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  1. Thread for real football fans: 2015 draft just started!
  2. China has now genetically modified human embryos
  3. This weekend's dinosaur bones
  4. Hit piece on NRA finances
  5. Bass Pro at the Pyramid in Memphis
  6. Airline ticket holder: ‘Oh, no. Did I forget my gun?’
  7. 594 is obviously working great!
  8. Bear luckyest Bear in town!
  9. Another failure in victim selection.
  10. My son met R2-D2 at the hospital.
  11. April 29th 1975
  12. Mother
  13. Calling all Masons and Brick Layers
  14. Coming soon to Duolingo- Klingon!
  15. Letter of recommendation
  16. Found this old advertisement
  17. Virus
  18. Nurse Mare Foals (NMF)
  19. UNDERSTANDING RIOTS David D. Haddock and Daniel D. Poisby
  20. Home Remedies
  21. I will be a guest on Warrior Talk Radio this evening
  22. Never knew the History Channel Could predict the future (F22)
  23. Some of my critters(pics)
  24. Another map kinda question
  25. Mutiple stops route map directions app?
  26. Bad Day at Black Rock
  27. A cop refuses
  28. Bass Pro Memphis
  29. New discovery, heaviest element known to science
  30. Oakley Radar Pitch
  31. The Official Ask PEF Anything Thread!
  32. I'm too lazy to look something up, so please do it for me and explain it to me, tx
  33. Funny Image/quote of the day
  34. Quick question for any electrician here
  35. Coyotes in Manhattan
  36. Stars
  37. Protests/Riots in Baltimore
  38. How did you propose to your significant other?
  39. When the tomatoes don't do well...
  40. Thoughts on Jury Nullification
  41. ROAD TRIP Let's hear about yourn......
  42. got the internet back on.
