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  2. New Gun: Cimarron 1871 Open Top Army
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  5. Eyes Going Bad/ AKA Getting Old
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  7. Sig P6
  8. Is this fixed sight picture normal for an Taurus PT 92 9x19 pistol (sight adjusting)?
  9. Colt manufacture 20 round AR15 magazines $9.95 each + free shipping
  10. " as quiet as a BB gun"...
  11. Just bought a S&W Model 650
  12. Cell phone guns are back in the news
  13. Colorado police bodycam shows officer's split-second decision to shoot suspect armed
  14. Gun Show this weekend
  15. SIG 229 Extraction Issues??
  16. Remington cash rebates on rifles, pistols, & shotguns
  17. Questions about Glock 20 Gen 3
  18. Rossie 12 Ga. pistol
  19. LabRadar just did something no other chrono can do...
  20. Great read....On violent encounter.
  21. “We have 1,400 individuals that drive this gun violence in this city,”
  22. Great morning at the range
  23. Problems with my Sig 232
  24. Precision Pistol Sight Picture
  25. "Non-tactical" AR mag carrier.
  26. FFL Business Problems
  27. Email from Henry Re: New calibers for Long Ranger
  28. FBI Finds Our Gunhandling Safe as Ever Despite More Guns Than Ever
  29. Alchemy Resurected...
  30. Held the new HK VP9SK today......
  31. Wilkins ammo pouches
  32. Shooting Champion Matt Burkett Arrested By Federal Authorities For Fraud
  33. Blast from the past
  34. Will your snake gun kill a fox?
  35. In all fairness, the ATF/NFA specialist returned my call today...
  36. Finding an attorney
  37. BG doesn't know what he is doing, know shocker....
  38. Betrayal by Springfield Armory
  39. Gun Cleaning Stuff
  40. Range Report Springfield XDMod2 & SAR B6P 9mm
  41. Wow CNN- A fair and balanced story on the NRA convention???
  42. Glock 42 questions
  43. More Guns in the hands of thugs
  44. Just Released Trump speech at NRA AM
  45. Glock certified Armorer
  46. Help. Burris Signature XTR rings
  47. Legacy Weapon
  48. Just helped a friend purchase his first firearm
  49. Heck froze over ..Now legal to shoulder the SB shoulder brace
  50. Question for all you S&W M&P Guru's
  51. Revolver for wife
  52. Shot Timers for Practice
  53. Deciding on a good gun
  54. Long slide optic ready pistol
  55. Indoor Ranges Suck?
  56. Student with gun saves...
  57. Favorite long gun thread.
  58. GO VMI BEAT ARMY! MCCSC starts today
  59. REVIEW: The SIG Sauer P320 X-Five>>>>>
  60. first time purchase from
  61. Inconsistant trigger pull ?????
  62. Force science on “compression asphyxia”
  63. Help With Glock Customer Service
  64. GunBroker and Transfer Fees
  65. Shot gun shells
  66. BIL and sister out of control at NRA fund raiser dinner
  67. 22LR Pistol Threaded For Suppressor
  68. Sights
  69. Three Things That Can't Be Fixed With Mods, Upgrades or Fanboy Debates
  70. Practice...Just wondering
  71. Poor Guy!
  72. I like big bores and I cannot lie....
  73. Finally a good gun show
  74. Walther P22????
  75. Looky what I found on Back Page the other day!
  76. Wife has Green Card. Any legal issues
  77. Is This Old Or New News?
  78. Sight Struggles.
  79. My new red Ruger, range report.
  80. Careful how you clear your gun!
  81. Great News, If It Happens
  82. I had a good gun day yesterday.
  83. Okay I will admit it, I am addicted to snubbys’ Ruger Security Six
  84. Shield problems with slide stop.
  85. What's the worst ...
  86. Fishing sidearm for defense against snakes...suggestions?
  87. I think I broke the code on my poor shooting
  88. Rummaging in my father's gun safe and Holey What the HELL is this man?
  89. TV Show Designated Survivor Pushes The Anti-Gun Agenda
  90. South African Police training pic
  91. Ever wonder where those outliers come from? LabRad & MagSpd...
  92. Got a question.
  93. Did you take advantage of the s&w rebates
  94. LabRadar update: when you measure something two ways, expect...
  95. How Do You Store Your Pistols?
  96. Has anyone seen this?
  97. Not just another 5-shot .38
  98. Rather bulky for concealed carry - look at it
  99. S&W 627 8-shot .357
  100. Practicing at an outdoor range- awareness and preparedness
  101. New Six-Shooter
  102. Nice the new T91 wolf AR uppers are here
  103. Vortex\Hornady Bullet-Cam
  104. Grip for 686+
  105. Any Info on the new Sig P220 Legion?
  106. Sig Sauer P320 .357 Compact
  107. Backyard range???
  108. Guns and bear spray in Alaska
  109. 22 LR Ammo question
  110. Winchester model 63 scope? Help
  111. Eye sight as I get older
  112. The eyes have it
  113. Help me decide!
  114. Warning - Hoppes No. 9 and nickel plating
  115. Merwin Hulbert 32 cal / 7 shot - handgun history
  116. Revolver
  117. Avoiding Constructive Possession
  118. suggestions on cleaning solvent
  119. Sig Sauer P226 Legion
  120. Cincinnati Shooting...
  121. Advice for buying your first gun safe?
  122. How do you keep your safe dry inside
  123. Magnum research BFR 30-30 45/70 revolvers, anyone shot one before
  124. Poor Poor Gun Safety - LEO - Did I See this Right??
