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  1. Where is the soup to nuts how to guide?
  2. Compilation of three series books up on Amazon now.
  3. Writing a book is not easy
  4. Another book of mine reviewed
  5. Little Black Book of violence
  6. Panteo DVDs!
  7. Shotgun News - Where to Find It in Illinois?
  8. A review of one of my books
  9. Stopping power and Street Stoppers
  10. Anyone reading the "Going Home" series?
  11. conceal Carry for Women, by Gila Hayes
  12. Two Great Reads Regarding Preparedness and Situational Awareness
  13. Is anyone familiar with this book?
  14. CHL Apps
  15. Thumbs Up to Skyhorse Publishing
  16. “The Armed American’s Complete Concealed Carry Guide to Effective Self-Defense.”
  17. Third book in the "Gunfighting..." series is available on Amazon now
  18. Defensive Revolver Fundamentals
  19. Good Read for the new year!
  20. Concealed Carry Magazine
  21. The Art of Instruction-Mike Seeklander
  22. Green eyes & black rifles
  23. Here is an Old School FBI Defensive Firearms Training Video...
  24. Farnam and one shot from concealment drills - videos [NSFW - language]
  25. Trigger Stripe Drill
  26. Magpul Art of the Dynanic Handgun.... Or?
  27. Gunsmoke. They're baaaaack...
  28. The Future of the Gun by Frank Miniter
  29. So, I started this blog up...
  30. A must read if you CCW
  31. Book and booklet revised and available on Amazon now
  32. This Non Violent stuff'll get you killed!
  33. Good Book on Self Defense?
  34. Web based info
  35. The Snubby Revolver
  36. 1911 Reference Books
  37. To ride, shoot straight, and speak the truth by Jeff Cooper
  38. Does anyone belong to or get the USCCA magazine?
  39. Defensive revolver fundamentals.
  40. Student of the Gun
  41. How To Survive The Most Critical 5 Seconds Of Your Life
  42. Book size survey
  43. I have issues with Gun Digest's outdated reissue books.
  44. Anyone know where to find the video of Feinstein inserting a glock mag into a rifle?
  45. "On Killing" By LTC David Grossman
  46. My seccond book is now available on Amazon.
  47. Sun tzu
  48. Donnie D's First Gun Book Is Finally Complete
  49. Great hunting read
  50. Classic Book Review – Principles of Personal Defense
  51. American Rifleman iPad edition
  52. Honoring Bill Jordan...
  53. Self-Defense and the Law
  54. Interesting FoF YouTube videos
  55. Hide your guns
  56. She's Got a GUN by Nancy Floyd
  57. Strong Men Armed by Robert Leckie
  58. Plus Shipping & Handling
  59. Finally some good gun press!
  60. 83% of Americans to be victims of violent crime
  61. Best books/guides for training drills (clearing, scenarios, movement, etc)?
  62. Magpul Industries: Art of the Dynamic Handgun
  63. Blue Book of Gun Values 34th Edition......
  64. The Black Rifle: M16 Retrospective
  65. Fictionalized SHTF books and videos: what are your favorites?
  66. Online videos?
  67. Local library doesn't have "In The Gravest Extreme" any other beginner CC books?
  68. Your favorite gun sites?
  69. Good book
  70. What section to find books in?
  71. Where can I get an M&P Shield armorer's manual?
  72. Great "How to" DVD set!
  73. Dept of Homeland Security puts out video to survive an active shooter
  74. Self Defense Laws of All 50 States (With Plain-Talk Summaries Limited Edition Cover)
  75. 'Concealed Carry and Home Defense' by Michael Martin
  76. Best Book Available on the AR15
  77. Book Choice Help?
  78. My reading list for next 2 or 3 weeks... maybe longer
  79. Glock Books
  80. How to Act When You Get Stopped by LEO
  81. Beating the Reaper by Dr. John Meade and Sua Sponte
  82. American Sniper by Chris Kyle
  83. "The Gun" by C.J. Chivers
  84. "What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law"
