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: General Firearm Discussion

  1. Ordered New Springs today...
  2. Rock River Arms 1911s are back
  3. Springfeild XD 40 subcompact? But already have a XD 45 compact!
  4. How do you clean your gun?
  5. Trading in guns??
  6. Kids and guns.
  7. RIA has a new 1911 framed gun in .22 Mag
  8. Draco ak47
  9. Go to the range day! Wed Jan 18, 2012
  10. Magazine oddity
  11. Flat shooting cartridge over rated now days?
  12. S&W Model 457 value
  13. Permanent car gun? Thoughts?
  14. Big Hands - needs small gun
  15. Article: "Should I Buy a Gun?" from a Woman's perspective
  16. S&W Customer Service
  17. Arming The Mexican Drug Cartels
  18. Scope for 700?
  19. Country music artist, Justin Moore: Guns
  20. What does this belong to?
  21. Went to Gun Show for Mags-Came Back With M1903A3
  22. Does Remington have a military pricing program?
  23. Glock/SW Sigma Take-down tool
  24. Video: Is it wise for Uncle Ted to show us his primary and BUG?
  25. Metal folding stock for milled AK47 reciever
  26. The Walther/Smith PPK/S .380, how about it?
  27. How did you spend your New Years Eve?
  28. mailing your own rifle to yourself from a different state
  29. Bought my first firearm!
  30. Can I legally shoot a suffering/dying animal?
  31. The Price of Rifle Ammo
  32. Information for Kahr owners (videos)
  33. Bobcat 21 22cal
  34. Ruger LCP and Hogue Handall Jr Grip
  35. The Manual of Small Arms (1945)
  36. Gun club North West Ohio
  37. Thoughts on how you go through your day...
  38. TSA finds average of 4 guns each day at airports
  39. Fellow Naturalized US Citizens
  40. Question on Shipping
  41. Frustration Personified
  42. SHOT Show 2012 Thread
  43. SIG P232 decocking trouble
  44. Another gun show purchase; but not for me
  45. Vague thread titles aren't helping
  46. Pinfire revolver
  47. New Model 10 pics
  48. Custom Creationz new address ?
  49. ?'s about North Carolina Armed security guard employment
  50. AAC Eco-9 Suppressor on a Glock pistol
  51. Serial Number
  52. Darn the blasted S&W M 10!
  53. Talk to me about double rifles
  54. Gun sights
  55. ccw vs huntersafety
  56. Both eyes open !
  57. Ruger 77/357
  58. S&W Military & Police Revolver year?
  59. Giant guns sales numbers in 2011
  60. MY NEW Taurus PT 145 Millenium Pro VS My Glock 36
  61. Two of Bonnie & Clyde's guns up for auction, BRING BIG $$$
  62. Sig DAK trigger?
  63. Picking firearm for the girlfriend?
  64. New grips on my competition 1911's.
  65. Best Home Defense Shotgun
  66. Colt 1911
  67. VA Background Check System - Running 5 Day Backlog
  68. My girls new Mossberg 500
  69. Need help with ammo math
  70. Glock with 47 shots!
  71. My Daughter's First Deer
  72. 357 magnum vs 44 special round?
  73. Anyone built their own shooting range?
  74. Newbie here, Please advise. Looking to buy a pistol
  75. Little late but very welcomed!!
  76. Tauras 357 mag vs 44 special snub nose?
  77. M1 Garand Thumb !
  78. The New Ruger American
  79. The 1911 pistol is its own toolbox (videos)
  80. Temp range for gun storage in a safe?
  81. Shot an AR-15 for the first time today.
  82. Seasons Greetings from Tiger Valley
  83. Over Under Shotguns
  84. Guns stolen from home and cars
  85. Bad eye day at the range, but the C5L laser to the rescue - And of course pics!!!
  86. Share this website
  87. Ruger LCP
  88. what do you think?
  89. A Garand Day at the range... up to a point
  90. My New RAMI Arrives.
  91. What is going on in California?
  92. Ruger sp101 small enough for summer carry or better for winter carry then my XD?
  93. Local issue over a proposed FFL site
  94. Michael Moore on Adam Carolla Podcast back in September
  95. First AR
  96. Colt ser # question
  97. 22 Caliber Pistol Help
  98. Was this accidental or negligent?
  99. Taking newbies to the range tomorrow night
  100. Explain to me why you buy non USA made weapons
  101. Gotta love Santa Claus...
  102. Long Range Shooters?
  103. Youtube channels for how-to's, tactics, and training?
  104. Buying Used Firearms
  105. Even a blind hog finds an acorn once in awhile...
  106. Out of Touch
  107. I fired my new Ruger LC9 the other day...
  108. How to prevent recoil anticipation?
  109. Just got a Remington 597 for Christmas...
  110. Range Suicide (Dec 26th) , Kansas .... 2nd one of the month.
  111. For All The M&P Fans Out There
  112. Merry christmas to all
  113. Keeping A Receipt To Cover Your Bases
  114. Marines firing their Benelli M4's
  115. A bit of Xmas Cheer..( Photo )
  116. I shot my SR1911 for the first time this week
  117. Got Fanned by a 12 ga at the range today
  118. A pistol ahead of its time
  119. I feel naked...
  120. some reading
  121. Gunsmithing school
  122. How Many Single Action Revolver Fans Are Here ??
  123. Questions about Revolvers
  124. "War" in Iraq is over - Will this affect ammunition prices at home?
