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  1. teen defends home against 4 intruders
  2. Carjacking thwarted by 17 year old
  3. This happened this week in Little Rock.
  4. Fort Worth Robbery Suspect Shot, But Not By Police" :MERGED
  5. An effective home defense handgun: Kentucky: MERGED
  6. Success v. failure?
  7. Homeowner, 71, shot intruder in NE home
  8. Ex-Marine Defends Himself at a Subway in FL
  9. Florida success story!
  10. Citizens Arrest
  11. It happened again!
  12. Pickpocket Gets What's Comming to Him by a 72 Year Old Man : Merged
  13. Two local news stories
  14. Castle Doctrine Upheld
  15. Don't try to rob pizza parlors in West Virgina
  16. You are Fired!
  17. What to do if you forget your gun...
  18. Teen turns tables, shoots robber after taking away gun
  19. Burglar pursues suit against doctor who shot him
  20. Armed citizen shoots customer
  21. stats
  22. Fired for catching thieves!!!
  23. GA Family Subdues, Beats Armed Robbery Suspect
  24. Grand jury clears shooter in March Metro fatality
  25. CCW'er shot and killed by CCW retired police officer.
  26. Pizza restaurant manager fires at robbers...
  27. Akron, Ohio CHL holder uses firearm to defend himself
  28. 4 armed robbers, 2 clerks with 1 gun; BGs lose bad
  29. Amputee Uses Crutch to Fight Off Gunmen
  30. Apparent Home Invasion in OK City
  31. Intruder Killed by Fayetteville Homeowner
  32. Burglary Suspect Shot, Killed by GPD Officer
  33. New To The Board- My Story
  34. Better Headline: Armed Citizen Stops Crime Spree
  35. Owner shoots burglar
  36. Sex Attack Inside Church Captured On Videotape [Victim fights back FTW with a pen]
  37. waiting periods for gun purchases make no sense. Here's one reason.
  38. Customer praised for helping to stop bank robbery suspect
  39. Armed success story by new member
  40. Pizza delivery driver shoots, kills attacker
  41. Bode Miller's cousin kills officer, then is killed by passer-by (merged)
  42. Another Ohio CCW success story
  43. Truck beats imaginary pistols
  44. Old, but I don't remember seeing it
  45. Ft Lauderdale jewelry v. Bad Guys
  46. Close Call
  47. wow, this reporter has his head on straight!
  48. Another pit bull "incident"...
  49. Soldier Shoots, Kills Burglar Stealing Guns
  50. My most unforgetable survival story
  51. According to the media - man grabs shot gun then fires Rifle
  52. Murder Free
  53. 80 year old Cleveland woman defends herself
  54. A very interesting Poll
  55. This happened to me in 1994
  56. Looks like the neighbors are learning from example
  57. Not Really Armed, But a Success...
  58. A boy dies, and a gun debate is reignited
  59. Miss America stops thieves!
  60. 2 for 1 (2 suspects shot)
