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  1. Suggestions - What Kind of 1911 Should I Buy?
  2. Gun auction at my local range this Saturday if anyone is close, (
  3. New CZ-452
  4. Have a question
  5. Leupold fine duplex vs target dot?
  6. Need help!
  7. bad. son shoots dad
  8. Used a laser for the first time. what a difference!
  9. Did some shopping around...
  10. What is your general protocol for your carry weapon?
  11. My Taurus Tracker Trials...
  12. Gun Giveaway
  13. Thinking about MP9 Shield for the old lady
  14. Apparently I have horrible timing when it comes to ordering guns
  15. Catastrophic Failure Of A Kel-Tec PF9 - Always Wear Eye Protection!
  16. New m&p9c
  17. Flinching or sight adjustment needed?
  18. Just ordered the Viridian C5L
  19. Going 'old school'
  20. New scope features?
  21. Well I am back to carrying one of my 1911's
  22. Stop looking when you find something that works? Or try something new?
  23. Mayor bob buckhorn in Tampa
  24. Bank of America - No Firearms Manufacturers Allowed
  25. The Great Debate: Kids and gun safety (LONG)
  26. License Needed to Rent?
  27. 3 inch gp100 vs 4 inch gp 100 recoil
  28. 4 Basic Safety Rules - Video
  29. What to expect to pay for an 80s S&W stainless model 60 in great shape...
  30. NYPD: 84 rounds, 14 hits
  31. 3 inch sp101 and or gp 100 in Ohio fire range
  32. Gun Ranges In Denver...
  33. Public road goes through campus. Can I cc?
  34. Understanding and Shooting Historic US Military Rifles
  35. The videos of actual shooting taking place last weekend! 7:36 long
  36. Question about the lettering on glock slides
  37. First video of our "fun" semi annual shooting weekend!
  38. Which 9mm?
  39. Which 9mm?
  40. Sig522: I'm Quite Pleased!
  41. Glock 17 vs 19 recoil
  42. Take a walk through the NRA show
  43. Pick me a .45 ...
  44. New to me Redhawk
  45. Wife got me a new gun
  46. Purchased a new handgun today...
  47. Perfect day of shooting with the whole family
  48. Xd-40sc
  49. Interested in getting more revolvers
  50. Is it me or are Bud's prices not good anymore?
  51. Brand new Sig barrel question.
  52. Ruger .22/.22Mag sighting
  53. Buying online?
  54. Day at the range with several AR variants........
  55. What's your take on pistols lights?
  56. New Shoes for Mark III
  57. Savage FV-SR vs CZ 452 or 455 as a host for silencer?
  58. Wifes new gun
  59. Gun value question
  60. Disappointed in LaserLyte LT-PRO
  61. Eric holder says no right to possess guns
  62. Romney.........The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing ?
  63. Blind grip screws
  64. Reporter Emily Miller takes DC Council Chair shooting, he commits a Felony. Oops!
  65. Is Homeland Security pushing businesses to ban customers' guns?
  66. New range in southwestern CT - Hiller Sports
  67. Waterloo, IA - Blackhawk Pistol Club: April IDPA Match 4-22
  68. Ruger 10/22 Modifications: What have you done?
  69. shoot off
  70. Your Line in the Sand Part 1
  71. Introduced my 6 yo daughter to shooting
  72. Extractor on the Crickett
  73. Took the wife to her first gun show today.
  74. glock 26 not chambering round correctly
  75. Authority for POTUS et al to CCW unrestricted?
  76. "Rules For The Gunman" by Gabe Suarez
  77. Awesome fun!
  78. My little sister shooting for the 1st time.
  80. Tit for Tat - Women driving up gun sales (driving the NOW Nuts, no less)
