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  1. Define "Redneck"
  2. 42 years ago, I "joined" the Army
  3. Chicago homicides and crime statistics
  4. Parent-Teacher Night - I Was Outed
  5. Lodi LEO Shot By Child At Reading Program
  6. Documentary Trailer- Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire
  7. Rochus Misch, The Last of Hitler's Bodyguards, Dead at Age 96
  8. For Your Pure Enjoyment...
  9. Sandra Day O'Connor Laments "American Ignorance"
  10. For those of you who still have yard work to do this weekend.
  11. Better REALLY WATCH Your Words Online Now: New Revelation About NSA:
  12. Let's hear that old time gospel!!!!!!!
  13. Considering this new holster....
  14. Anti-violence rally turns violent: Charlotte, NC
  15. A big thanks to gun hating Maryland!!!
  16. Southern Borders
  17. RED HOT Twerking Dance
  18. Show us your favorite Anti-Anti gun slogans!
  19. Granny scams a scammer - priceless!
  20. Newsweek tells Obummer to hit the road
  21. Cop shoots running kid....
  22. Would you help a victim?
  23. Walmart, who cares?
  24. OMYGOD! You Gotta See THIS, "Almost Chopped Liver" OR "Saved by Fate":
  25. 21st Century Civilian Conservation Corps Initiative
  26. State of Jefferson
  27. Super grandma!
  28. Received my final warning about smoking
  29. CA Abruptly Drops Plan to Implant RFID Chips in Driverís Licenses
  30. L' shanah tovah y'all
  31. Remember Susan Boyle, well this aint' her?
  32. Arsonist!
  33. This is Getting Serious!!: Fukushima Plant Nuclear Toxicity And Leaks Into Pacific:
  34. Boobie Traps
  35. Texas school stabbing
  36. I really don't give critters enough credit
  37. Happy 50th Anniversary: To The Lava Lamp
  38. Is it just me...
  39. A call to arms for all of us.....
  40. Strange SYG case: Mo. slaying case may hinge on property rights
  41. He is.... the most interesting baby in the World
  42. Rapist may have conttracted HIV from victim
  43. A new use for 9mm round has been revealed.
  44. How to properly help a homeless woman
  45. Time to review your prepping plans - Syria
  46. Need someone to field test some snare traps
  47. Coin Puzzle - This Will Be The Most Intersesting Event Of Your Life! :
  48. Such a beautiful sight!!!!!
  49. 2 Million Bikers to DC on 9/11
  50. The challenge...
  51. Lucky driver
  52. Step to take before zero'ing your rifle.
  53. Update on Nations over Syria conflict
  54. Take a look at my Funny Gun-Related Videos
  55. Every Single Political Rally in History
  56. NEIL ARMSTRONG who walked on Moon Passed away Today
  57. LABOR DAY WEEKEND ROCK n ROLL, whatyalistenin2??
  58. VA permit size
  59. Gen. Wesley Clark from 2011 "US will attack 5 countries in 7 years"
  60. Pot Delivery By Arrow
  61. I am man
  62. Drunk folks are happier people!
  63. I Absolutely LOVE My New Nanotechnology Phone.
  64. You wonder why I take Umbrage with the Teacher's Union - Examples
  65. Off Topic 1911 post
  66. What Is The Oldest Breakfast Cereal Still Made in the U.S? (PRIZE ! PRIZE !)
  67. This idiot can't figure out the search function
  68. How many ride?
  69. I want to move here...
  70. Fast Food jobs
  71. Police Chief Disciplined
  72. For those who need those Silver Bullets!
  73. NFL players lawsuits
  74. Gun Recalls
  75. A 14 yr old's view on public education
  76. DeJa Vu again - Obama offers new gun control steps
  77. any other avid pool/billiards players?
  78. Syria?
  79. What are you?
  80. "I have a dream" and 50 years later...
