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  1. My Craigslist Dining Table Project
  2. When will they learn?
  3. Deer at night
  4. Sharks in NC.
  5. Two Lives Re-United After Taking Two Different Roads In Life......
  6. Tour de France starts today: Time Trials today
  7. so-called 2 day shipping
  8. Range Day with nlyric
  9. The Benovelent Caretaker Is Protecting Us From Ourselves
  10. Gun Control by Jim Jefferies
  11. First encounter with LEO since having permit for many years
  12. Any Golfers in the House? Check out the Uro Club
  13. 4th of July are we being mean to the Brits
  14. Happy independence day!
  15. Had to perform first aid today on a stranger.....
  16. Fireworks - Git yer redneck on!
  17. To all here:
  18. A New Confederate Mint?
  19. Modern Day Slavery, Illegal Underage Aliens, All Right Here
  20. It is HOT here in NW Warshington. How HOT is it where yall are??
  21. My bladders full! DUI stop...
  22. SKYNET is self aware
  23. Astronomy people, what about the pink moon last night?
  24. Another oddity out of CA
  25. lots of new avatars
  26. The Dukes
  27. whats a good high quality trailer hitch? what brand?
  28. In an effort to calm tension, police are testing a new type of K9 officer.
  29. Favor? What was June 29th Florida Fantasy 5's numbers?
  30. Mother Raccoon Teaches Baby to Climb a Tree
  31. Fireworks Anyone?
  32. When Kids Flip Switches, Push Buttons
  33. Wake Up 'Merica!
  34. My new Facebook friend and I have a chat.
  35. When the doctor asks you about your guns
  36. Need some computer tech help.
  37. How NOT to act when carrying of a Firearm!
  38. Leap Second
  39. NBC TODAY SHOW---New Gun owners---
  40. Looking for an author/book
  41. Shootout Lane
  42. 29 July &Windows 10
  43. American Genius: Colt vs Wesson
  44. This is how the people who want to take our guns away think...
  45. Beer Bottles
  46. For those who love their 4 legged partners...
  47. Anyone ever take on...
  48. Chris Squire: Yes Bassist Dies
  49. Old Drexel furniture?
  50. Got to love Libreals .. You only need a rem 700 .. After all bolt actions are not bad
  51. Are you staying with Win 7 or 8.1 or upgrading free to Win 10?
  52. BBQ SAUCE. . .Your Favorite Brand or Your Own Creation. Let's Hear It!!
  53. Saying and poems that mean something to you ?
  54. confederate flag items
  55. Can we have a "make fun of Texas, Texas jokes" thread?
  56. Have your cake and eat it too
  57. Biggest chore of the day
  58. Man shoots downs neighbor’s hexacopter in rural drone shotgun battle
  59. Looking for BEE people....
  60. A Cute Dog Video..
  61. The Steak Thread
  62. So next time some idot brings up the whole gun control thing ..Read them about Bath .
  63. Another newish author I'll be following
  64. 2004- 4000 posts
  65. Don't touch the Queen's guard...
  66. Hope for Our Youth
  67. Bear got him new teeth today...
  68. ATM Robberies
  69. Attorney's Rough Day
  70. Don't you hate unsolicited advice....What are your stories
  71. 2015 JUNE SCOTUS DECISONS..Slap in the face again
  72. science: facial recognition ... from DNA
  73. Thank you, Mods!!!
  74. Moved My Stars and Bars Flag Today
  75. The grumpy old man in me came out tonight
  76. Obama tells heckler "You're in my house."
  77. GLOCK 43 Survey
  78. Been helping out my sister lately
  79. Walking Dead casting call
  80. We need a "Just Plain Stupid" forum
  81. Family terrorized by "The Watcher" in New Jersey.
  82. Amazon, Wally world, Sears just went on my boycott list
  83. Getting Rid of Old Magazines
  84. I Inherited.....What?!?
  85. Every State Flag is Wrong
  86. 1970 CB 750 resto thread!
  87. 17 Years Ago.. There was a warning.
