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  1. Cincinnati CHL holder stops shooting
  2. Woman kills suspected serial killer (Neal Falls)
  3. A couple of feel good stories from NOLA
  4. Guarding recruiters
  5. GA CCW Holder Intervenes in Convience Store Robbery
  6. Good: Would be home invader shot and killed
  7. Attempted assassination of a uniformed police officer in St. Louis
  8. "No flaggin'" effort targets Confederate flags
  9. Good ridin and good shootin
  10. Meanwhile In Houston
  11. Teens stealing guns from Orlando Gun Show
  12. Bad AND Ugly. Shooting to break up a fight.
  13. Internet "prankster" shot
  14. Apparently guns were to blame for Kate Steinle's death
  15. GOOD(?): Hatboro councilman pursues, shoots Hatboro bank robbery suspect
  16. It's Houston ! (LGS Robbery Goes South For Perps)
  17. How Chicago Celebrates Jult 4th, More Than 80 Shot and 15 Dead
  18. Reports of Good Guys With Guns Winning Almost Daily
  19. Woman dies in apparent random shooting at San Francisco tourist hot spot
  20. GOOD: Homeowner Shoots Doggie Door Intruder in the Head
  21. They Just Wouldn't Listen
  22. Good: Ex-CNN anchor and husband survive hotel room shoot-out
  23. Albuquerque Motel 6 Shootout
  24. Man Shoots Grandmother, Bystander Shoots and Kills Man
  25. .22 does the job
  26. Domino's Holdup doesn't quite pan out as expected.
  27. 27 killed by gunmen in Tunisia
  28. Pizza delivery driver refuses to be victim
  29. Man points gun at Postal employee in Fl.
  30. Uber stupid
  31. Detroit. Employee shoots robber defends customers
  32. Dallas Self Defense, Dust in the Wind Shootout
  33. Homeowner shoots criminal: Hope Mills, NC
  34. Bystander defends store clerk
  35. S&W MP9 blamed for accidental police shootings
  36. Judge calls road rage shooter a 'danger' to community
  37. Proper Training goes a very long way. People die when you don't get good training.
  38. Detroit woman unloads on 5 home invaders
  39. Texas grandmother doesn't stand for a knife at her throat...
  40. Mugger Targets Dad & Little Girl Getting Gas
  41. Don't mess with Texas women either
  42. Houston Tx Woman shoots Robber
  43. This is sad. New Jersy laws, did kill this woman.
  44. Shoplifter arrested, glad it wasn't my house!
  45. K9 saves LEO
  46. Don't be messin with a Detroit woman with a beauty appointment
  47. Sorry this just made me laugh.
  48. CCW holder shoots 3 robbers
  49. Customer with CCW drives active shooter out of liquor store.
  50. Good: Man defends against attempted carjacking
  51. In Phoenix, right now
  52. How much trouble is this guy in?
  53. Good story w/good ending
  54. Assault on elderly man
  55. Shooting in town
  56. 3 Thugs Try to Rape Grandaughter: Grampa Grabs Shotgun and Blasts Them
  57. Another home invasion gone wrong: for the criminal.
  58. Police Thank Young Black Man Who Foils Carjacking With a Gun
  59. Attempted Car Jacking goes horribly wrong!
  60. Good, Armed Man Held By Pit Bull Until Armed Mother Comes Home
  61. Duplicate thread
  62. Police: Victim shoots at 5 robbery suspects, 1 killed
  63. Naked State Senator, His Ex and His Girlfriend
  64. Armed citizen saves police officer from beating
  65. Why Thugs Should Beware of Jumping a Man with Concealed Carry Permit
  66. Firefighter: CWPs likely stopped deaths of children, firefighters
  67. Police Responding to Home Invasion Call Shoot Home's Resident
  68. Another criminals career ended in H-town.
  69. Houston, Texas Armed robber shot
  70. Man appears to point gun at teens to break up fight
  71. Home defense shooting last night just accross town in Boulder!
  72. Happy Ending (somewhat) in the Murder Capital
  73. Muhammad cartoon contest in Texas ends in shooting .. Two perps dead
  74. Shopper with concealed weapons shoots, kills would-be carjacker outside Utah store
  75. Store Clerk Dead In My Area, Don't Use A B.B. Gun For Defense
  76. teacher takes down armed student
  77. Armed Kroger shopper stops attack on eldery man.
