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: General Firearm Discussion

  1. First time shooting
  2. Why no TV commercials?
  3. What would you replace first?
  4. Best way to sell...
  5. Shooting in your house...
  6. Why don't they sell...
  7. Thoughts on a 22 conversion kit...
  8. Another Glock 30
  9. National Open Carry Day
  10. I Can't Find...
  11. Duracoat a gun yourself?
  12. Its range day!
  13. Happy B-day/Father's day to me (expanded collection)
  14. rounding out my collection
  15. Smith and Wesson Sigma 9mm
  16. What scope rings to get for CZ452?
  17. King's #206 grip safety?
  18. Gun Club in the News
  19. I love my IDPA club
  20. A good trip
  21. What kind of hearing protection do you use?
  22. Focus on the willingness to kill?
  23. Sig~Sauer Slide Question
  24. Rosey O'Donnell Web site! Do you own a gun?
  25. Gun Show Coming To Orlando
  26. Cabela's Big Game Turret Tactical Scope
  27. What to do with 1,200 dollars?
  28. How often do you go into your safe?
  29. Porting Experience?
  30. AK47 or AR15?
  31. Keltec Repair Service
  32. Peaceable journey law apply to intrastate travel?
  33. Putting my P228 through the ringer
  34. Public Range
  35. Finally got the gun safe
  36. Daughter to start carrying
  37. P2000 duty carry question
  38. Rock on for this girl
  39. Fastest gun in the West 1964
  40. Dry Fire
  41. What kind of mount is this?
  42. Where do you buy your 1911 magazines?
  43. Mini Rant On CCW Permits, never heard this said before...
  44. Has anyone done business with 'Impact Guns' before?
  45. Govt. may regulate civil war arms
  46. It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye...
  47. Basic Glock troubleshooting FYI
  48. Number of Magazines
  49. INFO on Ruger MARK III 22/45
  50. The Appleseed Project
  51. Negative Encounters with the General Public
  52. Could not seat the magazine
  53. Caspian 1911
  54. Want To Learn Gunsmithing
  55. Taurus 1911 Recommendation?
  56. Why can I not shoot my gun straight??
  57. P225/P6 keyholing
  58. My .02 on HK P7
  59. Ultra Carry dual recoil springs
  60. Oh, oh! I've got a malfunction.
  61. Kimber and King's Safeties?
  62. barrel honing
  63. I had to let the Beretta 92FS go
  64. Badly Leaded Barrel - Best Solution?
  65. Took a self-proclaimed Liberal shooting tonight
  66. 1911 VZ grips
  67. Holster etiquette
  68. Going to shooting range with a record
  69. Scholastic Shooting Foundation
  70. Traveling with NFA items to NC?
  71. Got a new safe (pics and puppy inside [literally!])
  72. Contacted Glock in Ga.
  73. Kudo's for Para Ordnance
  74. MY wife, a gun, and the TSA.....
  75. Empty Shells Ejecting Into My Face
  76. Cleaning your CCW
  77. Shooting Study
  78. Open Carry?
  79. Para P13 ejection problem
  80. Shopping Online Gun Retailers- A Few Questions
  81. CZ 52 Pistol Question
  82. How do I get an M-1 Carbine through the CMP?
  83. I went to the range today...
  84. Need a new Gun Law?
  85. Smallest Handgun In The World
  86. Help, .45 acp mags not locking the slide back after the last round has been fired.
  87. ultimate conceal carry gun
  88. One Gun = 10 Murders
  89. I Am Amazed at the Price of Rifle Ammo
  90. No safe, how do you store your handguns?
  91. 17 HMR bullets
  92. Degreaser
  93. Dryfire Practice
  94. This might be the strangest post ever!
  95. Newly Duracoated BHP
  96. Lousy: Teen Shot, Killed In Hunting Accident by Grandfather
  97. Engravings?
  98. I want to put a RIFLE SCOPE on my Ruger Hunter Single Six... oppinions?
  99. Do you pay to get your gun registered
  100. Congratulations! IT'S A.......
  101. 45 acp and black bear
  102. New to ranges. Indoor or outdoor?
  103. The Vanishing Revolver In The NYPD
  105. What "is" .380?
  106. My HK Impressed me!
  107. Would you put in a gun range in your house?
  108. An observation
  109. Need some statistics.
  110. Got some SA Revolver Questions
  111. Got myself a Ruger Single Six Hunter :D
  112. Glock facelift
  113. Bullet holes in the ceiling!!!!
  114. Traffic stop leads to Japanese machine gun
  115. Smith & Wesson serial numbers
  116. Weapon for limp wrist & weak fingers?
  117. Ear Protection
  118. More awareness required
  119. .22 Semi Auto
  120. How much is too much and when to taper off on practice ammo usage?
  121. Ricochets at local range
  122. Best Gun Cleaner
  123. Browning Face-off
  124. Ruger P94
  125. Question for you XD guys
  126. 243 vs 25-06
  127. Some more gun/knife/flashlight reviews
  128. Sticky situation now solved
  129. Like we didn't know already...
  130. Need good advice on cleaning lubricating my S&W 640
  131. What to do after a shooting
  132. 2 New Guns!!!!
