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  1. Phoenixville, PA gun buyback program - Nov 10th (get ya $50 bucks of gift card here!)
  2. Trick or treat!
  3. Good? More Like Awesome.....Bank Prez Who Encourages CCW Stops Robbery
  4. Ugly: Gas is Gold
  5. Good Gal Wins: Man in wrong Fresno apartment walloped by female karate student
  6. Try this Trick on the wrong guys and get a NASTY Treat!
  7. 13 Year Old Girl Dead - 14 Year Old Arrested for Involuntary Manslaughter
  8. BAD: Meth addict accused in burglary sues 90-year-old homeowner shot in jaw
  9. Two officers shot in NE Iowa
  10. BAD: A teenager a day
  11. Bank owner celebrated for "catching the bad guy" - not sure how I feel about it
  12. How did this happen?
  13. Liberal and un-armed in Seattle
  14. And the looting begins
  15. Sick: ~20 year old assaults 80 year old woman
  16. Great: More smart criminals
  17. Celebratory gunfire at Saudi wedding cuts cable, 23 electrocuted
  18. Suicide at Michigan shooting range, again.
  19. According to Bllomberg,Brady bunch,and all the other Anti-Gunners this isn't possible
  20. elderly southern belle on oxygen bests home intruder
  21. Bad: Witnesses describe moments leading to fatal shooting outside Anchorage nightclub
  22. Range safety with kids: WATCH THEM!
  23. Good: "How about I blow your heads off?"
  24. Dim Wits -- Just for cigarettes
  25. One Tough Cop
  26. East Coast Members Get Ready
  27. Good - but kinda ugly
  28. Frankenstorm
  29. TX Pharmacist with .22LR: I wish I had my .357. Video.
  30. Another reason to visit the library...
  31. Lawsuits following mass shootings
  32. Bad-Cop shoots at truck tires, kills illegals
  33. GOOD and BAD: Cop fatally shoots pregnant woman 'as she tries running him over...'
  34. Good, daughter shoots coyote after it attacks her elderly mother
  35. Good: Gun Sales Up, Murder Not
  36. Lots of twists....
  37. Weird: Burglar sues victim for shooting HIM....
  38. Wierd: NYC police officer arrested in kidnap, cannibalism plot
  39. Deadly Shooting at Georga Church
  40. Bad Ugly:
  41. Another Craigslist Story
  42. Paramedics witness attempted murder, jump into action.
  43. SIGH: So this is how they try to take away castle doctrine...
  44. Good: Homeower successfully defends himself agianst armed robbers
  45. Violent crime's up, homeowner groups patrolling neighborhoods armed, and more:
  46. Good: 64 year old woman shoots home invader
  47. Good: Attempted robery of pharmacy stopped.
  48. Bad. Woman attacked and burned.
  49. Bad: Random shootings in metro Detroit.
  50. Home Invasion just down the street from Me
  51. Girl mistaken for a skunk, shot.
  52. Shooting at a spa in Brookfield, Wisconsin - 3 dead, 4 wounded
  53. Compliance doesn't work, defending yourself
  54. Bad, Bad, Bad---family attacked in Calif.
  55. Gun Industry Thriving Despite Dire Warnings of a Crackdown
  56. RE: Too young to have a gun of her own
  57. Police accidental discharge inside of Wisconsin Govenors Mansion
  58. Shootin' gallery on I-96
  59. Columbus Burglar Killed by Teen
  60. Good: Too young to have a gun of her own...
  61. Here we go...AK 47 used in home invasion
  62. Bad - Five Dead in homicide/arson - Bar Robbery gone bad
  63. Two cases of self defense in Amarillo, TX
  64. Govt Report: Violent Crime Rises Sharply
  65. Young and dumb, and full of....
  66. Woman Home Owner +1, 2 Male Perps -1, or 2 Perps Enter .... 1 Perp Leaves
  67. Article: Guns and Alabama
  68. Very Bad! Female Border Guard Shot At B.C./Washington Crossing!!
  69. "Volunteer firefighter shoots hammer-wielding killer to halt rampage"
  70. Bad: she dropped her gun, too...
  71. Shooting magazines+age requirement=British lunacy
  72. Schools on lockdown:Iowa
  73. Vote
  74. Mob picks on 'the wrong guy'
  75. Bad: Prank gets 15 yr old shot
  76. Stupid, man rockksalts brother/cousin
  77. Gun buy-back in Cleveland
  78. What would you do?
  79. ‘You should’ve served US better and died!’
