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  1. Homeowner holds intruder till police arrive
  2. Wal-Mart... Not carjacker friendly!!
  3. Armed Robbery can be deadly even with a fake gun
  4. I love it here in Vermont...
  5. Thousands of options?
  6. First Aid requirement ???
  7. Ohio Lawyer in Trouble for "Using" Rifle
  8. Score another one for the good guys
  9. Kudos to Juan
  10. Las Vegas Convenience store manager uses his CCW to foil a robbery/kidnapping.
  11. Home Invasion Ends In Deadly Shooting (AZ)
  12. Sometimes you don't need a gun...........
  13. Pinned man shoots car thief!
  14. bar robber gets more than he bargained for...
  15. Rottenweilers and Gas Meters, Circa 1996: Why I love Meter Men
  16. More Good SD News!
  17. On the radio!
  18. Even with warning signs, the BG still broke in.
  19. If you give them what they want, they'll leave you alone...
  20. Pit bull Attack
  21. Intruders pay price for home invasion
  22. Attacked while on fishing trip
  23. Weapon Keeps man safe in attempted carjacking
  24. Victim wants to meet CCW holder who saved her life - (NM)
  25. Proof that Helmets Save Lives!
  26. A home invader's last break-in (NM)
  27. Attempted home invasion
  28. Greedy dumb criminal
  29. Importance of awareness
  30. Just Reported on Nashville, TN, FOX Channel 17...
  31. My Pizza's, I don't think so...
  32. Ouch.Criminal shoots Self In Groin
  33. Stupid OH criminal
  34. They'll just take it away from you...
  35. MD Mall Shooting
  36. "(AP) Armed state senator foils alleged burglary by teens"
  37. Sad State of Affairs, OH shooting
  38. Cincinnati Deli Shooting
  39. Kc MO shooting video ( with our own betty found online again )
  40. This could go in Knives etc.. too but lets go here .
  41. Home Invasion Ends In Deadly Shooting (TX)
  42. Teen shot for car jacking
  43. Missouri's first CCW self defense
  44. Rape Victim stabs attacker in defense of daughter
  45. Pit Bull Attack
  46. Kidnapper held at gunpoint...
  47. Elderly Orlando Man Stops Home Invasion (FL)
  48. 1000 Actual Stories Of Self Defense
  49. Not 100% CCW related but...
  50. Store Manager cleared in fatal robbery
  51. Another BG bites the dust!
  52. CHP Holder shoots mugger
  53. 14 Year Old shoots/kills home intruder...
  54. mall shooting
  55. Man Shot in Self Defense in Downtown Seattle
  56. Many robbed, but last victim had a gun
  57. Lucky save from...a bear
  58. Local QuickStop Gas Station Robbery Thwarted
  59. Store owner kills would be robber.
  60. Cab driver shoots would-be robber
  61. Chicks Carrying Guns and Kicking Tail
  62. Don't Mess with My Car....
  63. 5 Duquense BBall players shot
  64. Home invasion leads to one death
  65. Gun-toting citizen foils robbery
  66. About my daughter and her CCW coworkers
  67. Choir singer kills robber
  68. BG takes 12ga. to the head
  69. Man Shoots Teens Trying To Rob His Store
  70. carjacking gone wrong
  71. Burglary suspect escapes, but resident put up fight
  72. Man with AK-47 helps thwart robbery
  73. San Antonio Homeowner Shoots Robber
  74. Granny shoots mugger in NY (has CCW permit)
  75. why isn't this ...
