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  1. Addressing the needs of the CCer. Introducting the T.D.D.
  2. Found out Im going to be a dad this Friday
  3. 8 dangerous toys from Christmas past
  4. Christmas Wish List
  5. Minigun meme
  6. Most stupid award for a Halloween costume.
  7. Memphis Tiger football
  8. My Bear is Back
  9. San Francisco neighbor says don't call thieves 'criminals'
  10. Halloween in Detroit
  11. ANGLICO - back in the Living World on DC
  12. Bear done did finish him Ford F150 Makeover...
  13. Another Shooting spree - Colorado Springs
  14. Remembering Our Rendevouz With Destiny
  15. Assistant Prosecutor Threatens to Shoot Halloween Decorations
  16. The perfect political party.
  17. Anyone from Harrison, Arkansas here?
  18. Thousands of federal prisoners to be released starting today
  19. POTUS: No American boots on the ground in Syria.
  20. That Homeless Guy at the Intersection Might be a Cop
  21. Young Chuck moved to Texas..
  22. Time to buy a new used car... Wrangler?
  23. Les Baer's Classic Mustang Collection
  24. My one and only meme share
  25. October 30th, 1735
  26. 1995 Four Runner Saga victory
  27. My Daughter's Self Assessment
  28. A math quiz.
  29. Progressive 'reasoning'
  30. Shameful media bias in the OK homecoming story
  31. Republican national debate round three
  32. World Series
  33. The Lego Kid
  34. Have You Seen This Viral Photo?
  35. "Respect for our fallen"
  36. Ladies Legging Advice
  37. Nov 1:Fall Back
  38. School "Singing" not Shooting
  39. Rugeroo - this gun's for you
  40. Another Example, Mental Health is the problem
  41. No Black Friday @ REI
  42. BLM?
  43. It's The Steel:Bill Whittle OpEd
  44. going to a communist state
  45. Europe's Gun Buying Frenzy
  46. For the drinkers and sippers out there
  47. Media Bias ? I Don't Know What Your Talking About !
  48. Worthless good for nothing county government
  49. Human DNA in Hot Dogs?
  50. Teenage wit..
  51. I'm no expert or anything, but that doesn't look quite right!
  52. LOL made think of one of our members?
  53. Jeopardy and liberals
  54. Don't forget to cowitness your electronic sights with a backup
  55. Should I give the gun back?
  56. 25% Discount to CCers
  57. Way Too Bizarre
  58. Rahm Emanuel's Favorite Sock Puppet Speaks Out
  59. Seasonal awareness
  60. Thank God for stupid thugs - Much easier to catch
  61. 7,000 stolen guns...how to show how dumb licensing, registration and background check
  62. Healthy Proverbs
  63. Taurahe, add this to your Christmas wish list!
  64. Imagine if we chose "My Country Tis of Thee" for National Anthem
  65. Deputies: 7,000+ stolen guns seized in Chesterfield County
  66. Four dead, including toddler, 44 wounded at Oklahoma State homecoming
  67. Another mass killing, but without a gun
  68. Another Mass Public Attack, 4 dead 44 injured
  69. The australian model does't work...
  70. trying a new coffee
  71. Farewell to a beautiful woman and talented actress
  72. Dogs Really Are Best Friends
  73. 38 years ago today
  74. I apologize for having a thread deleted (US Soldier killed in hostage rescue)
  75. Philosophers Of This Century
  76. Bass Pro at the Pyramid
  77. 32 years ago today.....