  81. guns confisgated from home
  82. Colt official police 38 special heavy barrel -- Unload?
  83. Stupid Question
  84. I wouldn't mind this 22LR as a self defense gun while in the house..
  85. Carry in National Park?
  86. Kahr CW9 magazine falls out
  87. Why is it that the Browning A-Bolt is not as well liked?
  88. S&w 15-22 m&p
  89. Man busted for ditching empty gun to avoid Greyhound security screen in Chicago
  90. Regent 1911?
  91. Possession of antique gun a defense to prosecution? /Boston
  92. Beaten To Death with bare hands
  93. Anyone going to GSSF Match in Carrollton on 5/5 or 5/6?
  94. Meet the Beast!! VIDEO
  95. Easiest Way to Load Pistol Magazines
  96. What kind of "fun" do you have while shooting, I'm looking for ideas.
  97. Remington is under fire again ?
  98. hog hunting/defense experiences with 7.62x39R & 10mm
  99. For those here from Wisconsin
  100. Your Thoughts: Para PXT Hi Cap SA .45acp 3" 10 round Regal (Warthog)
  101. Favorite Caliber?
  102. Mitt Romney-Gun Owner and Hunter
  103. New additions
  104. M&P .45 feeding problems,please help!
  105. B S A Optics
  106. I am in LOVE - CZ's are great.
  107. Buds Gun Shop: Yea or Nay?
  108. Bald eagle in crosshairs of US fight over lead bullets
  109. Larry the Cable Guy: Pro or anti?
  110. Nuther 'wanna build an indoor range' question
  111. Diamondback .380
  112. Looking for an inexpensive .22 for a new shooter
  113. G36 not a happy camper
  114. S&W m&p9c questions
  115. most retarded things someone has said to you about guns....
  116. The perfect full size Beretta 92
  117. Shooter's supply Independence KY
  118. Should I be mad at my local gun shop for this
  119. Looking for a Pistol to Carry
  120. Gen 4 Glock Spoof
  121. Puma PPS Wildcat
  122. What 22(semi) pistol I should buy
  123. Larger LCR Possible?
  124. GLOCK: 30 or 19
  125. Daughter gets a new gun!!
  126. What is the Proper way to carry a 1911.
  127. Sig P220 or Glock 23
  128. Ruger LCP magazines
  129. Mexico's one and only gun store
  130. KEL TEC PF-9 question
  131. Another School Shooting
  132. Those stick figure families on the backs of SUVs? Oh yeah, gun related...
  133. Ruger 10/22 Takedown model review via GunsAmerica blog
  134. Went to the local Machinegun shoot yesterday...........
  135. MN DNR Auction
  136. Need feedback on Charter Arms Bulldog in 44 Special
  137. Good Trade or Not? SW.38 for a Keltec PF9
  138. G36 vs Springfield Xds
  139. Difference between a "starter" ar15 and any other.
  140. CGSV: NRA's Pres. Harlon Carter and Zimmerman: 2 murderers (NOT a Zimmerman thread!)
  141. Removeing minor blemishes from frame
  142. Sig Sauer P250 Compact 40sw: my review
  143. The absolute quietest rifle..VIDEO added
  144. No battery pistol safe.
  145. recommendations for a 9mm rifle.
  146. 2A fire mission
  147. The best laid plans of mice and men!
  148. Combat shotgun for when the zombies arrive
  149. Mosin-Nagant
  150. Taught my Daughter to shoot today
  151. WW II Plane Crash Machine Gun
  152. Ruger now has a breakdown 10/22
  153. 75-Year-Old Kills Break-in Suspect
  154. How to lose your gun rights in Ohio
  155. $800 for Hi Power in 40sw a good deal?
  156. Guide Rod Springs For 5" 1911
  157. Houston DA & HPD want to give back illegal SB shotgun to home defender, WWII vet
  158. Help Choosing a New Gun for CCW
  159. any other oshkosh WI people on here?