  78. Mob Mentality
  79. Locals Rally Behind Turlock Man Accused of Murder
  80. Panama City is in the news again
  81. Gun-Toting Grandma
  82. Bad Luck at the Range
  83. Anatomy of a Negative Outcome
  84. Chicago Tribune: "Concealed-carry licensed Uber driver shoots gunman, court says"
  85. UBER Driver w/ CCW Shoots Shooter
  86. Faulty Shotgun Safety
  87. Teenager allegedly rapes homeowner at gunpoint, gets shot and killed by neighbor
  88. Attempted robbery of OCer in Washington state WalMart!
  89. Gunfight 2 blocks from me
  90. Good: They brought guns to a knifefight
  91. Marine kills wife in shooting in small town Alabama
  92. Self-defense shooting in downtown Phoenix
  93. Shots fired at Capitol
  94. A night at Walmart turns deadly. Arizona dashcam footage graphic content
  95. Bad: Cop kills another cop at a range!
  96. Ugly
  97. Good: - KSP investigates shooting death in Rush
  98. Bullies Should Not Sell Wolf Tickets
  99. Home invader shot/killed SW Oklahoma
  100. One for the Good Guys
  101. AZ woman thanks stranger
  102. Senior citizen defends his home in Columbus OH
  103. South Africa- Again
  104. South African- Attempted car jacking
  105. Good: Armed response to car dealership attempted robbery
  106. Citizen holds a man at gunpoint; no one arrested
  107. Zimmerman Video - Thread too contoversial for DC?
  108. Phoenix resident shoots, kills man stabbing his own mother
  109. CC holder saves the day at a barber shop.
  110. Two on one equals justifiable self defense.
  111. Another home invader shot Fayetteville, NC
  112. Good: Mom shoots intruder who broke into home while baby was asleep.
  113. UGLY Anti-gun film maker breaks arm and steals cameras from Pro-gun film maker
  114. Gas station manager shoots "would be" robbers
  115. Retired NYC corrections officer goes to gun against two on subway
  116. GOOD: Little Rock Man Shoots Burglar Breaking Into Neighbors Home
  117. So much for 3 shots, 3 feet, and 3 seconds....
  118. Good: woman shoots and kills ex boyfriend intruder
  119. This Va. Beach Pharmacist DGU didn't go well (video)
  120. Female store clerk takes robber's gun, shoots and beats him.
  121. Texas Mom pulls gun on girl fight
  122. Do You Open The Door...?
  123. ISIL Threat of Attack at The Mall of America
  124. 2nd mistrial declared in Norfolk pharmacy shooting
  125. Woman Shoots And Kills Suspected Burglar Week After Son Gives Her a Gun
  126. Women accidently shoots self adjusting bra holster
  127. Idaho homeowner shoots jail escapee
  128. Video of Pharmacy Shoot
  129. Woman Shoots a Gun For the First Time Last Friday
  130. Ugly/.380 kills (slowly)
  131. Kid has his willie shot....
  132. Pharmacist Shoots Armed Robber.
  133. Update on Las Vegas road rage murder
  134. Bad confrontation
  135. NJ...... Could It Get Any Worse ?
  136. My Cousin's family lives in Copenhagen...
  137. Successful home invasion defense
  138. A Tale of Two Pizza Delivery Girls
  139. GOOD: Eleven-Year-Old Thwarts Home Invasion
  140. Gun vs. car
  141. Another Mall Shooting
  142. GOOD: Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight
  143. Bad: 2 Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide at USC
  144. I live here, but who let these people in?????
  145. Houston man stops active shooter
  146. Good; could have been a tragedy: Man bum rushes shotgun wielding roadrager
  147. Thanks for the gun Dad
  148. GOOD: Father and son take down gunmen who pulled out weapons on terrified mother
  149. Shooting at city hall
  150. SWATter Responsible For Raid That Left Police Chief Shot Is Arrested in Oklahoma
  151. Rapper shoots attacker
  152. Good - Attempted robbery at a Sonic restaurant didn't go as planned.
  153. Good: Dallas Robbery Suspect Shot & Killed By Victim
  154. Active Shooter: Ohio Univeristy - Southern.. oopsie?
  155. Man attacked at Walmart for concealed carry
  156. Good: Good guy wins in NJ
  157. 1984 has arrived....