  81. For BugDude
  82. NJ Court Says You Can be Liable if a Driver Has an Accident While Reading Your Text
  83. Evidence there are still good young folks out there
  84. Seems like every week there is a hit and run
  85. Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key
  86. I've trained Mrs. Whec to hoard ammo
  87. Duck Dynasty before and after pics
  88. China Zoo Passes Off Dog as Lion
  89. Don't know if this is true but I sure hope so.
  90. Door to Door, want free tax money?
  91. off-topic but NOT, NOT, NOT humorous
  92. Thug with a Street Sig (I bet it was stolen)
  93. Miley Cyrus at MTV-VMA
  94. Question Thread
  95. July 12, 1973: The Day the Military Records Went Up in Smoke
  96. Drugs & the Money they cost, who to blame (sry, long)
  97. Funny thing I saw today
  98. Satellite Cell Phones
  99. Things Are Looking Up
  100. Kids make your hair go white
  101. OMG Safe Passage Route to go with Gun Free Zones
  102. Cell Phones - Convenience, Necessity, or Addiction?
  103. Duluth Jeans and Firehose Work Pants Sale
  104. A modern interpretation of Deuteronomy 17:15-20
  105. Crack head takes on entire police department
  106. Pro gun bumper stickers
  107. Another test, multiple choice
  108. Who's cooking tonite??
  109. Interesting test/questionnaire
  110. Still feeling sick
  111. What Get's Your Dander UP?
  112. Unusually cool August, September around the corner, which means...
  113. Is this poor judgement?
  114. My first ride in the back of an ambulance to the ER...
  115. Twenty Five Caliber Big Enough
  116. A little glimpse of what a social melt down would look like?
  117. Fort Hood Killer
  118. Two more Phoney Scandales - IRS & DOD
  119. Anybody else heading to D.C. on 9/11?
  120. OUCH! Men MUST carry at home
  121. Questions for the more mechanically inclined
  122. What Just Happened?
  123. Editorial On Lost & Stolen Guns
  124. This is ???
  125. Spit
  126. Anti-Gunners Convention
  127. 285 lbs of pot in newly purchased gun safe
  128. Snakes everywhere!
  129. Here we go again: ND in a local store Wake Forest, NC
  130. Why the news is all about assault rifles ....
  131. WWII Vet fatal attack
  132. Defenstration.
  133. Wiki Manning Sex change
  134. POSTED at Work! It didn't work!
  135. Renter trashes a beautiful house and leaves...without paying the rent of course.
  136. So you think you're "old"
  137. If my High School science classes were as cool as this...
  138. White House releases actual common sense statement... about dog breed bans.
  139. OH NO, itís almost here AGAIN: Football Worship Season
  140. Texas hog hunts
  141. Story of the Week
  142. HOW TO TELL YOUR GETTING OLD !! I'll start.
  143. Preparation for the day
  144. For all the hunters out there
  145. Another School shooting - Gunman talked down by school worker?
  146. Monty Python's self defense class
  147. Looking for Firearms or Ammuntion manufacters to relocate to Alabama
  148. School bus hijacking drill in Ohio?
  149. REALLY A Man's Best Friend!; A Tale of Canine Courage (Dog Lovers Don't Miss):
  150. Beloved "Friends" Dying By The Scores
  151. The most imporant news of the day?
  152. SMILE!
  153. Too good to resist!
  154. Found a good way to inform the wife of firearm and or accessories purchases!!!
  155. Welcome to the State of North Colorado?
  156. BANG! Your steaks are done!
  157. The FOO-BIRD
  158. street shooting caught on dash cam...
  159. Biblical view on self defense "In Song"; Hope you enjoy as I did.
  160. I need some new construction/woodworking tools
  161. Favorite Quotes
  162. The Founders Saved Us From Democratic Rule
  163. FREE Beezow Doo-doo Zopittybop-bop-bop !!!
  164. For the Guys mostly...FARTS are funny
  165. This Ebay Seller Had The Slingshot Down To A Science
  166. Gun Runner Bust: Guns being smuggled from NC & SC
  167. Shotgun wielding crook gets tackled...
  168. Rental Agency screwups
  169. A Woman Goes Back To Work After 30 Years
  170. Storm shelter mostly finished, dynamo lights etc.
  171. Range report on e-cigarettes
  172. 911 What's the Emergency?
