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  1. I feel MUCH better now!
  2. 90% of guns purchased at gunshows are sold to Mexican Drug Cartels
  3. I did my small part.
  4. Chicago 'Burbs and Illinois LGS, Ranges and Trainers ?????
  5. I Just Won a Rifle - UPDATE
  6. Gun Safe - Humidity Experiment
  7. Meprolight sights to replace terrible SIG sights?
  8. Harvard Study: Guns Don't Deter Crime
  9. I Just Can't Shoot My Shield
  10. Walter Reed on Lockdown
  11. Savage 64F replacement stock? Know of any?
  12. S&W SD9VE Break-In
  13. Bloodied my GI Mil-Spec today. Or the GI Mil Spec earns it's keep....
  14. Why all the hate on taurus?
  15. Almost witnessed a shooting yesterday
  16. Good Six Guns Are Worth Having In Pairs.....3" GP100 with Cocobolo Grips
  17. Independence Day done right
  18. What is this tool?
  19. Ghost Connector fail
  20. What would it take?
  21. Celebrating Independence Day the way God Intended!
  22. Cooler temperatures in hell? AR related
  23. Hillsdale College Shoots & Sings
  24. Question re Sig P238 sight alignment
  25. Has anyone tried shooting skeet with a pistol
  26. I'm doomed! Doomed I say.
  27. Gungry Gungry Hippo
  28. Sign of the Apocalypse
  29. Target repair/ refresh
  30. America's "Young Guns"
  31. Yes! I've finally got one! Beretta
  32. What could cause the pistol not to cock?
  33. Trap Shooting Shotguns
  34. Instructors, Vet Your Students
  35. Just picked up; Model 700 ADL 270 Win
  36. How much time for carry ammo?
  37. WV background check?
  38. Colt to be bought by Native American tribe ??
  39. Plaintiff Ordered to pay legal fees
  40. unboxing experience ????
  41. Springfield Customer Service
  42. I had to save it!
  43. Good enough?
  44. Here it is! CZ 455 American
  45. Personal Gun Choice
  46. NRA insurance question
  47. Make sure the gun is unloaded AFTER you pull the trigger
  48. Sig P320 X change kit?
  49. 114 year old rifle, Sweet shooter! Pics Added
  50. It's Back!!
  51. Very OLD Ammo still worked
  52. Gun Control Won't Stop Mass Killings-Guns Won't Either
  53. Well they managed to do it
  54. With apologies to CZ Scorpion owners, I became "one of those guys"!
  55. Glock 21 Disassembly Trouble
  56. Are these signs of overpressure?
  57. Black Powder Pistol Malfunction
  58. A little pellet plinking
  59. So looking forward to Saturday!!
  60. So looking forward to Saturday!!
  61. New holster for those who want/need to shoot themselves
  62. All Semis Malfunction, Some More Than Others
  63. Toddler Shoots His Dad in The Stomach During a Muslim Wedding
  64. Walmart new firearms policy
  65. Molon Labe or Please Molon Labe
  66. Everybody: Stop shooting; stop going to shooting ranges and stores!
  67. Gun ownership by state
  68. Browning warranty
  69. Road trip, range time and the new gun
  70. How to ask permission to use farmer's land
  71. Kudos to Smith & Wesson
  72. Did a little rifle shooting today
  73. The soon to be released G-43 Suppressed (video links added)
  74. Another travel question... New Mexico?
  75. Got me some 22lr
  76. New Old Stock Colt
  77. A Little Gun Porn - I have wanted one of these for a long time. Finally it's in hand!
  78. keeping the box?
  79. this is more for people in illinois
  80. internet tough guys
  81. Selling a gun, not sure how much to ask.
  82. AR .22lr input wanted
  83. 1925 Colt 1911 trade .. Should I
  84. The CZ Scorpion 9MM pistol
  85. South Georgia Outdoors
  86. Hi Point Carbine
  87. "Top 10 Infantry Rifles"
