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: In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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  1. Armed teachers, guards bolster school security in Israel - DUH!
  2. CodePink at the Nations Gun Show in Chantilly
  3. Durham NC police charge two teens, 12-year-old with murder
  4. Media Quiet About San Antonio Theater Shooting
  5. Man drives car threw sporting goods door in attept to burglarise
  6. Don't fear over one tragedy.
  7. Kentucky Senator Blames Video Games For Violence
  8. Bad : (possible) suicide by cop at a registered gun dealers house in my town.
  9. Journal News Doubles Down: Will List EVEN MORE Gun Permit Holders After Uproar
  10. Man kills, wounds robbers
  11. First Newtown Lawsuit
  12. Good, mother of 2 shoots intruder
  13. Arizona sheriff orders armed "posse" to patrol school.
  14. Normal - Chicago's 500th Homicide of 2012
  15. Grandfather Saves Granddaughter...
  16. Cop's gun fires twice
  17. Teachers in Utah Get Gun Training
  18. Shooting at NJ Police Station
  19. Another Fatal Assault Train Attack
  20. Burglars shot with dad's........AR
  21. What's good for the goose is good for the gander...
  22. L.A. Voluntarily Disarming....
  23. First the guns, now this...
  24. Good: Coworker's husband thwarts break-in with home defense shotgun
  25. Bad - fatal stabbing at Orlando McDonald's
  26. GOOD: Buckeye Firearms Association - Armed Teacher Pilot Program
  27. Success story from Liberty County Texas
  28. More Shootings in Chicago
  29. Conn.......The AR never left the car
  30. A win for veterans
  31. Another Mass Murrder
  32. Three stories that Dan Casey won't pick-up...
  33. GOOD: Home invader shot and killed
  34. Virginia's Common Law Stand Your Ground laws in action.
  35. Don't resist a criminal...and get shot
  36. No Guns for "Our" Children's Protection - Only for Hypocrites
  37. GOOD and BAD: Off-duty officer stops Church Shooter
  38. UGLY: UK is violent crime capital of Europe
  39. Gun Owner's Names & Addresses published by New York’s “Journal News”
  40. Another Home Invasion 1 murdered,1 kidnapped
  41. Bad: home invasion, about 20 minutes from here
  42. Bad : Homeowner Victimized in Home Invasion
  43. How Thugs Spend Christmas Eve : They Committ Armed Robbery
  44. Homeowner fights off three home invaders in Sacramento.
  45. Report: Gunman shoots at firefighters
  46. I am Adam Lanza’s Mother
  47. You Decide: Nail salon customer packs heat, gunman leaves
  48. Part of what's wrong with this country.
  49. Ugly - There is no excuse for this gun being fired!
  50. Now THIS Will Warm Your Outlook and Holdiay! A Hero Cop in Action:
  51. Just How Many Were There at Sandy Hook....?
  52. Gov. Cuomo's brother speaks (not what you'd think)
  53. Rahm Emanuel's Response to NRA School Safety Plan
  54. 14-year-old Phoenix boy shoots armed intruder while babysitting siblings.
  55. Lanza Family Profile
  56. Huntington WV Police Officer Shoots Knife Weilding Attacker
  57. A MUST HIT MSNBC "The Ed Show" Poll...and we're winning!!
  58. Bad: Gunman kills woman at Pa. church
  59. Building Guns from 3D printers? The future is now...
  60. Interesting article worth reading
  61. Some people just don't get it..
  62. Good: Guns & Ammo's Best Personal Defense Stories of 2012
  63. Man shot at Florida pizza restaurant for complaining about service
  64. NOT everyone in Texas is a NRA Member
  65. Australian Gun Ban video the gun owners perspective. (MERGED)
  66. Friend pointed out GUN DISCREPANCIES
  67. GOOD: MSCO arrested someone planning another school attack
  68. Reality Check: Gun Control
  69. Newtown, CN Mass Murders
  70. Please Help
  71. BAD: CCW holder loses gun. Found by kids.
  72. Here's where gun control gets you...
  73. Roger Ebert on Newtown
  74. Diane Sawyer - CCW Propaganda Video
  75. Bad: Barbershop shooting
  76. Suicide in School Parking Lot
  77. ‘ED Show’ poll: Will Republicans block common sense gun laws?