  125. New to the ccw, Is uscca worth it or a scam?
  126. Gun the numbers.....
  127. New Detonics.....
  128. Are Guns and Ammo the New Gold?
  129. Michigan Gun Owners (MGO) is down again...
  130. A good additions to the safe for 2011
  131. Ballistol, Breakfree CLP, Hoppes, RemOil...? Some help please.
  132. Guns as movie props
  133. New (to me) S&W revolver.
  134. s&w 629 vs ruger alaskan?
  135. Kudos to Hi Point
  136. Tragic: Amish girl accidently shot
  137. J-frame wilson combat spring kit installed and....
  138. First IDPA Match Tomorrow
  139. Need an M77 Ruger .270 Walnut Stock...
  140. picked up a used S&W used police 9MM
  141. Proud of my wife's answer
  142. First Firearm for Granddaughters Christmas Present
  143. most favorite/least favorite firearms show on tv
  144. Jacksonville,FL pistol ranges
  145. Auction: Beautiful engraved Glock (!) at SHOT auction + ...
  146. mossberg maverick 88 security 8 shot, shotty
  147. Only Keep One: SW 642 or Ruger SP101 2"?
  148. Straw Purchase?
  149. bersa ulra compac 9mm
  150. Magazine recs please
  151. Worn recoil spring leads to cracked frame on M1911?!
  152. New Smith and Wesson
  153. detroit police glocks
  154. Introduction to Range Safety and Etiquette
  155. Shooting Simulator
  156. Colt moving to Florida?
  157. Cold moving to Florida?
  158. Tell us about your favorite indoor gun range...?
  159. Ballistol and Nitron finish...
  160. 2 South Texas students hit by gunfire(possible Hunters)
  161. Field Grade Garand?
  162. 76 yr old man attempts ankle carry through TSA
  163. TSA Bomb Swabs and Range Bags
  164. Do you support your local gun shop?
  165. Weird ammo issue.
  166. Friends Pistols racked up some extra Air miles
  167. stevens model 820b
  168. $5,000 reward for Glock 22
  169. It is Christmas time - what is the one gun?
  170. Use It or Lose It - Hearing Protection
  171. .45 ACP Day at the Range
  172. 'Anti' co-worker wants to go to range with me?
  173. I inheritated 5 guns
  174. Going back to Cali?
  175. Ruger Gunsite Scout rifle
  176. Got the kids their Christmas presents!
  177. Checked out a Springfield Armory GI today
  178. The BG's gun - after the fact TWO (or should that be too?)
  179. New shoes for my springer
  180. Cold Bluing. Your Thoughts.
  181. Cheaper than dirt - are they any good?
  182. rock island 1911
  183. Black Friday 2011 GUN SALES UP AGAIN
  184. Mak-90 info
  185. gunsmiths near philadelphia PA
  186. Ready, aim ... buy? Why gun sales spiked on Black Friday
  187. Coexist bumper sticker, Who is the E?
  188. Looking for gun related refridgerator magnets
  189. How dangerous is Memphis?
  190. Introducing my collection
  191. Everyone read this bit of info
  192. "Guns on campus" Point/Counterpoint, Roanoke Times, NEEDS COMMENTS!
  193. S&W 686 .357 - Broke at the range today
  194. What a gun auction day this past Saturday!
  195. Traded my Taurus PT1911 for a Luger
  196. Just Right 9mm Carbine - A Range Report
  197. Any Colt 1911 Achive Experts Out There?
  198. Gunbroker
  199. What constitutes being a "Gun Nut"?
  200. AK47 Picture thread
  201. Are airsoft guns beneficial
  202. Looking for some writers...
  203. Air Gun Suggestions for My 65 yr old Dad Please
  204. Accuracy with Pistol
  205. Both my 22 pistols are DOA
  206. Any REAL non-metallic firearms?
  207. AR15 stripped lower deal
  208. One gun I can promise I will not buy....
  209. Anybody use a .460 S&W for hunting?
  210. .22 Magnum "Automatic" Ammunition
  211. Congrats to Chambers Custom Pistols for American Handgunner Feature
  212. Glock 31 Round Magazines
  213. .44 semi auto pistol
  214. Load Subsonic Ammunition
  215. Anything wrong with purchasing for a friend?
  216. SloMo Video: 12 gauge shotgun fired without barrel
  217. Possibly returning to Illinois
  218. Favorite Range Drill?
  219. Cold day in Minnesota so I busted out the camera.
  220. My experience with Springfield Armory CS
  221. 6.5x55 suppressed rifle build?
  222. General Question about selling/buying gun
  223. Gsg 1911 22 slide cracked
  224. I Need Some 1911 101....
  225. My new slidefire stock on my M4
  226. S&W 1911 Sc Carry
  227. I can't believe I sold one of my handguns
  228. Road Rage incident..... 2 CC holders.... 1 dead.
  229. Sights: Red Dot vs. Laser Grip
  230. NICS
  231. Taurus PT99 Thumb safety issues
  232. Uncased firearms in a vehicle, any other Wisconsinites unaware that the law changed?
  233. Mom should be very proud of this kid
  234. Tell ODU how you feel about campus safety, guns on campus, etc.
  235. My Rant About the Great State of Md.
  236. SwampFox Ammo-RIP
  237. How good is your reload time?
  238. Largest Army...
  239. Canada's Long gun Registry almost dead!
  240. Favorite 1911...make and model...
  241. 3 gun competition gear?
  242. Getting the hang of my Glock
  243. I hope no one breaks into her house
  244. Ok all you shotgun know it alls help me out here!!!!
  245. Always Wear Your Eye Protection!
  246. M&p forum ???
  247. New HP 4095TS try out
  248. Who just got THE deal on a 1911?
  249. New 2012 Catalogs from CZ-USA/DW
  250. Who owns "A" gun?