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  1. Slums! Coming to a suburb near you.
  2. NatGeo 'American Genius' Colt vs Wesson
  3. Mark Hamill is now a "Devils' Reject" ??
  4. The definitive Recon1342 vacation thread!
  5. Found Rock and Glock's "Surgical Scalpel"
  6. It's that time of the year again...
  7. There are some truly sick people out there: Man charged with setting ex's dog on fire
  8. Chicago Blackhawks
  9. Californian to Texan translation guide for the folks moving to Texas
  10. Hawthorn Berry Bush - Need some help
  11. Only in CA!
  12. Foot swollen up.
  13. Even Little Brother needs limits
  14. Three to go!
  15. 1911 left an impression
  16. Rule for handling your weapon
  17. I want my cake back! (The Illustrated guide to gun control!)
  18. Everytime I ride in a car I feel violently ill?
  19. Any pool guys? Need advice!
  20. It is going to rain in Houston Tuesday
  21. To watch or not...
  22. you made it
  23. Cutthroat Fishing in the Teatons
  24. New York: Wedding guest's gun discharges, 4 injured
  25. 4 hurt when gun goes off at Waldorf Astoria
  26. Even Rock Stars are Tougher than Lebron James!!!!!
  27. Not Your Typical Peshmerga Fighter
  28. 24/7 Wall Street (USA Today ) Report
  29. Military Awards History Research
  30. Today I ask for me and mine.
  31. Traeger electric grill / smoker...who has ?
  32. Eight Again
  33. Polar Bears Eating Dolphins?
  34. Does anyone here know...
  35. New billboard deep in the Memphis 'hood
  36. Clapping For Gun Control
  37. Don't leave your WWII gunpowder lying around on the porch - spontaneous combustion!
  38. White House Fence Repair
  39. A really great forum
  40. What do you believe
  41. Home Office Etiquette
  42. New smart tv
  43. Beef for Beef Lovers
  44. Something To Make You Smile
  45. That settles it...I'm skipping Jurassic World
  46. New torture rack
  47. This world is not for you: it is for your kids..grandkids..great grandkids......
  48. Ghost GUN?? First time I hear of this...sound interesting.
  49. How to address a letter or business quote
  50. Jeff Cooper's Commentary
  51. Christopher Lee dead at 93
  52. So I ran into NONAME762...
  53. The Smarty-Pants Joke Thread
  54. Colorado man shoots self to see how it feels
  55. Our Member "Bear" Spotted in Logan Co WV!
  56. News headlines -- what's it like in your area?
  57. Local Police Chief Loses his Dept Issued BUG
  58. Guns For Me But Not For Thee or Nobody Sees You Printing
  59. American Killed Fighting Against ISIS
  60. Liberal author, way off
  61. They want $15 an hour, and this......
  62. Son continues to amaze
  63. The sidewalk art of Julian Beever
  64. The Virtual President on Gun Control
  65. M.C. Escher exhibition @ Edinburgh Art Festival, Edinburgh Scotland
  66. Never bring a Light Saber to a gun fight.
  67. Aircraft Hummor :-)
  68. Wow. They're making a movie about one of my all time favorite books.
  69. Too much?
  70. Jailbreak!
  71. For A 35-year Gun Dealer and Life NRA Member...
  72. June Beard Thread/Facial Hair Post:
  73. Ever had to be the forceful voice of reason?
  74. A little fun
  75. Why I Hate The Rainbow Family- Part II
  76. He ain't heavy, he's my brother
  77. While out in West Virginia/Harpers Ferry
  78. For classic airplane lovers.
  79. Chris Christie Vs Bruce (or Caitlynn?)
  80. If I Could Only Have One Punctuation Mark...
  81. I did not give up anything for Lent, So I will abstain from OC threads for 40 days
  82. This is so neat!
  83. Range practice & fun
  84. Friday nighht I was attacked
  85. A Good Biker Story
  86. What If Ordered Gun Comes Direct To Me Instead Of FFL ?
  87. field trip
  88. Even pets don't like to go to the doctors! lol
  89. why do some people hate humid weather so much?
