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  1. "Should've shot 'em and killed 'em... Said the 71 year old missus...
  2. Good--Homeowner in Carson City stops home invasion attempt
  3. “Adult” store owner fights back
  4. Family Of Teen Killed in Home Invasion Apologizes to Victim
  5. Marine Who Opened Fire After an Arizona Couple Pulled a Gun Charged
  6. Maybe Bad: Charges may be filed against 61 year old former Marine
  7. Street robbery foiled by armed victim...
  8. Vigilante gunmen disarm local POLICE
  9. another shotgun wielding home imvader...
  10. http://ammoheads.com/14-year-old-phoenix-boy-shoots-armed-intruder-babysitting-siblin
  11. Shreveport Shooting - Lesson for us!
  12. Shreveport grammaw kills armed invader...
  13. Gunfight erupts outside of a convenience store in Oklahoma City; officer and BG shot
  14. Good after bad: Detroit area carjacker shot dead by cops
  15. Obama Administration Report Says Calling Police More Dangerous Than Using Your Gun
  16. Fire Extinguisher 1, Gun O
  17. News videos you will not find on national liberal media
  18. Off duty cop kills burglar in Oklahoma City
  19. Teacher shot twice and manages to subdue thugs and take weapon
  20. GOOD: New mother stabs home intruder to death
  21. Store owner defends himself from an armed disgruntled ex-employee
  22. Know Your Target-Man Shoots Daughter As A Burglar
  23. Loss of a great firearm designer
  24. Like a Good Neighbour, Armed Guy is There!
  25. 4 Under Arrest in NJ..........................
  26. Good/Bad? Father shoots his son in defense of Son's GF and his own life, after son
  27. Gun Grab For Real
  28. Cleveland man shoots two thugs...
  29. Detroit Man Shoots & Kills Huntington, WV Man
  30. UGLY--4 Shot, 2 Killed Renown Medical Center Reno, NV
  31. Navy SEAL Jimmy Graham on FOX 31 tonight about the Arapahoe Shooting
  32. Meanwhile In Houston (Good Guy Wins)
  33. Bar Shooting Involving Concealed Carry Person
  34. Payday for man suing cops over guns
  35. Toilet paper dispenser shooting
  36. Today in 2007
  37. Robber killed @ accomplice wounded, in Chattanooga TN robbery attempt
  38. UGLY: New York Councilwoman finds cause of Knockout Game
  39. Bad, negligent discharge kills printer.
  40. Chalk one up for the good guys!.....
  41. Guy Shoots Himself at Local Indoor Range
  42. Defiant 76-year-old woman dies in shootout with gang of three
  43. Good? Bad? Knock Out Game Vigilante Sought In Thanksgiving Day Shooting of Bronx Thug
  44. Why we only use deadly force when threatened
  45. Police: Florida woman kills daughter holding baby, mistook her for boyfriend
  46. Sad Story from Georgia
  47. Should we trust the Iranians to keep their word about not developing nuclear weapons?
  48. GZ in the news
  49. Bad-Ugly, Three funerals and a wedding
  50. The media friend or foe
  51. The ole "bigger gun" defensive strategy...
  52. Ugly: Nashville police investigate claim of self-defense in downtown bar slaying
  53. Woman Shoots Son-in-Law
  54. Good training video of an arrest in Temple Texas over 2a rights.
  55. Concealed Carry Holder Does the Right Thing saves lives, stops robbery
  56. Good: 60 yo woman knocks out the knockouters
  57. News was GOOD; letter to editor, just kinda funny
  58. A Few Thoughts on the Sandy Hook Video Game
  59. Police warn against dangers...
  60. A Well Prepared Family Deals With a Stubborn Uninvited Visitor
  61. Another anti group that doesn't make any sense
  62. I Guess Walgreens Is Going To Loose My Business
  63. NYPD off duty cop beaten
  64. I Am Actually Happy For Both Parties !
  65. Good: Woman with an M&P affirms she is not ready to meet God
  66. Zimmerman in the news (and jail) again
  67. Granny LOST her gun...
  68. Elderly cancer patient defends self in home invasion...
  69. This is Minnesota, We Have Guns !
  70. Pizza man foils armed robbers...
  71. Since we like warning shots now...
  72. Good: CCW holder shoots robber at Family Dollar
  73. "Knockout Game" / Situational Awareness.
