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  1. visiter from down under killed "just for the fun of it"
  2. Farmer, held hostage, shoots escapee who shot a LEO...
  3. He brought a knife to a gunfight
  4. Good: Bar Owner Takes Out Would-Be Robber
  5. Woman opens fire on group of robbers at Denny's
  6. Kearns, UT. Homeowner loses gun to invader
  7. Excellent: Sturm-Ruger building new factory in NC
  8. Bad: Guy "Accidentally" Shoots Cousin With Her New Gun.
  9. Score One For US Seniors (No Guns Involved)BUT-Must see perps Picture :)
  10. Questionable: home defense worst nightmare...
  11. Don't Mess With TEXAS WOMEN
  12. Apartment resident shoots, kills intruder
  13. Stand your ground: 17 year old not charged in self defense shooting of 40 y.o. man
  14. Attempted break-in at Kid Rock's house
  15. State Dept. Sp. Agent self defense trial Hawaii, poss. drunk, intervened in situation
  16. Good: Man gets pistol whipped but is still able to shoot the criminal
  17. Hard to run from the scene of the crime...
  18. The sad ending....
  19. Cop Shoots 14 year old
  20. Trayvon II - NYPD LEO shoot 14 year old!
  21. Texas, Kidnap/bank robbery failure.
  22. Suspect Killed in Robbery Attempt
  23. Stupidy on the rise........
  24. file this under "BAD"
  25. Man shoots 14 year old intruder and is charged with 2nd degree murder
  26. Houston:Car Jacking Thwarted
  27. 17 year old shoots 15 year old breaking down front door, Tulsa
  28. Good: Arkansas school district arming more than 20 teachers, staff
  29. San Antonio home invaders pick wrong apartment.
  30. Arkansas School District Training and Arming Teachers and Staff
  31. How long before Chicagoans can be armed to protect themselves against this?
  32. Good, or bad, Waffle House at 2:00 AM...
  33. This is why you never give up...
  34. 14 year old protects his 3 little siblings during a home invasion
  35. Mean while the Darwin effect kicks in
  36. The "Two Gun Kid" picked the wrong house...
  37. Pelosi Urges Congress to Uphold Constitution
  38. Man shoots at intruder...
  39. Good - Don't bring a ball bat to a gun fight! Robber learns lesson, lucky still alive
  40. Long read but worth it
  41. In Wisconsin, it's okay to fire warning shots?
  42. Hooded, masked men with a stick, a stapler, and a gun...
  43. Homeowner distraught. Shot, killed home invader...
  44. Husband and wife couple who randomly targeted and killed a sex offender
  45. bad : 5 killed at kinifepoint in denver bar
  46. Tony's Weiner in the news
  47. Good: Home Invasion Fail
  48. Good - Mother Shoots Man Who Punched Her 6 Year Old in the Face and Attacked Her
  49. Shooting on float/canoe trip
  50. Houston woman shoots man at gasoline station, maybe SD, maybe not.
  51. G. Zimmerman pulls family from car wreck
  52. Woman, 72 shot by intruder, husband 74 returns fire...
  53. The President asked... and now, has been answered
  54. Criminals do not kick in doors in Harnett county NC.
  55. Excellent - Cleveland man shoots intruder.....; Resident applauded by councilman
  56. 87yr old WWII Vet defends his home against intruders: " DEADLY, I'M NOT BRAGGIN BUT
  57. Hate violence after trial
  58. Teens with Free Zimmerman bumper sticker slaughtered in Jacksonville
  59. Bloomberg – Get Rid of Self Defense Laws
  60. Whatever happened with/to..
  61. Good and Ugly: PA clerk stops robber (BB gun vs handgun)
  62. 10, yes TEN, suspects detained after home invasion!
  63. ANOTHER Seventeen year old African American male Shot Dead In Florida
  64. Ugly: Armed Robber, Victim Shot Dead During Oak Cliff Robbery
  65. Tulsa Man Hogties Burglar Then Leaves Him in the Front Yard for Police
  66. Zimmerman Trial is this Year’s Duke Lacrosse Case
  67. Melbourne, FL. Home owner shoots...
  68. Good?: New York woman reportedly tells gunman he doesn’t have the nerve to shoot her
  69. Good, Bad or Ugly? Adam Kokesh Arrested
  70. DOJ Facilitating for Anti-Zimmerman Protests - NOT ABOUT THE TRIAL
  71. Ted Nugent for President?
  72. Good News: Shop owner kills burglar; second man gets away but is captured soon after
  73. Police shoot man with garden hose
  74. Forget the gun, give me a lasso!
  75. Good: Lawton, OK woman shoots attempted home invader
  76. Facebook bans Fox News commetator
  77. Tweets and Facebook Postings Encourage Race War If Zimmerman Set Free !
  78. Lady Gaga's rendition of the National Anthem.
  79. Family forced from their home (Merged)
  80. "Armed Robbery' ?
