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  1. A Little Girl Shot, and a Crowd That Didnít See
  2. Aim for the Tires
  3. 7-11 Clerk Stops Threat - No Charges AND STILL WORKING AT 7-11
  4. Just in on CNN, video of actual attempted home invasion
  5. Way To Go Gramps
  6. Chino, CA Grocery store shooting
  7. Caught in the Act
  8. 2 Shots Fired - No hits
  9. Stripper and Friends Try to Rob Homeowners at Party
  10. Another Home Invader Dies
  11. Man Shoots and Kills Roommate - Justified UPDATED: 911 Calls added
  12. Alcohol, Idiots, and Firearms
  13. Men Shot With .357 as They Traced It for Tattoo Pattern (NM)
  14. Even in Abilene, Texas
  15. Indianapolis - Permit Holder Stops Grocery Store Holdup
  16. Grocery worker [Whole Foods Market] fired for stopping shoplifter [MI]
  17. Store Owner Thwarts Robbery
  18. The Stupid Shall Be Punished . . .
  19. Charges Dropped Against Robbery Victim
  20. Husband kills wife by mistake
  21. Robbinsdale Home Invasion
  22. Your opinions please
  23. Shopper pulls gun, stops robbery cold (from WND)
  24. Road Rage leads to Justified Shooting
  25. Long Island Man Convicted for Shooting Teenager
  26. Man who shot home invader had heart attack
  27. Ugly: TN HCP holder kills intruder, but...
  28. Teen Kills Home Intruder with .410
  29. DC gun violence up
  30. Retribution
  31. Joe Horns Media Pictures
  32. Band Director Dressed as Santa Claus w/ gun
  33. Mo. ccw shoots/kills robber
  34. Detroit Man with CCW shoots thief
  35. Rampage at Hooters
  36. Mixed results in Houston
  37. This is what harms our cause
  38. Interesting Bullet Trajectory Leaves Home Invader Dead
  39. Burglary Interrupted
  40. So Glad My Kid No Longer Delivers Pizzas: St. Louis MO SD shooting.
  41. Drive home was ugly...almost turned out bad
  42. Only in a Liberal State Like CT Could This Happen
  43. Christmas in Tallahassee, Ala
  44. Gas Meters and Dogs- I Got the Pic
  45. Gun-packing man, 65, fights off 5 thugs
  46. entire family wiped out...carnation WA
  47. Guard Fatally Shoots Intruder
  48. Christmas Shooting in Fresno
  49. Mother Shot, Son Shoots Stepfather
  50. Burglar shot by homeowner in Kent, WA
  51. Robbers invade home, shoot resident, 73
  52. Just to make your blood boil
  53. 7-Eleven clerk violates policy and saves his own life...
