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  1. My Brand New Glock 19 Gen 4 cracks apart after 10 rounds
  2. CO Governor Tallying pro/anti-2A Emails NOW...WRITE HIM NOW
  3. Traveling with handgun - TN, VA, NC
  4. No firearms needed...
  5. Have gun prices and availability turned the corner
  6. What to do if SHTF and there are no bullets or gunpowdwer available. Use air.
  7. How have ammunition prices affected your shooting?
  8. What is a good price for ammunition?
  9. Let son get trigger time tonight in the den.
  10. Finally Found One
  11. Gun ownership questions.
  12. Magnum Rimfire
  13. Couple Of LGS Stories For You
  14. bomb threat at my local walmart today
  15. It never fails...
  16. What's your hunting optic preference?
  17. Need help with texas firearm carry
  18. Public ranges near New Ulm, MN
  19. Need a refinish on a new gun
  20. Speed Ledge: Thumbs forward grip assist
  21. A Review of the Dawson Precision M&P 22 Replacement Sights>>>>
  22. best coustomer service very happy coustomer Savage arms
  23. People with tinnitus, enter.
  24. Spinning .40 cal on ice
  25. Problems with my .40S&W SD D:
  26. How good can a 200$ gun be?
  27. Taking a break
  28. Donnie D's Look at the Wife's Browning Buckmark
  29. Donnie D's .22 Taurus Tracker
  30. Got my 1991A1 refinished what do you think?
  31. g26 Vs g27 mags?
  32. How to shoot like a little girl
  33. Do Your Ears Ring When Shooting? Poll
  34. Maryland Tactics
  35. Colt Official Police 32-20
  36. How often do you replace recoil springs?
  37. Antique shotguns
  38. So the bad guy is hiding behind a car! What firearm do you use?
  39. Study links gun laws and lower gun mortality
  40. Gun Safe Question
  41. From the Horses Mouth...
  42. duracoating?
  43. Browning Buck Mark
  44. Smith Model 10-5
  45. First impressions M&P 22 pistol
  46. Who has seen this????
  47. Took co-worker to the range
  48. US Homicide Rates 1885-2012
  49. Question on Mags
  50. YOU dont need 30 rounds....Buy a Shotgun ..Advise from our VP for women in SD !
  51. Gotta See This......
  52. The Single Action Revolver: A practical addition? What do you think?
  53. Just bought a VEPR in .308 and need help customizing it.
  54. Gun Shop Closes, Owner Retiring After 32 Years
  55. Ky sb 129
  56. Gun Porn
  57. You simply can't make this stuff up
  58. 2nd Amendment Rights for Felons
  59. Sig Sauer p229 vs p220
  60. Who taught him how to hold a gun?
  61. Obama donor in process of buying up and ‘destroying’ America’s top pro-gun media
  62. laughable situation on the interstate last week
  63. World's Largest Revolver!
  64. Another school panics & overreacts
  65. DHS 4.5 million dollar contract with H&K
  66. Child Disciplined at school over a photo of an airsoft gun.
  67. Taurus TCP 380 Question.
  68. Gun Rights Activitsts
  69. I wouldn't be surprised if this were next
  70. Interesting observation with magazine sales in local classfieds ads
  71. Kudos to Brownell's
  72. Observations on Latest Midway Mailer
  73. Cabela's blowing the whistle
  74. Truisms .... the younger folks need to know about Older people
  75. I need to know the differences in ammo
  76. .357 SIG Dimensions
  77. I got some 9mm ammo !!!
  78. Question about Gunbroker
  79. Well I did it again,
  80. New Gun, New Trigger job,.....
  81. Glock
  82. Traveling with a Firearm in Delaware
  83. troubles with sigma 9 trigger
  84. Hiding a gun
  85. Henderson, NC - Shields in stock
  86. Antis claim fewer gun owners and say gun ownership is in decline
  87. Taurus Judge 410 heat shield
  88. Good full of defensive rifles at good prices!
  89. Bank robbery; Main police station (police are only minutes away)
  91. Nice video on training a kid to shoot a pistol
  92. Why Female Gun Ownership is Up 77% Since 2005
  93. Finally Found Some Ammo
  94. 13yr Old Shooting Like a Boss!!
  95. laser/light
  96. Invitation to gun manufacturers
  97. Ban automatics
  98. I got bored.....
  99. What's your favorite gun term?
  100. NY lawmaker calls pro-2a people "gun toting tea party psychotards"
  101. Shooting a 12 ga shottie on an indoor range?
  102. NFA Firearms Trusts
  103. Where have all the Mosins gone?
  104. Made some new videos..... video guys need some help!!
  105. Biden Approach : Woman fires 2 warning shots after suspects fire thru back door
  106. Best answer I've found yet to "Which Caliber is the Best."
  107. Help me make a decision...
  108. More craziness from the government and some of its mental cases
  109. polishing the ramp
  110. there should be a groupon or something for firearm supplies
  111. Guns across America
  112. watch DiFi's gun ban forum LIVE right now
  113. Legal Question/ Target shooting and
  114. Why Magazine capacity limits won't work
  115. Gun T-Shirt?
  116. Mossberg 715T - Anybody have experience with it?
  117. Trying to Get Beyonce In On Tickets For Guns
  118. What was that beta site that tracks ammo availability?
  119. 460 rowland
  120. Fell in Love tonight
  121. ok im looking for a cheap reliable pocket pistol
  122. Proud Dad moments
  123. Scored some powder/primers
  124. Federal Court Strikes Down Constitutionality of Right to Concealed Carry
  125. Giving away two LAPG Coupon Codes
  126. Great new equal gun rights video
  127. Natchez Has Reloading Ammo !
  128. Academy has 22LR ...
  129. Looks like I squandered an opportunity...
  130. Time to get a good airgun?
  131. Gun Auction Today
  132. biden on defending yourself with a shotgun
  133. Coming Back
  134. So frustrated with the .22 shortage!
  135. If your looking to contact someone other than a legislature, look at this video
  136. We went into full SA and prep for assault...
  137. @@warning@@ olin ammunition recall - wrong powder used
  138. Are you hoarding ammo?
  139. Zip Factory Gun .22LR
  140. Take THREE!
  141. I finally joined the millions that own a mosin
  142. Practice for Drone hunting?
  143. April 6 Elm Fork Gun Range in Dallas. BBQ and fun shoot. Bring your friends!
  144. Glock 40cal.
  145. getting your info when buying ammo??
