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  1. Donnie D's Stick On Bifocals Review
  2. Walther P22 Re-Assembly made easy
  3. Remington 700 police
  4. Target shooting new Ruger SR9c
  5. Look what followed me home
  6. I'm a Dummy
  7. Took a friend to the range this morning
  8. Walther P22 - Worst Trigger Ever??
  9. CHEAP, thats right CHEAP Sabot slugs available
  10. 1000 yard rifle?
  11. This is on my bucket list.
  12. Cruise Security?
  13. LEO sell handgun to person with Aspergerís syndrome
  14. Taking a new shooter to the range today...Looking for some advice
  15. American Gun
  16. Old Colt......really old Colt
  17. Affordable East Tennessee Public Shooting Ranges and Other Stuff
  18. 1911 questions.
  19. Does Pro Mag Suck?
  20. Talon grips
  21. Are AK-74 Mags legal to import/export from Kyrgyzstan
  22. Can someone help me with this Colt box (pic) ?
  23. Gun Geo marker, mark your weapon owning neighbors!
  24. PDW Carry
  25. Could water damage internal parts of my glock?
  26. Went to the range, scored some bulk ammo!
  27. New SAR B6PC Semi Auto 9mm
  28. Range Day, Lil'Bit of everything......
  29. New 1911
  30. Mechanics of being a better shot with one pistol over another
  31. Where else can I store my guns?
  32. Should we always have immunity?
  33. Sight Mark Ghost Hunter 2x24 Night Vision Riflescope? Experience? Opinions?
  34. AD with injuries on the range today
  35. Scopes: preparing a scope on a rifle, tips by NSSF
  36. At Home Carry??
  37. Glock, opening a can of worms...
  38. After 6.5 years on Defensive Carry.
  39. Geo Gun marker APP
  40. Absolute Tactical Solutions (Southeast Florida) Two Thumbs Up!
  41. bullet setback question
  42. Astra A-100 9mm
  43. "The Devil Puts One in the Chamber" No ND, but freaked me out.
  44. Rock River Arms Question
  45. 4th of July Carry
  46. Types of slide finishes
  47. Who is shooting IDPA with a Glock?
  48. Local Shop or Large Chain
  49. Puzzled by response
  50. defense questions what you carry,how you carry, probably what ammo
  51. My gun club guest mouthed off at a range officer
  52. Donnie D's Bond Arms .22 Barrel Review
  53. Floridas wait time! How long did you wait?
  54. New shotty
  55. Talk about a negligent this
  56. Best video on gun control
  57. Best Safety Lesson You've Ever Seen?
  58. Gun(s) for my boy(s)
  59. Brother How I love your talent - and slap your Spotter on the Backside for me!!!!!!!!
  60. G36 slide coating
  61. Thinking of consolidating calibers. Your thoughts?
  62. High Standard Crusader Compact .45 Pistol Take down Issue
  63. Colorado's 16rd Magazine Ban and My Interpretation
  64. SportEAR Hearing Protection
  65. Ballistic Radio Interview
  66. cozy partner iwb holster
  67. Painted lines at the range
  68. Didn't These Guys At Least Attend College? Another NFL Arrest...
  69. Police Asked To Return Firearms To Flood Victims.
  70. A graphic reminder about safety
  71. .45 ACP, .45 COLT whats the difference?
  72. The Reason You May Regret Having Bought That AR-15 Earlier This Year
  73. Government Loses More Guns - Surprised?
  74. What Women Want
  75. Donnie D's Beeman Dual Caliber Air Rifle Review
  76. how do I know if my thread has been deleted
  77. Do you know what this is?
  78. TruGlo TFO Sights?
  79. Glock Generations Info with pics
  80. Colt Revolvers - Pictures Please
  81. STUDY: Using Guns for Defense Leads to Fewer Injuries
  82. I swear it was unloaded......
  83. Beretta PX4 Storm Inox vs. FNX-9 Stainless
  84. Donnie D's A Couple of Quick Updates
  85. I think my wife "woke up" this week!
  86. What to (not) say when you call 911? Lessons from Zimmerman Trial
  87. S&W M10 & the .38 SPECIAL
  88. Some things to consider about lights on long guns...
  89. new firearms auction website
  90. Watch out Guys the Girls are here!
  91. KSG Sights?? Recommendations??
  92. Gun Radar To Make CC Obsolete?
  93. Amazon: pro-gun, eBay: not so much
  94. Aiming a shotgun.
  95. The Mossberg MVP: somebody needs to keep me away from gunshops...
  96. Sorry Fords, sorry S&W
  97. first ar/223 need some input.
  98. Question about air dry vs. heat cure Cerakote
  99. Took The Wife Shooting For The First Time
  100. Scopes: MOA, MIL, 1/4" per click - what it means...
  101. Has the price on Mausers (K98/M48) gone up?
  102. Saw a Bushmaster Carbine Wally World!
  103. PTR relocating from Ct. to SC
  104. Range Bags
  105. Pix of Rhino Arms Double V 5.56
  106. Changed my AR back to stock
  107. Guy shoots himself at USPSA match
  108. Proud dad!
  109. Do not tell me you don't have this site as a Favorite! Really?
  110. Winchester Repeating Arms Announces the Return of the Model 1873
  111. Support hand fingers around the trigger guard ???>>>
  112. Remington 700 vs Savage Model 11
  113. FrogLube: My Unscientific Test
  114. I'll bet this never happened to you..
  115. Why you need eye protection!
  116. Gun to Run Squirrels Off My Bird Feeder
  117. sight shroud
  118. Wolff recoil spring for EAA Witness .45 ACP
  119. Suggestions for when you don't want a gun safe.
  120. Range Scope for 10/22
  121. Talking about guns with strangers
  122. I didn't mean to laugh....but I did.
  123. Springfield 1911 A1 main Spring change
  124. PA Resident, carry to Ohio border.
  125. Recoil Spring Assembly on Gen 4 Scraping Receiver
  126. - Anyone Using It Yet?
