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  1. Neutral: Business Owner Acquitted - San Francisco, CA
  2. GOOD: Man Stops Truck Thief - Cedar Hills, TX
  3. GOOD: Intruder Shot While Entering Home - Green Pond, Sc
  4. GOOD: Business Owner Defends HImself - Corinth, MS
  5. GOOD: Man Enters Wrong Home - Gaston, NC
  6. GOOD: Store Clerks Takes Gun From Robber - Savannah, GA
  7. Journalists become targets in Mexico's drug war
  8. Woman at ATM grabbed by bank robber
  9. A nighttime robbery rattles CNU students
  10. Man poses as repairman to sexually assault Suffolk woman
  11. An Interesting Perspective
  12. Mall Santa Robbed At Knifepoint In Butler County (PA)
  13. Jihad Update (Fox News)
  14. Update on boy killed by Uzi
  15. Another St. Louis carjacking: this time an elderly lady at the library
  16. The Life-and-Death Cost of Gun Control by John Lott
  17. Brother of Actor Mark Ruffalo Shot in Beverly Hills
  18. Another Bad One For Us
  19. Off-duty officer confronts car thieves
  20. Good: St. Louis alderman calls on residents to get armed
  21. Bank of America Robbed (Again)
  22. Open for Debate: Saugerties man admits to gun charge
  23. Bad and Good:St. Louis City Leader Says Police Ineffective
  24. BAD: Giants' WR robbed at gunpoint
  25. BAD: Vet killed in Alaska
  26. Bad: K-Mart gunman in Philly
  27. Bad: Boy, Age 5, Shoots Sister, Age 2
  28. Ugly: 4 found shot dead
  29. Tough Gun Laws in NYC help prevent violent crime?
  30. Ugly - Ahwatukee man beaten with his own gun by possible thief
  31. BAD- Armored truck guy shot
  32. Soldotna Hospital Shooting
  33. Man Shot Sister's Boyfriend With Arrow
  34. City Crime Rankings 2008-2009
  35. No gun, no robbery
  36. Bad: Fake Police Rob Woman (DC)
  37. Carjackers flee, collide with another stolen car, 2 carjackers dead
  38. Bad: Intruder wrestled away victim's gun after getting shot and killed one of them
  39. Bad: Clerk shot during CVS robbery
  40. (Bad) Dunkin donut robbery, 4 shot
  41. Fired into air over Peeping Tom
  42. NY Giant shot in club
  43. Burress shoots himself: MERGED
  44. Police Chief shoots Himself in the leg
  45. Burglar with body armor
  46. Toys-r-Us Shooting
  47. Wal-Mart worker dies after shoppers knock him down
  48. GOOD:Home invasion victim fights back SC
  49. Police Nab Suspect in Anchorwoman Murder
  50. Hotel Shootings in Mumbai, India (MERGED)
  51. Home invasion victim recipient of drive-by shooting
  52. Good Sorta...
  53. bad - suspect, mom killed in home invasion robbery
  54. Three Less Robbers.........GOOD
  55. BAD: Vermont crime on the rise
  56. University students targeted for robberies (Norfolk, VA)
  57. GOOD: would-be victims shoots robber
  58. Bad: Google Street view from Jacksonville FL (kid running with gun)
  59. What is it with Ex's and Walmart?
  60. Good?: Jacksonville Police shoots two robbery suspects in one night
  61. 'Living Scared: A year after Sean Taylor's murder, NFL players still live in fear.'
