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  1. Here's a rarity - assault hedgehogs
  2. One Of Those Things That Make You GO HUMMMMM... "Man Fatally Shoots Wife"
  3. Good: Home Invasion In Stillman Valley, Illinois Leaves 1 Dead
  4. School attack in Sydney
  5. Funeral Directors Need Armed Guards
  6. Good & Bad: Teen points BB gun at police, urges them to kill him
  7. Man Kills Wife's Doctor Outside Medical Office Building in Texas
  8. UPDATE: Mr White shooting on 20/20 last night
  9. Students take gun from classmate at high school
  10. Clerk Wrestles Shotgun From Would-Be Robber
  11. Bowling Green Resident Fatally Shoots Intruder
  12. NEUTRAL: Clerk Fatally Shoots Thief
  13. Another Texas man shotguns a burglar in the back (2 videos)
  14. Neutral: Car-jacking Gone Wrong
  15. Another Pizza Delivery Guy About To Get Fired
  16. Santa Ana teacher arrested after students find gun in her class
  17. But...California Has Gunlaws!
  18. Here we go again...another nutjob
  19. GOOD: Tenant Kills Home Invader
  20. GOOD: Female Homeowner Stops 3 Home Invaders
  21. UGLY: Man Fatally Stabbed In AZ Mall Gun Free Zone
  22. Possible Self-Defense In SC
  23. MD Senior Holds Burglar At Gunpoint
  24. UGLY: Home Invasion In New Britain, CT
  25. UGLY: 9 y/o Shoots Own Father
  26. Good: Clerk shoots robber
  27. Shoot-Out At The Winn-Dixie
  28. Clarification on the Pizza Hut story
  29. FATAL SHOOTING: Suspect says he was drunk
  30. Great: Md. Boy, 12, Kills Man Attacking Mother
  31. Is it my imagination, or are home invasions happening more often?
  32. No more Pizza Hut (Merged X 2)
  33. Ugly: Another home invasion report
  34. Ugly:Two dead after workplace shooting in North Carolina
  35. Very Ugly: Freed sex offender charged in fatal home invasion
  36. Cigar Store Clerk Turns The Tables
  37. Terror attack thwarted by alert civilians near Shilo
  38. Security Guard Takes Pre-emptive Action
  39. BAD: Credit Card Company Says No
  40. Neutral: 8-year-old brings loaded .40 to school
  41. NIU Top Cop: I Lost 5 People
  42. You cannot make this up
  43. Good: Neighbor Chases Down And Apprehends Burglar
  44. Home invasion leads to shootout in suburban WPB
  45. Good Samaritan shot to death
  46. Illinois State Rep. Younge Robbed at Gunpoint in Home [merged]
  47. 11 year old girl defends home- Urban Legend - Closed
  48. Murder of VCU student, after robbery while walking away
  49. Good: LEO 1, BG 0
  50. Armed Citizensí Legal Defense Network, LLC
  51. Off-duty Fla. paramedic shot over noisy go-cart dispute
  52. Good: Pizza Delivery Man Shoots Robber UPDATE:Changed from Neutral to Good
  53. Good: Homeowner Fatally Shoots Invader In Memphis
  54. Good, and Ugly: Son Shoots And Kills Abusive Father
  55. My daughter was lucky
  56. 3 Killed in Ga. Hospital Shooting
  57. 85 Year Old Opens Fire
  58. Pharmacist Wrestles Shotgun Away From Robber
  59. Woman Kills Home Intruder, Wounds Husband
  60. Mixed: Neighbor Apprehends Burglar
  61. GR MI Self Defense deemed justified
  62. Another VA Sniper
  63. Morning commute in Virginia
  64. Why Did The Media & Govt Not Tell Us About This Self Defense
  65. Possible Self-Defense Shooting In Pueblo
  66. Man arrested for firing his AK to defend his property
  67. Man Fatally Shoots Cousin
  68. Home Intruder Fatally Shot - Miami-Dade FL
  69. Woman Stops Home Intruder
  70. Man uses gun to drill hole and kills wife
  71. Pilot's Gun Goes Off On Flight From Denver
  72. Ugly: Teen recalls hostage drama that ended in death
  73. Georgia Hiker Fought Her Convicted Killer Before He Tricked Her
  74. Tattoo Parlor Owners Shoots At Robber
  75. Ugly: Never Get Out of the Boat (FL)
  76. Store Owner Pins Would Be Robber
  77. Homeowner Takes Action
  78. Homeowner Shoots Two Intruders
  79. The Right To Kill
  80. 'Officer' in chase nailed by real one
  81. Boca Raton mall killer
  82. Frisco home intruder shoots man after confrontation
