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  1. multiple round types
  2. Does anyone use a Sylvan Sight Pusher?
  3. my new Colt 1911
  4. SBR or Sig MPX opinions needed!
  5. Hogue Grip for Ruger LCP
  6. More stabbings, less shootings
  7. My Step Son Bought His First Pistol
  8. Colt Revolver experts, help me out here.
  9. it's so cold outside
  10. Early Russian Revolvers
  11. I got bored...
  12. .45 info needed
  13. jUst got back from the range.
  14. Help for G42
  15. Sig Sauer to Opens Plant in Arkansas
  16. My Next Walther
  17. I bought a Walther PPS
  18. Help me spend a hundred bucks
  19. Why Do 1911 Manufacturers Insist On That Stupid Beaver Tail
  20. help reassembling hi power
  21. NEED IDEERS To Bring In New Shooter Who Is 4 by Christmas 2016
  22. James River Armory now making the T-3 version of the M1 carbine ( great for NJ)
  23. Ruger Birdshead .44 Mag
  24. I'm new to modding my AR. What to do?
  25. IDPA Major Matches, running with the Big Dogs...(so to speak)
  26. Any opinions or suggestions would be appreciated
  27. Ultra Liberal daughters who grow up with guns....
  28. Hi Point 9mm
  29. Play day for the SR1911
  30. Already dumbest criminal of 2016
  31. "Bikes up, guns down." S. Florida, MLK Day 2016
  32. So any one else use .45 auto rim ?
  33. Win The 30th Anniversary Glock G17
  34. cleaning supplies ?
  35. Is my AR15 normal?
  36. To call the ATF or not
  37. Glocktalk ??!
  38. Please school me on punches.
  39. So it seems Kimber is making wheel guns now ...
  40. K31 magazine
  41. Guns 101 for Journalists
  42. Buying pre 1899 Antique rifles.Do I have to register them
  43. 10mm options
  44. Glock 41
  45. How long does it take for a newly produced firearm to see a dip in sales?
  46. Insurance for conceal carry
  47. Fellow Thunder 380 owners, should I be concerned about this?
  48. Before shooting my LCP the first time?
  49. First AR15 plan
  50. Question about my Bushmasters
  51. Shots in the dark
  52. Love for the Springfield EMP? How about a 4"!
  53. looking for a competition gun
  54. Do You Have An Air Rifle
  55. What is proper handgun grip for female shooter?
  56. For once it is AWESOME to fail.
  57. 9mm .223 .308 or keep the cash
  58. 22 mag. yes/no, you you guys finding ammo?
  59. .22 Ammo in Stock
  60. Inheriting guns out of state
  61. Florida Carry Gun Trust
  62. Gen 4 glock detail strip
  63. Combat sights for S&W 686
  64. Rifle Rest
  65. Amateur w/ American SIG shoots 60 shots within 3" @ 15 yards
  66. Economical Thermal and FLIR Sights
  67. DIY display cabinet?
  68. Is this place still in business?
  69. Using a shot timer, not just for comp shooters
  70. Ruger is Trying New Things
  71. Changing Mags twice daily?
  72. thin grips for 1911?
  73. Ruger Alaskan
  74. Take-down tool for 1911
  75. The price of practice
  76. Springfields New Stainless Range Officer
  77. Who will determine if someone has mental health issues?
  78. Top 20 guns seized by Chicago PD in 2014
  79. Finally caved in.....
  80. good morning and happy Saturday
  81. I'd Like to Thank President Barack Hussein Obama
  82. Win-loss ratio in armed self-defense
  83. CDNN--Sig, Walther, etc. on sale!
  84. sign up to win one of three glocks
  85. Narrowing it down for my first gun purchase
  86. Glock is trying to lure me in again
  87. My Scorpion has arrived
  88. Buds
  89. XD 40 Tactical
  90. S&W22 Victory Returns
  91. Smart guns??
  92. My new Ruger LCP and its acquisition from Gander Mountain
  93. Got a new 1911
  94. Ruger Silencers
  95. Your thoughts on 2 pistols
  96. Glock Suppressor Height Night Sights question
  97. Not too shabby
  98. What was Sig thinking with the new 225?
  99. Rainier Arms? - Any of you cats lurking here?
  100. Ruger LCP Extended Mag Sleeves
  101. Hickcok45 Banned from Youtube
  102. $1000, an AR, but what else?
  103. What is a decent price for a used G19?
  104. new 308
  105. CPL Holders Percentage by County in Michigan
  106. S&W Model 457 - A preponderance of pondering
  107. Glock 43 Ghost pro connector slack issue.
  108. Range Trip May Get a Little Expensive
  109. Shot Timer Apps...let's talk about 'em!
  110. Youtube??
  111. Is Obama the best Prez we've ever had?
  112. New carry gun
  113. heading back to work
  114. Glock Nose Ring?
  115. Browning hi power guys need I need HELP
  116. I may have found my next 'handgun'
  117. Custom engraving - yes or no?
  118. Marlin, Winchester, or Ulberti rifle in 357
  119. Cabela's gun prices?
  120. Minor cosmetic mod on Nightmare carry
  121. Found a gun today.......
  122. Sig P226 SA 9mm, do you have one? Good for competition?
  123. How much ammo do you need to store?
  125. Knoxx Specop folding stock - play time
  126. Recoil Butt Pad for Mauser
  127. Question about Zev Fulcrum Trigger in gen4
  128. Scope or No Scope - Child's First Rifle?
  129. Ruger 10/22 question?
  130. Tight Takedown Lever
  131. Big bore revolver scopes
  132. 1st Gun for 8 Year Old?