  76. Woman shoots dog
  77. Suspect killed after Smyrna standoff (involves ccw)
  78. Personal Stories?
  79. Guess he grabbed the wrong guy...
  80. 17 Year Old Saves His Family
  81. I don't think this will be a success......
  82. Citizen Responder
  83. She couldn't believe it!
  84. Success story?
  85. From the Law Dog Files or "I guess that answer would be a Yes" or Why I love Texas".
  86. One for our side.
  87. Third "Test" of Castle Doctrin ---
  88. Durham, NC man defends self, GF, baby from armed intruder
  89. Packin' Sauce
  90. Little Rock, AR random attack stopped by Civilian
  91. UN-armed citizen success story
  92. I don't know if this classifies as success...
  93. Road Rage / Brandishing
  94. When all else fails...grab the muzzle loader!
  95. Glad things didnt turn ugly
  96. USA Today Changes the Facts
  97. Tenn. knife attack- One more for our side!
  98. Great work in Tennessee
  99. Threat of force wins
  100. Thank You Lasermax.
  101. Family wallops would-be robber, wraps things up for police
  102. Tactical surprise in Philly
  103. Colorado homeowner kills intruder.
  104. news: Robbery victim shoots and kills one robber, wounds another
  105. Fatal Shooting in News: Doniphan Appears to be Case of Self-Defense
  106. Raisin' Kids the RIGHT way!
  107. FL Castle Doctrine effects -
  108. Not really a success, just odd loophole
  109. Bar owner kills would-be robber
  110. Puerto Rico
  111. Gun Defense Blog site
  112. Why I Live In TEXAS
  113. Self defense ruling in PA
  114. Good Shoot
  115. Video Scenario Review
  116. Really, a "lack of success" story...
  117. "Good shoot" in Jacksonville, FL Store owner case
  118. I Would Consider This To Be A Success Story
  119. Man confronts would be thief .
  120. Store clerk shoots and kills robbery in Lexington, KY
  121. Local News
  122. This scares the hell out of me
  123. Blast From The Past
  124. "F you and your high powered rifle!" The Gary Fadden incident - The Ayoob files
  125. Did Anyone Catch This Story ?????
  126. This guy really is like Rambo
  127. "It Happened to Me (real life situation)."