  160. Bullet In Sink A Half-Mile Away
  161. Springfield XD .45 Magazines and Tula Ammo
  162. dealer inquiry
  163. Hang out with Guns & Ammo and Shotgun News gun writers
  164. Stainless steel??
  165. 5 yr old shot when gun goes off under bed mattress
  166. Revolver and Pistol Fired Underwater
  167. Dad Arrested, Strip-Searched After Daughter Draws Picture Of Gun In School
  168. Killer Trades
  169. Witnessed the effects of leading in a Glock yesterday
  170. Scope Fogging
  171. FFL Transfer question
  172. My daughter says I'm mean. I'm so ashamed ....
  173. Music at the range?
  174. Rifle restrictions on California trip?
  175. Question to hunter
  176. just a reminder
  177. Black powder stash KABOOMS residence! Five miles from my house...
  178. Slide on gun turning gold???
  179. Ruger SR22 Pistol excessive trigger travel
  180. Ruger LC9: Will There Be a LC40?
  181. NOS grips
  182. I created a monster.. wife wants a 38 special
  183. Never stand when you can sit, and never carry gear when you can roll it!
  184. Insider info from ammo sales lady at gun show
  185. Experiences with the Henry AR-7 Survival Rifle?
  186. New job... Work filters :(
  187. Why is 40 S&W FMJ Ammo so EXPENSIVE?!
  188. Coonan
  189. Minniť? Round ball? Sabot? Rifling twist rate? Help.
  190. Colt Detective Special .38
  191. 1911 Pistol Operation Animation - best you'll ever see
  192. Kel-Tec PF9. Do you carry a round chambered?
  193. Your total trigger pulls
  194. FiveseveN or desert eagle 50 for new range toy?
  195. Double Barrel .45 ACP Pistol...
  196. Gun Shops in Nashville, Tn
  197. What to do with a spare $700.00
  198. The junkie strikes again
  199. A good affordable 1911 that won't be used for CC
  200. New look the #1 gun, Colt
  201. Knife Attack in Ohio Government Building, Alleged Perpetrator Shot By LEO
  202. Galloway Trigger Kit for LC9
  203. Opinions on Henry Rifle
  204. Potential misfire waiting to happen?
  205. Do You Believe In Good/Bad Gun Karma?
  206. Little girl ???.....
  207. "Bubba'd" my Nagant 91/30
  208. CBS Sunday Morning 3/18 on Glock
  209. Ruger LC9 how do you prefer to carry?
  210. Do You Top Off Your Magazine? (Poll)
  211. Man cleaning gun NDs through hand, kills wife
  212. why is it....
  213. HELP: Looking For Lower Parts Kit w/o Trigger
  214. Review of Cerakote Firearms Finish
  215. At the range today witnessed a safety incident (Somewhat long thread)
  216. So I saw my first inherently unsafe pistol today
  217. Annoying Shooters on the Range - First time out with my AR15
  218. Providing funds to his site.
  219. Armslist robbery
  220. Frist ARMSLIST sale was Awesome!!
  221. Youth Shooting - Daughter is outgrowing her Crickett, Suggestions?
  222. Pistol Combo setup question
  223. Double-Barreled 1911?
  224. Third date is a range date!
  225. The Taurus 85 .38
  226. CDNN Specials Weekend of 3/10-3/11 - $5.99 Shipping + Many Mags On Sale
  227. M&P9c Front Sight Drift
  228. Some Days Are Better Than Others
  229. Albuquerque / Rio Rancho
  230. Peening at slide stop
  231. My first attempt - custom paint job (be gentle in the criticism to me)
  232. Can't find a value
  233. AF2011 dbl bbl 1911: Thought some of you would enjoy this..
  234. Have you deliberately destroyed any of your firearms?
  235. Range time with new friends
  236. 1875 Remington
  237. Colt First Generation Single-action Army
  238. New gun
  239. What's On Your Wish List?
  240. Re-Chambering Rounds Safety Notice
  241. lilja chrome-moly m4 patrolman?
  242. Ordered My First Lower...Now On To The Planning
  243. Glock 22 help
  244. What should my next soon to be classified as illegal gun purchase be?
  245. What the heck is a Caracal?
  246. Xdm 9mm
  247. What gun would you purchase next, and why?
  248. Sightmark red dots
  249. Best trigger on a full size 9mm under $500?
  250. 28 Gauge Shotgun, does anybody have one?