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  1. UGLY: But really just stupid
  2. GOOD: Man in Louisville Kills Attackers
  3. VERY UGLY: Deputy Killed, Officer Injured Near Monteagle (TN)
  4. Homeowner kills alleged burglar; woman escapes
  5. GOOD: Home invasion stopped (Merged)
  6. Defense Shooting (911 tape)
  7. Man defends property - Kennebec, TX
  8. Home Owner 2, Criminals Zero
  9. "Bloody stabbing victim chases his attackers"
  10. Unarmed, Beaten And Burned To Death
  11. Real Ugly: Boy wanted to Kill Classmates
  12. GOOD: Man Stops Girlfriend From Being Hit By Car - Spartanburg, SC
  13. GOOD: Homeowner Shoots 1 Home Invader After Being Shot At - Pittsburgh, PA
  14. Neutral - Man Shoots Gas Thief - Rudy, AR
  15. Neutral - Man Is Shot While Fatally Shooting Home Invader - Phoenix, AZ
  16. Man Kills Agressive Bear In His Backyard - Henderson County, NC
  17. Man Kills Agressive Pit Bull - Boise, ID
  18. Bad: Nice guy shot
  19. Brave Little 10 Year Old
  20. Man Shoots Self While Trying To Scratch an Itch with a Revolver
  21. Hells Angels
  22. Ultimate Scary Scenario - What to do
  23. 2 BGs breathing Marine Bob Crutchfield's air
  24. Birthday parties are not safe any more
  25. Ex POW Shuts Down Robber In Carlisle PA
  26. First Four Rules....
  27. Witnesses: Bank Robbery Suspect Marched Them Into Vault At Gunpoint
  28. They saved a lot of paperwork, too
  29. Outrage Of The Week - Mass school expels 10yo over brass case
  30. Marine starts self defense "tupperware" parties
  31. The Police will protect you?
  32. Local Shooting
  33. 20 years
  34. Arrest in Lynch Station murder
  35. Tulsa Man Pleads Guilty in Road Rage Case
  36. Police: Two Brothers Shoot Same Man 5 Years Apart
  37. Teen shoots Teen in Fort Worth, Texas Break-in
  38. "Gunmen kill teen during robbery"
  39. Another business owner defends himself
  40. Altamonte Springs home invader died from stab wounds
  41. 3 men booked in beachside home invasion
  42. Bad in so many ways: Dad kills daughter defending home
  43. Cops: Alleged Robber Pretended to Be Store Clerk
  44. Woman survives multiple gunshot wounds to the head
  45. Good: Ft. Lauderdale Man Shoots Intruder
  46. Ugly: Gunman Opens Fire During an Arkansas Wedding (Merged)
  47. Good: Would-be robber shot by victim.
  48. UGLY: 1 dead after church fundraiser shooting
  49. "Teen dead, officer wounded in shootout"
  50. CCW holder stops bar shooting in NV
  51. Closed per request of OP - story not true
  52. Miami - "Gunman surrenders after killing wife, her daughter"
  53. Advocate for students??
  54. 10-year sentence in shooting case
  55. Pizza robbers now doing pick up v. delivery
  56. Be aware of Church Vans!
  57. BAD: Woman Arrested After Son's Friend Steals Gun - West Haven, CT
  58. "7-year-old shoots her mother in suburban Boca Raton"
  59. BAD: High School kid shootout after graduation
  60. BAD. prom night shooting,ROchester NY
  61. Bad: Sheriff Upset At Suspected Killer's Release
  62. Weird: Man Claims Self-Defense, Accused Of Murder
  63. Stabbing at High School Caught on Video
  64. GOOD: Homeowner Defends Himself - Missouri City, TX
  65. "Co-worker charged in Sunny Isles hotel slaying"
  66. Boyfriend Survives .45 to Head
  67. Parents Fleeing Home Robbery Leave 8-Year-Old Son Behind
  68. Mo. EMT shot while transporting shooting victim
  69. Miami-Dade; "2 found shot to death in Dade duplex"
  70. Ugly: Three year old shoots self
  71. "Police: Widow of shooting victim shot intruder"