  83. Unarmed Tacketts Killed in Kentucky
  84. Ugly: Calif. Woman Killed While On Phone with 911: MERGED
  85. Resident Shoots At Two Intruders
  86. Shooting In Austin
  87. Salon Owner Shoots Robber
  88. Picked The Wrong House And Ended Up Dead
  89. Man killed during home invasion_ugly
  90. Good: Tucker man shoots intruder
  91. 4 killed in California
  92. Burglar Shot By Homeowner
  93. Home Invasion In Delaware Ends With Shootout
  94. Homeowner Shoots Man in Flint's First Homicide
  95. Man Thwarts Three Burglars In His Home
  96. Orlando FL Homeowner killed during home invasion
  97. New mess with working women.
  98. Axe-Wielding Road Rager Shot
  99. One Person Shot In North Charlotte Home Invasion
  100. Utah home invasion
  101. Good: Great-Grandmother Uses Gasoline to Fight Off Purse Snatcher
  102. KY Homeowner Shoots Burglar
  103. Butcher Knife Wielding Woman Shot In The Abdomen
  104. Good: Situational Awareness Pays Off
  105. Victim's Wife Shoots At Home Invaders
  106. Lawton, Oklahoma - God was on his side
  107. Huntsville Dad Gets Stabbed at Circus
  108. Criminal Charges????
  109. Gunman robs pair in food court at the Palm Beach Mall
  110. Australian Woman Kills Boyfriend Who Stopped Her From Playing Springsteen
  111. Uncle Shoots and Kills Mountain Lion That Attacked Boy
  112. Ugly: Shooter Fourth To Die After Massacre: McComb, MS(Merged)
  113. BAD: St. Louis woman shot in attempted car Jacking
  114. Home Invader Shot
  115. Deadly mall shooting in Mission Viejo
  116. Everybody has an opinion
  117. Another BG Shot In The Backside
  118. Augusta Homeowner Refused To Be Robbed
  119. Bad Plan on Homeowners Part
  120. Mass. Man Unknowingly Opens Door To Wanted Fugitive
  121. Three NDs, but only 2 are charged...Why?
  122. Bound to make headlines tonight...
  123. Another Home Invasion
  124. Key Role Of Armed Student In Jerusalem
  125. GOOD: And this is why you should not trust the press.
  126. This is why I carry a gun everywhere!!!
  127. Man Shoots & Wounds Home Intruder
  128. Boy With Gun Scares Off Armed Burglar
  129. Bad & Ugly: Negligence Causes Toddler's Death **Update**
  130. Drive by leaves 7 wounded
  131. Homeowner Uses Deadly Force To Stop Home Invader
  132. Restaurant Cook Prevents Robbery
  133. For Some Things There is No Defense.
  134. Poor Victim Selection
  135. 15 y/o Shot While Attempting To Rob A Restaurant
  136. Security Guard Stops Shoplifter
  137. Shooting Ends Life Of Crime
  138. Fresno Home Invasion
  139. Ugly: Military Couple killed in home.
  140. Gunfight At The Family Store
  141. Statistics Canada study confirms firearms and violent crime not linked
  142. Ugly: This is not Iraq.
  143. Very Ugly: Massacre in Memphis
  144. Gun Safety Lesson ends in death
  145. Pittsburgh Taxi Driver Shoots Robber
  146. Man Breaks Up Barfight - Leads To Home Invasion
  147. 16 y/o Armed Home Invader Shot & Killed
  148. Shooting in Florida Wendy's (merged)
  149. Gun incident near President Bush's ranch
  150. Very Ugly: Father shot in front of his children during home invasion robbery
  151. Armed Security Guard Shoots Armed BG
  152. Something Jumped Up And Bit Me In The Buttocks
  153. The whacky world we live in. Emory Texas shooting (merged)
  154. UGLY: Vendor shot AFTER being robbed
  155. Tucson Homeowner Defends Home
  156. Intruder shot and killed in Tucson, Ariz. home invasion
  157. Deputy, 2 kids found dead in Ga. home
  158. Burglary Suspect Fatally Shot
  159. Good: 13 Year Old Uses Gun in Self Defense
  160. Man shot motorcycle rider for following his daughters (GA)
  161. Ugly: Shooting at L.A. bus stop leaves 8 wounded
  162. NRA: The Untold Story of Gun Confiscation After Katrina (Video) (Merged)
  163. Home invasion in West Hazleton, PA
  164. Bristol, TN Shooting: Three dead, one injured
  165. Elizabeth State University Drill