  61. Store Owner Fights Back
  62. Farmer guilty of murdering burglar in UK
  63. Manchester, NH - Bystander steps in with his CCW
  64. ABC 20/20 show on Armed Self Defense
  65. Man Uses Concealed Weapon To Stop Robbery
  66. Don't mess with Momma's babies!
  67. ABC news 20/20 wants "armed citizen stories"
  68. Gun Used In Self-Defense? Tell ABC (John Stossel)
  69. Rambo Granny?
  70. Wife charged after husband shoots lover
  71. She stopped the thief and saved her stuff
  72. Shootout During Home Invasion
  73. Chieppa found not guilty (MA)
  74. They just keep on
  75. Man kills sledgehammer wielding intruder
  76. Robbery foiled by a CCW carrier
  77. Home invasion gone good ! (FL)
  78. Passer-by uses gun to halt attack
  79. Diner owner gives BGs a taste of his revolver
  80. Kentucky guy: 1, Home intruders: 0
  81. Armed Brothers stop road rage....
  82. Again, a firearm saves a situation.
  83. CHL holder arrested in shooting
  84. Career Felon killed by homeowner
  85. Attorney shoots alleged robber
  86. U.S. Tourist Kills Mugger
  87. NORTH MIAMI-DADE-Man fatally shoots attacker
  88. FL man who shot teen prankster liable for damages in civil suit
  89. Success but unfortunately, burglar was grandson
  90. Give this guy his Stupid sign?
  91. Fights back with a fixed blade
  92. Pacification at the sight of a gun (last nights bizarre event)
  93. Homeowner fights back against would-be car thieves
  94. Intruders shot during home invasion
  95. U.S. Tourist in Costa Rica Kills Mugger
  96. Pawn Shop Robbery in Oklahoma City
  97. Fighting back works
  98. Man messed with wrong woman!
  99. Does a BB gun count?
  100. Police posing as pizza driver kills teen
  101. Looks Like One For the Good Guys
  102. Two Columbus store owners defend themselves
  103. Columbus man shoots intruder
  104. Minn. Farmer Charged After Chasing Thief
  105. Don't mess with the old dude with a cane
  106. Taken from warriortalk forum...intruder armed with pit bull!
  107. BG: 0.5 / McDonalds employee: 1
  108. Body language and cowardly BG.
  109. Concealed carry permit holder shoots suspect
  110. Poster Child for Stupid
  111. Home Invasion Thwarted, one wounded
  112. Kansas has First Use of CCH
  113. Homeowner holds intruder till police arrive
  114. Wal-Mart... Not carjacker friendly!!
  115. Armed Robbery can be deadly even with a fake gun
  116. I love it here in Vermont...
  117. Thousands of options?
  118. First Aid requirement ???
  119. Ohio Lawyer in Trouble for "Using" Rifle
  120. Score another one for the good guys
  121. Kudos to Juan
  122. Las Vegas Convenience store manager uses his CCW to foil a robbery/kidnapping.
  123. Home Invasion Ends In Deadly Shooting (AZ)
  124. Sometimes you don't need a gun...........
  125. Pinned man shoots car thief!
  126. bar robber gets more than he bargained for...
  127. Rottenweilers and Gas Meters, Circa 1996: Why I love Meter Men
  128. More Good SD News!
  129. On the radio!
  130. Even with warning signs, the BG still broke in.
  131. If you give them what they want, they'll leave you alone...
  132. Pit bull Attack
  133. Intruders pay price for home invasion
  134. Attacked while on fishing trip
  135. Weapon Keeps man safe in attempted carjacking
  136. Victim wants to meet CCW holder who saved her life - (NM)
  137. Proof that Helmets Save Lives!
  138. A home invader's last break-in (NM)
  139. Attempted home invasion
  140. Greedy dumb criminal
  141. Importance of awareness
  142. Just Reported on Nashville, TN, FOX Channel 17...
  143. My Pizza's, I don't think so...
  144. Ouch.Criminal shoots Self In Groin
  145. Stupid OH criminal
  146. They'll just take it away from you...
  147. MD Mall Shooting
  148. "(AP) Armed state senator foils alleged burglary by teens"
  149. Sad State of Affairs, OH shooting
  150. Cincinnati Deli Shooting
  151. Kc MO shooting video ( with our own betty found online again )
  152. This could go in Knives etc.. too but lets go here .
  153. Home Invasion Ends In Deadly Shooting (TX)
  154. Teen shot for car jacking
  155. Missouri's first CCW self defense
  156. Rape Victim stabs attacker in defense of daughter
  157. Pit Bull Attack
  158. Kidnapper held at gunpoint...
  159. Elderly Orlando Man Stops Home Invasion (FL)
  160. 1000 Actual Stories Of Self Defense
  161. Not 100% CCW related but...
  162. Store Manager cleared in fatal robbery
  163. Another BG bites the dust!
  164. CHP Holder shoots mugger
  165. 14 Year Old shoots/kills home intruder...
