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  1. Obama signed bill to allow old 1911 war guns to be sold to public?
  2. Much thanks!
  3. You know you're a Texan when...
  4. Thanksgiving Classic
  5. This is college, not day-care
  6. went all geeky this morning
  7. The Alternative: "How Much Is A Life Worth?"
  8. wanted Good handgun $200
  9. Why Parents Drink
  10. Bear just gotta say it...
  11. Top 5 Brutal Facts About Getting Shot
  12. Obama's Chicken
  13. Glazed, seasoned and tenderized turkey - the Miculek way
  14. Trainer PA. next on my list
  15. Feds to deport Senior Citizens
  16. Black Friday
  17. The "Thing's I don't understand (Or things that makes you say, Hummmm)" Thread
  18. What are you Thankful for
  19. Have a great Thanksgiving - Don't drink too much..
  20. "If There Are No Dogs In Heaven"
  21. Anyone else frustrated with LP prices?
  22. Man Dies After Being Struck with Skateboard
  23. I can't beleive happened again
  24. New Solution To An Old Problem
  25. More Photoshop Fun With Crisis Actor
  26. My little red truck
  27. Purse snatcher gets more than he bargained for.
  28. nra credit card was denied for a purchase??
  29. A Brit sets the record straight on the French military. NSFW language
  30. FBI Reports Zero Murders In Newtown, CT For 2012
  31. We must stop the home grown terrorist cells! Biological attack
  32. Child molester loses foot to train during police chase
  33. PCB shark feeding frenzy
  34. Man steals beer truck - get's run over by that truck
  35. Tendonitis aggravated by shooting - anyone had it?
  36. The Conversation
  37. Favor?
  38. NYPD officer beating a black man.
  39. I spent 6 hours at the range yesterday :)
  40. **Gun Control Won't Fix This** -NSFW LANGUAGE
  41. The Crisis Actor Memes !
  42. Forget Turkey ! I Want In At This Party !
  43. Current Administration Immigration Plan
  44. Three arrested for murder of Amanda Blackburn
  45. Photo Memory
  46. 60 Minutes - Active Shooter
  47. The Man in the High Castle
  48. Bacon Sandwich- But Not Like You Imagined
  49. Where were You
  50. Voluntary Gun Turn In Blowout!
  51. DC Police Chief Changes Tone
  52. My little girl just blew me away.
  53. Ever have this discussion.
  54. Will I Live to see 80?
  55. Where to frequent to make friends..
  56. Watch nurse realises the man he is trying to save is a SUICIDE BOMBER
  57. My dog
  58. Awesome movie trailer!!
  59. The Gun Control Song
  60. No. No sir. Nope. Unh-uh. Just NO!
  61. Thanks
  62. Car Prowl Suspect Shoots Self In Leg
  63. Fool wearing GPS tracker breaks into Armory steals guns
  64. US Special Forces storm hotel and free six American hostages
  65. New Remington Ammo
  66. Modern Educayshun
  67. Army Recruiting Centers apparently still targets
  68. Mmmmm Olive Oil (cooking)
  69. If we could only get them all to do this
  70. After Obamalamadingdong????
  71. Don't worry! TSA is keeping us safe
  72. obvious Trump is not a politician
  73. New weapons transport system
  74. Foreign Nationals Arrested In Ohio
  75. Pull your pants up.
  76. New Rousey commercial?
  77. Urge Democrats to pass Suicide Vest Control Law
  78. I thought I had a solid plan.
  79. Flag Raising Ceremony
  80. Colorado Petition for No Refugees
  81. Dog days
  82. Got something from Switzerland today...
  83. Used motorcycle haggleing opinions when OBO is stated..??
  84. Gun Humor
  85. RANT! The state of Customer Service today, of lack there of.
  86. Brisket + SLR
  87. Guess the pun...
  88. Fargo TV series
  89. Anyone else having one of those weeks?
  90. They're Not All Refugees
  91. France: Now Lets Fight??
  92. anti-ISIS propoganda idea
  93. For real!?
  94. New ISIS video states they are coming with Silencers?
  95. Kudos to Ohio
  96. JWAG call
  97. Tattoo
  98. Not sure if this is political, off topic or humurous:Muslim Commentary
  99. "Dang it Courtney!"
  100. Great news!
  101. Official old truck thread
  102. After all, I am a snake. Does this ring true today? Aesop's tales
  103. 100,000th member soon
  104. Lenovo T520 gets another upgrade
  105. More Wonderful News for Windows 10 Users
  106. what happens to a car engine when it "dies"?
  107. An optimist says the boat is half floating, a pessimist would say half sunk.
  108. HAM Fest
  109. TX Gun Fest: 1st Day Likes
  110. Found this at the gun show
  111. Tis the season.....the holdays fast approaching
  112. Animal control
  113. Shocked I just heard this...
  114. Typical clueless protester.
  115. This Forum Needs Change! New Demand Post #64
  116. Christmas for Mog.
  117. Stupid gun stuff in movies (again!)
  118. Responsible Gun Ownership
  119. Mrs. PEF
  120. Sigh...the student fascists now are controlling the Universities
  121. Tractor pic for NONAME 762
  122. Some unusual Kydex work
  123. gun sales in the U.S. could reach an all-time high this year
  124. 30 reasons to tell your wife, to buy a new gun. 31 if you count zombies!