  80. Detroit family robbed after letting relative into house
  81. Retired Cop Fatally Shoots Own Son, After Mistaking Him For Burglar
  82. Good- some common sense in the U.K.
  83. Suspect Arrested: Abducted Girl in Colorado
  84. Stand your ground in Montana
  85. Good: Son protects mom, shoots at BGs...
  86. News stories about kids being bullied
  87. Study of Chicago Gun Crime Weapons
  88. A whole new meaning to "smash and grab"
  89. Shame:Army reservist defends family members,
  90. UPDATE: AL Freshman Campus Shooting
  91. Bad: Daylight home invasions
  92. Good or Bad? Oddly Funny
  93. BAD: Bears fan murdered in Jacksonville, Fl. before the Jags game
  94. Gunfire at the mall, in the food court
  95. Good: NEVER GIVE UP!
  96. Could some sanity be returning to the UK?
  97. Stupid:3 guys smoking pot, loaded .44, playing Russian Roulette..What can go wrong?
  98. Bad, Appeals Court allows lawsuit to continue
  99. Bad: carjacker/murderer kills driver...
  100. Detroit - Enter at your own risk
  101. BAD Law Enforcement: Campus Police LEO Shoots and Kills Naked Freshman
  102. Good: Police: Man shot in Tampa was committing home invasion
  103. Man stabbed while sleeping,doesn't wake up til hours later
  104. FBI: Friendly fire likely in border shootings
  105. Armed business owner thwarts attempted robbery (Wichita, Ks)
  106. Bad: Nothing good happens after....
  107. SAD: there are no words... none
  108. Guard convicted of murder in Va. Beach in bench trial, I smell injustice.
  109. Bad: coming to a family farm near you.
  110. Car Thief attempting to steal at local gun range
  111. BAD/Good: Homeowner survies getting shot...
  112. Beyond stupid
  113. Homeowner stabbed in Scottsdale
  114. Interesting: Police bring gun violence training to a mall...
  115. Bad: elderly couple beaten severly in home invasion
  116. Interesting lessons here about shooting till you're empty
  117. Hmmm: Printable gun wiki maker...
  118. Good: Second time a man with CWP defends himself...
  119. Bad: home invader uses taser...
  120. Detroit Top Cop - "Deja vu all over again"
  121. "Your conceal carry gun doesn’t make me safer"
  122. The “Perfect Day” by LTC Dave Grossman, USA, ret.
  123. Good: he listened to his wife
  124. Busted without a permit...
  125. Man Shot In Apparent 'Road Rage' Incident In Delaware
  126. news source has a permanent "Trayvon" section?
  127. Bonnie and Clyde guns sell for $504,000
  128. Bad: woman assaulted in home invasion
  129. Bad, UGLY: Gun safe explodes!
  130. Good: A "stand your ground" case...
  131. To close to home!
  132. Daughter sets up dad in armed home invasion
  133. That Loaded Gun in My Carry-On? Oh, I Forgot
  134. Bad: serial rapist, home invader active again?
  135. iPhone Nabs suspects
  136. Woman flies with gun in purse
  137. Bad Guy at a School with a gun
  138. Solution to gang member violence in Chicago?
  139. Member of 'Obama Boyz' gang charged in St. Louis shootings
  140. Woman Flies to NJ with Loaded Handgun in Purse
  141. Hmmm: man shoots dog, loses...
  142. Bad, bad, bad... You can't carry...
  143. Actually an armed citizen news story
  144. Good: Frequent flier shot entering...
  145. TRAGIC: Father shoots own son in ski mask
  146. Bad: They "shot" out the glass in the front door,
  147. BAD: Right in my own backyard too.
  148. Bad: woman walks in on burglary,
  149. Good: store owner stops perp
  150. Good: Retired HFD turns the tables on the BGs
  151. The Cincinnati Enquirer can ID guns by shell casings!
  152. Bad: This is why I'm armed at home
  153. Police gun down 83-year-old woman responding to 911 call she dialed
  154. Good: the sight of the gun scared 'em off
  155. Man Not Indicted for Shooting.
  156. Bad : Robbed at Gunpoint in His Own Home.
  157. Ugly, good: 1 injured, 1 dead in home invasion
  158. Bad: Soldier kills pal that had the hiccups
  159. hmmm? waited too long, maybe?