  74. Good: Armed couple successfully resist three time home invader.
  75. Car wash owner stops knife attack with his revolver....
  76. Armed Louisiana Family Kills Kidnapper and Rescues Bethany Arceneaux Ahead of Police
  77. Possible domestic dispute ends in gunfire
  78. Rifle Range - Read before watching clip
  79. I love the South
  80. Catoosa County GA Homeowner shoots burglar
  81. Armed home invader loses HIS gun...
  82. Armed good Samaritan loses his gun...
  83. Woman who shot "warning shot" at her attacker husband to get retrial
  84. Milwaukee Police take out gunman after attempted carjacking
  85. Gonzaga students face possible expulsion for using gun to ward off intruder
  86. 'star trek' actor labels all gun owners 'dangerous'
  87. Family rescues woman who was abducted-Abductor Killed
  88. Not Good - Man shoots intruder at 2am, gets charged with murder
  89. Female clerk shot during robbery, returns fire killing the suspect
  90. Homeowner shoots 19yo woman in head, claims accidental discharge.
  91. Parking lot rage...
  92. Robber with fake gun foiled by clerk with a real one
  93. How bizarre, how bizarre...
  94. Garden State Plaza Mall.........Paramus, NJ.
  95. Armed home invader shot... Resident shot, too.
  96. Would you like fries with that?
  97. Uncle Joe's shotgun can be effective...
  98. Fox reporting possible shooting Central Conneticut University
  99. Colion Noir (NRA spokesperson) "car full of goons circled me and my car"
  100. Chicago paintballers assault person with real gun
  101. Home invader shot, homeowner arrested...........for having 9 lbs of cocaine
  102. Ocoee, FL woman fires warning shots
  103. Bad: Possible Shooting At LAX
  104. Good: Attempted home invasion foiled.
  105. Good: Gun Shop helps recover stolen firearms.
  106. Armed home invasion...
  107. Teenage "Prowler" Shot by Homeowner
  108. Second home invasion This time, tenant prepared.
  109. Bad - Couple kills older woman
  110. Following a criminal involves certain risks for the regular citizen
  111. Bullet-proof Cellphone Good as Kevlar
  112. Bad: Fayetteville woman shot in leg at grocery store
  113. Bad:7-Eleven clerk fired for pulling gun out during robbery
  114. Killer, freed by judge, raped Auburn girl
  115. Bad : Another Student Brings a Handgun to School
  116. Are We Imploding? or Is This Another Scare Tactic ?
  117. Man taking out trash robbed of phone, shot at
  118. Good: OK Home Invasion Murder Trial To Begin
  119. Palm beach self defense shoot
  120. Bad: Victim of May Issue?
  121. Nypd: The new keystone cops ?
  122. BOLO for a white pickup with a...
  123. What Should You Do if You’re Threatened by a Mass Murderer?
  124. Man allegedly drops heroin, gun when chased by cops
  125. The zombies are here! No kidding
  126. Ugly and Bad: Arkansas man lost in Chicago shot and killed
  127. Westgate Mall video
  128. Another "Fired for defending one's self" case
  129. Shocking 911 Tape
  130. BAD BAD BAD:::: "explosions" at LAX
  131. Nude man shot in Miami
  132. Home Invasion Suspect taken off Life Support
  133. Bad: Teen killed in Fayetteville police officer involved shooting Sunday
  134. Know your backstop....
  135. BG brought a gun to a machete fight....
  136. Camden, NJ............
  137. WI: More open carry proponents stopped by police
  138. Man brandishes at protesters...
  139. This is Sparta! (Wisconsin, that is)
  140. Don't mess with old ladies...
  141. "Get off my lawn"
  142. Flash some cash....
  143. Always pay attation to your surroundings
  144. good thing these filthy punks got caught.
