone employee
  107. 4 people dead in Milwaukee (WI) shooting; no arrests
  108. Robber gets shot with his own gun
  109. Manager Shoots Robbers - Nashville, TN
  110. The Cure for the common Road Rage
  111. Breaking: Shootout at Sonic (Isle of Wight Co. VA / near Norfolk)
  112. Joyriding in stolen Dillon police car lands boy, mother in jail
  113. Well Known Liberal Blogger Shot In Washington, D.C.
  114. Woman killed in shooting (over parked car)
  115. Visiting teen shot, killed after car honk
  116. GOOD- Homeowner Shoots Two Burglars!
  117. Southeast Roanoke pharmacy
  118. Police: Woman shoots ex-boyfriend in self-defense
  119. Mother & Wife Killed After FL 911 Fails to Respond Properly
  120. Good Samaritan killed
  121. Good, victim is armed. Va.
  122. Manhunt for KILLER
  123. Baaaaa... I see sheep people
  124. Man fatally stabs 5 police in Shanghai
  125. The beat go on
  126. Joe Horn Cleared by TX Grand Jury
  127. Good: Secret Service Officer Thwarts Armed Robbers (P.G. County, MD)
  128. Good(?): Victims shoots/kills would be robber
  129. Virginia Beach pizza shop owner fatally shoots robber (Merged)
  130. Setting up Insanity Plea???
  131. Triple Homicide
  132. You got to be kidding me
  133. Blood Boiler
  134. BAD! Fashion Police ADW
  135. Off-duty Cop Robbed, Suspects Crash
  136. Mom recalls bullets, terror
  137. UGLY/STUPID: Suspect robs security guard with fake gun
  138. Woman killed after taking homeless man in for the night
  139. "Give me the money. Thank you. Click... Foot chase ensues.
  140. Idiots!
  141. UGLY: Woman killed during Tulsa home invasion robbery
  142. Ugly:Four killed in Kentucky plant shooting
  143. Hello! it has been awhile. Story about a robber and my family.
  144. Why can't some people understand, there are bad people out there!
  145. Man beats gunman with fan, wrestles away shotgun
  146. Bad start, Good outcome: Teens Admit to Garland Killings, Robberies (Merged)
  147. Wash. campers duck gunshots that bounced off water
  148. Mom turns in son for carjackings
  149. Robber/Killer says "He messed it up for both of us by grabbing the gun".
  150. Good - LEO's Blast BG after fired upon
  151. [UGLY] Take A Shower or Stab Somebody To Death.
