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  1. imissedmyglock-
  2. Why do I need a battle rifle?
  3. Skeet......THE HARD WAY!
  4. Will Colt ever bring back the King Cobra or Anaconda?
  5. How much lubrication for a Sig SP2022?
  6. I bought a thing today...
  7. Well, it's done...My R700 .308
  8. I just ordered myself a new plinker
  9. Judge Jeanine: "Number one. Get a gun."
  10. The Mrs is asking to get back to the range!
  11. Kurt Russell speaks out.
  12. Check your state laws?
  13. Dec 2015 Phoenix Gun Show - Thumb on the Pulse
  14. Safety question--Minimags in in very old rifle???
  15. EOTech authorizes full refund to all owners
  16. Never shot Ruger P-90
  17. transferring ownership of firearms.
  18. Better hide your credit cards... its GunTV!
  19. Suggestions for a cheap, fun gun
  20. Encouraging local firearm ownership poll.
  21. More on red dots, holographics, magnifiers, and scopes: which one when...
  22. Fear an old man?
  23. Debate with an anti gunner....point by point...
  24. Mini-14 for $710?
  25. Initial impression of an Eotech holographic sight
  26. Lest We Forget
  27. Anybody had problems with their Eotech sight in cold weather?
  28. Americans stock up on weapons after California shooting
  29. New(to me) 1973 H&R .45 muzzle loader
  30. Rethinking what gun I carry.....
  31. what to do with 10 round Glock Magazines?
  32. Ruger LC9 buyback?
  33. Ruger SP101 vs GLOCK 27 FOR CONCEAL CARRY
  34. Sheeple Trade Guns For Plastic
  35. Here we go again...
  36. Another addition to the arsenal: a 30 Luger
  37. Path to new shield and more! Good and bad.
  38. They go religion
  39. My new Colt/M2012MT308T
  40. deer rifle
  41. Check out this "gun"
  42. To Stipple or not Stipple
  43. I do not fit in this world - about Ruger SR22
  44. Free range day.
  45. HD long gun advice
  46. Glock 17 mags 16 bucks eached shipped
  47. I challenge you to make it through this 6 minute video
  48. Junk Guns and Saturday Night Specials
  49. A New Buckmark or where have I been-
  50. Shooting in new orleans last week "shhhh dont tell anyone"
  51. Beretta 92FS Vertec Inox OD Green Frame???
  52. Gun-Safe Mods (need more room)
  53. Need suggestions on buying a few cheap AR's
  54. Another "need help choosing next purchase" thread
  55. ABC's 20/20 Myths About Guns
  56. New Mini 14: Scope or Reflex (RMR)
  57. Smith & Wesson Mod-19 New Old Wheelie
  58. Input on .22lr rifle
  59. Scope trouble
  60. Glock 19 for a new shooter, (non -shooter)
  61. Spanked at the range
  62. How can you change a Glock 31 to 40 cal ?
  63. Any FN Love Here?
  64. Henry Big Boy chambered in .357/.38
  65. New Gun MRI 460 S&W
  66. NRA dues increase
  67. Biases and Changes
  68. Handgun Ammunition Stopping Power Update - Interesting Stats - LEO oriented
  69. John Moses Browning
  70. What was the 1st hand gun you fired?
  71. Major reliabilty problem with Ruger LCR .327 mag
  72. it's good to be home
  73. WASHBEAR 3D Printed Revolver
  74. Another new person to carry
  75. Smart guns
  76. GSG/ATI MP40 Replica in 9mm
  77. CZ SP-01 Question
  78. Custom Job
  79. Mrs RickyD finally came around
  80. Finally settled, the Mrs now has a pistol to use @ home
  81. Lionheart Black Friday Sale
  82. First time at the range
  83. Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network
  84. Sheriff: CCW license applications up in wake of terrorist attacks
  85. Almost had to pull my gun today
  86. GunTV Television Shopping for Guns
  87. A Gun for Every One
  88. 1991 Ruger 10/22 1000 rounds cci mini mag
  89. new CCW
  90. If my jacket was big enough... my new Tavor.
  91. New carry handgun
  92. New Glock Fan For Life?
  93. Choking On 22LR Ammo!!
  94. Fallacies that we hold as Truths (DC related)
  95. Youth starter .22LR ammo?
  96. Ordered firearm gun dealer sold it
  97. new range,,, and shot some boolits
  98. Revolver to accompany Winchester 1894
  99. Accidental Shooting
  100. Able to shoot some at night recently, here's the moving pictures
  101. Terriost related thief?
  102. New Rifle!
  103. Just five shots, but I'll take 'em
  104. Rem 870 express combo hunting help
  105. The uninformed and unwilling
  106. Greensboro NC calls for citizens to "disarm for safety"
  107. Practicing for the statistics, planning for the unlikely
  108. Kill CNN then Buy a Gun
  109. Taking a weekendend trip to DC
  110. Gotta Love It!!
  111. Don't want to screw this up!
  112. Pulling a gun on someone
  113. Locking up the bolts
  114. Officially "Old School" - Colt SAA
  115. I want an AR 10
  116. Pistol refinish
  117. Man shoots and kills his son, blames the gun.
  118. Excellent Customer Service from Crimson Trace
  119. Deer hunting next year
  120. Here's a decent example of the difference in precision and accuracy...
  121. I just bought the last gun in my life
  122. What do you folks think about this
  123. guns security guards carry?