  43. Traveling, Radisson Hotel in Austin, TX, allow CCW?
  44. Cool Turkey Hunt Pic
  45. Hickok45 Guns Being Auctioned By Buds
  46. No glass of red with dinner
  47. Sated by a surfeit of guns
  48. Hairspray eating ozone causing incest among wolves.
  49. Hot Brass
  50. Glock 43 discussion
  51. Speaking of rights...
  52. Why yes, it is snowing....
  53. Is it just ME?
  54. Bitten by pet snake
  55. Time for something good....
  56. Some Amendments Are More Important Than Others?
  57. Its been a long hard road, but worth it/...... super excited..
  58. Pickup Trucks: let's see 'em!
  59. Well, I've been financially naive
  60. Security Job Position... Scam or No?
  61. Cornered Cat Article
  62. I got nuthin'....... kissn' snakes ain't too intelligent
  63. Man kills computer.
  64. Man robed with AK near Liberty Bell ..
  65. So...Who's the New Amazon?
  66. What does it mean?
  67. Real life Kermit the frog
  68. I am surprised this does not happen more often: Man kills Computer
  69. How to get a divorce in 2.5 seconds. lol
  70. Be aware!
  71. What did ya'll do this past weekend?
  72. 1000th Post
  73. Weird handshake, what would you do?
  74. Intersesting poll from PEW
  75. Saw this on another site and thought I'd pass it on. So true !
  76. Mascot got owned!!! LOL
  77. Ever have one of those days. lol
  78. Thanking the Military
  79. Weekend of silly movies...
  80. The Tarheel Traveler on the Civil War.
  81. For anyone who has an elderly parent or grandparent with dem
  82. South East Storms
  83. STAR WARS Rogue One another one
  84. Gun people are also dog people!
  85. Roth IRA Investing Help (Limited Contributions)
  86. Wowzer - Oregon rancher tells police she shot 2 men, let pigs feed on bodies
  87. Starting a biz is a PITA
  88. 19th of April
  89. 72 Killed In RKBA Riot
  90. How many are grilling tonight?
  91. Ransomware warning....
  92. What is the difference between banning a gun or a person?
  93. Your Top All-Time Baseball Team
  94. Decide for yourself....Police chase ends deadly
  95. Why Are People So Quick To Believe The Worst?
  96. If you live in Commie-fornia, You just got screwed!!!!
  97. Pic for TruckerJoe
  98. BAD: WHY I CARRY: Father of 5 Stabbed, Left to Die
  99. Shannon Watts At Austin Area Range
  100. ESPN Britt McHenry goes postal
  101. Subject of DUI is not normally funny but I just had to share this one.
  102. WOW the USCG has been very busy.
  103. Why I carry: Man Tries to Kidnap Autistic Child from Restaurant
  104. I'm on a roll! (actually my brother's on a roll) This is another amazing video
  105. O my gosh...O my gosh....O my gosh.....
  106. Wally World & Jade Helm
  107. Drone Trap Shooting
  108. New Address, gun-cool
  109. USMC To Deploy Alabamian Code Talkers
  110. Michigan War Vet Monument Under Attack - Pathetic
  111. Sarcasm for the day ...
  112. Unbelievable pictures !
  113. A cow died at my place Friday night
  114. Gatling Gun
  115. Range Humor
  116. Hernandez is a Convicted Felon - Murder 1
  117. "Tactical training simulation" - AKA video of me paintballing this weekend
  118. Anti-Saloon League Commemoration Day (15 April)
  119. One of my dogs mauled an old lady
  120. April 15, 1910 (when income tax was still unconstitutional)
  121. Man Flips Off Armored Vehicle, Gets Pulled Over By Same
  122. Sometimes the Jokes Just Write Themselves
  123. April 14th, 2004 “I want to make sure everyone makes it home alive”
  124. The new iGun
  125. Home alone
  126. Sad. Former Marine kills wife
  127. Crime Fiction
  128. Another Gun Free Zone shooting
  129. Summer Bar-B-Q thread
  130. How do you handle political talk with family?
  131. Fun Range Day
  132. Tyndall Air Force Base - 2015 air show
  133. I Got REALLY Bored This Weekend.....
  134. Legends & Lies: The Real West
  135. Black Rifle Coffee Company
  136. Lower back episodes.
  137. Is this normal? Am I just spoiled?
  138. Fenway Park April 20, 2013. Five days after bombing
  139. Truth IS stranger than fiction: DOJ Memo to employess to not solicit prostitutes
  140. Liberation of Buchenwald - 70 years ago today
  141. A stab at our right to carry.
  142. Make Fun of the Wally World Walk...but
  143. Who else trying to grow the cobra hood?
  144. Funny for the day
  145. ISIS sympathizer arrested in car bombing plot of Fort Riley
  146. Another great way to practice your shooting skills
  147. Boston Globe - Marathon Bomber Does Not Deserve to Die
  148. Draw Stroke Needs Work
  149. USS Thresher
  150. I wonder what todays "bleeding heart liberals" wold say about this Ad' today?
  151. Dr Young vs. Dr Geezer
  152. Age poll of forum members
  153. How do you post a poll?
  154. NRA gun ban.. uhhh not so fast
  155. Oh, the irony.
  156. Today's Tacticool posting...
  157. The Caliber War is OVER....
  158. NYPD detective suspended after video shows him taking cash during Brooklyn deli
  159. I may have to move! Long sorry.
  160. Ready to roll
  161. How about some humor in motion: Some days it just won't go right
  162. Tale Of Two Opinions:Gun Confiscation
  163. Your baseball team
  164. HELP - Computer Question
  165. Human Right of Self Defense V the UN and their NGO buddies
  166. Scenes From D-Day, Then and Now
  167. Boston Marathon Bomber Found Guilty
  168. Funeral, protest set for teen killed by Zion police
  169. How not to conceal carry
  170. Man shot in the back by police officer
  171. Southern Language
  172. Dog Pictures Thread
  173. Love My Wife
  174. Into my first 32" waist
  175. So, it rained today....
  176. For Oldvet
  177. How many mistakes? Chainsaw-Wielding Man / Road Rage
  178. Guy behind gun counter at Cabelas today
  179. Wide spread power outages in Washington DC
  180. When Chainsaws Are Outlawed...
  181. No functional guns at NRA convention
  182. Yes, I am a Duke fan
  183. Pretend "gun freeschool zones"
  184. Musical Monday?
  185. More evidence of “selective” reporting.
  187. Horse fencing
  188. Weird moment in the locker room--what would you tell your wife/daughter?
  189. 40 K hit
  190. Fast and Furious 2.0
  191. Monday Morning Chuckle
  192. A country of howling cheapskates
  193. What to do? Norfolk/Williamsburg, VA
  194. Walk in the woods
  195. German Shepard/Rottweiler mix
  196. Everytown now pitching its plea on MTV
  197. Daiquiri fight
  198. Easter Feast
  199. County park passes
  200. Happy Easter Y'all
  201. Thanks to all for who were pulling for WI in the NCAA Final 4-On to the Championship!
  202. Oh look the gov is stocking up on rubber bullets and tear gas ....
  203. Today learned a new skill
  204. My wife And Her Liberal Sister
  205. Happy Easter
  206. What Are You Reading?
  207. Stress Relief Range Day!
  208. Range With Wife and Friend
  209. Going to go visit with the Ancients
  210. Sarah Brady passed away today
  211. Man Rescued After 66 Days At Sea
  212. Flame Warrior Roster
  213. Nothing Like A Good 15 Minute Police High Speed Chase
  214. kinda cool song
  215. Easter Avatar
  216. In Recodnition of Autism Month
  217. Why Glocks are so popular?
  218. Justified showdowns
  219. Feel good/funny video of the day:80 year old sexy dancing
  220. He Gets A New Heart And Second Chance.......
  221. Good morning
  222. Chicken vs bra.
  223. I'm really worried about Patti
  224. Get your Flame Broiled Hamburger Perfume While it lasts.... NOT!!
  225. Anyone else prank thier significant other today?
  226. NJ Sends Out Eviction Notices To Residents With The Last Name ‘Gunn’
  227. Troubled Georgia teen who got controversial transplant dies in police chase after law
  228. Amazing medieval remedy cures MRSA
  229. New Avatar?
  230. War Story
  231. These people really are loony.
  232. LEO strikes again
  233. I'm Sleeping with her Tonight...
  234. Google Maps PacMan!
  235. GUNSMOKE, everybody's favorite gunshop, is back in the news....
  236. Sadness as I to must say goodbye
  237. WWYD? Man finds gun in thrift store purchase
  238. Got kicked out of DQ this morning...
  239. "vVgil" here this evening regarding officer involved shooting of a young black man.
  240. The Good Morning pointless coffee cup thread
  241. Neighbors have 4 yappy dogs that bark incessantly. What do I do?
  242. For today's TACTICOOL AR...
  243. Woman cuts man's throat, steals his gun, etc......
  244. Rant, hostile...texas?
  245. Hilarious video
  246. It's that time of year!
  247. Pizza Hut I Frequent Robbed at Knife Point
  248. Welcome To My Home On Palm Sunday
  249. Trigger control chart
  250. FBI Report Process Coopted - No Longer Reliable