  160. Good: reluctant gun owner saves herself
  161. Good: I got all the money you need in my pocket
  162. Good: Shot himself in the foot
  163. BAD: Woman raped in Manhattan
  164. Another "accidental" discharge
  165. Georgia gun range given permit to serve alcohol.
  166. GOOD: Excellent SA
  167. BAD: WalMart shoplifter shoots security then self
  168. Free AK47 with used truck buy
  169. Bad: Double Amputee shot by HPD.
  170. Bad...Can a "child" really be dangerous?
  171. Gas for guns
  172. Shotgun-wielding cancer patient thwarts robbery
  173. Good Read on Joe Perry from Aerosmith
  174. Bryco/Jennings gun designer arrested for child porn.
  175. Run from a robber you will be safe, ya right
  176. Good?: Bar/gun range. gun range/bar?
  177. BAD: Something seems wrong here.
  178. GOOD: Mother and daughter wrestle home invader to the ground
  179. Good: Boy Saves Mom from Attack with BB Gun
  180. Hello Adrenline
  181. Bad - Man opens fire in a gunstore
  182. DHS Releases video on how to handle a workplace shooting ...
  183. Fast and Furious Report Cites Management Failures
  184. Ugly: Road rage(?) Sex on Interstate 95 in Nassau County escalates to assault with gu
  185. Unarmed Female U.K. police officers shot dead during routine call.
  186. UGLY: Avoidable Hunting Accident
  187. This one should be interesting...
  188. Bad: Murderer Too Fat to be Executed?
  189. Shotgun wielding robber disarmed - Good!
  190. Ugly: 17-year-old-dies-after-shooting-50-year-old-man
  191. Former West Point football player dies in accidental shooting at Connecticut home
  192. West Bloomfield police officer struck down
  193. Man repels thief using 16 rounds Good argument against mag limits.
  194. Bomb Threat on University of Texas Campus
  195. Good: Student Groups for Concealed Carry on Campus
  196. Bad: Batman Again
  197. Bad: Another Zombie Attack
  198. don't mess with Texas (cops)... give them your DL/ permit
  199. Good: Employees get firearm training after multiple robberies
  200. Who Carries A .22 Derringer? She Does
  201. Shots fired at a park near youth football practice
  202. Results of investigation of police shooting here in Michigan released yesterday.
  203. Fill in the blank...
  204. Stabbed in the butt
  205. Update on bike rider/pu collision where the driver shot and killed bike rider
  206. 8 home invasions over the weekend
  207. Dozens Of Shots Fired At Chase Suspect, 41 shots fired office claims SD
  208. bad-Fort Worth homeowner shot by burglar, police say
  209. In the news or Not in the news Zimmerman
  210. Police dash cam shows Sikh temple shooter being taken out by officer.
  211. Follow FEMA's Zombie Preparation Advice, End up on a Watch List.
  212. Real Bad: How Not to Clean a Gun
  213. Aurora theater targeted because it was a No Gun Zone
  214. KC Woman Ticketed for Shooting at Trespasser in Backyard... - August 2012
  215. bad-Wash. sniper was recently divorced military vet
  216. Ulgy-Police: NJ boy, 6, killed saving sister in attack
  217. Ugly: Little Rock Police Officer charged with manslaughter of 15-year old car thief
  218. good-Gaffney mom shoots at intruder; suspect flees
  219. Administration Expands ATF’s Power to Seize Property = Your Firearms
  220. Local: 9 year olds fighting... one has a gun?
  221. Why you should carry on a golf course if you're a bad golfer!
  222. Gun-Dealing CB12 Chair Abused Power With 2nd Amendment Forum, Critics Say
  223. Boy, 13, leads cops on car chase
  224. ugly-CAL gets another black eye in cop abusing a suspect-video
  225. BAD: Hostage shot by police - NYC
  226. Man Arrested with a Gun-employee won't sell him ammo
  227. Horrible: Mom kills three kids, then herself.
  228. watch you're back at the pumps- man held up while pumping gas
  229. Very Bad-Multiple Killings In France
  230. woman shoots her EX lover defending her new BFF
  231. Canadian Shooting
  232. good-Man fires shot at robbers in his southeast Wichita home
  233. bad-Unknown suspects assault Kingwood man in driveway robbery
  234. good-Naked suspect shot by homeowner during attempted burglary
  235. Bad: Shooting in Doddridge Co WV
  236. Weird : Woman "Shot" in Hip While Sleeping
  237. bad-Cedar Park police charge CHL holder in fatal shooting of dog
  238. GOOD - Armed Security Guard Protects Internet Cafe w/ shooting (VIDEO)
  239. this is how you do it folks-school's open
  240. Farm tenant arrested after burglars shot was 'plagued by break-ins' (England)
  241. ulgy-Gunman kills 3 during northeast Houston bar fight
  242. Clinton condems?
  243. 22LR Can Be Lethal
  244. Woman, 82, Suspected Of Burglary; Rap Sheet Dates Back To 1955
  245. Texas Man Shoots Gunman Saves Texas Officer
  246. Ugly: Florida Man kills Door to door salesman
  247. Bad: 'The guy just came in - came in with his gun already out'
  248. Bad: 2nd WV Trooper Shot Has Died
  249. UGLY and bizarre: Senseless shooting of camper in Colorado
  250. Trash bag robber strikes North Texas store