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  1. That was a Wake Up Call - Made my Heart Race
  2. So , what "other" guns may you lose if the ban passed.....
  3. A "Hackerspace" For Gun Owners? Would like your feedback!
  4. HIGH price of the day. Guy in Indiana wants $1800 WASR.
  5. chuck woolery on weapons ban
  6. "The Gun Is Civilization"
  7. To all the Democrats here that called us "fear mongorers", etc for saying Obama was
  8. Musing from a gun store clerk
  9. Sorry old video,
  11. Something we all can do
  12. New Guy Gun Range experience
  13. anti gun friends having a change of heart?
  14. educate me on the .38/.357
  15. Why good people need AR15s
  16. Canik C100
  17. Come on Bloombeg BAN TRAINS!It's not the 6,000,000 who don't abuse but the two who do
  18. Even BX-25's are sold out!
  19. Why the War Party Fears Chuck Hagel
  20. Personal transfer of firearms
  21. Gun control advocates own data shows their errant way's.
  22. Just got back from the gun show
  23. Firearms every gun enthusiast should own! (What do you think)
  24. Back up Gun
  25. Questions about the Glock 23
  26. Merry Christmas Wal-Mart
  27. How to avoid price gouging - for those starting out
  28. Too good not to share
  29. Who will step up for us
  30. We have a NEW RECORD. Armslist Indiana
  31. Why does anyone need an AR?
  32. Gun Safe Lock Question
  33. Independece 9mm 115gr. FMJ
  34. We The People....Let your opinion count
  35. We should keep a running list of vendors that are price gouging
  36. My Reloading setup,Please ignore the mess,it matches my thought process
  37. New .22 Rifle
  38. Yet another massive hypocrisy!
  39. Went to the range and shot my XD9 for the first time today. It's no longer mine.
  40. It is starting!!
  41. A Chart to Help You Shoot More Accurate
  42. Colorado Background Checks WAY Up
  43. No comment, just passing this on from Armslist.
  44. Hornady free bullet promo
  45. Cheaper then Dirt price gouging...
  46. Now I know the meaning of madness.
  47. S&W Shield 40 Cal slide issues
  48. Poll: Is the NRA right?
  49. New Firearm or Reloading Press?
  50. In a nutshell just my opinion
  51. Good article to read
  52. Did Santa bring you anything fun for Christmas?
  53. S&W .41
  54. Media Programming of Average Citizens
  55. $300 Friends and Family NRA Membership Sponsorship Information
  56. If You Aren't An NRA Member...
  57. Merry Christmas to my gun loving DC Forum Family
  58. That sick feeling in my stomach.
  59. Colt .38 LT Commando
  60. Best Arguement Against Gun Control
  61. Public Gun Ranges After Christmas
  62. How or where to buy a AR 15 IN upstate ny
  63. Not Every Pro-2A Gun Owner is a Hillbilly, or a Skin Head.
  64. "Why do you need a gun if you don't want to kill?"
  65. Henry Lever Action 22
  66. Advice on next 9mm purchase
  67. Story and video of long gun removal from trunk of Conn shooter. No what it appears.
  68. Tactical turd FS $2,000
  69. Hollow point problems in COLT DEFENDER .45 ACP
  70. Is stocking/using surplus ammo ok?
  71. Help me find a new 2A friendly bank.
  72. Deport Piers Morgan... a White House petition.
  73. How often do you offer to take someone new to the range?
  74. Good video to share ..... who don't know guns (Ban related)
  75. please join us
  76. Help me identify this part.
  77. Scientific study about evil Semi-autos and hi capacity magazines
  78. SR22 or M&P22? Or other?
  79. WHAT UP, Y'ALL? (Question about left-eye dominance to keep it relevant)
  80. Share this video
  81. Cdnn heads up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  82. 15 Minutes of Fame or How the Media Helps Perpetuate Violence
