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: In the News: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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  1. Three up, Three down ---- end of the inning
  2. Cops Don't Need A Gun.
  3. From Venezuela
  4. Las Vegas home invaders get shot
  5. Guard - 1 Bank Robber - 0
  6. Good Samaritan That Shot Cop's Attacker Officially Cleared
  7. New Active self protection video...graphic
  8. Lots of firepower just ended up in the wrong hands
  9. Armed Robber Gets Smoked
  10. KARMA:
  11. Good Guy Shoots... 2 Good Guys
  12. Shave and a haircut, six bits?
  13. Duo gets prison time for racial slurs, death threats at black child's birthday party
  14. Uber driver burglarizing customers homes...
  15. When police go on strike...
  16. Use the tools at hand
  17. Poor Victim Acquisition Skills
  18. As we say around here, that was just plain stupid.
  19. ISIS training kids using live targets. Very NSFW and not for faint of heart.
  20. Driver pulls gun on Wake County Hit and Run suspect
  21. Don't Peek
  22. Mall Robbery changes into Mall Shooting
  23. If you commit a crime, don't wear white pants.
  24. Trooper 'ambushed,' shot expected to be OK; suspect shot and killed by passer-By
  25. Az Trooper shot, saved by citizen WAG
  26. Laboring under the wrong impression...
  27. Armed Robber and Victim Both Shot and Killed
  28. Houston armed robber shot dead.
  29. Flordia airport shooting
  30. It pays to have a gun on your person but.......
  31. U-Haul truck for getaway vehicle?
  32. Teenage robber shot by a store clerk outside Phoenix Arizona
  33. Deputy attacked at gas station, gun slinging wife comes to his rescue
  34. Armed robbers just ain't too smart.
  35. In thru the door, out thru the window!
  36. The knock at the door
  37. Five seconds to get out.
  38. Uber corporate idiots ----
  39. Trigger happy clerk shoots/kills 13 yr. old would be thief
  40. Raleigh 16 Gun Show "and some how or another when she grabbed it - the gun went off"
  41. 2 Shot, 1 Dead in Airsoft Robbery
  42. Witnesses: Park Hill shooting victim had winning lottery tickets
  43. Son: Mother shot man attempting to break into home...Good
  44. Good: Concealed Carrier saves Sheriff's Deputy
  45. Man shoots intruder who attacks him with a knife....Good
  46. Neighbor kills man who was attacking woman, Garner NC police say
  47. The Ugly: man shoots at stolen car, kills bystander
  48. Gran Torino.
  49. Armed robbery is dangerous: for the criminal.
  50. Lubbock home invader shot....Good
  51. Home invasion, another one time offender.
  52. Lubbock residents shoot it out-Ugly
  53. Bad- Homeowner savagely cut, Glad he wasn't carrying
  54. Local news piece
  55. Armed robber shot dead by one of his victims, a concealed carrier
  56. Breaking news, Baylor university active shooter
  57. Is it just me?
  58. Washinton State Mall Shooting....
  59. Neighbor asks why people carry?
  60. Video shows woman shooting at burglars during Gwinnett home invasion
  61. Foxwoods on Lockdown Following Shooting
  62. Harvard/Northeastern Gun Study
  63. Good guys win, helping an attacked woman at Walmart
  64. Wearing a mask and breaking in is hazardous to your health.
  65. Would-be Thief Thwarted by Shotgun Wielding Lady
  66. Police report of a self-defense shooting
  67. Intruder shot by mobile phone
  68. Good, Another burglar caught and held for police in Lubbock
  69. Dairy farmer catches escaped Texas convict.
  70. If someone asks you why...
  71. Good: 91 year old man shoots robber outside store
  72. Everyshot matters: A point of view from our northern friends
  73. Three armed robbers, one victim.....Victim prevails!
  74. Isn't it ironic?
  75. Parking lot armed robbery attempt:
  76. Bread delivery man shoots thief in leg...Odd.
  77. It’s 0430; I am not going outside.
  78. Second story scumbag takes dirt nap.
  79. ‘Islamic State’ Chanting Attackers ‘Behead’ Priest During Morning Mass In France