  62. Bad: Guard fatally shoots man armed with swords at Scientology building
  63. Bad: Oregon Man Shot by Dog During Hunting Trip
  64. Church shooting in NJ
  65. Bystanders beat carjacker senseless with frozen turkey - Garner, NC
  66. Wharton County Shoot out
  67. A free M-4 ???
  68. BAD: Shooting at New Jersey church
  69. Seattle Mall Shooting Tonight
  70. BG should of bought better body armor.
  71. Question about incident with teacher carrying and using on campus..
  72. Good, store owners shoots armed robber, Canada
  73. GOOD: Store owner shoots armed robber
  74. Another school shooting: Savannah State University
  75. Cell Phone Over Man's Heart Stops Bullet
  76. Stupid is as Stupid Does... "Carjacker Can't drive straight shift"
  77. A tale of two morning shows
  78. GOOD: Man Defends Home - Tulsa, OK
  79. GOOD: Man Comes To Neighbors Aid - Stockton, PRC
  80. Man shot on crowded dance floor
  81. Good: Sao Paolo LEO, in civy clothing, resists and stops three who mug him (Brazil)
  82. 6-year-old Marysville girl fatally shot in head
  83. Bad; 15 Yr Old Shoots Self With a Blank-Loaded Pistol
  84. Bad and Ugly: Violent mob used meat tenderizer to beat victims (Canada)
  85. Good, Bad, and Ugly: Victim fought back and branded ex-con with iPod charger (NYC)
  86. GOOD: Great article and video on Gun-Free Zone shootings
  87. Bad: Killed delivering pizza
  88. Bad: Police Arrest Disgruntled Engineer Who Allegedly Massacred 3 at Office in CA
  89. Man kills ex-girlfriend at her workplace
  90. Magazine salesman robs woman
  91. Teacher carjacked at elementary school
  92. Prosecutors: Man Shot 45 Times by Best Friend Lived Through First 32 Shots
  93. BAD : Jasper (Atlanta), GA Gun Store Broke Into
  94. Bad: Guns common threads in 7 killings in Omaha
  95. BAD: Shooting on Campus
  96. Girl shoots girl at school
  97. Irate Mom Waves Gun at Students on School Bus, Police Say
  98. Very lucky deputy
  99. Ugly: Woman shot for backing out of KKK initiation
  100. Sheriff: Attempted carjacker gets shot
  101. Altercation Leaves Man, Two Off-Duty Cops Injured
  102. 2 Steak and Shake employees murdered near St. Louis
  103. 'Bama-LSU argument led to couple's deaths
  104. Bad: Co-owner of convenience store shot, killed
  105. Bad: Unarmed off-duty police officer fatally shot
  106. Unbelieveable: Town stunned as 8-year-old charged in two killings
  107. Four men shot in north St. Louis
  108. BAD: Shot and killed as he was leaving for work
  109. Teen Shot with Bow
  110. Also in a Nice Area
  111. It happened in a nice area
  112. BAD: Off-duty firefighter shot and killed when he stopped to help
  113. Home Invasion-Phony Delivery-Texas
  114. Bad: Manassas VA guy in my office was mugged.
  115. Bad: Gun-range clerk shot
  116. GOOD & UGLY: Father Has To Shoot Stepson To Protect Family - Battle Creek, MI
  117. GOOD & BAD: Man Kills Intruder But Flees The Scene - Summit, TN
  118. GOOD & BAD: Man Stops Car Thieves - San Antonio, TX
  119. GOOD: Intruder Breaks Into The Wrong House - Brooklyn, NY
  120. GOOD: Homeowner Turns The Tables - North Dallas, TX
  121. GOOD: Homeowner Stops Thieves - Gallia County, OH
  122. GOOD: Granny Stops Intruder With .38 - PA
  123. Stalker shot in Modesto, CA
  124. 7 Injured in Shooting Outside Chicago Club
  125. Good: Homeowner Shoots Burglar Several Times
  126. Even Funerals...
  127. Assaulted when he went outside to investigate a noise
  128. Officer murdered while sitting in patrol car
  129. Bad: Man thought it was a joke
  130. Very Bad: Boy fatally shot trick-or-treating
  131. Good: Two men shot in robbery attempt
  132. GOOD: German shepherd stops attempted rape
  133. Good: Would-Be-Rapist killed attacking a woman (Merged)
  134. Bad: 2 shot during Mesquite bank robbery
  135. Bad: man killed in Wal-Mart carjacking, Denver
  136. Home Invasion [Lyman, Washington State]
  137. Dont let this happen to you
  138. Burglar brought knife to a gunfight and won
  139. Ugly: Man Mistakenly Killed By Police (Anaheim, CA)
  140. BAD:Homeowner Stabbed, Shot in Struggle with Burglar, Police Say
  141. 71 year old CCH in robbery shooting(good).