  124. Support side shooting - who practices it every time they go shooting?
  125. Shooting/sighting/fine tuning/frustration
  126. The smallest 5 shot suppressed revolver in the world...first look
  127. Freedom Munitions Free Shipping this week
  128. Weatherby vs Benelli semi-autos -- experience with them
  129. Beretta Neos 4.5" Vs. 6" Barrel
  130. First range trip with LCP Custom
  131. Worst Firearm Maintenance-Related Injuries
  132. Today's Shoot
  133. .50 Machine Gun: I Knew It! The Oldiers Are the Goodies.
  134. Please recommend a good 22 semi auto
  135. Who-all has a 3" LCRx?
  136. Iver Johnson 32 BP 1st Model
  137. My wife did good today. EXTREMELY proud of her! And we had a great evening too.
  138. Blue Loctite and your Sights.
  139. Rossi Youth .22 LR/.410 Break-Open Rifle/Shotgun Combo or Alternatives
  140. Purchasing question!
  141. *1911* alert
  142. Gift certificate for LGS
  143. Octane .45 vs Griffin Revolution .45
  144. Is Consolidating Calibers Being Practical?
  145. 2 for 2 on raffle
  146. judge revolver
  147. Fear of the gun
  148. NFA Delay <Sigh>
  149. SMLE Came Home with Me
  150. XS dot sightes
  151. The Longest Wait
  152. 5.5645 mags shorter than 9mm mags?
  153. Just got email from Sig .. New Sig 225 should be shiping soon ,,,
  154. Budget scope recommendations for .270 Win
  155. So, electronic ear protection on a budget these days?
  156. Wisdom in buying new firearms.....?
  157. have you shot today
  158. Precision Shooting Thread
  159. For the .41 Magnum guys
  160. Japanese Arisaka (Type 99?)
  161. Does this count as a "modern firearm"?
  162. Candidate for a new nightstand pistol...
  163. 44 Magnum
  164. AR-15 Optics Advice
  165. I stuck my foot in the water
  166. AR to 9MM conversion
  167. SCAR on his birthday
  168. Do suppressors really make the bullet go faster? Not necessarily...
  169. Glock .22LR conversion kit question?.......
  170. Is S&W hosting websites now?
  171. Sight adjustment
  172. Action Enhancement Trigger for Glocks
  173. Friday Fundamentals Measuring time in your firearms practice
  174. Humpty Dumpty
  175. Kicking tires, window shopping ect.
  176. The other end of fun.
  177. No One Questions Fire Extinguishers
  178. Salt gun??
  179. A friend has $1000, wants a 1911
  180. Does PSA generally have nice holiday sales?
  181. Gun show this weekend, SC
  182. This should cause a stir. Glock as bad choice for police.
  183. Finally, a productive day at the gun shop. New plinker
  184. New Ruger LC9s and SR9c
  185. No more taurus for me!!
  186. Take an Anti to the Range
  187. Ruger MKIII Carbine
  188. Glock. I am down with the sickness, but not Disturbed.
  189. PSA-eat your cilantro
  190. Shooting vs. Gunfighting
  191. The Ruger MKIII in a Tactical Role
  192. my LGS/Evil Pawn Shop
  193. CZ 83
  194. thinking about a trade
  195. Hot Deal Alert for M&P-22 Compact owners!
  196. Hot Deal Alert for M&P-22 Compact owners!
  197. Gun Ownership on the Rise
  198. Friday Fundamentals Performance Standards
  199. Indoor Range Day: had a blast trying out Sub2000 and SR22
  200. Guns You Wish They Made
  201. FrogLube VS Weapon Shield CLP
  202. Guns that make you say hmmm....
  203. Question about a milled vs stamped SKS.
  204. Millennium G2 anyone?
  205. Meet the Smiths
  206. How smart is smart
  207. Dual Rifle Case_ Storage and Range Use
  208. Red dot sights vs regular?
  209. Limited Quantity of Police Trade-in Glock 22 and 23 .40 S&W Handguns $319 delivered
  210. It's never too early to start kids on gun safety
  211. Horizontal Mag Holder
  212. 80 Years of the Belgian High Power
  213. Paper BG Ammo
  214. H&K P30LS V1 LEM en route
  215. New R700 .308 coming
  216. NFA Legal Suppression
  217. How to Get my Guns
  218. Glock 17 tirgger on Glock 19
  219. SilencerCo's all-in-one suppressed Maxim 9 pistol
  220. Old guy gun? Young(er) guy gun?
  221. Spending a couple weeks in Utah anything I should know?
  222. 1911: Why Bobtail?
  223. The holy grail of M1s
  224. The Model 19's sad homecoming *UPDATE
  225. little shooting later today
  226. Beretta CX4 9mm carbine barrel threading?
  227. Range time with my snubby
  228. need advice on Taurus PT-92
  229. Ruger 9e
  230. Friday Fundamentals (Segment 4) Shooting with a flashlight
  231. ACOG Help!
  232. Pittsburgh Gun Store
  233. Here is one I want ... 45/70 SWD Lady's Home Companion
  234. AR-7 Explorer 22-LR "Survival Rifle" used value?
  235. Today's range workout
  236. Seven gun control myths that need to be put to rest
  237. Upgrading Gun Safe (or rather - adding to)
  238. Glock loses to Smith and Wesson
  239. CNN has made me re-assess my collection
  240. Price check
  241. Harvard Gun Control Study Destroys Gun Control Agenda
  242. Taurus Customer Service >>>>>>>
  243. Firearm drawings for your maintenance needs...
  244. State of Emergency!
  245. I stand corrected.
  246. New Springfield .30-06
  247. Police Trade-in G22
  248. I think I want one of these (wood furniture AR)....
  249. SR1911; you guys probably already know this
  250. Ruger American .22 LR