  80. Shootout in the park.
  81. Tighter machete control???
  82. Ban all attorneys...??
  83. Burglar apprehended after returning to a previously burglarized home...good.
  84. Apartment resident batting .333
  85. Homeowner shoots at teens
  86. Two dead in home invasion.
  87. Older man runs kids off his lawn at night and they come back with adults..ugly.
  88. Phoenix home invader shot……
  89. Never too old to get your just reward.
  90. Homeowner shoots intruder
  91. Homeowner Shoots Drunks Beating on Door , Murder Charge
  92. Ohio Man Held in Kidnapping and Home invasion
  93. Deputy...1 in a billion shot cleared
  94. Suspects gun disabled by bullet
  95. Portland CCW Holder draws gun in defensive situation, brought up on criminal charges
  96. Castille (Minn) pulled over cuz he matched description of a robbery suspect
  97. Supposed CCW holder shot dead by officer.. Video after shooting
  98. 1 dead in attempted robbery at Bulkhead jewelry store
  99. 'Good Guy With A Gun' Daily Roundup
  100. Pharmacist shoots back
  101. Customer with concealed carry permit fatally shoots ax-wielding attacker at 7-Eleven
  102. Legally armed bystanders help break up shooting outside Augusta Walmart
  103. Corrected Ohio homeowner shoots man kicking in his front door
  104. Portland, OR woman returning home w/kids shoots stranger in her home
  105. Texas gunsmith killed in home invasion
  106. Hoosick, NY homeowner shoots alleged intruder
  107. Intruder shot, killed in south Everett, WA
  108. Bystander Shoots At Rapid City Robbery Suspects As They Flee
  109. Burglar Shot in the Leg by Person He Tried to Burglarize
  110. Store Owner tries to shoot robber but forgets to chamber a round
  111. Pittsburgh store owner shoots robber
  112. Arizona store owner engages armed robbers
  113. Homeowner, 78, shoots bare-bottomed burglar
  114. Rockford, IL homeowner shoots home Invader police search for 3 more
  115. Customer returns fire, possibly hitting serial robber-shooter
  116. Tennessee woman shoots ex-boyfriend after he’s found hiding under bed
  117. Balch Springs Texas homeowner shoots home invasion suspect
  118. Robbery try leads to gun battle; both men are shot to death
  119. Armed robber shot while attempting to rob Penn. pharmacy
  120. Texas man shoots trespasser stealing alcohol from his backyard cooler
  121. Milwaukee store clerk runs outside to fire shots at fleeing robbers
  122. Blind man shoots man assaulting him
  123. Homeowner shoots and kills men he says were stealing from his garage
  124. UPDATED Woman shoots and wounds home invader Sunday night.
  125. Why is the shooting of an Ohio gun shop owner closed?
  126. Ohio Gun Shop Owner Accidentally Shot & Killed
  127. San Bernardino homeowner shoots alleged home invader
  128. Road rage with a chainsaw?
  129. My husband just shot somebody,' says 911 caller
  130. Passerby shoots while "helping" store seurity
  131. "I'm just glad I had something, otherwise he would of killed me"
  132. Cottontown TN bank robber/burglar and homeowner both die
  133. Gun Shop Owner: AR-15's Flying Off Shelves at $500 a Pop
  134. Fayetteville, NC man shoots suspect breaking into his home
  135. Man jumps in his car to chase & shoot auto burglary suspect
  136. homeowner shoots intruder during attempted home invasion
  137. Is Our Borders Safe?
  138. Good: Retired cop terminates armed robber
  139. Amarillo, TX Walmart Hostage
  140. Retired cop fatally shoots armed robber at bar
  141. Texas shop owner shoots burglary suspect
  142. Open carry rope...
  143. "Gamerz" store robber was the loser
  144. France - You Go To Rob a McDonald's...
  145. NOLA homeowner shoots prowler who attacked him
  146. Plano Texas business owner shoots at 4 burglars, hits one
  147. New Mexico homeowner shoots intruder, suspect now in hospital
  148. carjacking gone wrong
  149. 64 year old Dayton, Ohio woman shoots intruder so well...