  133. See Anything Not Quite Right Here?
  134. New job - Looking for weapon advice.
  135. Good Deal on This Rifle?
  136. New hunting revolver
  137. My new toy!
  138. Glock 30 barrel
  139. Selling a gun barrel
  140. Where is the best place to put a gun safe?
  141. How many of you guys have one of these?
  142. UNBELIEVABLY fast reloading!!!
  143. Charter Arms .327 Federal Magnum
  144. If you had a G21, what would you trade it for?
  145. Ruger P85 MKII
  146. Want to be a certified Range Master.
  147. Public Range Etiquette??
  148. Guns we have sold that we truly miss!
  149. Firearms Storage: Do not be this guy
  150. buck mark 22?
  151. Good ranges in North Texas
  152. M1 value
  153. Good News For Florida LEO,s
  154. My first IDPA match
  155. Scope for Ruger 10/22
  157. I have no words.
  158. Guns in the home with children
  159. Novice question: Leaving Round in chamber
  160. Ever hear of Imperial Metal Prod.?
  161. Single Action grips
  162. I shoulda had safety glasses on
  163. Gifting handgun from father to son in PA.
  164. Ruger SR9 Recall
  165. How do you store your pistols and mags?
  166. Need help; FULL disassembly of a Baby Eagle
  167. Would you leave your guns in the car?
  168. Pistol Training for Minors in NY State
  169. Extra magazine at night
  171. A couple of questions...
  172. Ear protection
  173. Ranges in Tampa
  174. Tool Box
  175. Verify FFL Legitimate
  176. Ex-wife freaked out about my gun
  177. You Guys That Wear Glasses...
  178. Best coating?
  179. Smith & Wesson 351PD Review (And Others)
  180. Hangin' Judge GLOCK Challenge II
  181. Buy a New car and get a free gun! (merged)
  182. New shooter (my daughter)
  183. Help Me Out w/Gun Values
  184. Glock mag. question
  185. When were firearms invented? Late 1500s?
  186. What do you do with the locks?
  187. Take a guess?
  188. Woody's 2008 NRA annual meeting pics
  189. How do I get you people to drop Wal-Mart...
  190. Educate Me - Slide lockback
  191. ccw smells like an aquarium
  192. Couldn't find a 9mm bore snake
  193. Baby Eagle and PX4 Storm
  194. New Ruger SingleSix
  195. My first one
  196. Just picked it up
  197. Another Show and Tell
  198. Oregon/sound supressors
  199. .40 fired in a .45 ACP
  200. Winchester Models 94 and 9422
  201. Marlin lever 30-30-good price?
  202. Show and Tell
  203. 10 Gauge
  204. Browning A-Bolt
  205. Dispatching a Deer? (Caliber in question)
  206. Any way to transfer gun to someone living in DC?
  207. First Flight with Firearm Checked: Easy
  208. been a happy week
  209. Ruger M77 Mk II
  210. Airgun Ballistics performance
  211. Kimpro Mag Disassembly
  212. Wal-Mart to video record your gun and ammo purchases?
  213. Old Unused Guns
  214. Curio pistols in NY?
  215. How many would/would've paid for a "How To Clean Your Gun" class
  216. Name this gun
  217. Gun cleaning
  218. Close Call in Gun Free Zone
  219. Ruger .22 Rusty Mags
  220. Back in America...and arrested?!
  221. CNN Poll vote
  222. Glock question
  223. Beretta 92FS SS - need polish advice
  224. Glenn Beck Has Gun Week
  225. Custom Painted Guns???
  226. Hunting Rifle
  227. Flash fire in Virginia Beach shooting range injures seven
  228. What Chicago airport cops carry
  229. Springfield Model 187 Series A
  230. Tap N Rack
  231. Monkey grips
  232. How many guns are you taking?
  233. Long guns in car...
  234. 2-handed shooting, grip technique
  235. Gunsmithing
  236. In defense of my castle
  237. J&G Sales
  238. Why Carry?
  239. Shooting on own property in MI??
  240. Oh Man- Gun Pointed Right By My Head Today
  241. Where are you keeping a gun?
  242. small window in the grip to make rounds visible
  243. Guess what I just found? 2000 rds of .45ACP - testing and posting ON!!!
  244. Gun Values?
  245. My new pistol range
  246. Ruger Gp100
  247. Anyone live where they have Public Shooting Ranges?
  248. Mad props, St. JMB
  249. Sometimes people ask what caliber for bear.
  250. Rossi vs. Taurus