  54. Resident Shoots, Kills Home Intruder
  55. Knife vs. Gun
  56. Good, Bad, and Ugly: Teen Mother, Suspect Die In Home Invasion Robbery
  57. Good and bad "Murder prompts women to get gun training."
  58. Man Shot After Invading Home
  59. Confrontation at Houston Bar ends in Homicide
  60. Man and Woman Bring Knives to a Gun Fight
  61. Another mall shooting..Decatur, Ga.
  62. Wolves attack two women and their dogs
  63. Bar Fight Escalates
  64. Drug possesser , does he have a right to defend ?
  65. I would call it a robbery gone good
  66. If you don't have a gun, use a Pitbull
  67. The judge...said there is no excuse to bring a gun to the beach
  68. Bad: Burglary victim told not to put up security 'in case it injures criminals' (UK)
  69. Gunman Stopped on Bus
  70. Maybe you don't need a gun? Seems a swift kick to.. ..
  71. Just a coincidence? NAH
  72. Robber Killed by Homeowner's Son
  73. Cop shoots wife accidently
  74. Talk About Getting Hammered!
  75. Road Rage (FL) GG 2, BG 0.
  76. Homeowner - 1, Armed Intruder - 0
  77. Recent incident in Knoxville.
  78. Another great article
  79. Homeowner cocks gun, burglar flees.
  80. SWAT Team Kicks Down Wrong Door, Two Officers Get Shot
  81. Justifiable homicide by an intoxicated shooter.
  82. Grandpa to the rescue!
  83. Shootout at the Fiesta Grocery - Innocent Bystander Killed in Crossfire
  84. Ding Dong Dead: Urban legends page, very interesting
  85. Protectors.
  86. Texas City Storeowner Kills Robber (Houston Area)
  87. Utah, A woman knocks on the door...
  88. Fresh from the news, A woman knocks on your door...
  89. Ugly: Man Douses 2 Women With Gasoline, Sets Them on Fire During Robbery, Police Say
  90. UGLY: Man Douses 2 Women With Gasoline, Sets Them on Fire During Robbery
  91. Another Burgular shot in Houston/Harris County
  92. Another on Campus shooting
  93. Another shooting... in Japan?!?
  94. UGLY: Teen gets life for shooting young mother in front of her kids
  95. Ugly: Lake Elsinore mother was shot to death with her infant in the car
  96. Chicago At It Again!!! PART 2
  97. One person with a gun can make a difference
  98. Woman Shoots Back
  99. UGLY: Ex-Boyfriend Kills Hugging Mom, Daughter as Toddler Watches
  100. Man awakens to the sound of broken glass
  101. Gunman Attack Teen, Mother in Fort Worth Apartment (Fox News)
  102. Las Vegas shootings equal psychic commentators
  103. Why would you need a gun for protection in NYC?
  104. Ugly: Road-raging tailgater shoots two in Oregon
  105. Yet another mass shooting - Las Vegas bus stop shooting
  106. Resident shoots at alleged burglar
  107. Chicago At It Again!
  108. Friends son shot by police.
  109. Help Joe Horn
  110. Who needs a gun at a child's birthday party?
  111. Suspect Dies in Orlando, FL Home Invasion
  112. Colorado Springs Woman Shoots, Kills Man
  113. Lex boy jailed for alleged beating of home invader
  114. Good Guy turned the tables
  115. Man Turns On Would-Be Robbers, Kills One (FL)
  116. Denver Church Shooting, merged and re-named
  117. California--Arrest Made in LA Campus Threat
  118. Omaha Mall ( Westwoods) Removes no guns signage . and an eyewitness account
  119. Gunman Wounds 4 at Missionary Center, 2 Dead: Merged
  120. Score one for the good guys...ATL GA
  121. New Pasadena, Tx shooting Info.
  122. Omaha Mall Shooting: Victims Honored
  123. Deputies Collar Burgular Stealing Guns - Huntsville, TX
  124. DA: Easton shooting self-defense
  125. Media Coverage of Mall Shooting Fails to Reveal Mall's Gun-Free-Zone Status: Merged
  126. Well, this one ended okay...
  127. Omaha Mall Shooting: MERGED X4
  128. How Different This Could Have Been...
  129. tenant shoots intruder in leg
  130. detroit man attacked with screwdriver
  131. Aussie news outlet tries to link gun ownership to crime
  132. Carrollton, GA man is killed, but he's the armed citizen
  133. Psycho in Anchorage lasts 26 hours before being caught
  134. "He broke in before being shot"
  135. Drive up thief foiled by intelligent clerk
  136. Texas Does It Right!!!!
  137. Here's to being Prepared
  138. Another 'could have been prevented had she been armed' story.
  139. 3 Armed Ninjas Rob Man in Driveway
  140. Revolver to daughters head
  141. "Just Shoot Me"
  142. Store owner kills criminal in Colorado Springs
  143. Argument escalates
  144. We Need More Young People Like This Kid
  145. Go Granny Go
  146. No Sheeples Here
  147. Redskin Sean Taylor Shot by Home Intruder, Passed Away At Hospital: Merged
  148. Houston Mall Shooting
  149. Suburban New Orleans foiled home invasion
  150. Mall shootout sends shoppers ducking
  151. Victim turns the tables
  152. Attempted Robbery At Mall: Douglasville, GA
  153. Texan Kills Thieves: Hero or Homicidal?
  154. Commissioner arrested after pulling out gun
  155. Handgun Owner - 1, BB Gun Owner - 0
  156. Hooray for the Good Guy
  157. If a person can't identify their target they shouldn't have firearms
  158. Home Invasion Victims Outfight Armed Intruder
  159. Needs a little better aim.
  160. And yet more thugs shot by their own weapon
  161. What is your take on this one?
  162. Buying fuel in Orlando.
  163. Pool cleaners at work!
  164. Yet Another Win
  165. #1 Rule: Bring a real gun to a gunfight!