  81. Good: Tulsa homeowner hog-ties would be invader
  82. Ugly Taxes
  83. Bad : Robbed in car at a Stop Sign
  84. Police shoot dog, owner arrested: Good or bad?
  85. 2 men killed by machete Fort Smith, Arkansas
  86. Armed texas dad takes on three home intruders
  87. Baltimore shootings
  88. Dog shot, man arrested.
  89. NJ home invation suspect identified !!!
  90. Live video Zimmerman trial
  91. Toy Gun Saves The Day
  92. Violent home invasion caught on camera (NJ)
  93. Only in California (or any other bastion of the liberal, anti-gun mentality)
  94. Good: Another home invasion in Oklahoma City, 2 of 5 shot, the rest run away
  95. Good: Home Invasion in Edmond ends with BG shot & killed
  96. Robber shot by patron waiting in line to buy Lebron James shoes
  97. Another Ugly Story from Chicago - Husband Killed saving Wife
  98. Another crime takes place at WalMart
  99. Suspect shot by police after multiple shootings in and around Greenville N.C Wal-Mart
  100. Burglary Suspect Shot & Killed
  101. Good: Homeowner shoots, kills intruder
  102. Good: Don't Come a Knockin'...
  103. Bad: Pennsylvania Shopper Chases Robber, Loses Life
  104. Shooting in Milwaukee casino
  105. Bad: Chicago -- 41 shot, 6 dead over weekend
  106. Major resources needed for Obama Africa trip
  107. 14-year-old at the center of "NRA T-Shirt Controversy" now facing possibility of 1 ye
  108. Did Lifting Gun Ban Lower Crime Rates in D.C. & Chicago?
  109. St. Louis Goes Crazy
  110. Opening Doors To Strangers Results In This
  111. Grandma, 72, shoots at home intruder in California Read more: http://www.foxnews.com
  112. Resident shoots robbery suspect
  113. Miami Growhouse Shootout
  114. Loss of common sense
  115. Going to be a long summer
  116. More CA insanity
  117. Homeowner shoots at burglars, they flee...
  118. NJ Cop Shoots in possible road rage case
  119. Home Invasion Turned Fatal In Fayetteville N.C
  120. Good: Longmont man, police officer fired 35 rounds in one minute, three seconds
  121. Fake gun owners do it again
  122. Homeowner shoots intruder - no charges will be filed
  123. Shooting at Santa Monica College, 3 victims shot.
  124. Biden sends out letter on Friday. Refuses to give up on gun control
  125. Wrong Verdict: Jury acquits escort shooter
  126. Ugly... The Anti-Gun Culture in Public Schools
  127. This Nine Year Old Hero, Justs Needs Some Proper Training
  128. New Jersey gun laws don't curb violence in Camden
  129. Texas City, TX Man Kills One Of Two Home Invaders
  130. Knife related incident, and I am at a loss of words how to even comment about this...
  131. 26 people shot, seven of them fatally, over 72 hours, on hot New York City weekend
  132. Sen. Lautenberg of NJ..........Dead.
  133. Bad but potentially Good - USA Soldier - Homeowner and intruder exchange gunfire
  134. These guys picked the wrong house.....
  135. Not all heros carry guns. Such a tragic loss
  136. Calif. Homeowner May Face Charges for Shooting at Suspected Burglars
  137. Victims of Sunday shooting rampage tell horrifying details of their experience
  138. Bad: Maryland elementary school suspends 5 year for a cap gun.
  139. GOOD - This is how it should be reported.
  140. Poptart Firearm Kid Gets NRA Life Membership
  141. Bad: homeowner's weapon confiscated...
  142. Good Bad Ugly Stupid
  143. 9 rounds - 4 BGs down!
  144. Probably Bad: Woman killed at Costco
  145. BAD: Grandfather, 72 shot dead in his own driveway by rookie police officers
  146. Good,Good,Good! Tifecta of Firearms Used in Defensive news (video on the last one)
  147. Dog, and victim (with shotty) hold perp for PO PO...
  148. Young lady scares off home invader...
  149. My local news - why I carry
  150. Memorial Day weekend in Chicago
  151. Good (Amusing): Dallas Officer Hits Man With Weapon During Assault
  152. KC attempted home invasion/burglary
  153. Good (but graphic photo) Armed off duty police officer takes care of business
  154. Good - No charges for neighbor in fatal shooting
  155. This is not good, it is Amazing
  156. Colorado antis are gonna be all over this
  157. Shoots through door?
  158. 60 year old kills 17 year old armed robber....