  78. And another "Third Saturday in October" coming up tomorrow....
  79. It must be true!
  80. Fire Department
  81. Deer attacks. You just never know
  82. Looks like the Sheehan family in Area51 lost - Feds pulled eminent domain
  83. Armed to the Teeth - Armed WITH the Teeth, Actually (OUCH !)
  84. Obaca
  85. Faith and a Broken Arm
  86. Way off topic - windshields
  87. Awesome NASA adventure
  88. Today's tips and words of wisdom
  89. What beats a full moon on Halloween?
  90. What's a day without stupid stuff right?
  91. 1911's Another Reason For Their Longevity
  92. Israel has it figured out
  93. Can someone tell me...
  94. Too bad she wasn't armed, but she managed anyway!
  95. Cute kid pics
  96. Bear didn't settle!
  97. Finally: Caught a Mass Shooter Before the Act
  98. A test
  99. ‘Director of Women and Gender Studies’ Calls on Obama to Ban Firearms
  100. A moment of truth
  101. Anyone here ever seen a ghost or anything paranormal?
  102. NYT Real Man vs Mike Rowe Rebuttal
  103. Phrases I Hate To Hear In a Discussion
  104. Link to Florida Fantasy Five & Lotto winning number list?
  105. Thanks for the advice Chicago PD
  106. Wanna see a dirty picture of me?
  107. Worst Football Play Ever?
  108. He's a Responsible Gun Owner; So He Destroyd His Gun
  109. Moron thread - Yep that's me...
  110. Old style Motorola radios
  111. Good thing we can stand a little cold
  113. Anyone had Stouffer's Fish?
  114. Tacticool laptop case?? Yes. Yes it is!
  115. Clay pigeon throwers- Homebuilt stand.
  116. Grandfather WWII
  117. Best comment ever
  118. The World Turned Upside Down Today in History
  119. Chicago - More Law-Abiding Gun owners and Another Dead Baby
  120. I'm a failure :o(
  121. The old geezer
  122. Any Weekend in Chicago
  123. So much for tougher gun laws
  124. And Zombies .... Man goes crazed on flight bites people .....
  125. I'm guessing this guy is single
  126. Krav Maga Question
  127. The most awful anti-gun article I've read so far
  128. Boot time in 20 seconds...?
  129. So Careless!!!
  130. More Op Ed Craziness (SALON)
  131. Pile 'o guns to clean
  132. Op Ed On Dems And Gun Confiscation
  133. Tom Brady proves he was right to fight
  134. This is how you stop felons from getting into gun stores and gun shows
  135. Here we go Royals! Here we go!
  136. Very young entrepreneur!
  137. Gun-stupid movie review
  138. Is this wrong?
  139. 3 Pinocchios for Hillary
  140. Warning be careful before cranking up the heat.
  141. Major breakthrough in organ transplants
  142. Too stupid for words
  143. Anti-drone rifle shoots down drones with radio waves
  144. Possible alien megastructure orbiting star?
  145. Ack! Help!
  146. Show me Stoopid?
  147. I am an awful person for laughing at this
  148. Is this some kind of cruel joke?
  149. The Referendum On Gun Control Is Coming
  150. How to hang an F-86.
  151. Alabama Walmart Cluelessly Stocks Gun Counter With 'Gun Oil' Lube
  152. DNC debates, who is watching?
  153. Ban Assault Style Golf Clubs
  154. Another stupid school
  155. Bear been playin hooky, but Bear back now...
  156. 2 year old shoots grandmother.
  157. I put holes in the wall of my new home today.
  158. Golfing
  159. No wonder so many Millennials are scared of guns.
  160. Historical Photos
  161. Mass shooting in Britain...did anyone hear about this in the U.S.....
  162. Crap .. UK Green lights Air to Air in SD if the Russians threating them .....
  163. gun crime is going up in Australia and Canada...
  164. Home invader, roller derby, and a ninja sword.
  165. The Walking Dead season 6
  166. Sorry if any of you folks were at SEG in NoVA earlier today
  167. Selleck/Jessie Stone fans
  168. Blaming low gas prices for no social security increase
  169. Veteran's Day is Nov. 11th - Fly Your flag
  170. Any plumbers on here?
  171. Moved in today
  172. delete thread
  173. TPP text, how does this affect our online activity?
  174. How to defeat the anti gunner demands for universal background checks
  175. The good boy
  176. TPP and trucks
  177. Gq: ‘**** ben carson’ for preaching self defense
  178. Shooting on Northern Arizona University Campus
  179. When anti gunners throw out the words "license gun owners," and how to deal with them
  180. Don't do business with Brownells - shady characters
  181. Florida man...
  182. Why athletes can't have regular jobs
  183. Parents, Students Say 3rd Grader Terrorizing Mount Diablo Elementary School
  184. The stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me.
  185. What type of shooter are you?
  186. Mensa Puzzle
  187. Thought I would never have to deal with this..Threat at my sons High School
  188. Shopping while supporting made in the USA and the 2A
  189. Blowguns banned!
  190. New York inmates defeat Harvard debate team
  191. Need a name for new family member (guitar related).
  192. Star Spangled Banner
  193. Little Bird
  194. Listen to your grandma regarding grizzly bears
  195. The Kid & The Gator
  196. TV show "Blind Spot"
  197. Love being owner now
  198. Nuclear Attack
  199. My long overdue M&P 40 Range Review
  200. Comment and question on "likes"
  201. Amusing Sign. Not So Amusing Event Today
  202. Just in case Monday isn't weird enough for you...
  203. Dam breached in Columbia, SC
  204. More from VW
  205. Food porn.... Again
  206. Identify This Animal
  207. You don't necessairly need a big dog to get the job done...
  208. How we make reality matterrs
  209. Law professor denounces Gun Free Zones
  210. Stupid things you used to tell people about guns you know are wrong.
  211. Anyone here from Cleveland Tennessee?
  212. All is not lost in public school
  213. POTUS's Gun control model-Australia--Fail
  214. Firewood Guys "neat"
  215. Is the Media attemptin to skew info in the Oregon shooting?
  216. Disappointed in Everyone
  217. Oktoberfest 2015
  218. Fallout from our Pro Gun President
  219. On the lighter side:NFL Has No Players Arrested
  220. 45 School Shootings in 2015 - Where Are "They" Getting This Stat?
  221. Notes From Romania - An Exhortation
  222. OK guys, it's Friday! I get to go home today!
  223. My complete DVD set of Have Gun Will Travel came in yesterday!!!!
  224. Watchmen to HBO?
  225. Wife is missing
  226. For the Paratroopers out there: Happy Belated St Michaels Day!!!
  227. Week4 NFL SPreads..put your picks here!
  228. IPSC in Estonia
  229. Mass shooting at College in OR
  230. Mass shooting at Oregon community college
  231. Happy news!
  232. Referee pulls a gun during dispute at soccer game in Brazil
  233. Armalite video NRA WSC
  234. Plans changed lately
  235. Fellow East Coasters...are you ready for Joaquin?
  236. Gun Club Range 65 miles Away.
  237. Definitive Answer to Gun Control Advocates
  238. I want to believe...X-Files 2016
  239. Gitmo Give Away
  240. My new foster puppies
  241. Gunman in Rockford Medical Clinic
  242. New kittens
  243. Appropriate Place To Post This. Ford P/U rises from the grave.
  244. Where's the Bear?
  245. This is the Oldest Zombie Thread on the Forum
  246. Flowing liquid water on Mars confirmed
  247. Bow-Mag Now they are putting 38spl and 357mag rounds on the tips of arrows
  248. Miami officer loses finger during arrest
  249. Don't swerve! Hit that critter!
  250. World Shooting Championship $250,000 on the table