  85. Rory Miller's books: Yea or Nay?
  86. Women's Self Defense Books?
  87. In the Gravest Extreme...Delivered today!
  88. My Book review of Glock: The Rise of America's Gun
  89. GnR Started Thread #4 Hickok45 vs. NutnFancy
  90. Great essay: "The Truth About Violence"
  91. Just 2 Seconds
  92. Looking for thread with video links...
  93. Magazine/Periodical Subscriptions
  94. Need advice on books
  95. I want to learn the guts of a gun.
  96. Finished my first Stephen Hunter Novel....
  97. florida firearms laws use and ownership 7th Edition up for grabs>
  98. Masaad Ayoob's latest concealed carry book??
  99. SWAT Manual and Tactical Movement Guide for the IPad
  100. CCW Relevant Comments by LTC Grossman on 8.12.11 in Northern Virginia
  101. Benifits and how to become a Glock armorer
  102. Training library..............
  103. Lecture: The Bullet Proof Mind by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman
  104. 85% of people shot, survive
  105. 1911 Reliability
  106. Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide?
  107. Mindset,the three stages of the gunfight.....DVD
  108. ohio ccw course info.
  109. Your Top DVDs and Books.
  110. Florida Firearms Law, Use & Ownership, 7th Edition
  111. Little black book of violence:what every young man needs to know about fighting
  112. Magpul Art of the Dynamic Shotgun DVD's
  113. Books About Shotguns...
  114. "Jelly Bean" Bryce; One of the greats
  115. On Combat by Lt.Col. Dave Grossman
  116. A vital reference
  117. 2 New Training DVDs and One New Book
  118. Best Defense
  119. I have a new copy of "The Ayoob Files: The Book." that I have just got done reading.
  120. Handgun Combatives 2nd Edition
  121. Revolutionary War Tactics
  122. Anyone have a copy of "Unintended Consequences" to part with?
  123. Legal Issues Relating to the Use of Deadly Force (AZ Manual)
  124. Book Review: Kalashnikov Rifles and Their Variations
  125. Reading
  126. Jack O'Connor & Elmer Keith
  127. How to make a holster pattern
  128. Brian K. LaMaster was at Bill Goodman's...
  129. Which Sig Armorer DVD?
  130. The Gun Digest Book Of Concealed Carry
  131. The Art of Executive Protection - Robert Oatman
  132. How To Survive The Most Critical 5 Seconds OF Your Life
  133. Old book--Hints on Revolver Shooting
  134. Magpul Dynamics: The Art of the Dynamic Handgun (DVD set)
  135. Podcasts?
  136. Book Advice
  137. Free Video for Concealed Carry Newbies: USCCA Video
  138. Exec Protection book recommendations ?
  139. Stopping Power
  140. The Survivors Club by Ben Sherwood
  141. Scientific Self Defence - Fairbairn
  142. Point Shooting Progressions by Roger Phillips
  143. Clint Smith Thunder Ranch DVD Review Urban Rifle
  144. A vivid description of a real gunfight
  145. Anyone watched the Personal Firearm Defense DVD series?
  146. Kelly McCann - Combatives for Street Survival, Part 2
  147. CQC Books or Video's
  148. Pistol Masters-Save your money
  149. Massad Ayoob: 'Judicious Use of Force'
  150. Great video on Military.com
  151. Recomend videos please
  152. Xmas book wish list
  153. An Embarrassed Announcement
  154. New Teaser posted for S.W.A.T. Magazine TV Show
  155. Help me find a video
  156. Recommended reading for sheeple?
  157. Gun Control article from FSU
  158. Cane video interview with author
  159. Defensive videos to borrow
  160. Practical Unarmed Combat from SouthNarc
  161. "The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money & Power" --- anyone have this?