  159. WNEP - Armed Son Stops Robber From Escaping Secluded Home [VIDEO]
  160. When will this corruption end.....?
  161. Draw a sword, against the drop, prevail!
  162. Please do not call the Police if I am ever held hostage!
  163. You cant fix stupid....
  164. Suspected robber shot in Milwaukee
  165. Burglars Force Homeowner Into Closet
  166. Too close to my home....
  167. walmart walk turns out ok
  168. Boston : Officer shot by "friendly fire"
  169. Ugly but good: Vehicle used as the 'weapon' of choice
  170. Carjacking gone wrong, perp ends up shot up - Video link in thread
  171. So....Let's See What We Got Here.....
  172. Aurora Colorado: School employee "accidently" shoots student
  173. CA Police Break Down Door and Taze Homeowners
  174. Homeowner shoots home invader
  175. Driver of newpaper delivery truck shoots attacker
  176. Teen, 15, accidently shot in car...
  177. Mom Asks 911 For Permission To Shoot Intruder
  178. Brutal - family lucky to be alive
  179. 12 Shot at New Orleans Muther's Day Parade!
  180. OKIE DOKEY! Baytown convenience store clerk shoots would-be robber (TX)
  181. Somedays it just doesnt pay to be a BG.........
  182. Got to be kidding
  183. Good: Picked the wrong Wal-Mart customer - Atlanta
  184. Boy, 2, dies after shooting self at Corsicana home
  185. BAD: SMU student mugged in bathroom of campus science building
  186. Free Shotguns In NYC Is Going To Make Nanny Bloomberg Spit Bullets Read more: http:/
  187. Boston: Witness suggest friendly fire responsible for officer casualty
  188. Three armed thugs home invasion Bradenton, FL
  189. This appears to be where we are headed
  190. Burglar Held at Gun Point
  191. Does anyone see a problem in these photos from the Boston tragedy?
  192. UGLY: Man fires shots, then shoots self at Bush International Airport in Houston
  193. Boston Bombing aftermath ..
  194. Society is in big trouble Science experiment gone wrong.
  195. What happens when you can't carry...
  196. 5-year-old Kentucky boy fatally shoots 2-year-old sister
  197. Store owner defends with AR-15
  198. Security video of guy taking shotgun from BG
  199. Good: New story about several SD incidents
  200. Bad - Sounds like an accident
  201. Good-man uses ccw to stop stabbings
  202. Sad: Elderly mother shoots son in self-defense
  203. Milwuakee ATF Fails Yet Again with Fearless Distributing Sting
  204. Good - Gun carrying man ends stabbing spree at Salt Lake grocery store
  205. Pressure Cooker Craziness
  206. Ugly: Police official sold gun to felon, lied to Feds.
  207. Craigslist rape
  208. Ugly - Man Dies in Police Raid on Wrong House, Lebanon, TN.
  209. The good : Bishops defeats attacker with Samurai sword
  210. Good: Trial Begins For Robber Who Terrorized Neighborhood
  211. Car-Jacking Defense and Mindset
  212. One "sharp" Bishop
  213. Texas criminal tries unsucessful robbery
  214. 15 Year Old Shot Dead Near Obama Home.
  215. One of the good guys...
  216. I knew it wouldn't be very long....
  217. WallMart & Price Gouging
  218. Such a shame...
  219. Woman shoots at suspects breaking into Tempe home
  220. Off duty LEO got mad at McDonald's!
  221. (Title Change) Manhunt for Boston Bomber & MIT Cop Killer
  222. UGLY: I'll take your cash and your pistol
  223. Use power tools, while your wife brings guns
  224. Man has intruder at gun point, and gives him some "advice" about his life choices.
  225. Knock Bdubs off my list.....
  226. Woman Arrested in Murders of Texas Asst DA,Texas DA and Wife
  227. CHL shoots Craiglist robbery dead!
  228. Now A Letter To Obama
  229. Homeowner shows up at just the right time.
  230. Manufactures realize consumers boycotts demanding apology from governor
  231. "Robber shot dead by would-be victim outside Everman store"
  232. Robber shot dead by would-be victim outside Everman store Read more: http://www.myfo
  233. New anti gun ad
  234. Dayton, OH: 17 yr old pulls gun, gets shot by CCW homeowner
  235. It seems we can't catch a break
  236. Home invasion stopped: invader calls police, "I think he might have a gun."
  237. Home invasion failure.
  238. Tupelo drive by shooting of elephant
  239. Virginia: Gun buster signs at work
  240. Good: In my home town and original capital of Oklahoma
  241. Belt buckle saves Life!
  242. Call 911 and order your own GFZ for home delivery AGAIN Gwinnett Co. GA
  243. Cell phone weapon?
  244. all 50 states overnight
  245. The Bad gets Good!
  246. Bad : Man Who Murdered WV Sheriff Was Not Allowed a Firearm
  247. New low for Michael Moore
  248. Such appreciation
  249. BAD - Come on people. Really?!?! Thank goodness the child is going to live!
  250. How Long Do You Wait