  146. 223 Ammo Score
  147. I found a place that has guns and ammo
  148. ft lauderale gun show
  149. Leaning towards reloading...
  150. Ammo pricing and availability
  151. A good day of online purchases
  152. Anybody check out new Glock ID site?
  153. PPQ owners does this look right?
  154. Donnie D's Orange Crusher Flash Clays Update
  155. Screwed.....
  156. Grad Student hands out home defense guns
  157. More Firearm Ignorance on TV
  158. Glock 26 or M&P Shield??
  159. No Ammo so I purchased something else ....
  160. woman shot roommate left 45 ammo in oven
  161. Show us your first gun
  162. New Taurus revolver
  163. Has anyone seen this?
  164. Would you do this?
  165. Obama asks people 2 submit stories of gun violence
  166. Ugly: Doesn't fit in the subforum, so I put it here. Storing ammo in an oven?
  167. Project Appleseed
  168. Obama administration prohibiting the ownership of firearms to veterans
  169. Help me to improve!
  170. Question about useing a ghost ring on a lever action rifle
  171. At a local gun show last night, seller and buyer impressions
  172. Gun Garage or Novelty Guns?
  173. Ever have one of those senior "I forgot I had that" moments?
  174. Cetme with problematic light strike
  175. Well ..... I was able to buy some ammo ....
  176. Daughter turning 6 in March, best way to ease her into the world of firearms?
  177. Shotgun vs AR15 vs Handgun >>>>>>>
  178. ArmaLite Will Continue 2 Sell 2 LEAs in States That Ban ARs, act snotty with customer
  179. Ali Syed - Took Joe's Advice!
  180. Will be glad when the madness dies down
  181. Win some free .223 ammo ......
  182. Gun Possession in Washington
  183. Anybody use a Ruger Mark 111 for Plinkin an target
  184. Ever heard of a property manager/land lord banning firearms from apartments, etc?
  185. Help me narrow it down
  186. Incredible statistic
  187. Trying to make an evening snack? Remember to take the Bullets outta the oven....
  188. Source for Winchester Model 06 pump .22 Rifle Front Sight
  189. On another note, Just got a call from my 6 yr olds school!
  190. SIG 232 first outing
  191. Winchester model 94 lever gun
  192. Obama Inaugural Parade: Marines Forced to Remove Bolts from Rifles
  193. Video: Meet the fastest-growing demographic among gun owners
  194. Took my first (non-ccl) firearm class tonight.
  195. I kind of miss my .22 pistol
  196. When the Firearms/large capacity Mag Chaos Subsides...
  197. H & K usp .40 review request
  198. Comcast banning gun commercials?
  199. Ruger LC380 - first outing, a slight "issue" noticed - suggestions??
  200. To non-NRA members that are upset with the current gun control push - -
  201. The greatest words a guy can hear
  202. Where is the NRA ???
  203. VA Pizza Joint Offers 15% Off to CCers & OCers!
  204. Chicago Police Chief: 2A a 'Danger to Public Safety'
  205. Glock 21 Gen4 vs 21SF
  206. Why can't I just make one?
  207. Anyone use Armslist here?
  208. Another good article to read from Gary North
  209. DPM Recoil Reduction Systems
  210. OT: Looking for holsters to photograph
  211. Pop and no kick with reloads today
  212. Colorado Gun Show Observations
  213. Over penetration and home defense.
  214. Any one use
  215. Companies taking a stand over 2A rights , refusing to sell to LE, etc. in states
  216. 1911
  217. Gun Show Today.
  218. Hot Digity Dog - the WIFE got a new (and 1st) gun.
  219. First shots Walther PPQ 40 dissapointing
  220. Pro's and Con's of leaving your magazines loaded, help settle a debate
  221. How does "Buy American" factor into your weapons preference?
  222. A big thumbs up to Natchez company
  223. got a new gun today!!
  224. New addition
  225. Personal Handgun Safes FAIL
  226. The Rifle Book, by Jack O'Connor
  227. Why is the Department of Homeland Security buying so many bullets?
  228. Cleaning Obsession
  229. My latest acquisitions - SR1911, Rhino 50DS, M&P22
  230. Bought my wife a Valentine's Day Gun...
  231. We all need to contact CO Gov right now over the mag ban. Real easy/quick
  232. How often do you shoot for practice and training?
  233. Load assist tools for a 9mm Beretta 92FS?
  234. Missouri Dems Introduce Gun CONFISCATION Bill
  235. Wow - Shipping Rifle
  236. The nation with the 2nd highest gun crime rate on earth
  237. Things are getting back to normal
  238. Firearms you now wish you hadn't traded or sold
  239. Smith model 12
  240. Piers Vs Sheriff and Ted
  241. Order my shield or just settle.
  242. New to me Para LDA (holster help?)
  243. YOUR Circle of Influence
  244. glock mags
  245. This gives me some hope for the future....
  246. How many guns do you need? How many do you want? How many do you have?
  247. Proud of my daughter!
  248. 5 things harder to buy than guns
  249. Hunting shotguns?
  250. Making a gun with a 3D printer