  78. Police: Mom threatens bullies with gun at Denver school
  79. 2 boys, 14, arrested in cigarette shooting death
  80. Taste of things to come? New Jersey gun buyback program
  81. Opinion Piece : Do We Value Guns More Than Children?
  82. Warning: Heads Up:
  83. 6th grader brings handgun to school
  84. Bad: The violent rhetoric of the Left as they denounce gun ownership
  85. According to ABC news:
  86. A Beautiful Pause: "‘The Voice’s Tribute to Sandy Hook Victims Leaves Us Speechless"
  87. Bushmaster Group Owner Wants Out of Gun Business
  88. Probably NOT the answer...
  89. 4 Dead in another Colorado shooting this morning
  90. Will there be Martial Law 2013?
  91. Kansas Cop Shooting: Two officers fatally shot outside grocery store
  92. Shooting at Theater...Off Duty LEO Shoots Bad Guy
  93. Cerberus to sell gunmaker Freedom Group
  94. I Get It, Thanks To You Guys. The Recent School Shootings I Get It
  95. Sanity: Florida lawmaker favors ending ban on guns in schools
  96. must watch
  97. You need to listen to this...
  98. BAD:NRA member Sen. Manchin says Newtown shooting should open assault weapons debate:
  99. Tragedy Once Again
  100. Another nut...
  101. Fire Mission: An interesting, albeit totally unscientific, poll on USA Today...
  102. Deputy murdered in front of EMS crew treating patient
  103. Thought provoking... story by a mother of a mentally ill child
  104. It could never happen in America....
  105. Mississippi school VP stops more killing.
  106. The Good: Home Invasion Suspect Shot
  107. 12 Year Old OK Girl Shoots Home invader
  108. China's gun control at it's best. prevents a killing spree in school... NOT
  109. Bad: 2 dead after shooting at Las Vegas hotel
  110. GOOD: Clackamas man, armed, confronts mall shooter
  111. Tunnel Vision of Newtown Massacre
  112. And, the madness continues...
  113. The Good News
  114. Just an observation
  115. Increase in Home invasions, nationwide?
  116. Good: Michigan carry restrictions reduced!
  117. BREAKING: Shooting Connecticut Elementary School in Newtown
  118. Why Women Should Carry!
  119. VCDL pickets Auto Zone...
  120. Won the lottery?..
  121. Video of Officer Shooting a Suspect - Warning Graphic
  122. Ding-dong, Avon calling....
  123. Bad: Kook "tweets" threats.
  124. Good - 1 Million Pistol Packing Geriatrics
  125. Gun-selling website faces lawsuit in woman's shooting death
  126. Good-Folks getting better in these situations. Bad-Because they keep happening
  127. UPDATE: Clackamas Town Center Mall Shooting
  128. NRA Armed Citizen archive updated with NOVEMBER
  129. BAD: Oregon Mall Shooting
  130. Illinois has a chance!
  131. UGLY:Officer shoots, kills man who walked into Academy Sports with rifle
  132. Teenager Shoots Woman Over a Cigarette
  133. Home built tank
  134. WOW! Did the Chicago Tibune just quit reporting BG Gun Crimes????
  135. Elderly hunter beaten to death with his rifle by ATV trespassing "kids"
  136. Defensive Shooters Three Uninjured, One BG dead and Three Wounded
  137. Boys 7 & 11 attempt armed robbery Oregon
  138. Bad Seeds
  139. Police arrest suspect in shooting at Indian reservation that leaves 3 dead, 4 wounded
  140. Bad - Misleading headline... Domestic dispute, not TSA related
  141. Good - Death by Cops - Pulled Air Pistol on Under Cover Police - NYC
  142. Interesing scenario: Growing pot, but killed two intruders...
  143. Shot to death while calling 911 to report armed woman.
  144. American soldiers should be killed "SLOWLY AND PAINFULLY.".............."PSY'
  145. Weird - Who packed their gun in a box of meat? Anyone?
  146. BAD: Guns being stolen from (un)locked cars
  147. When rehabilitation doesn't work...
  148. News quote of the day
  149. Bad: Invaded while decorating the Christmas tree
  150. Good - Texas burglar calls 911
  151. BAD: Share this ...
  152. Oops... more incidents these days of folks "forgetting" they have guns with them...
  153. Bad: Woman shot, killed after car, motorized wheelchair bump
  154. Bob Costas tonight on O'Rielly.......Yikes
  155. Bad: Man Shoots Girlfriend in Fight Over "The Walking Dead":
  156. Bad: DFW woman shot in shoulder during home invasion
  157. Bad: 79 year old man beaten in home invasion
  158. Bad: Handguns and a hammer
  159. Kind of knew this kid.
  160. OSHA Cites Convenience Store Chain After Robberies
  161. Bob Costas Response
  162. Ugly, murder in PA
  163. NRA is the new KKK..........What ?
  164. Good or Bad? - 3D Printing a Gun
  165. 79yr old man disarms robber with karate chop to throat!