  83. Concealed carry 9mm
  84. Bump Fire Stock Sales ?
  85. Hand Guns at Newton shooting, CNN report
  86. Local Gun Shop: Panic Buying or Going out of Business sale?
  87. Tragedy Response: Penn Jilette vs. 3 idiots
  88. Brownells sells 3.5 yrs of PMags in 72 hrs
  89. Obama we the people pettition- support second amendment
  90. Capitalism at its best or worse...list your experiences
  91. Mas Ayoob's most recent blog article
  92. Does anyone know?
  93. Brownells sells 3.5 years worth of magazines in 36 hours
  94. I stopped at one of our largest local gun stores today...
  95. Chinese Government Calls For Americans to be Disarmed
  96. It's Starting Already....... This is only the begining
  97. gun show comming to erie pa
  98. Ann Coulter: We know how to stop school shootings
  99. Article...Guns, Mental Illness, and Newtown
  100. something that needs to be said
  101. Cheaper Than Dirt Century International Arms Type 53
  102. Children with Autism and Shooting
  103. Three reasons gun control isn't going to happen
  104. AR15 mags - How many do you need?
  105. Pretty cool
  106. A buddy asked for advice, dunno what to twll hi
  107. Pmags going for $50 EACH on gunbroker!!!
  108. Had a close call at work today...
  109. Dicks Employee-HELP!!
  110. Building my AR with expected legislation
  111. Did Cabela's Pull PMags/30-rnd Mags?
  112. Cops with rifles....
  113. President speech today on gun violence
  114. Piers Morgan Calls Pro-Gun Advocate 'Unbelievably Stupid,' 'Dangerous': 'You Shame Yo
  115. Unbelievable!
  116. TIP: Keep car keys by your bedside at night...
  117. Crime rate amongst those with CCW?
  118. Kenn Blanchard
  119. Huffington Post Writer Calls for Removing 2A
  120. VOTE NOW in LA Times Gun Control Poll
  121. Academy Removes AR15s
  122. 14,000 people online!!!
  123. Just got myself a new Christmas present! Should be here Thursday
  124. Serenity now....serenity now Let's calm down
  125. Need some P Mags? Better grab them....
  126. where is 5.56 NATO NOT sold out?
  127. Academy Rifle Selection Suddenly Reduced!
  128. WOW- Cheaper Than Dirt suspending all firearms sales
  129. What is the response to the Brady Campaign pics?
  130. Cererbus Capital Management Selling Freedom group
  131. Would a name other than AR change things?
  132. Your best "One Line Defense"
  133. Dicks pulling AR15s off their shelves
  134. How dangerous is your stash of ammo?
  135. It has started. Run on mags
  136. Outlaw Clubs/Hammers and Fists/Feet first...
  137. Watch what happens when Guns are banned in Australia!
  138. American Guns Canceled
  139. Have you panic bought the last few days?
  140. The "COEXIST" wing of democrats calling for the murder of NRA members
  141. St. Louis Police Chief Recommends Arming School Personnel
  142. School shooter's Mother was a prepper.
  143. Friendly Suggestion for this Forum
  144. White House Petition to ask President Obama to support law abiding gun owners
  145. Mag frenzie
  146. Really need help on this???
  147. Dems to introduce gun control bill next week, march planned for NRA HQ in DC
  148. CCW Man Stops Shooter at Oregon Mall
  149. I admit it I purchased several High Cap mags
  150. 60 Minutes story on Sandy Hook tonight
  151. A service I'm offering
  152. Big bangs are fun!
  153. Looking for a Glock 29 Gen 4
  154. Walmart Actual policy on selling ammo??
  155. Unconventional gun use life save: shoots tow truck chain to save suffocating driver
  156. Sharonville, OH December Gun Show PACKED Yesterday!
  157. Magazine "problem"?
  158. Today my wife is going to the range for the first time :-)
  159. What the wife figured out at the range
  160. Great opinion article in the FW Star Telegram about the CT school shooting
  161. Is there an aftermarket recoil spring for the berreta NANO?
  162. Facebook post on what happen in CT. . .
  163. The Scarlet "W"
  164. Sig sp2022
  165. Desert Eagle 44mag.......any owners here?
  166. Military wood stock care?
  167. Locking gun in car/glove box
  168. something i wanted to get of my back
  169. Dan Wesson titan
  170. Sandy Hook Shooting
  171. My prediction, BIG gun grab coming soon
  172. Number of AR/AK style firearms in civilian hands?
  173. If you want to cry/vomit, follow @piersmorgan on Twitter
  174. Ruger 22/45 LITE
  175. Out of Stock?
  176. Industry Report: All-Time High Gun Sales Recorded in November
  177. Cheaper to build a BCG or just buy one?
  178. Defense and Restraining Orders
  179. what exactly does an F-stamped sight mean?