  162. Kelly McCann - Combatives for Street Survival
  163. Question about Movies related to Historical Events.
  164. Need detailed drawing info...
  165. Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel
  166. "One Second After" by William R. Forstchen
  167. TN restaurant carry law related...Nikki Goeser, in her own words
  168. Defensive Shooting Videos
  169. Stopping Power: Why 70 Milion Americans own Guns
  170. New Book Review: Guns, Violence and Criminal Behavior: The Offender's Perspective
  171. Looking for lost video
  172. USCCA's Beat the Ban video
  173. Pay it forward: In The Gravest Extreme, by M. Ayoob
  174. Pay it forward: StressFire, by M. Ayoob
  175. Massad Ayoob Books
  176. Shotgun versus .380
  177. Personal Defense TV...4 DVD Set Free
  178. "Strategic Relocation--North American Guide to Safe Places"
  179. A New Jack Reacher Novel
  180. Foreign Enemies and Traitors by Matthew Bracken
  181. In the Gravest Extreme
  182. Gunsmith DVD
  183. Travelers Guide to CCW
  184. Suggested reading material question
  185. Good read from a long time ago!!
  186. Sixgun shooting books
  187. what are the best rags?
  188. Recommend a few DVD's
  189. American Handgunner Personal Defense Annual
  190. Another fictional SHTF book
  191. Scribd!
  192. A 'Firearms Identification Field Guide' by the Michigan State Police
  193. 'The National Firearms Act (NFA) Handbook'
  194. Krav Maga online
  195. Shotgun fighting dvd
  196. If you could pick one book...
  197. New Combat Handguns Magazine
  198. For you Glockopoos Mas has a great article in the Glock Magazine
  199. gunlaws.com
  200. Sportsmans Channel on DTV!
  201. American Rifleman Mag
  202. Combat Tactics Magazine
  203. Mike Sastre’s Kitchen Kydex Review
  204. A good site related to Kids and Guns
  205. Idiot's Guide to Women & Guns
  206. Second Amendment Reference Books
  207. Cane-fighting DVD? (Merged, with review)
  208. Want to know
  209. New article by Massad Ayoob
  210. Essential Guide to Handguns: Firearm Instruction for Personal Defense and Protection
  211. Best handgun periodical?
  212. PDTV no longer on "the Outdoor Channel"
  213. Book Review, The Dirty Dozen
  214. Book Review, The Essential Second Amendment Guide
  215. Book of Combat Handgunnery 6th Edition
  216. Should be required for every CCW Holder, In the Gravest Extreme
  217. Christmas Present Request?
  218. Review of Extreme Close Quarters Shooting Video
  219. Book: Armed Response: A Comprehensive Guide to Using Firearms for Self-Defense
  220. Pericles' Funeral Oration
  221. Jeff Cooper DVD Series
  222. Bob The Nailer Is Back
  223. Has anyone read these?
  224. Sport Psycholology-Mental Training Manual
  225. Books or DVDs on Self Defense
  226. Complete Book Of The Model 1911
  227. Modern Technique of the Pistol
  228. Has anyone ever read this book? "Shooting Back"
  229. John Longenecker
  230. Dont talk to the cops..... must see
  231. Calling All Jack Reacher Fans
  232. New TV Show: The Best Defense (Merged X 2)
  233. Podcasts??
  234. Anyone read....(LE specific)??
  235. What to read next?
  236. Movie......The Gang
  237. Preparation books?
  238. Carry Related Book Suggestions?
  239. NRA Politics - Book Review
  240. Books on Second Amendment history etc
  241. NY gun laws
  242. New Book
  243. Fist-Fire DVD
  244. In The Gravest Extreme (Book)
  245. Free online training videos for practical self-defense???
  246. A New Elmer Keith Book
  247. What Gun/2A magazine do you read?
  248. Self Defense Books, DVD Recommendations
  249. Arm bars, chokes, locks
  250. Just finished Principles of Personal Defense....