  88. Thought I'd share a cute picture...
  89. Mini Vacation #2 my hometown of OC New Jersey
  90. Governor Hogan Diagnosed with Cancer
  91. What (not) to do in an active shooter situation
  92. Moose rider
  93. Corrected Obama's Headline
  94. Keep Up the Defense Until the Threat is Stopped!
  95. The Longest Day of the Year
  96. Calling computer experts: Hard drive opinions please!
  97. Wildcat's First "Shotgun" Start in 70 Years
  98. What will the liberals cry out for on this one?
  99. Happy Fathers Day
  100. new job
  101. Scherzer hits batter with 2 outs in the 9th to blow perfect game!!!
  102. Tracking those you love- for safety
  103. Red Devil parachutist saves partner
  104. Cherohala Challenge
  105. Quick observation on Reddit Forum
  106. Hey Welder! I found something for your motorcycle...
  107. Why Isn't The Charleston Shooting An Act of Terrorism?
  108. Happy Father's Day - Your Responsibility
  109. Rock County (WI) Public Safety Dept :)
  110. Funny Meme
  111. Three cheers for the Raiders!
  112. Another entrant for the biggest moron contest
  113. Met BugDude and family
  114. Mass Shooting Index
  115. Are any of you rap fans?
  116. And we have a winner
  117. All of this craziness caused me to turn down a job
  118. A cool video: Man does splits on chairs with 100 lbs
  119. Soooo, are we on the verge of another panic?
  120. Lunch in Mayberry
  121. Sean Penn Schadenfreude
  122. Armed robbery across the street - early afternoon - 2 days ago
  123. Special Needs Boy & Rodeo Stranger
  124. What is it with pools?
  125. Computer regeneration
  126. Liberals Will Say Anything
  127. Movie all Americans should see!
  128. Goodbye Hamilton on US currency
  129. Female clerk pepper sprays thief trying to get away.
  130. San Andreas vs. Jurassic World
  131. Midweek laugh: Video title tells it all
  132. Huffington Post Spoofs Wayne LaPierre
  133. Top Gear (UK) Fans
  134. Slums! Coming to a suburb near you.
  135. NatGeo 'American Genius' Colt vs Wesson
  136. Mark Hamill is now a "Devils' Reject" ??
  137. The definitive Recon1342 vacation thread!
  138. Found Rock and Glock's "Surgical Scalpel"
  139. It's that time of the year again...
  140. There are some truly sick people out there: Man charged with setting ex's dog on fire
  141. Chicago Blackhawks
  142. Californian to Texan translation guide for the folks moving to Texas
  143. Hawthorn Berry Bush - Need some help
  144. Only in CA!
  145. Foot swollen up.
  146. Even Little Brother needs limits
  147. Three to go!
  148. 1911 left an impression
  149. Rule for handling your weapon
  150. I want my cake back! (The Illustrated guide to gun control!)
  151. Everytime I ride in a car I feel violently ill?
  152. Any pool guys? Need advice!
  153. It is going to rain in Houston Tuesday
  154. To watch or not...
  155. you made it
  156. Cutthroat Fishing in the Teatons
  157. New York: Wedding guest's gun discharges, 4 injured
  158. 4 hurt when gun goes off at Waldorf Astoria
  159. Even Rock Stars are Tougher than Lebron James!!!!!
  160. Not Your Typical Peshmerga Fighter
  161. 24/7 Wall Street (USA Today ) Report
  162. Military Awards History Research
  163. Today I ask for me and mine.
  164. Traeger electric grill / smoker...who has ?
  165. Eight Again
  166. Polar Bears Eating Dolphins?
  167. Does anyone here know...
  168. New billboard deep in the Memphis 'hood
  169. Clapping For Gun Control
  170. Don't leave your WWII gunpowder lying around on the porch - spontaneous combustion!
  171. White House Fence Repair
  172. A really great forum
  173. What do you believe
  174. Home Office Etiquette
  175. New smart tv
  176. Beef for Beef Lovers
  177. Something To Make You Smile
  178. That settles it...I'm skipping Jurassic World
  179. New torture rack
  180. This world is not for you: it is for your kids..grandkids..great grandkids......
  181. Ghost GUN?? First time I hear of this...sound interesting.
  182. How to address a letter or business quote
  183. Jeff Cooper's Commentary
  184. Christopher Lee dead at 93
  185. So I ran into NONAME762...
  186. The Smarty-Pants Joke Thread
  187. Colorado man shoots self to see how it feels
  188. Our Member "Bear" Spotted in Logan Co WV!
  189. News headlines -- what's it like in your area?
  190. Local Police Chief Loses his Dept Issued BUG
  191. Guns For Me But Not For Thee or Nobody Sees You Printing
  192. American Killed Fighting Against ISIS
  193. Liberal author, way off
  194. They want $15 an hour, and this......
  195. Son continues to amaze
  196. The sidewalk art of Julian Beever
  197. The Virtual President on Gun Control
  198. M.C. Escher exhibition @ Edinburgh Art Festival, Edinburgh Scotland
  199. Never bring a Light Saber to a gun fight.
  200. Aircraft Hummor :-)
  201. Wow. They're making a movie about one of my all time favorite books.
  202. Too much?
  203. Jailbreak!
  204. For A 35-year Gun Dealer and Life NRA Member...
  205. June Beard Thread/Facial Hair Post:
  206. Ever had to be the forceful voice of reason?
  207. A little fun
  208. Why I Hate The Rainbow Family- Part II
  209. He ain't heavy, he's my brother
  210. While out in West Virginia/Harpers Ferry
  211. For classic airplane lovers.
  212. Chris Christie Vs Bruce (or Caitlynn?)
  213. If I Could Only Have One Punctuation Mark...
  214. I did not give up anything for Lent, So I will abstain from OC threads for 40 days
  215. This is so neat!
  216. Range practice & fun
  217. Friday nighht I was attacked
  218. A Good Biker Story
  219. What If Ordered Gun Comes Direct To Me Instead Of FFL ?
  220. field trip
  221. Even pets don't like to go to the doctors! lol
  222. why do some people hate humid weather so much?
  223. Modern Day Man With No Name
  224. The year 2200
  225. String containment
  226. American Pharoah - Triple Crown
  227. Ex Twin Peaks Biker Saga continues....
  228. Hard Drive Failure
  229. In a world full of tactical bags...
  230. Signs
  231. D-Day Rememberance
  232. 10:49
  233. Woman has life threatening injuies after getting hit by bat at MLB game
  234. For all of you Mail Call with R. Lee Ermey fans like me
  235. For us Trekkies: Lt. Nyota Uhura has had a stroke
  236. LOL, Technology has topped out.
  237. Knotting Thread
  238. A day at the range
  239. For dieters and those working out - Cottage cheese and sour cream
  240. Friday Stoooopids
  241. Why is my dryer making this noise?
  242. Jade Helm
  243. Bear wanna know...
  244. The NFL finally got one right.
  245. Sharing vacation information on Social Media
  246. Some people are just born with the right stuff
  247. Bolt Action - 16 hits in 25 secs at 300 meters
  248. My Nephew (by marriage) Hits a Speed Bump on the road to the Major League
  249. Technology will prevail....
  250. I am in love and i don't care who knows!