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  1. Mom Asks 911 For Permission To Shoot Intruder
  2. Brutal - family lucky to be alive
  3. 12 Shot at New Orleans Muther's Day Parade!
  4. OKIE DOKEY! Baytown convenience store clerk shoots would-be robber (TX)
  5. Somedays it just doesnt pay to be a BG.........
  6. Got to be kidding
  7. Good: Picked the wrong Wal-Mart customer - Atlanta
  8. Boy, 2, dies after shooting self at Corsicana home
  9. BAD: SMU student mugged in bathroom of campus science building
  10. Free Shotguns In NYC Is Going To Make Nanny Bloomberg Spit Bullets Read more: http:/
  11. Boston: Witness suggest friendly fire responsible for officer casualty
  12. Three armed thugs home invasion Bradenton, FL
  13. This appears to be where we are headed
  14. Burglar Held at Gun Point
  15. Does anyone see a problem in these photos from the Boston tragedy?
  16. UGLY: Man fires shots, then shoots self at Bush International Airport in Houston
  17. Boston Bombing aftermath ..
  18. Society is in big trouble Science experiment gone wrong.
  19. What happens when you can't carry...
  20. 5-year-old Kentucky boy fatally shoots 2-year-old sister
  21. Store owner defends with AR-15
  22. Security video of guy taking shotgun from BG
  23. Good: New story about several SD incidents
  24. Bad - Sounds like an accident
  25. Good-man uses ccw to stop stabbings
  26. Sad: Elderly mother shoots son in self-defense
  27. Milwuakee ATF Fails Yet Again with Fearless Distributing Sting
  28. Good - Gun carrying man ends stabbing spree at Salt Lake grocery store
  29. Pressure Cooker Craziness
  30. Ugly: Police official sold gun to felon, lied to Feds.
  31. Craigslist rape
  32. Ugly - Man Dies in Police Raid on Wrong House, Lebanon, TN.
  33. The good : Bishops defeats attacker with Samurai sword
  34. Good: Trial Begins For Robber Who Terrorized Neighborhood
  35. Car-Jacking Defense and Mindset
  36. One "sharp" Bishop
  37. Texas criminal tries unsucessful robbery
  38. 15 Year Old Shot Dead Near Obama Home.
  39. One of the good guys...
  40. I knew it wouldn't be very long....
  41. WallMart & Price Gouging
  42. Such a shame...
  43. Woman shoots at suspects breaking into Tempe home
  44. Off duty LEO got mad at McDonald's!
  45. (Title Change) Manhunt for Boston Bomber & MIT Cop Killer
  46. UGLY: I'll take your cash and your pistol
  47. Use power tools, while your wife brings guns
  48. Man has intruder at gun point, and gives him some "advice" about his life choices.
  49. Knock Bdubs off my list.....
  50. Woman Arrested in Murders of Texas Asst DA,Texas DA and Wife
  51. CHL shoots Craiglist robbery dead!
  52. Now A Letter To Obama
  53. Homeowner shows up at just the right time.
  54. Manufactures realize consumers boycotts demanding apology from governor
  55. "Robber shot dead by would-be victim outside Everman store"