  145. Man shot after holstered gun falls, fires, strikes him in the leg while shopping
  146. Soldier killed with knife on American soil, racist hate crime.
  147. Medical reprieve lets murderer loose...
  148. Resistance is NOT futile, even unarmed.
  149. OP ED On The Bikers & SUV (Sorry I don't think this should go away yet)
  150. Drive By Shooting Hits Close to Home
  151. Rome, Maine
  152. Resistance is NOT futile...
  153. Teenager "stops the threat" of home invaders.
  154. Oregon teen killed 2 men on hunting trip
  155. BAD/GOOD: Trooper's dashcam captures dramatic moment he is in shootout
  156. Time to ban cars
  157. Disabled man shot seven times...
  158. Shooting us capital
  159. Bad: Cops shoot homeowner after he shoots intruder
  160. Another boy suspended - really?! REALLY?!
  161. Not sure if good, bad, or ugly yet
  162. BAD: AZ man Mexican Carrying shoots GF
  163. Good, Sad and bad
  164. Government shutdown delays concealed carry approvals
  165. Good thing NY has that 10 rd law
  166. BAD: Corpus Christi store owner arrested after killing robber
  167. Family Feud settled by 22LR
  168. Good: Homeowner opens fire on 3 burglary suspects - One 'suspect' dead....
  169. Good - Police: KY Alleged burglar fatally shot - very loose use of the term 'Alleged'
  170. Great - Gun and Deaf Dog Trump Knife Wielding Meth Head at Home Invasion Robbery
  171. BAD.... another shooting, another life taken
  172. Another Mall incident just now New York?
  173. BAD: Two seventh graders expelled for playing with toy guns on private property
  174. GOOD: Ex Royal Marine with a handgun saved 100 lives as terrorists ran amok
  175. UGLY - Law abiding gun owners shoot 5 dead and wound 19 in Chicago
  176. Evil Terrorist or World's Most Idiotic Home Defense Strategy: You Decide
  177. Burglar left behind telling clue: His own court records
  178. 10 Year-Old Girl Shot While Sleeping in Bed. Parents Misdiagnose Situation....
  179. Nothing sacred.....your tackle box?
  180. Teens and guns....surely this isn't an x-box ordeal
  181. Bad Bad bad....... IMPD officer ambushed and killed this morning
  182. Mass Shooting on Chicago's South Side
  183. Not just Bad - Ugly Bad
  184. Police warned Navy - 6 weeks prior to shooting about shooter
  185. Good: Mom does the right thing
  186. Mass murders map
  187. 17 year old that killed 71 year old shopper (update)
  188. GOOD: Man flips after observing a legal MWAG, gets arrested
  189. Viva La France - if you're a Bad Guy!
  190. Bad: Dad charged after 6 y.o. shoots 4 y.o. sister
  191. 1 mass killing a month on average for the last 2-3 years
  192. Washington Navy Yard shooting
  193. Excellent - Video (security camera and interview) of man defending next door property
  194. Know your target
  195. So - How many NYPD does it take to shoot two women when missing unarmed perp
  196. 17 year old stalks and kills 71 year old man grocery shopping
  197. Little Rock crime again
  198. Armed robbers demand cash from couple, 'grope' woman
  199. Left the apartment to return with his gun..?
  200. Armed Pharmacist scares away robber
  201. Man Shooting Handgun at Rental Car Business.
  202. Now That's real Scary................
  203. CHL carrier shooting in Houston
  204. Good: Cops Shoot Man that Stabbed Woman
  205. Bad: A father beats up a peeping Tom, gets arrested for 'aggravated battery'
  206. Guilty feeling 11 years later
  207. Crossbow Killing
  208. "Marine gets beat down trying to stop bullying attack"
  209. More tragedy and bad press.
  210. overnight shooting spree in St. Louis
  211. 107 year old in altercation with SWAT:loses and dies
  212. I ask Why, very bad very ugly
  213. So glad to be retired and not having to deal with this stuff on a daily basis anymore
  214. Great Self Defense Stories.
  215. Gun toting soccer mom found shot dead
  216. Unviersity of South Florida Rape Suspect Killed in Police shootout
  217. when seconds count....
  218. Good: Mother/Son Team Armed
  219. Good: two men's fail attempt at carjacking in Auburn Hills Michigan
  220. Ugly: 46yo shoots 8yo boy in the face.
  221. Good: Armed Homeowner Kills Intruder - KC
  222. Homeless good guy
  223. Bad Guy learns NOT to mess with a Vet
  224. Crime and opportunity, please don't provide criminals with guns!
  225. Police shoot liquor store owner who was shooting at robbers (Oklahoma)
  226. Ring Up One For The Good Guys...
  227. They got what they deserved.
  228. Hasan - Death Penalty
  229. One of the most ridiculous articles i have seen in a while
  230. Victim selection- epic fail!
  231. Teen Thug Attempts to Illegally Use Stun Gun on Concealed Carrier....Bad Decision
  232. What is that saying? Never bring what to a gun fight!
  233. Don't talk, just do.
  234. More Chicago Fail
  235. DeJa Vu training ND
  236. Bad: 8-year old murders grandma
  237. Colin Powell should have just been quiet on the issue...
  238. Bad: 3 dead, 2 injured in shooting spree in Northern Florida
  239. Good: Three teens convicted of murder for death of accomplice in home invasion
  240. 88 Year Old WW II Vet Robbed and Beaten To Death .....
  241. Victim brings knife to gunfight, prevails.
  242. Spokane pawn shop standoff
  243. Good, Fighting fire(arms) with water
  244. Intruder shot and home defender runs: Durham, NC
  245. Tragedy that could have been avoided.
  246. Wonder what type of gun this guy was using.
  247. Politician sees the light
  248. Another one: Three perps in a car cruising for a victim
  249. Suspect Pistol-Whipped Dunkin' Donuts Manager After He Got Wrong Coffee - Florida
  250. Joe Arpaio to militias: Beware or be shot