  180. BOB MUNDEN died 12-10-12
  181. going to travel to NC. need info on carry laws
  182. Biggest Fanboys/girls?
  183. G19 Gen 4 Range Report
  184. Gun buy back ( lady hit the lottery)
  185. What do you think about this Nikon scope?
  186. Just griping about a Walther P22
  187. costas on piers morgan right now
  188. Clueless delusional blogger on guns. Duct tape your head before reading!
  189. Strange phenomenon after shooting my PF9...
  190. I Seldom Disparage Any Vendor, however!
  191. Spotting scopes
  192. weird costas just brought up decision making rather than banning cars
  193. What gun news blog do you follow?
  194. Who had the greatest influence on you regarding firearms, and what was it?
  195. Colored Lettering on Handguns?
  196. The gun I would really like to have
  197. What is the reasoning for having a gun that has never been fired and will never be ?
  198. Gun importer
  199. WW2 Weapon Turned in During Gun Buy-back Program
  200. Tragedy as Father Accidentally shoots 7 yr old son
  201. Georgia Gun Shows - question
  202. With which firearm were you introduced to the joys of shooting?
  203. "You carrying?"
  204. Springfield Armory Store
  205. Recordable Motion Alarm
  206. Skyfall Wather PPk
  207. New gun, now I have to wait
  208. Any Greater Atlanta Defensive Pistol Association (GADPA) Shooters?
  209. Building an AR
  210. Ammo in fires....
  211. is brownells.com a good site for replacement parts?
  212. how do you move rear sight left to right on an SR9?
  213. Kahr CW45 converted to .38 super
  214. Are guns a good investment?
  215. Video & Article: Federal Money Going to 'Zombie Apocalypse Training' in San Diego
  216. Glock's military/LEO program
  217. Video: O'Reilly Asks Costas About Gun Comments on Fox News
  218. ?? "40% of all gun purchases do not require any background check??"--Bob Costas
  219. Firearm parts to have on hand for an extended SHTF scenario?
  220. Aftermarket barrel for Glock 23 gen4 suggestions?
  221. What stuff do you still have laying around?
  222. The Truth About Lead Ammunition & Misguided Campaign To Ban It
  223. Dan Wesson Valor 1911 Stainless
  224. When to draw gun?
  225. Anyone else damaged their hearing from firing one shot?
  226. Jason Whitlock calls NRA the "new KKK"
  227. Where are the quality pistol cartridge carbines? I see a gap in the market.
  228. What are your 2A beliefs (150 words or less)
  229. Palmetto State Armory
  230. Never miss a target again... guaranteed
  231. Suggestions for an accurate pellet gun for kid
  232. Am I the only one who watches tv/movies and...
  233. I know the general feeling, but...
  234. Nock Volley?? Opinions?
  235. Is REM oil needed on phosphate coated rifle barrels?
  236. .410 Revolver.
  237. Anyone Read World War Z? (please no spoilers) (zombie content)
  238. I can shoot the wings off a flies butt at ........ LOL
  239. frame question
  240. Gun Safety Gone Wrong
  241. DW Guardian first time out
  242. Shot a Dan Wesson Valor 1911 Yesterday
  243. sig p250 owners opinion
  244. Double-barrel 1911! ATF approved...........
  245. 1892 winchester value
  246. Where do you guys buy firearms online?????
  247. traveling through Canada with a semi-automatic pistol
  248. AR15 piston kit
  249. Beretta PX4 Owners. Question:
  250. Looking for engraver in San Antonio