  166. Successful - No one died but shots fired by CHP
  167. BG takes a nap...
  168. "Where do you live that you think you need to be armed at home?"
  169. Just being neighborly
  170. Strange: murder victim charged with other murder
  171. Good: Victim turns tables on robber
  172. Good: robbers caught and handcuffed by homeowner
  173. Jason Whitlock: NRA is the new KKK
  174. Bad: Pennsylvania man shot ex-wife during church
  175. 4 People Shot and Killed in a "Safe Neighborhood"
  176. Bad: Serial sexual assault perp
  177. Good: They rang the bell...
  178. City: Give Us Your Guns, Get A Free Flu Shot - And A Wegman's Gift Card
  179. BAD/GOOD: Trooper shot at with AK, 2 of 4 perps caught
  180. Fox Sports Author Blames 2A for KC Chiefs Shooting
  181. Bad-NFL Player Kills Girlfriend and Himself-and a Call For Gun Control
  182. Sub-forum idea: "In the news: Everything Else"
  183. BAD, BAD, GOOD... Released prisoner gets a quick trip back to jail....
  184. Kansas City Chiefs player shoots self at Arrowhead Stadium
  186. 'Bow and arrow-type' attack leaves 3 dead in Casper, Wyo.
  187. GOOD: 81 yr old shoot home intruder
  188. Ugly - Officer Down
  189. Local pawn shop robbery
  190. Another College Campus Incident
  191. Man shot 6 times with .22 survives
  192. Trooper stealing
  193. Oops! Right address, wrong occupants?
  194. GOOD: NYPD officer buys boots for homeless man
  195. Bad: forced into basement at gunpoint...
  196. Green Bay home invaders
  197. Bad Fla teen killed @ library
  198. Good - Surveillance video shows violent confrontation at gas station - Houston, TX
  199. Bad: License holder opens up on SUV of teens in FL
  200. See? Gun control works!*
  201. Why?: Man walks in on home burglary in progress
  202. Man Shoots Intruder with .40 caliber
  203. Good but ugly. Teen shoots father to protect mother.
  204. NY concealed gun licensing scheme upheld.
  205. Mystery
  206. Bad: Home Owner Kills Intruders
  207. Bad: Recidivist just released from prison attacks again.
  208. Bad: similar to Petit home invasion
  209. Ugly but not all bad: Nearly 100 dogs shot by (Alanta, GA) metro police since 2010
  210. Bad, ugly, insanity - Gang shooting at funeral... Yep, in Chicago
  211. Bad -- Fayetteville police investigating war veteran's shooting death
  212. BAD - "Execution" of home invaders in MN
  213. Bad: More black Friday 'madness'
  214. Bad: Vendor Shot at Farmer's Market
  215. Natural Gas explosion - Springfield Mass.
  216. Bad: Alabama Deputy Killed
  217. Good - Killer caught - Bad... where we went for dinner Wednesday night...
  218. Real scenario from the news: License holder pulls gun during Black Friday melee
  219. Reminder - Don't let strangers distract you...
  220. Good in my opinion
  221. Store Clerked warned robber...I have a gun!
  222. Bad, Bad, Bad, Macho Camacho Shot In Drive-by
  223. Trooper's dog shot 4 times while defending home
  224. Mother Busts up Son's Attempted Robbery
  225. Good: They picked the wrong guy...
  226. Gun Store Employee Accidentally Shoots Customer
  227. So a Cop punches out this clown
  228. Senate bill rewrite lets feds read your e-mail without warrants
  229. Bad: Student Shot on School Bus in Miami
  230. Accidental shot fired in local movie theater
  231. Bad -- The beat goes on / get worse
  232. BAD: NYPD reportedly eyes gun, '8' link in deaths of 3 shopkeepers
  233. Bad: Three Year Old Shoots Self
  234. Bad: 4 year old shot in home invasion
  235. Good: Police: Home invader shot, killed - Orlando
  236. Strange - Self Defense or Baiting the Situation to have a defense? You Decide.
  237. Camden NJ sets new murder record
  238. For those who say it can't happen here!
  239. Man cleaning gun accidentally shoots 2 neighbors
  240. Good: ND by home invader, maybe shot his ownself!
  241. BAD: Mass shooting suspect GOOD: He didn't get to do it
  242. Good: Another one bites the dust
  243. This One Could be Good, Bad or Ugly
  244. Move over Kevlar,new kid on da block?
  245. Store owner waits...
  246. If you're not a gun owner....
  247. Gun and Kids - Our children
  248. The Anti's have a new ally.
  249. Oh my... poor ignorant.
  250. GOOD: Thank God for Kevlar vests