  72. GOOD: Homeowner Stops Home Invader - Hampton Crossroads, TN
  73. Another Hero Fired
  74. Good: Trigger Finger Straight
  75. Ugly. Car Jacking gone bad.
  76. Ugly. Man shoots sister.
  77. Deputies hunt for home invaders who shot dog, endangered 8-year-old boy
  78. "Man gunned down leaving restaurant"
  79. UGLY: Two Idiots Taze Each Other - Boulder, CO
  80. 11 yr old Defends Herself in Butte, Montana
  81. "Man stabbed to death on South Beach"
  82. "Man shot near Pahokee nightclub won't talk with PBSO"
  83. Who Says You Don't Need To Carry In National Parks? Two Dead After Police Pursuit
  84. Ugly: Man pistol-whipped mother, fired two shots, police say
  85. GOOD: Bar Owner Shoots Would Be Robber - Des Moines, IA
  86. GOOD: Security Guard Shoots Would Be Robber - Aurora, CO
  87. GOOD: Homeowner Stops Home Invades And Hold One For Police - Galesburg, IL
  88. GOOD: Suspect Shot During Home Invasion - Rochester, NY
  89. GOOD: CT-Mike finds ALL the GB&U Stories
  90. GOOD: Car Jacker Shot By Car Owner - Memphis, TN
  91. UGLY: Woman Dies After Interrupting A Burglary - Las Vegas
  92. GOOD: Store Owner Shoots Robber With Robbers Gun - Phoenix, AZ
  93. GOOD: Business Owner Interrupts Robbery - Orange County, FL
  94. Tapanese - "Neighbor guilty of manslaughter in '06 shooting"
  95. Air Force Airmen Stopped in Burglary
  96. Another reformed criminal
  97. Shooting at church - Merged
  98. California--Not Good
  99. GOOD: Homeowners Corner Burglars - Des Moines, IA
  100. GOOD: Business Owner Fatally Shoots Robber - San Antonio, TX
  101. GOOD: Dentist Defends Himself Against Pickaxe Wielding Wife - Kelseyville, CA
  102. GOOD: Neighbor Fatally Shoots Donut Store Robber - Fort Worth, TX
  103. GOOD: Man Protects His Home - Atlanta
  104. GOOD: Man Prevents Further Attacks On Himself By Drawing Weapon - Brookings, OR
  105. GOOD: Woman Won't Face Charges in Boyfriend's Death - Plant City, FL
  106. UGLY: Store Owner Indicted For Assault After Stopping Attackers - NYC
  107. BAD: Store Owner Shot In Robbery Attempt - New Haven, CT
  108. Would-be robber flees after businessman draws handgun. Good! AIR FORCE!!!
  109. Man on bicycle shot, killed near Palm Springs
  110. Good AND Ugly: teen takes a bite out of attacker
  111. Ugly: Cleveland Man Pummeled to Death by 15, Urinated On
  112. 3 young people wounded in Miami shooting
  113. Deputy on motorcycle tracks down road-rage gunman in Deerfield
  114. National Park killer does a repeat after parole
  115. Coral Springs man arrested in armed kidnapping
  116. Ugly:Teenager with an AK-47
  117. While you're waiting for 911 response...
  118. Hollywood neighborhood on edge over brazen break-in
  119. "Dealing with it" in Tucson...
  120. Four teens charged in Fort Pierce Red Lobster robbery
  121. Man found shot to death in Miami backyard
  122. Man arrested after deadly fight
  123. Taking your Wal-Mart walk
  124. Gunfire spoils birthday party at Miramar home
  125. NFL player's brother killed in Riviera Beach
  126. Citizens fighting back
  127. Convenience Store Employee Fired for Stopping Attack on Girl
  128. 2 People Dead After Double Shooting in Vegas
  129. Suspect fatally shot in theft, police say
  130. BAD- Man shot by burglar with his own gun [merge]
  131. Police ID young women shot in drive-by
  132. Boca Raton again-Jeweler shoots robber dead
  133. Busy day in FLORIDA...Boca & St. Pete
  134. Mesa. AZ clerk fights back w/Taser and gun
  135. Jury finds defendant guilty of first-degree murder
  136. Good: Suspect hit by 5 shots
  137. Assasination or random act of violence?
  138. In Illinois!!
  139. Where it helped?
  140. Authorities Investigate Second Shooting Targeting Indiana School Principal
  141. Man Shoots Girlfriend, 2 Kids, Self in Virginia Home
  142. Carjacking and armed robberies
  143. "And this is how you clear a jam" BLAM!!!
  144. While his baby sleeps, Kendall man is shot
  145. Davie: Gunman robs Goodwill of money drawer
  146. Ugly: Man kills Fetus by Mistake
  147. Person of Interest in Brutal Murder of Senior Citizen Arrested With Missing Teen in T
  148. Baltimore Woman Shot in Head, Killed, for Refusing to Give Man Cigarette
  149. 5-Year-Old Boy Fatally Shoots 4-Year-Old Sister
  150. Man is shot at Aventura Mall
  151. 3 hunted in Davie bank robbery in which pregant woman hit
  152. WOW! What a story
  153. UGLY: Cashier shot,killed during robbery
  154. Bad: Ind. teller says gunman prevented co-workers from helping
  155. Driveway robberies; how may I rob you?: MERGED
  156. Most digusting thing I've heard about in Awhile...
  157. Good: Dead would-be robber had long rap sheet
  158. 16 year old girl stabs rapist
  159. Bad & Ugly: Toddler's Death Is Murder (Update x 2)
  160. Not his first time using a gun..
  161. Texas man shoots intruder (FOX Video)
  162. UGLY: DPS Trooper
  163. SW Florida man arrested in arms-dealing case
  164. Ugly: Two Nashville men shot, Chattanooga man pistol whipped in home invasion
  165. "Man killed across from Miami Jackson High"