  56. Robber shot dead by would-be victim outside Everman store Read more: http://www.myfo
  57. New anti gun ad
  58. Dayton, OH: 17 yr old pulls gun, gets shot by CCW homeowner
  59. It seems we can't catch a break
  60. Home invasion stopped: invader calls police, "I think he might have a gun."
  61. Home invasion failure.
  62. Tupelo drive by shooting of elephant
  63. Virginia: Gun buster signs at work
  64. Good: In my home town and original capital of Oklahoma
  65. Belt buckle saves Life!
  66. Call 911 and order your own GFZ for home delivery AGAIN Gwinnett Co. GA
  67. Cell phone weapon?
  68. all 50 states overnight
  69. The Bad gets Good!
  70. Bad : Man Who Murdered WV Sheriff Was Not Allowed a Firearm
  71. New low for Michael Moore
  72. Such appreciation
  73. BAD - Come on people. Really?!?! Thank goodness the child is going to live!
  74. How Long Do You Wait
  75. Burger King not a gun free zone
  76. Joe biden blatently talks about the implementation of the new world order
  77. This Is Ugly All Round
  78. Idiot Shoots At Buck In Wally World Parking Lot
  79. Man uses CHL pistol to shoot dog at dog park.
  80. Widowed grammaw shoots at, holds intruder for LEO
  81. Marine Road Rage.
  82. Good, but could be better, news.
  83. Very Bad : Mingo CO WV Sheriff Shot & Killed
  84. Another Colorado Prosecutor Home Invasion - BG Killed During Attack
  85. The Scarry Thoughts Of Politicians That Might Make It
  86. Good samaritan shoots home invader...
  87. Head of Household MUST own a gun!!!
  88. Most Excelllent - 22 Year Old Woman's war against Really Stupid Attacker.. Go Girl!
  89. Ugly, Very Ugly: Kaufman County (TX) DA and Wife Murdered in Home
  90. Press Release By Jim Carrey
  91. Man holds intruder at gunpoint till police arrive, with a funny twist
  92. This is not self defense with a firearm but it belongs here. it is PURE UGLY
  93. BAD: Violent Home Invasion leaves dead and wounded victims
  94. Shocking! The most anti-gun cities have the fewest gun crime prosecutions.
  95. VIDEO: Clerk snatches shotgun from robber, Smithfield, VA
  96. Good: Miami homeowner encounters a burglar
  97. Texas Shootout just up the road from my house!
  98. Police Standoff in Tacoma, WA
  99. Smart girl
  100. VIDEO: Some good, mostly bad, all stupid. Road rage - fist fight - shooting, NC
  101. Old news but good news
  102. Yakima Church Host Handgun Training
  103. Comcast bans all guns and ammo ads
  104. Bad and Ugly: Papa Johns driver dies in Tulsa OK
  105. Yet another Home Invasion
  106. Woman Defends Herself in Burglary (MERGED)
  107. For those of you who have wives opposed to carry... Have them read this
  108. California's Gun Repo Men
  109. Drunken teen mistakingly goes in wrong home shot and killed
  110. Good: Two Home Invaders Taken Down
  111. tragic: viscious dog stopped by CCW holder
  112. Successful, but in need of range time:
  113. Obama's letter to me
  114. home invader shot... with his own gun
  115. Bad: Right down the road from me - Deputies shoot firefighter
  116. bad and ugly. Too close for comfort
  117. Ugly: backseat passenger's gun "goes off," driver is shot and dies
  118. Man Shoots Self While Cleaning Gun
  119. Victim Selection FAIL in Loudoun VA - Homeowner shoots juvenile intruder
  120. Wayne LaPierre at CPAC
  121. Good: man defends house with shotgun
  122. 1st Arrest Under NY SAFE Act........