  166. mall shooting
  167. Man Shot in Self Defense in Downtown Seattle
  168. Many robbed, but last victim had a gun
  169. Lucky save from...a bear
  170. Local QuickStop Gas Station Robbery Thwarted
  171. Store owner kills would be robber.
  172. Cab driver shoots would-be robber
  173. Chicks Carrying Guns and Kicking Tail
  174. Don't Mess with My Car....
  175. 5 Duquense BBall players shot
  176. Home invasion leads to one death
  177. Gun-toting citizen foils robbery
  178. About my daughter and her CCW coworkers
  179. Choir singer kills robber
  180. BG takes 12ga. to the head
  181. Man Shoots Teens Trying To Rob His Store
  182. carjacking gone wrong
  183. Burglary suspect escapes, but resident put up fight
  184. Man with AK-47 helps thwart robbery
  185. San Antonio Homeowner Shoots Robber
  186. Granny shoots mugger in NY (has CCW permit)
  187. why isn't this ...
  188. Woman shoots dog
  189. Suspect killed after Smyrna standoff (involves ccw)
  190. Personal Stories?
  191. Guess he grabbed the wrong guy...
  192. 17 Year Old Saves His Family
  193. I don't think this will be a success......
  194. Citizen Responder
  195. She couldn't believe it!
  196. Success story?
  197. From the Law Dog Files or "I guess that answer would be a Yes" or Why I love Texas".
  198. One for our side.
  199. Third "Test" of Castle Doctrin ---
  200. Durham, NC man defends self, GF, baby from armed intruder
  201. Packin' Sauce
  202. Little Rock, AR random attack stopped by Civilian
  203. UN-armed citizen success story
  204. I don't know if this classifies as success...
  205. Road Rage / Brandishing
  206. When all else fails...grab the muzzle loader!
  207. Glad things didnt turn ugly
  208. USA Today Changes the Facts
  209. Tenn. knife attack- One more for our side!
  210. Great work in Tennessee
  211. Threat of force wins
  212. Thank You Lasermax.
  213. Family wallops would-be robber, wraps things up for police
  214. Tactical surprise in Philly
  215. Colorado homeowner kills intruder.
  216. news: Robbery victim shoots and kills one robber, wounds another
  217. Fatal Shooting in News: Doniphan Appears to be Case of Self-Defense
  218. Raisin' Kids the RIGHT way!
  219. FL Castle Doctrine effects -
  220. Not really a success, just odd loophole
  221. Bar owner kills would-be robber
  222. Puerto Rico
  223. Gun Defense Blog site
  224. Why I Live In TEXAS
  225. Self defense ruling in PA
  226. Good Shoot
  227. Video Scenario Review
  228. Really, a "lack of success" story...
  229. "Good shoot" in Jacksonville, FL Store owner case
  230. I Would Consider This To Be A Success Story
  231. Man confronts would be thief .
  232. Store clerk shoots and kills robbery in Lexington, KY
  233. Local News
  234. This scares the hell out of me
  235. Blast From The Past
  236. "F you and your high powered rifle!" The Gary Fadden incident - The Ayoob files
  237. Did Anyone Catch This Story ?????
  238. This guy really is like Rambo
  239. "It Happened to Me (real life situation)."
  240. Abducted man shoots carjackers, police say ( TX )
  241. AK - good citizens (plural) arrest. :)
  242. Intruder shot by teen with two guns
  243. Cost of 911 call, 50 cents.....
  244. ''He went in for a cash withdrawal, but instead got a lead deposit
  245. Store owner thwarts robbery with beer can
  246. sacramento ca man defends home
  247. Houston woman stops home invasion, kills robber
  248. One From Jacksonville, Florida
  249. Neighbor Does it RIGHT in Miami!
  250. Man is shot in robbery try, possible abduction?