  166. Lake Worth shooting injures two
  167. FAU Boca Raton campus locked down while police search for shooter
  168. One of The Best True Stories
  169. Former NFL player fatally shot at Orlando apartment building
  170. What's worse then being put on hold by 911?
  171. Car Jacking Victim Fights Back
  172. Managers, customer all draw guns: Merged
  173. Cops: Deputy Shoots, Kills Man With Knives at California Court
  174. College Student stupidity
  175. Good--Nashville, TN--HCP Defends Self in Liqour Store Robbery
  176. Fort Lauderdale police investigating double shooting
  177. Navy man, walking with fiancee, identified as slaying victim
  178. Couple sought for 2 N.C. deaths surrender after Norfolk standoff
  179. BAD: "Any delivery is the potential for a robbery." Portsmouth, VA
  180. GOOD: One Dead After Shooting At Video Store - Indianapolis, IN
  181. GOOD: Homeowner Shoots Two Of Three Invaders - Indianapolis, IN
  182. GOOD: Pawn Shop Owner Shoots Robber - Houston, TX
  183. GOOD: Robbery Victim Shoots Attacker - Queens, NY
  184. BAD: Home Invasion Victim Shot - Cleveland, TN
  185. GOOD: Shots Fired During Home Invasion - Statesville, NC
  186. GOOD: Suspect Shot During Robbery - Hattiesburg, MS
  187. North Miami Beach; Robbers flee after shootout with police
  188. Shooting leaves 2 dead outside Plantation Police Department
  189. The Smiley Face Murders - Multiple Related Killings Nationwide.
  190. Random Strangers Hunted, Slashed With Razor Blades For Gang Initiations
  191. City crime down, except for the killings
  192. Dunkin Donut store clerk shot in robbery; baby found in getaway car
  193. Downtown Atlanta shootings
  194. Idiot's Again
  195. Man's arm almost severed by alleged gas thief
  196. Omaha Teen Soccer Player Shot in Mouth, Gunfiire Reported at Two Schools
  197. Lost carjacker
  198. Gun seller offering discounts to 'save lives'
  199. Deputy facing manslaughter kills self. Brother kills self/gf too.
  200. Blind man stops intruder
  201. Opinion: Gun-Free Zones Are Not Safe
  202. Theft stopped in Tempe, AZ
  203. Another home invasion in my area (Southwest Vegas)
  204. Shooting victim sues former employer, BJ's Wholesale Club
  205. Bank Teller Expecting Twins Shot During Indianapolis Robbery
  206. Man shoots self in road rage confrontation.
  207. 7 Killed In Weekend Violence In Philadelphia
  208. Carjacking starts bad ends good
  209. Good and Bad: JAGSonville, FL
  210. UGLY: 32 Shot, 2 Stabbed, 6 Dead In One Weekend - Chicago, IL
  211. GOOD: Home invasion death in Denver area - Updated
  212. Baby shot while playing with dad is recovering
  213. BAD: Shooting Spree- Irvington, NJ
  214. Lake Worth man shot in head while sitting on porch
  215. Scores Killed, Hundreds Injured As Para-Military Extremists Riot
  216. Man shot, drives himself to hospital
  217. GOOD: Homeowner Chases Invaders Out Of House - Buffalo, MN
  218. GOOD: Homeowner Shoots Home Invader - Oak Cliff, TX
  219. BAD: Home Invasion owner killed
  220. GOOD: Liquor Store Clerk Fires First - Oakland, CA
  221. Valedictorian Supports Cop Who Shot The Thug On Campus
  222. GOOD: Armed Homeowner Sends Invaders Fleeing - Victor Township, MN
  223. Homicide on my campus today
  224. Why Mag disconnects are bad on CC guns
  225. CCWer from New Life Church writing a book
  226. What happened to "My Shooting Incident"?
  227. Incident illustrates the importance of carrying a BUG and/or spare mag
  228. Armed resident sends burglars fleeing
  229. Carjacking gone from bad to worse
  230. Store owner repels robbers with gunfire-FL
  231. GOOD: Homeowner Turns The Tables - Mesa, AZ
  232. LEO Shoots High School Thug in Self Defense
  233. Tampa woman survives gunshot between eyes
  234. BAD: Registered Sex Offender "Accidentally" Shoots Girlfriend - Coventry, CT
  235. BAD: Store Clerk Fires Recklessly - Milwaukee, WI
  236. GOOD: Possible Self-Defense Shooting - Milwaukee, WI
  237. GOOD: Homicide Treated As Self-Defense - North Fairmount, OH
  238. Homeowner Shoots Intruder - Moore, OK
  239. GOOD: Woman Protects Herself With A Gun - Friendsboro, TX
  240. GOOD: Store Owner Protects Himself - Orlando, FL
  241. GOOD: Would Be Robber Shot By Intended Victim - Scottsboro, AL
  242. GOOD: Man Acted In Self-Defense In Fatal Shooting - Lexington, AL
  243. Security Guard Fires At Vehicle
  244. Very Ugly: Pregnant woman beaten, husband shot in West Valley home invasion
  245. BAD: Home Invasion/Murder In Groton, CT
  246. Victim accidentally shoots self
  247. SC Shooting near campus
  248. What Ever Happened To John Horn and Due Moore??
  249. Good..... Store Owner Kills Robber
  250. Justified Homicides up by 50% in Memphis