  173. Republic VS. Democracy: Confusion:
  174. Have you been Smelling it and Seeing it its making me EXCITED!
  175. Gun Safe Bonus
  176. Having An Informal Conversation With A Sheriff's Deputy
  177. Did You Watch Boxing Saturday 8-17-13?
  178. Saturday fun
  179. New family member
  180. Building A Domestic Army To Go Against Citizens
  181. And the season before deer season is?
  182. HAVE to WATCH: Great Classic Comedy Skit: Abbot and Costello: "WHO'S ON FIRST?"
  183. Maryland university system is arming its professors....with bullet proof whiteboards.
  184. I saw an "odd" animal.
  185. When You Meet People From The PRK......
  186. idiot blows up his dog... GRRRRR
  187. If you have ever texted while driving or know someone who has watch this please
  188. Recruiting more responsible gun owners for CC
  189. NSA broke privacy rules thousands of times per year, audit finds
  190. Wrist Rocket Mod - So as not to derail Bug out Bags and Preppin thread
  191. Hi guys.
  192. HUMOR !!! Ho! Ho! Ho! (Seriously):
  193. Smart911
  194. Decapitated snake bites his own body
  195. Racist Paul Weston
  196. "Why It's So Easy To Hack Your Home":
  197. Self-Defense and the Law
  198. Fun: best movie quote or one-liner
  199. Nuns beaten in home invasion...
  200. This would really burn me up!
  201. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Says Begging is Protected Free Speech
  202. brand new ccp virginia
  203. The 5 second rule... (longer than 5 seconds to read)
  204. Rowdy Tea Partierí Gets Rousing Ovation for Singing Protest During Mtg.
  205. Morning coffee?
  206. Ruger To Open First New Plant in 25 Years
  207. Re: Hanna Anderson's Kidnpping: Our Impressions VS Reality
  208. NB! New Hack: : "Hacker Taunts Child Over Baby Monitor"
  209. Gunman holds 3 employees hostage in Louisiana bank
  210. New Mexico Supreme Court Says That Jurors Who Cannot Speak English Must Be Allowed...
  211. TheBlaze TV to Air 2 Firearm Shows
  212. Oops! Gun Safety Instructor Shoots Student During Safety Lesson
  213. Last Dry S.D. Reservation Voting on Alcohol Sales
  214. Warning! Posting pictures from cell phone
  215. Annie Oakly's brithday today
  216. New Winner of the "Drugs Make You Stupid" Darwin Award
  217. A Troubled & Shooting Lawyer?
  218. GM truck brake lines rusting
  219. Be quiet, be vewy, vewy quiet...
  220. The History of Auto Air conditioning
  221. OK - What Made This Kidnapper and Killer Tick? A Mystery:
  222. For those of you fighting the smoking habit (or maybe you should be fighting it)
  223. What have you made on your BurnTables CNC System?
  224. Judge orders baby's first name to be changed
  225. Man'tiques
  226. rodio clown
  227. I Want To Be Reincarnated As A Red M&M
  228. Bad Advertising
  229. Chicago's DMZs...
  230. Foods that last forever
  231. Girl RESCUED!!!! Killer KILLED!!!
  232. Woman Calls 911 to Complain About Traffic Ticket While Officer is Writing It, And....
  233. Political Joke
  234. The postman always rings twice...
  235. Cat burglar? c' mon, really?
  236. Fake cops invade home...
  237. Rommel, the dog, stops home invasion
  238. Another One: "THE PARROT JOKE":
  239. People are insane
  240. 5A: Law Professor James Duane on "Don't Talk to Police"
  241. New airport security
  242. Running With The Bulls...Coming To A Town Near You
  243. Liberal Tree Hugger (joke)
  244. Because I can't sleep...
  245. Skydiving? Really?
  246. Crow Mystery Solved
  247. GPS in your brain
  248. Good Joke: "The Court of Name-Change"
  249. Getting Corroded Batteries Out Of Flashlight
  250. Saw this and had to share