  142. Robbery Victim Shot
  143. Homicide Suspect Killed By Police
  144. Bad: Boy kills self with Uzi
  145. Almost grabbed the pistol!
  146. Burglary Suspect Shot by Police on Westside
  147. Bad: Four men allegedly rob couple at gunpoint at Hampshire Mall (Hadley, MA)
  148. Hillsborough Co. (FL) teacher shoots and kills intruder
  149. Yet another campus shooting.
  150. BAD: Boy, 8, Shoots self at gun show.
  151. BAD: String of daytime carjackings at homes
  152. BAD: Woman shot at intersection during attempted robbery/carjacking
  153. Bad: dead in Arkansas campus shooting; one suspect in custodyStory Highlights
  154. Good: Attempted carjacking of off-duty officer by two thugs (Merged)
  155. Firefighter Attacked By Aliens in TX
  156. Good: Off-Duty Cop shoots teen who attempts to rob him at gas station - Buffalo, NY
  157. Good: US Air Force Staff Sergeant Shoots intruder!
  158. Violent Crime up 22% as Home Office Admits Underreporting
  159. Bad: Two men arrested after Hadley road rage incident (Western MA)
  160. Bad and ugly: Mother of 3 killed in Little Rock
  161. Bingo hall shooter may not face charges
  162. GOOD & BAD : 21 year old jailed for defending himself
  163. Good: Airman defends his apartment
  164. UK, Australia, NZ...
  165. Bad - Upset Gunman Shot by Police
  166. BAD: Paraglider lands and gets beaten up by 3 X 14 year olds
  167. GOOD & BAD: Dog saves owner in stabbing \ hold up (New Zealand)
  168. Good : Woman shot dead by police (New Zealand)
  169. GOOD & BAD: Homeowner Shoots Intruder After Being Shot In The Head - Indianapolis, IN
  170. Good - Armed Samaritan Helps Woman - Shreveport, LA
  171. Bad: NZ Police officer shot dead
  172. Hijacking goes good?
  173. Media bias
  174. Charges dropped against man that killed one home invader
  175. found this to be interesting
  176. Bad: Road rage shooting fatality in Lubbock, Tx
  177. A whole new level of personal defense
  178. GOOD - U of A student defends himself
  179. Bad, in so many ways: 13-year-old runaway in custody after Oak Cliff slaying
  180. Deputy shoots homeowner, following home invasion aftermath
  181. Very Bad: 1 Student Dead, 3 Wounded In Shooting Near School (Detroit)
  182. GOOD: Man Stops Home Invader - Crest Hills, IL
  183. GOOD: Pizza Delivery Guy Defends Himself Against Three Robbers - Buffalo, NY
  184. GOOD: Robbery Victim Defends Himself - Pleasant Grove, AL
  185. GOOD: Homeowner Defends Himself With A Gun - Raleigh, Tenn
  186. Good: Party Crasher Gets Disrupted - Austin, TX
  187. Good - Home Invader Picks The Wrong House - San Antonio, TX
  188. Dallas Homeowner Shoots, Kills Burglar in His Living Room
  189. Bad : 2 cases of teens, killing other teens
  190. Reserve sheriff and wife who owned gun shop killed in their home
  191. Homeowner Shoots Intruder......In Cali!
  192. Good and Bad: 8th Grader stops invader with BB gun (WI)
  193. FBI: Justifiable homicides at highest in more than a decade
  194. Deadly shooting deemed justified - Va
  195. Bad: Police say man shot to death was complying with robber
  196. Violent Home Invasion
  197. UGLY ARTICLE: 'Disposable' AK-47s trend that worries cops
  198. Good: Pizza delivery guy shoots robbers...
  199. Suspect, 16, was unarmed when shot
  200. Good: Pizza Man Defends Self Goldsboro, NC
  201. Ugly: Boy, 12, shot as he does homework
  202. Possible home invasion attempt...
  203. Another Mall Shooting
  204. ALEXANDRIA,VA MEMBERS, girl shot need info please
  205. Bad: His going to have a bad day in Cali
  206. NC News Story
  207. Civilian Gun Self Defense Blog
  208. Good - Some Justice Was Served
  209. Lucky: British Teen Cheats Death
  210. Random Killing
  211. Man Shot Dead In Middle School Parking Lot
  212. GOOD - when a restraining order isn't enough
  213. Good - Another Angry Dad and Naked Guy
  214. Neutral: Woman gets carjacked and gets lucky
  215. Armed Robbery of Las Vegas Hilton Sportsbook
  216. Yet another reason to carry.
  217. Good; Heroic Shopper Thanked
  218. Reason to carry
  219. Pregnant Wal-Mart Shopper Hit By Bullet Fired By Fleeing Suspect
  220. Armed Clerk Kills Robbery Suspect
  221. GOOD: Intruders Find More Than They Bargained For
  222. Another nutjob.
  223. A gun would have saved them the struggle..
  224. DUMB: Witness fires gun as robber flees
  225. Downtown Panhandler Shot Man, Left On Bus
  226. Mugging on Campus
  227. Ugly, things are not always wht they seem
  228. NOT GOOD: Juvenile arrested following police chase
  229. DC resident Defends Himself with gun
  230. 16 shots and missed
  231. Asleep on the job. UN-Loaded=Dumb
  232. Stupid:Police Hunt For AK47 YouTube Gang
  233. GOOD: Home Owner Puts An End To Intruders Career - Big Canoe, GA
  234. GOOD: Home Owner Stops Intruder - West Valley, UT
  235. Bad and Stupid: Police Hunt For AK47 YouTube Gang (UK)
  236. Ugly: 2 shot at Athens (LA) area high school
  237. GOOD! Home invader fatally shot in Vero Beach
  238. Shooting In MO. Challenges Castle Doctrine
  239. Ugly - Phoenix officer shoots man who confronted burglar
  240. Bad: Case of mistaken identity
  241. Two Teens Sentenced For Roles In Armed Home Invasion - Ocala, FL
  242. Good;"And Another One Bites The Dust"
  243. Bad: Chicago City Worker Shot in Back for Attaching Boot to Vintage Car
  244. DUMB: Trial set for man accused of pointing gun at coach
  245. GOOD: Tx man shoots intruder. may not be charged
  246. GOOD: Three Intruders Go In, One Has To Be Carried Out - Lexington, KY
  247. GOOD: Man Defends His Home And Family - Sacramento, CA
  248. GOOD: Another Knife Brought To A Gunfight - Augusta, GA
  249. GOOD: Man Brings Knife To Gunfight And Loses - Colorado Springs, CO
  250. Bad: 4 mo old baby thrown from car during armed carjacking