  123. This is what we dread. KNOW your target.
  124. Open Carry Permitted in Michigan Schools if you have a CPL... for now.
  125. Homeowner shoots burglar
  126. Gun Owners Legal Battle
  127. BAD Man kills wife with vacuum cleaner
  128. Local Story on Concealed Weapon Permits
  129. Got a Gun? Get a DISCOUNT!
  130. Armed man saves teen from attack.
  131. marine with cc stops beating
  132. 4 killed at NY shops
  133. Here piggie, piggie, piggie
  134. Give me all you got.
  135. Why We Carry
  136. Another Georgia town considers mandatory gun ownership law
  137. Good: Home invader kicks in doors...
  138. Good... Homeowner scares off suspected home burglar
  139. Bad: Greg Rodriguez murdered
  140. NRA teams up with Mr.ColionNoir
  141. Good, young man saves mother and sister
  142. Random serious gang assault, Chesapeake VA. Anytime, anywhere.
  143. Good and Bad : Robbery & Pizza Employee Armed
  144. Now they are going to ban assault coffee
  145. Great: Local scumbag uses doggy door and catches one.
  146. Man Goes Berserk With Ax at Dunkin' Donuts
  147. The Good and the Bad
  148. NEW Conceal Carry Method
  149. Those of you in Florida...want ammo? Get anger management first.
  150. Demo-RAT's war on women continue!
  151. Gotta love Karma
  152. Neighbour Holds Burglary Suspects at Gunpoint!
  153. Good! - Liquor store owner detains knife-wielding robber at gunpoint
  154. 3 students stop school bus shooting, get suspended! Ft Myers FL
  155. Quick Mom Saves Bouncing Baby Boy
  156. Guy tries to rob bank, gets shot in the face for his troubles!
  157. Durant, Oklahoma Man Kills Home Invaders: Is Not Charged
  158. Shot By An Oven
  159. Animal Rights Activist Solicits Hitman
  160. Accidentally discharge in arrest
  161. Gasoline & machete attack in gun free outpatient center Chesapeake VA
  162. Restaurant Owner Offering Discounts to Gun-Toting Customers aggrevates Piers Morgan
  163. Store manager returns fire...
  164. GOOD: Houston homeowner holds 3 burglary suspects at gunpoint until police arrive.
  165. A town where you're REQUIRED to own a gun..
  166. My dog ate my homework, it was the dog that farted... my dog shot me... Really!
  167. Student facing suspension for USMC t shirt
  168. Awesome! This is exactly why we have the right to defend ourselves!
  169. Good: Son Uses Fatherís Gun To Fatally Shoot Home Intruder
  170. Bad: Man fatally shot by three yr old son
  171. BAD -- You know the sign that says no tracer ammo at the gun range???
  172. Good - Homeowner shoots intruder in Lubbock TX
  173. Good: Bet they think twice next time.
  174. Bad: Woman injures child in shooting
  175. Hickory homeowner:
  176. Guns and Self Defense Map - Cato Institute
  177. Ugly: Man draws gun while waiting in line for ammo
  178. Bad: 2-time murder convict invited into home, now murders third
  179. Update on road rage shooting in Houston.
  180. Gunslinging Grandpa
  181. Excellent - Virginia Father Shoots and Kills Two Men Who Break Into His Home (VIDEO)
  182. Veterans Administraion disarming vets and more???
  183. Teacher Refuses to Grade Report on Guns
  184. Man Confronts Burglar In Home
  185. Shooting spree in Orange County
  186. Home owner successfully defends against 3 invaders, protects 2 yr old.
  187. Defend your life... go to jail...
  188. 33 YO Career Criminal Retired Early!
  189. I don't remember seeing either of these stories on here ...
  190. Shootout at tax preparation business caught on camera
  191. CA Police Chief: Guns Are Not a Defensive Weapon
  192. Bangor Daily News attempts to collect CC permit information
  193. Glad this turned out well...
  195. Blow By Blow Account: Fish & Game Officers Spotting Dorner:
  196. Intruders gun down unarmed dad trying to protect daughter
  197. Good Samaritan with a gun gets killed
  198. Harrowing Sounds of Gun Battle with Christopher Donner, (Sounds Like a War):
  199. Texas man shoots drunk driver who killed his two sons. Charged with murder.
  200. It doesn't pay to have a sweet tooth...
  201. Christopher Dorner in shoot out as we speak...
  202. Resource For News Articles - New Site - Interactive Map
  203. 65,000,000 and counting
  204. Good: Amarillo,Tx home robbery stopped.
  205. Hero sniper Chris Kyle deserves flags at half staff
  206. 16 Year Old Intruder Killed in Attempted Robbery
  207. Highland woman shoots intruder...
  208. Home intruder shot in rural Washington.
  209. Concealed Carry Holders Protecting Themselves & Others in Detroit
  210. Lacking an equalizer...
  211. Oregon man shot with his own gun...
  212. Armed Store Owner Vs. Robber with Knife
  213. Utility worker hits one out of two robbers
  214. Was going to post this yesterday..
  215. Defense of others upheld but bad cc.....
  216. Yahoo Has Hit a New Low...
  217. 7yr. old Colorado boy suspended.
  218. Armed 72 Year Old Man Protects His Home from Invaders
  219. One suspect dies, four others arraigned in Fairborn home invasion
  220. Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker Saves Woman From Raving Racist
  221. Gun made woman safer!
  222. Bad: 'Flash Mobs' in NYC
  223. Homeowner versus burglar brothers
  224. Chris Kyle - The American Sniper - shot dead today!!!
  225. Good guy 1, Bad guy 0, CCW in action unedited
  226. Detroit HS Coach shoots 2 armed attackers, saves 2 students
  227. Don't mess with old people (Merged)
  228. School Shooting Stopped By Armed Guard
  229. Armed security/LEOs at schools do work.
  230. Tx Kaufman County ASST DA Gunned down
  231. In 1997 a Assistant Principal In Mississippi stopped a school shooting
  232. Tired of MSN website.
  233. Good! Burglar Held At Gunpoint By Armed Homeowner
  234. Ugly - sometimes, you just call 911 - "Witness: Neighbor killing was Self-Defense.
  235. Birmingham shooting - ruled self defense.
  236. Good: Three invaders pick wrong home
  237. ATF puts more guns on the Street
  238. Ugly: Girl who performed at Obamas Inauguration killed in Chicago
  239. US Army Special Forces training in Galveston TX
  240. Ugly: MSNBC deceptively edited video of 'gun nuts' heckling Sandy Hook parent
  241. Immigration Reform??
  242. AL: School bus driver shot, child abducted, hostage situation. Breaking.
  243. Armed Mom
  244. Man shoots and kills another man for pulling into his drive way
  245. Citizen by choice chooses to support second ammendment
  246. Good & lucky: Homeowner shoots armed burglar in the buttocks
  247. Sandy Hook father
  248. Fear and Oath-ing in D.C.
  249. Good-Seattle buyback turns into buyout
  250. Jamican vigilante gets 8 yrs for killing Air Force veteran