  166. Off-Duty Cop Kills 17-Year-Old Suspect
  167. Store Clerk Shoots Alleged Robber
  168. Good Kid!!!
  169. One Lucky Cop/Thumb Safeties & Guns (Merged)
  170. Machete-Wielding Clerk Bloodies Alleged Thief
  171. These Folks Can't Hang on to their Weapons
  172. Homeowner kills 2 robbers, 3rd charged with murder
  173. Pasadena Man "defends" neighbor's stuff
  174. Justice!!
  175. Robber stopped in his tracks!
  176. Home Invasion Gone Bad. Bad Guy Won.
  177. TV News Video: Carjacking Gone Good
  178. No More Stalker
  179. Man Shoots Burglars: PASADENA, TX: MERGED
  180. Yet another thug loses control of his gun
  181. Robber Caught a case of lead poisoning
  182. Woman on the Rampage
  183. Carjacked the Wrong Guy
  184. One-armed employee helps stop robbery
  185. Mid-afternoon Home Invasion Thwarted in NC
  186. How many of us have actually been shot at?
  187. Boy, 15, shot dead during burglary
  188. "Assault Rifle" used for self defense in a parking lot
  189. Yet another thug shot by his own gun
  190. Tough Women
  191. Gunman gets 10 years in prison for role in deadly attack
  192. Charges against Bartlett wife dropped in shooting of husband
  193. HV Extra: A Time To Kill: Knowing Self-Defense Laws
  194. Homeowner Take The Shotgun Approach
  195. THUG Almost Gets What He Asked For!
  196. Battle of the Shotguns
  197. Good for Jace Martin
  198. Pizza delivery driver shoots back.
  199. Another Orlando story
  200. Had to draw my gun for the first time!
  201. Purse Snatching Gone Good
  202. Grand Jury refused to indict!
  203. Chalk another one up for the good guys
  204. Man shoots cricket bat-wielding attacker
  205. Pretty Close to Home
  206. Armed Home Invasion
  207. "Make My Day" law in OK Tested
  208. Good for her
  209. Not many facts in this story
  210. Where were the parents?
  211. Armed robbery gone good in SC
  212. Miami: Two for Two
  213. We love it when criminals get shot around here...
  214. Memphis/Olive Branch carjacker shot, jailed (Merged)
  215. Blind Man Shoots Home Intruder In Neck
  216. Man in wheelchair gets the BG
  217. Flagstaff Az. Home invasion
  218. Lawton, OK Man Shoots Burglar Dead
  219. Tacoma shooting -no charge.
  220. Customer carries CCW into restaurant illegally, saves the day
  221. Decent Video of Recent Shootout
  222. Man attempts to rob recycling plant
  223. Montgomery Al., Couple finds burglar-makes him clean up
  224. Tactical Parrot Early Warning System
  225. KFC Manager Fights Back Against Statesville, NC Crook with Video
  226. Update on Photographer shooting
  227. 81 Year old woman shoots near naked man in her home
  228. Charleston, S.C., mayoral canidate won't face charges (Merged)
  229. Lightning Strikes Twice in 3 Weeks for Dallas Shopkeeper :MERGED
  230. Sneeze and you're Dead!
  231. Washington state rest area self defense
  232. Photographer shoots, kills intruder
  233. Amarillo homeowner kills man
  234. Neighbor shoots burglar
  235. CA homeowner to BG: You're A Dead Man
  236. Under Cover LEO's on the job!
  237. Castle Doctrine in MS
  238. Proof that you Are Not Protected by the Police
  239. Tulsa District Attorney Abuse of Power:Charge filed in road-rage homicide
  240. Homeowner aids in arrests of two
  241. West Salem man describes shooting would-be intruder
  242. Gun store owner pulls gun, foils robbery
  243. Neat Video
  244. Pregnant Woman Slashes Suspected Purse Snatcher
  245. Homeowner: 2, Home Invaders: 0
  246. Porn Pilfering Punk Plugged, Pays Pentultimate Price
  247. Intended victim fights back
  248. Don't have a gun? Use the other guy's!
  249. My Barber almost robbed
  250. Choppers, K9, and Police search for robbery accomplice at-large