  150. Sometimes...the trash takes itself out.
  151. Pharmacy Owner 1.... Bad Guy's 0
  152. The perfect prescription for a robbery-UPDATED
  153. Texas armed citizen shoots man who tried to rob him outside of a restaurant
  154. Armed robber said "Give me all you got". Didn't expect what she had.
  155. Ticked off biker shoots at fleeing hit & run driver - hits hospital windows
  156. Chicago woman chased by thugs: struck and killed on Lake Shore Dr
  157. St. Louis carjacking turns into a shootout
  158. Woman dragged away, man with concealed carry saves the day..
  159. OK. City Homeowner shoots, kills one burglar, two others run off
  160. Clerk finally shoots after 2 armed robberies in 2 hours
  161. Chicago woman arrested for shooting at man who just killed her friend
  162. Off duty NYPD cop robbed, gets in gunfight
  163. Man shoots at intruder in Marshall County, OK
  164. NBA player shot during home invasion.
  165. SC Woman attacked by her ex saved by friend with a gun
  166. Video: Bank robbery stopped in less than 10 seconds
  167. Man saves his wife by shooting nunchuck-wielding ex-husband
  168. NC man shoots screaming man who came to his porch and attacked him
  169. Kansas store clerk ends robbery by shooting one gunman holding 2nd for the cops
  170. Armed Oregon homeowner makes burglars call 9-1-1 on themselves
  171. Resident wounded in shootout during home invasion in SW Houston
  172. Man Wrestles Gun Away from Robber, Shoots Him: NYPD
  173. Suspect killed during Tulsa home invasion
  174. Does a frying pan count as armed?
  175. Homeowner gets to gun & shoots invader holding him/wife at gunpoint
  176. Another Forida homeowner fatally shoots intruder
  177. Homeowner Attacked While Doing Yard Work, Shoots Man In Neck
  178. Wilson, NC man shoots through door killing attempted burglar.
  179. Tulsa homeowner shoots home invasion suspect
  180. Heroic neighbor shot taking on home invaders
  181. Burglar learns don't bring a machete to a gun fight
  182. Port Allen LA man shoots home invader robbing him
  183. Ohio home invader in 3 AM attack shot by homeowner
  184. After Felon Shoots Drug Dealer, Armed Citizens Hold him for Police
  185. Wheelchair-bound Georgia veteran shoots, kills intruder
  186. Quick shooting clerk foils store robbers in Bakersfield CA
  187. Tupelo woman shoots, kills alleged burglar
  188. 5-yo girl suspended for bringing bubble gun to school
  189. Smash & grab of firearms store
  190. Keltec PF9 used in shooting sells for $138,900.00
  191. Police: Homeowner shoots and kills burglar
  192. Victim shoots man who tried to pull a gun on him
  193. Alabama man shoots burglar in foot after altercation
  194. UPDATED Police investigate after customer shoots robbery suspect
  195. Odessa, TX Homeowner Shoots, Kills Intruder
  196. Homeowner shoots, kills man robbing him at gunpoint
  197. Home Invader disarmed and killed with his own gun by homeowner
  198. Violent crazy man shot and killed by business owner in Houston Texas
  199. Another would be robber shot and killed in the Houston area.
  200. Good Guy with Gun Shoots Attacker After Victims Stabbed in Mall
  201. Deputies: Store owner fatally shoots would-be robber
  202. Texas homeowner defends himself and his property.
  203. So apparently this can happen...
  204. 80 year old woman kills home invader attacking her husband
  205. Yo, Mods. Guidance request please
  206. Texas CCW holder shoots & kills robber at McDonalds
  207. CCW holder, being assaulted by 3 people, shoots one of them
  208. 77 year old shoots 25 year old grandson in domestic violence case
  209. Homeowner shoots burglar during break in
  210. Robber learns not all victims are easy pickings - Updated
  211. South Carolina armed robber shot & killed by homeowner
  212. CCW holder loses G26 during parking lot "sale"...
  213. Man shot in the front and back
  214. Yet another GG shot trying to hold BG at gunpoint
  215. Armed citizen killed while engaging shooter in Texas
  216. Armed Good Samaritan shot dead while attempting citizen’s arrest
  217. 11 year old owns this bad guy
  218. Robber with fake gun meets CCW with real gun -- Oops!
  219. Nebraska man uses his shotgun to drive away burglars
  220. 80 Year Old Wife Dispatches Intruder After Husband is Stabbed
  221. Not even an hour away from me...
  222. This family's gun prevented a tragedy
  223. Burglar sues homeowner who shot him
  224. Maybe open carry is not really such a good idea?
  225. Fox News: Gun Jobs Up 75% Under Obama
  226. Elderly Man Defends Himself in Home Invasion, 1 Person Dead
  227. Old man lays the smack down WV style
  228. VIDEO: Successful draw against a drawn gun by off duty cop in liquor store
  229. Jeweler taken for a ride----that's far enough
  230. How Do You Mistake A Real Gun For A Water Gun?
  231. Girls and their toys! All-female gun classes available in Pittsburgh
  232. Motorist's Passenger Pulls Gun!
  233. Man eating Whataburger shoots armed robber
  234. BAD: Parking Lot Gun Sale Goes Bad
  235. Chicago robbery gone right
  236. Mom wins gunfight with dirtbag home invader
  237. Another contestant for the Darwin Award in Lakeland, FL
  238. Good:Home invader shot multiple times. Bad:Home invader cannot read the sign.
  239. Actor fights N.J. gun charge filed over prop used during filming
  240. I love a feel good story.
  241. Intruder walks away after being shot at point blank range with .357
  242. Good: Homeowner shoots armed robber
  243. Situational Awareness Fail
  244. Good: Don't bring a hatchet to a gunfight...
  245. Licensed Customer Kills Hatchet-Wielding Attacker
  246. GOOD: Stabbing victim pulls knife out of own neck, kills terrorist
  247. Mississippi Homeowner shoots and kills prison escapee
  248. Burglar Shot in Nashville, TN
  249. Man shoots at fleeing burglar, faces weapons charge
  250. Victim makes the mistake of chasing & killing perp who killed his father - sad