  125. J. Hector St. John de Crèvecoeur died on November 12, 1813, What is an American?
  126. Is this BS or really a law? Lock up guns/ felon visiting?
  127. All time favorite Westerns
  128. My Weird Cat...
  129. Active shooting situation in San Francisco now
  130. Terrorist tries to stab armed Israelis
  131. Bear want to make a wish and make a confession...
  132. Had a deer stand come open for this weekend
  133. Hit and run...what a way to start the day.
  134. Unbelievable school lockdown
  135. Black Friday meme
  136. In the shadow of City Hall - L.A.
  137. Marco Rubio Gives a Shout Out to Welders!
  138. Why Grandpa carries a gun?
  139. Executive Orders
  140. Maybe you can fix stupid!
  141. Jihadi VS 81 mm mortar...
  142. Know what is really stupid?
  143. The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
  144. Wisdom beyond her years.
  145. Kung Fury
  146. Documenting Reality
  147. Our Dutch Shepherd
  148. Where is this gonna end?
  149. Rights and Choices
  150. Dad's Old Truck
  151. Baby hoghunter has arrived!
  152. Definitely not Humor - Police: Mother, child dead in apparent murder-suicide at child
  153. Lunch ideas?
  154. What can i say...............
  155. Crazy wedding celebration
  156. Holy Batmobile Creator, Batman!!!
  157. R.I.P. Leatherface
  158. Trump With Gun (Funny)
  159. Roll Tide Roll - Downs LSU Tonight
  160. Hey Y'all. Where are terms defined and acronyms decoded?
  161. Friend's car won't start; ideas?
  162. The Things We Do For Love
  163. The Duke vs Lance
  164. One of the best renditions I've heard in a long time
  165. Friday night mugs
  166. Why is the POTUS forecasting our every move to our enemies?
  167. it's my kinda Friday
  168. Important facts to remember as you grow older
  169. Gun Crime in Britain...more than they tell us about...
  170. Ring of Fire
  171. Great lost talent! Hope & Cagney
  172. TX Int'l Firearms Festival
  173. So, the Jihadists are bringing a knife to a gun fight?
  174. Pulled Over
  175. Uncharted Territory - Bengals Are 8-0
  176. Woodworkers...I have a question
  177. Trump Is the New Dog Whisperer (FUNNY)
  178. My baby damaged
  179. Hero
  180. Man killed over last piece of chicken.
  181. Lack of situational awareness
  182. Beware of an old man...
  183. This Is Too Goofy Not To Share
  184. Interesting Outing At Supermarket This Evening
  185. Free Crunch Wrap tomorrow Taco Bell
  186. What Is Wrong With People?
  187. Man shoots self during traffic stop.
  188. For the children (not what you think)
  189. Most stupid stunt of the week goes to...
  190. Need Legal LEO help, we don't know what to do?
  191. Favorite Signature lines?
  192. Well, he IS a hunting dog.
  193. How's the weather?
  194. I Hate My Job
  195. More Idiots Running Schools - This Time A Private School
  196. Home distillery
  197. Firing range target fights back - man hospitalized
  198. Between the Lines
  199. Tray Gowdy???
  200. Banning the Box
  201. Election Day Today
  202. Just goes to show you how stupid some people are
  203. Global Warming?
  204. Lessons from History, WWII Okinawa
  205. TSA
  206. Android Pool Game App?
  207. Addressing the needs of the CCer. Introducting the T.D.D.
  208. Found out Im going to be a dad this Friday
  209. 8 dangerous toys from Christmas past
  210. Christmas Wish List
  211. Minigun meme
  212. Most stupid award for a Halloween costume.
  213. Memphis Tiger football
  214. My Bear is Back
  215. San Francisco neighbor says don't call thieves 'criminals'
  216. Halloween in Detroit
  217. ANGLICO - back in the Living World on DC
  218. Bear done did finish him Ford F150 Makeover...
  219. Another Shooting spree - Colorado Springs
  220. Remembering Our Rendevouz With Destiny
  221. Assistant Prosecutor Threatens to Shoot Halloween Decorations
  222. The perfect political party.
  223. Anyone from Harrison, Arkansas here?
  224. Thousands of federal prisoners to be released starting today
  225. POTUS: No American boots on the ground in Syria.
  226. That Homeless Guy at the Intersection Might be a Cop
  227. Young Chuck moved to Texas..
  228. Time to buy a new used car... Wrangler?
  229. Les Baer's Classic Mustang Collection
  230. My one and only meme share
  231. October 30th, 1735
  232. 1995 Four Runner Saga victory
  233. My Daughter's Self Assessment
  234. A math quiz.
  235. Progressive 'reasoning'
  236. Shameful media bias in the OK homecoming story
  237. Republican national debate round three
  238. World Series
  239. The Lego Kid
  240. Have You Seen This Viral Photo?
  241. "Respect for our fallen"
  242. Ladies Legging Advice
  243. Nov 1:Fall Back
  244. School "Singing" not Shooting
  245. Rugeroo - this gun's for you
  246. Another Example, Mental Health is the problem
  247. No Black Friday @ REI
  248. BLM?
  249. It's The Steel:Bill Whittle OpEd
  250. going to a communist state