  125. Layoffs at Federal Ammunition
  126. New Range Toy! RIA Rock Ultra 1911 FS 22TCM/9mm Combo
  127. Yet another Ruger
  128. Practiced weak hand shooting, did better than strong hand!
  129. Had a lousy day at the range
  130. So does LabRadar and a ballistics calculator agree? Well...
  131. Slide/frame mods, flat triggers, and WML's... The world of handguns outside DC
  132. Do you own your state's gun?
  133. LabRadar chronograph - interesting but hmmm....
  134. Help my wife buy a good 380
  135. From 3 inches low left to on center with one little adjustment
  136. Questions about mounted optics
  137. Anyone familiar with Aguila Interceptor 22lr out of a short barrel?
  138. Eyes Open
  139. "The 45" by Robert Skiles
  140. Gun broke.
  141. Getting the 1890 ready to ride... update!
  142. How many here shoot a Ranch Rifle/Mini-14 ?
  143. help with sighting technique -long vs. short barrel handguns
  144. Doc Holliday's Derringer
  145. Today's roster
  146. Question for Ruger GP100 owners
  147. School Me on Sig Sauer Pistols
  148. P320 Question
  149. Does your significant other have a problem with you CCW
  150. Side loading AR-15
  151. Good dilemma
  152. Great News If You Missed Australia's First Forty-one Gun Turn-ins
  153. 30 40 Springfield
  154. Ruger Standard .22
  155. Perfecta .38 spl light strikes with Ruger GP100?
  156. I saw a psychologist, am I ineligible for a pistol permit?
  157. Question about forward grips
  158. Improvise, adapt and......introducing the.....
  159. Interesting old gun found!
  160. Help needed.
  161. Tactical 22LR?
  162. This ins't Defensive shooting.
  163. Gun Show
  164. Experience with "ZEV Fulcrum Adjustable Drop-In TRIGGER" for Glock 17???
  165. Hard Times Continue For Colt
  166. Buying a Handgun Out of State
  167. Question about a Post-War S-series K Frame
  168. Buying Decision, need help
  169. Stretching the legs on my FVSR
  170. Glock Protests XM17 MHS SIG Sauer Win
  171. Any thoughts on Burris Scout Scope
  172. Glock 19 Owners, chime in! Trigger reset issue?
  173. Marlin 336 coming....!
  174. New Pistol Caliber Carbine
  175. Some new things happened while flying with guns
  176. This foam stops bullets cold and pulverizes them to dust
  177. Handgun Cleaning/Oiling
  178. Desert Eagle fans?
  179. My New CZ P-01 (ish)
  180. 86' 45-90 W.C.F. w/ mag tube. 124xxx sn. Value?
  181. Tikka T3x Range Report
  182. U.S. Customs and Border Protection Seize Over $2 Million Counterfeit Glock Magazines
  183. Range day
  184. An annoying day at the range....
  185. Ruger Mark III - thoughts?
  186. New Hunting Rifle
  187. Looking for a video clip
  188. Meathead Instructor vs Brownie's Student
  189. Long ago and far away, I bought....
  190. Worst Gun You've Had?
  191. Cheap Gun Safe: Hide in Plain Sight
  192. Another destroyed AR using the wrong ammo.
  193. Check out this Bullpup
  194. Canik tp9 SA
  195. Ruger LCP II
  196. If you could only have five guns
  197. Food for thought
  198. WIKI...Home invasion aftermath...
  199. How much ammo do you have on hand?
  200. Evil Red Rifle
  201. Armslist shutdown ?
  202. What Factors Go Into A Gun Design?
  203. Ghost Guns.
  204. What should my next step be?
  205. Blood In The Streets!
  206. Baby on the way. NRA membership? or family membership
  207. .22 long rifle ammo: Is the shortage/hoarding still on?
  208. High Point 380
  209. Looking for a semi-auto hunting rifle
  210. What do you do with an old gun that doesn't work for you?
  211. !Battle of the Glocks!
  212. Well time flys the SP1 COLT AR is now c&R
  213. 10 Things to Know about Savage Arms New B-Series Rimfire Rifles
  214. Walther PPX vs Creed
  215. A gunsmithing job that became my gun.
  216. Out in the Las Vegas desert today
  217. Your great shots...
  218. Repeal the NFA
  219. P 07-Well, I decided to buy it anyway
  220. Some Taurus Love
  221. S&W BG380 w/laser... wow, whatta trigger pull!
  222. Revolver Thread? Put 'Em In THE Definitive DC Thread
  223. I Don't understand.
  224. Any Suggestions For Me And My First Glow On Order??
  225. What Can Kahr Do To Win Us Over??
  226. Ruger Customer Service
  227. DPM recoil reduction system?
  228. S&W R8, 627, or trr8
  229. 1903 Springfield stock replacement
  230. medium (commander) sized handguns?
  231. Building a Mini Gun?
  232. Finally, Carrying At Work
  233. Spinner suggestions
  234. SD9VE Issues today
  235. NRA Endowment Member Special - $250
  236. What is your opinion of the CZ P07 in .40S&W?
  237. Firearms as a retirement investment
  238. Birthday Surcee - S&W 10-5 snubby
  239. Wildey pistols.
  240. Becoming An Instructor
  241. Winchester 165 grain .40 s&w
  242. Polishing your magazines? Is it a good idea? thinking of my M&P shield
  243. Range bag -a look inside
  244. Cap and Ball Nipple question
  245. S&W 586 or 29?
  246. I smell a rat
  247. Anyone Care to Give A Review of the Shield 40?
  248. Embracing new shooters aka the "Taticool/AR-15" generation of shooters
  249. A new cartridge is born for 223 users
  250. Has anybody tried SIG airguns? Thoughts?