  128. Abducted man shoots carjackers, police say ( TX )
  129. AK - good citizens (plural) arrest. :)
  130. Intruder shot by teen with two guns
  131. Cost of 911 call, 50 cents.....
  132. ''He went in for a cash withdrawal, but instead got a lead deposit
  133. Store owner thwarts robbery with beer can
  134. sacramento ca man defends home
  135. Houston woman stops home invasion, kills robber
  136. One From Jacksonville, Florida
  137. Neighbor Does it RIGHT in Miami!
  138. Man is shot in robbery try, possible abduction?
  139. Cautionary Story
  140. Granny Rambo
  141. Weird, yet interesting...
  142. Has any member of CombatCarry ever had to shoot someone in self-defense?
  143. Two Different Outcomes....
  144. VW owner uses switchblade style 'key' to fight off attacker
  145. Store owner fights off Crooks...
  146. Convenience store owner shoots robber
  147. A CAutionary Tale
  148. 75-year-old man with CCW saves day
  149. CCW shoots robbers in Baltimore...
  150. Pregnant woman shoots intruder
  151. Good News Link - 2 or 3 good stories
  152. Nra Sues New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin
  153. Citizens Law Enforcment Unit
  154. Breaking News: MIAMI
  155. Defending their turf...
  156. I can't help but feel a little proud...
  157. Melbourne, Fla Man Kills Intruder
  158. This is a wierd one!!!
  159. 87-Year-Old Woman Kills Intruder After Second Break-In
  160. Liquor store robbers get 3 shots as chaser!
  161. Fought back
  162. Well, that really almost got out of hand!
  163. TX Homeowner fights back
  164. Home invasion story
  165. Interesting Self Defense story
  166. I had to draw my gun in Orlando last week.
  167. Good result.
  168. Allentown merchant scares off thugs
  169. Armed Citizens From 1976 ~ Way To Go!!!
  170. FL test case first
  171. Teen defends grandpa by shooting mom
  172. Store clerk was Kung-Fu Fighting!
  173. (AK) three teens rob man, man chose not to draw down
  174. Robber killed by homeowner!
  175. Not a clerk to be messed with!
  176. Chalk another up to a CCW.
  177. Unusual Home Invasion Incident in Wisconsin
  178. Girl, 16, in hospital after botched robbery shooting
  179. Robbery Foiled with Gun!
  180. Mystery Good Guy & Candle Power Kill B.G.
  181. You're Never 2 Old To Save Your Bacon
  182. A Less Messy Ending ~ Home Invasion
  183. Cincinnati CCW Shooting - Dated
  184. Info Gold Mine
  185. Grandma shoots intruder with .38
  186. Taking out the trash...True Poetic Justice
  187. Off Duty Marine Foils Robbery with Sig .357!
  188. Steve's ''experience".
  189. Car Jacking 101 Los Angeles Style
  190. Shucks!....Foiled Again
  191. Pick victims - vewy, vewy carefully!
  192. Conversation with a friend in LA
  193. A Success And A Failure
  194. Neighbors Team Up To Provide Security
  195. Not ALL Bad News from New Orleans
  196. Canoe and a gun get duo to safety
  197. Man with CC Permit to the rescue @ Wmart
  198. Minister wounds 2 in shootout
  199. An article admitting that carry works!
  200. Charges dropped in killing of pit bull
  201. Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog
  202. Jeweler gets best of robbers in gun fight
  203. Homeowner trying to protect property fatally shoots suspect (TX)
  204. Police Say Teen Intruder Shot By Neighbor,
  205. CHL holder shoots idiot who tried to rob him with a non-functional gun.
  206. "This guy just had a quicker draw", aka doesn't pay to beat your g/f
  207. Rape Halted Attacker Shot
  208. Man with concealed-carry permit shoots gunman (Ohio)
  209. And From Around The Globe.........
  210. MORE SELF~DEFENSE & Women!
  211. Home Invasion Happy Ending
  212. Police Release 911 Tapes Of Woman Who Killed Intruder (Armed Citizen)
  213. Widow uses gun, instincts to fend off burgler
  214. Greenbriar gun store employee shoots alleged thief
  215. Home intrusion and don't give up...
  216. Not really "armed"
  217. Lead and diamonds: the Richmond jewelry store shootout [Blast from the Past]
  218. HoooooooYAH!
  219. Man turns tables on assailant, pulls out gun (New Hampshire)
  220. Great-Great-Granny's Got a Gun
  221. A somewhat success story, first-hand
  222. Great-Great Grandmother Shoots Robber
  223. Robbery Gone Bad
  224. Somebody Order a Pizza?
  225. Homeowner Shoots Intruder (PA)
  226. GA Scores Again!
  227. HOT-Lanta! Heats Up for the 2nd Amendment
  228. Don't MESS With Texas!
  229. 2005 Darwin Award Winner Found!
  230. Single Mom Survives ~ Twice
  231. Iraqi Shopkeepers turn guns on insurgents
  232. Burglary Suspect shot, killed in mobile-home lot
  233. Yo-ho-ho! Arrrrrgh!
  234. Cab Driver Kills Gunman (FL)
  235. Woman Shoots At Half-Naked Burglar (DE)
  236. Las Vegas Shooting
  237. Jewelry shop owner foils robbery attempt (FL)
  238. Suspect Shot During Robbery Attempt at Hampton Food Lion
  239. Home invasion suspect shot by resident faces charges
  240. Man frees self after being tied up to kill man holding his wife
  241. Residents use guns to protect themselves
  242. Single blast kills home intruder
  243. THE GUN CLOCK ~ EVERY 13 Seconds!
  245. Man shoots gangbangers who attacked him in his yard.
  246. 84-year-old kills intruder
  247. Woman Shoots Burglar Who Attacked Her
  248. Home-Invasion Las Vegas, NV
  249. Home Invasion Story: Chickasaw Alabama
  250. Interesting case in Florida