  133. Proposed Gun Range in Huntington, WV
  134. Enjoying standard Glock sights
  135. Ruger GP100 Match Champion vs....
  136. New Ruger American pistol in 9mm and 45
  137. Would you buy an AR?
  138. 1911 Thumb Safeties
  139. Best groups i have ever shot.
  140. Gun Ban in 2016
  141. The overlooked and under appreciated American pistol
  142. Rugers GP 100 .22 Good/Bad/Ugly
  143. Help Me Choose Budget Red Dot for AR
  144. Family being converted - need range recommendations Indiana
  145. The Navy SEALs Might Have Selected A New Pistol Of Choice
  146. This isn't your daddy's gun club
  147. All Guns are ALWAYS Loaded
  148. looked at a Colt 1911 9mm today
  149. Welcome Home to a Couple Early Purchases
  150. Christmas Giving and Recieving Firearms Related Gift
  151. upgrading the ruger mark III
  152. Some reloading questions.
  153. Handgun Ownership in New York State???
  154. Glock warranty service
  155. Glock 43 pearse plus 1 extension
  156. Guns. Swapping, selling, buying, trade bait
  157. A real bad ass
  158. My Christmas Surprise!
  159. New Glock 19 Gen4 Battlefield Green
  160. transportation of my guns
  161. Noob looking for good gun for CC......left handed
  162. Is this real or is it a fake CQBP?
  163. Gunmaker to forge $1 million pistols from a meteorite
  164. Kentucky Gun Co.?
  165. 8 reasons why I support the 2nd Amendment for Convicted Felons.
  166. My Glock 34
  167. What did you get for Christmas?
  168. The "Stuff" box
  169. Shotgun Choices
  170. So you think your pistol is reliable?
  171. Noob looking for second gun.
  172. Wilson Combat announces the 92G Compact Carry
  173. This is why you don't draw on a drawn gun!
  174. Finally! I shot my new rifle
  175. how often do you practice like this guy?
  176. To snapcap or not to snapcap
  177. Quick Question on 9 to 45 in a 1911
  178. Serial Number One.
  179. Judge upholds Seattle 'gun violence tax'
  180. Walther PPK...Still made by S&W?
  181. S&W sues everyone
  182. Ah the sweet smell of gunpowder
  183. NRA self defense insurance?
  184. Respect
  185. Guns topping Christmas lists
  186. Stag Arms Pleads Guilty to Violating Fed Firearm Laws
  187. you guys are depressing me today.
  188. Let the buyer beware?
  189. Glock 22/35 G3-G4 to go with Kel-Tec Sub2000 - Opinions?
  190. National Forest Law Enforcement Encounters
  191. Stocking ammo on a budget
  192. Range burns
  193. How An Old Gun Skirted Death
  194. just because I had a few minutes today
  195. Glock striking primers off center
  196. Trip to the range.
  197. Question about Glock models
  198. 1,000 rounds through the VP9 now
  199. Advice on a touchy subject... family gun problem
  200. Islamic Terrorist Bomber Prank
  201. All you crazy "roll your bullets in bacon grease" people
  202. Action bedding
  203. NICS wait time
  204. Glock magazine question
  205. Colt to reorganize and stay in business
  206. Holster shirt
  207. Accidental, Carelessness or Intentional ?
  208. Range day for PTR-91, JRC, Shield and LCP a very varied session!
  209. New Forum Discussion Recall thread
  210. Assault Weapons Ban
  211. Mini Draco?
  212. Who's packing a .22????
  213. Champ or Chump: factory new lemons. Fixed em or sold em?
  214. Advantage Arms not good guys
  215. Lyman Deer Stalker in 54 caliber percussion
  216. Ever Race (Guns) for "Pink Slips"?
  217. Brand new Glock 42 craps out...second defective new gun in a month.
  218. Camo-Claus and lots of guns: It's Christmastime at Wal-Mart
  219. Feels GREAT to be carrying again!
  220. Allow Constitutional carry of firearms for all U.S. citizens
  221. Christmas in the 1950s
  222. 9mm Ammo at my local Walmart - unable to keep stock ?
  223. For any one looking for AK47 mags ... 10.95 at AIM for polish miltary
  224. Cominolli Manual Safety
  225. Now that I have a kid, I need a quick access safe
  226. Props where props are due
  227. Thoughts on 1911
  228. SBRs are OUT! 16 an 18 inch is IN!
  229. Plug bullet wounds XSTAT 30
  230. Recent experience with Brownells
  231. My Argument for anti-gunners here in Europe
  232. Outdoor ranges
  233. .45 target ammo where ???
  234. ACLU Member's Post About Shooting Trump Supporters Prompts Resignation
  235. Well, screw my LGS. I've had it with them.
  236. Eotech EXPS2-0 with G33 3x multiplier tackles a 12"x12" dinger @ 300 yards
  237. Yeager Video "Be THE ABOVE AVERAGE CITIZEN!!!"
  238. Gun Show
  239. In depth review of Ruger American - 270 Win
  240. USAT: "The Good Guy with a Gun Myth" by James Hatch USN Ret
  241. Gun choice
  242. imissedmyglock-
  243. Why do I need a battle rifle?
  244. Skeet......THE HARD WAY!
  245. Will Colt ever bring back the King Cobra or Anaconda?
  246. How much lubrication for a Sig SP2022?
  247. I bought a thing today...
  248. Well, it's done...My R700 .308
  249. I just ordered myself a new plinker
  250. Judge Jeanine: "Number one. Get a gun."