  166. Man Arrested For Fatally Shooting Roommate - With Followup Story
  167. Springfield Man Attacked By Hammer (Springfield, MA)
  168. UGLY: Man Critical after South Memphis Home Invasion
  169. VA FERRUM College on Lockdown for Suspicious man
  170. Modesto Home Invasion/Robbery
  171. Man with Ax Shot to Death
  172. What not to do
  173. SUNY Stony Brook in Lockdown after "gunman seen"
  174. Homeowner Involved in 3rd Shooting This Year
  175. More GOOD news....
  176. 17 year old suspect fatally shot during home invasion
  177. Heroine Jean Assam discusses her gunfight/tactics in detail (VIDEO)
  178. Restaurant Security Guard Fatally Shoots Knife-Wielding Attacker
  179. Shooter on trial claims self defense against a jeep...
  180. Home Invasion Ends In Homicide
  181. It can happen to any of us.
  182. It can happen anywhere
  183. kick a drug dealer out of your place of business, get shot at
  184. Lucky day for Fire Chief
  185. Good: Local News has program on guns
  186. Would-Be Restaurant Robber Shot By Intended Victim
  187. Man Killed at Michigan Gas Station
  188. Indian Springs, Fl. home invasion
  189. Three Home Intruders Come In - One Goes Out In A Box
  190. New And Improved Bulletproof Vest
  191. UGLY: Road rage leads to high-speed chase and shootout in east Orange County
  192. Armed Store Clerk Prevents Robbery
  193. Man Shot in The Back
  194. Sex Offender is Killed While Attacking Two Women
  195. Police on the hunt for 2 armed robbery suspects (NoHo, MA)
  196. Memphis: Robbery Gone Good!
  197. Murder while wearing a Motor Bike Helmet
  198. Batter Up
  199. Sheriff's office investigates shooting
  200. Gunman Reported On Santa Fe Community College Campus
  201. Mom: Police Told Daughter To Stop Calling Before Murder-Suicide
  202. Possible Self-Defense Shooting in Lexington
  203. Clerk Fires Back
  204. Woman Defends Herself With .22
  205. Broke Into The Wrong Trailer Home
  206. Don't Mess With Older Gentleman With Military Haircuts
  207. Attempted Robbery Gone Good
  208. Robbery Victim Turns The Tables
  209. Homeowner Fatally Shoots Intruder
  210. Armed Bouncers Shoot Back
  211. Armed Good Samaritan Comes to Aid of Man Being Beaten
  212. Tulsa Domestic Dispute May Be Case of Self-Defense
  213. Dallas Homeowner Takes Action
  214. Delaware Store Owner Fires Back
  215. 14 y/o Armed Home Invader Shot in the Head
  216. Didn't take the Brady Bunch Long
  217. Tennesse Shooting
  218. Mess with a marine
  219. UGLY: Armed Man Terrorizes K-Mart Customers
  220. Ray Nagin is at it again
  221. 80-year-old John Wayne fan puts attacker in hospital
  222. Ugly: Another School Shooting! (merged)
  223. Man killed in shootout with bouncers at Detroit club
  224. Ugly: Official: Shooting Victim Brain Dead--Oxnard, California
  225. Man Sought in Psychologistís Stabbing
  226. Man Shoots Himself While Attempting To Rob Store
  227. Clothing Store Owner Shoots Robbers
  228. Residents Beat Then Shoot Rapist
  229. Home Invasion in Loris, SC
  230. Two Shot in Richmond, Texas
  231. Detroit Homeowner Fatally Shoots Home Invader
  232. On the border
  233. Update to "I'm not the murderer..."
  234. Ugly: Fists and an SUV make up a late night fight in New York City
  235. Student shoots classmate in Memphis school cafeteria:MERGED
  236. House Firebombed, Fired Upon-UPDATE
  237. Robbery Victim Turns The Tables
  238. Security Guard Fatally Shoots Robber
  239. 4 Teenage Burglars Captured
  240. House Firebombed, Fired Upon
  241. Home Invasion/Robbery in Brooklyn (NYC)
  242. It happens in smaller towns also
  243. 11 people shot in 90 mins.
  244. Belen teen shot after alleged auto break in
  245. Store Clerk Shoots Robber
  246. Man Fires at Getaway Car
  247. Armed Homeowner in Long Beach, CA fatally shoots intruder.
  248. Shotgun through the door
  249. 3rd Man Dies In Shooting At Largo Retail Center
  250. Boy, 14, allegedly stabs Springfield police officer (MA)