  158. Mom was anti before this.......not anymore
  159. Man held up by 4 on foot at fastfood drive through. Customer wins.
  160. Bad and Good. Family dispute
  161. Machete wielding intruder gets shot
  162. Apartment Break In Leads To Shooting
  163. 12th Man Seahawk rally in Seattle this morning
  164. Mall shooting, Melborne, FL
  165. Russia throws down the gauntlet energy supply to Europe cut off petrodollar abandoned
  166. Armed Robbery Suspects Murder Two Homeowners in Haines City, Florida
  167. Give this lady a gold sticker!
  168. Give this lady a gold sticker
  169. Papa Johns driver gets to keep her job after shooting robbery suspect in face.
  170. GOOD: 2 Bad Guys With Guns Forgot They Were in Texas
  171. Tulsa gas station clerk kills 2 of 3 armed robbers
  172. Good: Man shoots robber in parking lot of taco bell
  173. Sandy Hook lawsuits against the schools
  174. “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” Activist Leader Shoots Unarmed Man In Practice
  175. Bad - Wife shoots husband bringing her breakfast in bed
  176. Concealed Carry Win!
  177. Why We Carry - Not So Good News From Houston
  178. Um - OOPS! Armed Thug Killed By Customer With CCW
  179. Store Owner Hits Robber in Head With .357 Instead of Shootiing
  180. Gun Store co-owner dies of his injuries in hold up attempt.
  181. Soldier shot while trying to surprise wife with breakfast
  182. Good - Armed robber shot & killed by WI CCL Holder in Milwaukee
  183. Coming in on Twitter*Shootout at robbery in KS
  184. Hurst TX Resident Shoots & Kills Robbery Suspect
  185. The Jihadis in Paris strike again: this time a Kosher market
  186. Told the Mayor to......Get Out.
  187. Reporters Can’t Get Gun Stories Right
  188. Self Defense Shooting in my Home Town of Rhome TX
  189. Fireworks Stand Robbery (Houston)
  190. New Orleans man CCW holder is pistol whipped; robbed, gun taken
  191. Florida pastor prevails in shootout
  192. 74 year old man Pennsylvania man shoots, kills attacker
  193. Proud To Be A Texan (Guns Save Lives)
  194. Old news... Puts the Castle Doctrine to test in Kentucky
  195. How Many Guns Constitute an Arsenal?
  196. CCW Holder who kills car thief is now in deep trouble.
  197. Missouri All Over Again............................
  198. Good: CCW Permit Holder Kills Robber
  199. Home invasion stopped with firearm in Indianapolis; One invader Dead !
  200. Attempted Home Invasion Stopped in Oklahoma City
  201. Grandson takes care of his Mimi
  202. Ugly - Help Identify the Killer of a Gun Store Clerk
  203. Accidental shooting bad & sad
  204. This is awesome karma for some BGs
  205. Colorado Homeowner Shoots and Kills Intruder- No Charges...
  206. GOOD - Sweet Home Alabama!
  207. An Australian Situation
  208. Sad Situation
  209. 11 yr old girl defends family with gun
  210. 200,000,000+ NICS Checks
  211. Ready for some Hollywood hypocrisy?
  212. The Little guy says it all,, Heartbreaking!
  213. Shootout in Gun Shop - Clerk with J-Frame fights off two shooters
  214. Good! NC Vet sends 'em running!
  215. Oh, the shame of it!
  216. UGLY:
  217. St Louis Man drives through protest
  218. Eric Garner Case............
  219. It was a hot time in the old town last night.
  220. Pistol:One Shot, One Kill @ 312 feet
  221. Good: Concealed carrier shoots armed robber
  222. Homeowner shoots suspected intruder after break-in attempt
  223. Mom protects herself and kids from invader
  224. Plinking and driving don't mix
  225. GOOD: 74 Year Old Man Shoots a Man Who Was Stalking His Female Neighbor
  226. Ferguson gun owner negligent discharge
  227. Is the decision in.......?
  228. Obama to pardon millions of illegals.....
  229. Good: Bakery Owner Shoots, Wounds Robber
  230. Good: Robber killed in attempted holdup
  231. SA; any time, any place
  232. GOOD: He 'picked' the wrong target
  233. Milwaukee woman exchanges gunfire...
  234. RIP crew? Got the wrong house.
  235. Marine vs. Burglar...Marine +1
  236. MI: one of three invaders shot
  237. LA: Resident fires at intruder, 1 COM
  238. Father of five with a .45 fatally shoots intruder
  239. MO: Concealed-carry licensee shoots and kills man
  240. Clerk Gets Off A Shot At A Fleeing Armed Robber
  241. Stay off my.... get outta my fridge. ..
  242. Resident scared this one so bad....
  243. She sent him running,
  244. Bring a shovel to a gunfight?
  245. GOOD: 82 Year Old Homeowner Shoots Female Home Invader, Second Suspect Captured
  246. Life With No Parole For Minimum 75 Years For Triple Cop Killer!
  247. This Morning Just NE of Houston
  248. What were they thinking?
  249. GOOD: 71 Year Old Concealed Carrier Shoots and Kills Man Who Assaulted His Wife
  250. GOOD: 17 Year Old Girl Wins Gunfight With Home Invader, Saves Mother and Siblings