  88. It's Official: Colt files chapter 11
  89. just another target
  90. VP9 or the Welrod! What?
  91. 19 Chapter 11 COLT
  92. I Just Won a Rifle!
  93. Knock on the door
  94. Great CC Carry Gun.
  95. A little plinkin' with the CX4 Storm
  96. Wet Pants
  97. Anybody get anything good that's firearm related today?
  98. Gun-busting Workplaces
  99. Colt to File Chapter 11 on Monday
  100. How much is this pre model 10 s&w stub nose worth ?
  101. GP100 Blued
  102. Completed my last active duty LE competition
  103. When Reagan was President, he carried his own gun
  104. S&W model 10-8 pinned vs unpinned barrel?
  105. Ruger NRA Gun of the Year 2009
  106. "Best" bulk pack 22lr
  107. 68% of Americans Feel Safer in a Neighborhood with Guns
  108. Spare Magazines
  109. Conceal/Carry with light-weight shorts
  110. This turned out to be a great day.
  111. Lost my pistol
  112. Help with trigger spring in Python
  113. New G17 A Range
  114. Brain Trust!
  115. New milestone gun, S&W625JM
  116. Colt, the iconic American gunmaker, could be bankrupt within days
  117. Looking for steel ignition kit for CX4 Storm
  118. Circumstances are forcing me into taking a serious course of action....
  119. Do You Like AR'S ?
  120. armour belts by Michael
  121. How many rounds do you use to practice each month
  122. Sig MPX
  123. I'm getting a new gun
  124. showing the shield a little love
  125. Range time
  126. The NAA Pug. It's so cuuuute...
  127. M&P compact trigger issue or is it just me?
  128. Who Can Tell Me About This Old Revolver?
  129. Need Advice - Limited Income Widow Seeking Revolver For Home Protection
  130. Magazine is really hard to load to full capacity
  131. Looks like today is barrel drift test day...
  132. carrying cannons
  133. How many of you own a safe for your handguns?
  134. John Browning museum?
  135. Question about buying online
  136. SP2022 vs. P320
  137. How long does it take to get ATF approval to transport an SBR across a state line?
  138. Ruger CS .... stellar performance as usual !!!!!
  139. Bought a *gun* today
  140. 1911 ammo question
  141. Speaking of Derringers...
  142. SISSY ALERT - Daniel Elizondo @dtelizondo wrote a terrible article
  143. Another printed gun makes the news...
  144. Anyone ever bought an LE trade?
  145. More experience with the 16" VooDoo Ultralight (pencil) barrel...
  146. SP2022 or FNX9
  147. SCCY CPX-2 9mm WARRANTY
  148. How much does getting a revolver blued usually cost?
  149. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong!
  150. Who packs a relic?
  151. Who Else Has Recoil Favorites?
  152. Someone's a little short
  153. P85 question
  154. Taurus model 66ss4 vs Ruger SP101
  155. Smoother but is it lighter?
  156. Concealing An AR
  157. See the guns that are illegal in California
  158. Training and practice discussion. Add your 2 cents here
  159. LEOSA Firearms qualification course credential card?
  160. improving a rainy saturday
  161. Springfield GI 1911 Project...Finally Completed.
  162. M&P Shield Quality Control Problem?
  163. Picked up a pair of SP-101's!
  164. Opening a new can of worms
  165. Gen 4 Glock grip pin question
  166. How long do you save for a new gun?
  167. Women Are a Driving Force in Nationís Shift from Gun Control to Gun Rights
  168. P229-9 E2 holsters, Who can
  169. Sig P220 .22 conversion
  170. S&W model 10-5
  171. No Serial Number Hand Gun
  172. Finally got a CZ 527 Carbine in 7.62x39!!!
  173. Gimme did it, too.
  174. Pearce Grips G30S
  175. Bad Experience at the Range
  176. Disappointed with my Kahr CT380.
  177. Patti Did It Again
  178. Why Men Feel A Need To Carry Guns
  179. I saw one of those new LW CMDs in the wild today.
  180. Winchester 9422 magnum
  181. Anti-Gun Democrats at it again
  182. Sportsman's Guide, Ammo Sale, free shipping thru 5/26.....
  183. Developed a little fear of gun ranges.
  184. I got me a org metal stocked Colt SP1 carbine .. Loving it !
  185. shoot and cook out today
  186. Yes, BB Guns Are Capable of Great Harm
  187. Range etiquette
  188. new addition to the family
  189. How many of the same gun do you need?
  190. Smith & Wesson SD40VE
  191. Has anybody else seen Wilson Combat's Memorial Day Sale email ad this morning?
  192. Hey guys, anybody know about regulations/laws for remote controlled firearms???
  193. 300 BLK goes to the top of my list
  194. Walther PPK/S 22LR
  195. I recieved the chance this morning,pulled the trigger on a 500 S&W magnum
  196. Marlin XT22
  197. Springfield XDs 45ACP Shooting High with Truglo TFO Sights.
  198. resale value of a Taurus
  199. I picked up a new gun the other day
  200. Firearm forums and mission creep
  201. Range Day
  202. memorial day BBQ GUNS?
  203. Finally bought a new gun
  204. the SR9E
  205. Has anyone tried the Kahr CT 380?
  206. New Family Additions!! Two New Glocks (and I didn't have to buy them)
  207. Walther PPK .380
  208. Waiting on the waiting period (New Sig!)
  209. Sub2000 9 or 40----Go!
  210. What's in your range bag?
  211. Americans can't handle gun ownership
  212. "Riding the slide"
  213. How does the FSS for the glock work?
  214. So finally ........S&W.
  215. Stainless VS Black
  216. Ruger AR-556 ~ from the bench
  217. Hi all, our company new products
  218. Brazilian Ju-Jitsu and Guns...
  219. "Combat Accuracy" What do you think it means?
  220. Cimarron's new sixguns
  221. Picked up my CCW today
  222. Stag Arms Has Serious Problems
  223. Mosquito problems
  224. Pics of my new to me Kimber
  225. Being that this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world,...
  226. At the gun counter today
  227. Honesty....
  228. Great video, the truth about guns per capita.
  229. This Is Just Plain Terrible
  230. Continued mainstreaming of CCW and the new gun culture.
  231. Gun Ownership with Previous Conviction
  232. To Thine Own Self Be True
  233. Traded off a 92 yesterday, traded for a 92 today
  234. Winchester Model 67
  235. Glock Imperfection
  236. Situational awareness in kids
  237. Carry On
  238. Ruger AR556 ~ Range Day #4
  239. S&W Pre Model 14 K38 Spoke To Me Today
  240. The Signess is real.
  241. Nickel Boron BCGs
  242. Rosie's sexy new leather dress - pics included
  243. glock 19 heating from rapid firing 50 capacity magazine
  244. Police trade Glock issue!!
  245. New Kimber Solo malfunctions every other shot.
  246. Stippled my G23 today
  247. M1 Carbine
  248. Are you smarter than a fifth grader?
  249. Px4 compact magazines
  250. Sig 1911s