  127. Local Gun Store - Buzz Kill
  128. Hi-Power (P-35) v. 1911 (M1911A1)
  129. Range Time
  130. Just joined my local Sportsman Association.
  131. So few choices locally.
  132. Looking for a friendly ear....
  133. Used Springfield Compact 1911
  134. Looking at 22lr pistol for future endevours, is this a good price?
  135. The idiot and the scratch ...
  136. Glove box or safe?
  137. I finally got it!!! Glock 20 SF
  138. Just a few that are buying all the Guns
  139. sig sauer police models
  140. I went with a Marlin...
  141. Sig P227
  142. Woohoo just got my permit.
  143. Outstanding article (LINK) on proper pistol grip MUST HAVE
  144. I bought a gun and no one has ever heard about
  145. When can we discuss Zimmerman?
  146. Today's Ammo Check At Dunhams
  147. P226 and streamlight TLR-1HL
  148. Dick's considering the return of ARs and handguns
  149. single action
  150. Wall of diversity
  151. Pink .22LR Pistols?
  152. Best Teaching .22LR option?
  153. Ammo avialable
  154. The real truth about 1911s
  155. Zastava M88: Considering it. Reliable after a few hundred rounds?
  156. Springfield XDS 9mm in stock at Sportsmans Warehouse
  157. I'd rather read about 1911s
  158. 72 y/o opens fire with .357 Smith and Wesson
  159. Fnh 9mm vs m&p 40cal vs glock 22
  160. Military/Government Magazines: have questions about if I can sell, how to, etc.
  161. Super cheap, easy and lightweight target holders
  162. Midwest Industries
  163. Went Missing, Uh,Shooting Today
  164. .22LR availability getting better and better
  165. Donnie D's GSG 1911 .22 LR Review
  166. 1911 Help
  167. 100% Pistol Porn!
  168. .223 Brass Question
  169. My New/Old M&P
  170. What's up with my Glock?
  171. Check out my new M1 Garand...pic included!
  172. Blue vs Nickel (and SS?)
  173. Beretta Pico
  174. Great Range Day/Weekend
  175. ALERT: .22LR, 5.56, and 9mm in stock at Riley's
  176. Maililng / Sending firearms via USPS .... or UPS / Fed-Ex
  177. when will manufacturers catch up?
  178. Arizona police: 4-year-old boy fatally shoots his father
  179. Just watched the move "The Purge"
  180. Dressing Up A 10/22
  181. A very unscientific, but interesting poll.
  182. We all have that one friend.....
  183. I know .22lr is scarce, but darn!
  184. IWB holster for a S&W Shield
  185. Simulated Purse Snatching Goes Off the Rails - Detroit
  186. Poll: If you could choose your combat sidearm.
  187. Making a holster?
  188. This has been blocked
  189. Xd-s 9mm and +p+
  190. Mag Tactical Lower
  191. Getting to try one out.
  192. Donnie D's Bustin Up Some Clays
  193. 11 Year Old Suspended Because the Student TALKED About Guns
  194. shooting and bifocals
  195. Free Gun... Happy Whoppo!
  196. SureStrike laser
  197. A good gun store story
  198. Donnie D's Mossberg Silver Reserve 12ga O/U Review
  199. How are the gun shows in Arizona?
  200. New SIG!
  201. MosinĖNagant Stock Restoration Hint
  202. Smith and Wesson 659 or Sd40VE
  203. Wilson combat 1911 mag help
  204. Donnie D's Henry Golden Boy Review
  205. Which Bolt action 22 LR?
  206. Hi Points?
  207. More guns than I have seen in a long time
  208. Holster type
  209. Please Tell me I Didn't make a mistake!
  210. M&P 45fs grip chop?
  211. Becoming a Gunsmith: Anybody here?
  212. FBI NICS VAF UPIN Application - Who's Done It & How Do You Feel About It?
  213. Help Me Decide...
  214. Bushmaster Ar question
  215. New gun today!!!
  217. I Love the Gunshine State *Florida*
  218. 9 MM and .45 range Day
  219. Wait getting shorter for FL concealed weapons license
  220. Staples Says Gun Store Canít Enter Contest
  221. All in the (Glock) Family
  222. The (What gun should I buy) question
  223. bolt action rifles - I dont get it
  224. Glock 20 compared to 20c
  225. Need advice
  226. M&P22 - Cheap quality fun!
  227. Need suggestions for next gun
  228. Trigger pull question
  229. If Armsllist had a "Best of" section, this would be in it
  230. Is a small 9 mm bad for learning fundamentals?
  231. Glock Internal Parts..
  232. Glock's Grip Angle
  233. why a glock?
  234. Striker-fired non-polymer pistol
  235. Kimber
  236. Any tips on loosening a tight holster
  237. Finally got my CCW!!
  238. Colt 1911 stainless care
  239. Has Technology Killed Gun Control?
  240. Why I "plug" my Glock!
  241. Confused on Law
  242. Making a trade
  243. Traveling with guns
  244. Family Shooting Fun Today
  245. Best Movie Gunfights....
  246. The story of the cheap rifle-pics included
  247. Need advice on 22LR Rifle
  249. new member need suggestions
  250. Ok, Ok Iíll admit it; Iím addicted to classic S&W revolvers.