  152. Arrests Made in Shooting of Pregnant Bank Teller
  153. Road Rage shooting
  154. Another story from VT
  155. BAD: Family ambushed in Garage, tied up and beaten in home invasion
  156. Father is Accused of Pulling Gun on 2 EMTs
  157. BG learns the hard way to keep booger picker off the trigger
  158. Ugly: 2 teens charged in killings of Minn. mother, son
  159. Armed Robbers open fire without warning
  160. GOOD:Customer Pulls Gun on Bank Robber (Merged)
  161. Homeowner shoots drunk man in front yard
  162. Ugly: 14 year old shot and killed Ralegh NC
  163. UGLY - Man Beats Toddler to Death, then Killed by LEO
  164. BAD-Serving Time for Defending Himself
  165. Granny Thwarts Intruder...In The Buff!
  166. UGLY: Two Shot To Death At Beverage Bottling Company In Concord (NC)
  167. GOOD: Mom Uses Gun To Save Daughter From Predator -
  168. GOOD: No Charges Against Man Who Shot Intruder - Truman, MN
  169. GOOD: Business Owner Shoots Would-Be Robber - Baltimore, MD
  170. Another Pitt Bull Shot - Eugene, OR
  171. UGLY: Ex-GI shot by accident
  172. Glad I don't live near Memphis! (Germantown - Merged)
  173. 84 year old woman killed
  174. Police Rescue Baby Amid Fatal Shooting in Louisiana Home
  175. BAD... Deputy comes home to find wife murdered by burglar and kills him.
  176. GOOD: One Home Invader Shot - Fountain Inn, SC
  177. GOOD: Oakland Man Stops Home Invader - Oakland, KA
  178. Sick: No Personal Defense
  179. Children Shot by Stray Bullets While Playing in Baby Pool
  180. Good: Armed mom scares away stalker; suspect arrested
  181. GOOD: Great-Grandpa Takes Shotgun Away From Home Invader - Cleveland, OH
  182. Neutral: 2 Shot In Attempted Robbery - Lawrence, KS
  183. GOOD: Homeowner Stops Invader - Lincoln County, NC
  184. Very Ugly: 2 Girls Found Dead in a Ditch Along Rural Oklahoma Road
  185. 4 YO shoots self with Grannys gun: MERGED
  186. UGLY: and sad - Grandma and kid are shot in a road rage situation
  187. Bad: Girl recovering after home invasion shooting (Atlanta)
  188. Good: Update on Carjackers
  189. Bad: Car owner shot over car burglary
  190. Fredericksburg Police Officer shot over domestic situation.
  191. UGLY: Man Shoots, Kills Mother With Crossbow
  192. BAD: Felon Makes 6-yo Child Pose w/ Revolver
  193. UGLY: But really just stupid
  194. GOOD: Man in Louisville Kills Attackers
  195. VERY UGLY: Deputy Killed, Officer Injured Near Monteagle (TN)
  196. Homeowner kills alleged burglar; woman escapes
  197. GOOD: Home invasion stopped (Merged)
  198. Defense Shooting (911 tape)
  199. Man defends property - Kennebec, TX
  200. Home Owner 2, Criminals Zero
  201. "Bloody stabbing victim chases his attackers"
  202. Unarmed, Beaten And Burned To Death
  203. Real Ugly: Boy wanted to Kill Classmates
  204. GOOD: Man Stops Girlfriend From Being Hit By Car - Spartanburg, SC
  205. GOOD: Homeowner Shoots 1 Home Invader After Being Shot At - Pittsburgh, PA
  206. Neutral - Man Shoots Gas Thief - Rudy, AR
  207. Neutral - Man Is Shot While Fatally Shooting Home Invader - Phoenix, AZ
  208. Man Kills Agressive Bear In His Backyard - Henderson County, NC
  209. Man Kills Agressive Pit Bull - Boise, ID
  210. Bad: Nice guy shot
  211. Brave Little 10 Year Old
  212. Man Shoots Self While Trying To Scratch an Itch with a Revolver
  213. Hells Angels
  214. Ultimate Scary Scenario - What to do
  215. 2 BGs breathing Marine Bob Crutchfield's air
  216. Birthday parties are not safe any more
  217. Ex POW Shuts Down Robber In Carlisle PA
  218. First Four Rules....
  219. Witnesses: Bank Robbery Suspect Marched Them Into Vault At Gunpoint
  220. They saved a lot of paperwork, too
  221. Outrage Of The Week - Mass school expels 10yo over brass case
  222. Marine starts self defense "tupperware" parties
  223. The Police will protect you?
  224. Local Shooting
  225. 20 years
  226. Arrest in Lynch Station murder
  227. Tulsa Man Pleads Guilty in Road Rage Case
  228. Police: Two Brothers Shoot Same Man 5 Years Apart
  229. Teen shoots Teen in Fort Worth, Texas Break-in
  230. "Gunmen kill teen during robbery"
  231. Another business owner defends himself
  232. Altamonte Springs home invader died from stab wounds
  233. 3 men booked in beachside home invasion
  234. Bad in so many ways: Dad kills daughter defending home
  235. Cops: Alleged Robber Pretended to Be Store Clerk
  236. Woman survives multiple gunshot wounds to the head
  237. Good: Ft. Lauderdale Man Shoots Intruder
  238. Ugly: Gunman Opens Fire During an Arkansas Wedding (Merged)
  239. Good: Would-be robber shot by victim.
  240. UGLY: 1 dead after church fundraiser shooting
  241. "Teen dead, officer wounded in shootout"
  242. CCW holder stops bar shooting in NV
  243. Closed per request of OP - story not true
  244. Miami - "Gunman surrenders after killing wife, her daughter"
  245. Advocate for students??
  246. 10-year sentence in shooting case
  247. Pizza robbers now doing pick up v. delivery
  248. Be aware of Church Vans!
  249. BAD: Woman Arrested After Son's Friend Steals Gun - West Haven, CT
  250. "7-year-old shoots her mother in suburban Boca Raton"