  90. Modern Day Man With No Name
  91. The year 2200
  92. String containment
  93. American Pharoah - Triple Crown
  94. Ex Twin Peaks Biker Saga continues....
  95. Hard Drive Failure
  96. In a world full of tactical bags...
  97. Signs
  98. D-Day Rememberance
  99. 10:49
  100. Woman has life threatening injuies after getting hit by bat at MLB game
  101. For all of you Mail Call with R. Lee Ermey fans like me
  102. For us Trekkies: Lt. Nyota Uhura has had a stroke
  103. LOL, Technology has topped out.
  104. Knotting Thread
  105. A day at the range
  106. For dieters and those working out - Cottage cheese and sour cream
  107. Friday Stoooopids
  108. Why is my dryer making this noise?
  109. Jade Helm
  110. Bear wanna know...
  111. The NFL finally got one right.
  112. Sharing vacation information on Social Media
  113. Some people are just born with the right stuff
  114. Bolt Action - 16 hits in 25 secs at 300 meters
  115. My Nephew (by marriage) Hits a Speed Bump on the road to the Major League
  116. Technology will prevail....
  117. I am in love and i don't care who knows!
  118. mike1956 Gets To 15000 Posts
  119. Study Proves That Large Majority of Americans Want More Restrictive Gun Laws
  120. facebook! I'm done
  121. Man arrested for taping dog's mouth shut
  122. Life Guard rescue buoy
  123. WTH!!!!!
  124. San Andreas movie - could it be so bad it's good?
  125. Bruce Jenner / Jessic Lange - It wasn't just me
  126. Nobody Notices Accidental Gun Exposures
  127. Picked up my new car this afternoon
  128. John Wayne vs Cyclists - Harmless Fun or Hurt the Cause?
  129. This is just too funny!!!
  130. Vince Vaughn Fan
  131. Farmer/Cop joke
  132. Vince Vaughn Supporting Us?!
  133. Lion Kills American Tourist In South African Park
  134. Longmire
  135. Sales Tax
  136. The Scale of WWII, in terms you can wrap your mind around...
  137. Maybe I should change my name...
  138. Is it me, or is it something we just don't talk about?
  139. Advice Needed on Birthday Gift
  140. Double-double tap
  141. home ownership here i come....
  142. The ladies (and gents) in our lives
  143. Going "Green"
  144. Added a new horse to the stable
  145. I have a doppleganger in my area
  146. Quick thinking old guy
  147. John Kerry injured
  148. Joe Biden's Son Beau Passes
  149. Eagle has a Moment of Silence
  150. A very nice man helped out my wife and future DIL
  151. Math Majors Question
  152. My new black hole...
  153. Sometimes You Get The Swordfish...Other Times....
  154. S.C. Trash
  155. Phoenix Draw Muhammed Protest Live Updates
  156. Those Hitler Parodies Are Great, But What Is He Really Screaming About?
  157. Travel ban for Taliban leaders swapped for Bergdahl ends soon
  158. Cuba Used car lot
  159. Calling all Comic Book Guys
  160. The truth about revolver capacity!
  161. Wendy's Drive Thru Robbery & Robbery of Bacon and a Rifle.
  162. My mini Vacation
  163. Texas Flood
  164. Heavy Metal Song
  165. Book recommendations "A Walk in the woods"
  166. The Obama-Internet is here!
  167. Hammertime?
  168. Saw a "Like" from Hopyard today
  169. The meaning of life
  170. Anyone catch the VA-Alert from VCDL about the Arlington gun shop owner under attack
  171. i love camels now
  172. I hate it when...
  173. Golfers anyone?
  174. To our Texas and Oklahoma board members
  175. Biltong. It's what's for dinner.
  176. There are dumb criminals then there are DUMB criminals
  177. Remake Point Break!
  178. Credit Rating
  179. 4 graves from men who served in the Revolutionary War.
  180. Juice Vox proposes "War Resistor's Memorial Day"
  181. Need some dad advise
  182. Strange signs on the side of the road
  183. Over 40 in Chicago is a winner!
  184. Kinda cool to see on Memorial Day weekend
  185. Helpful hints - from 100 years ago
  186. Found on the side of the road
  187. Jetta TDI questions/concerns?
  188. Happy Memorial Day?
  189. The History of Arlington...
  190. Bad: Young friends kill one of their own playing with a bulletproof vest and gun
  191. Younger Generation Remembers
  192. Khameyea Jennings, Sen'Derrick Marks' prom date, passes away
  193. Extreme Sports
  194. In poor taste - Lowes Memorial Day promotion
  195. Do you carry a token
  196. Disrespectful people/neighbors or am I out of line?
  197. Tailgate me not!
  198. All purpose survival rifle
  199. Rolling torture rack
  200. Memorial Day Weekend 2015
  201. News stories make me think.
  202. Went for a hike today...
  203. Mom's demand less than honest
  204. Ruger Customer Service
  205. What are ya'll doing this Memorial Day?
  206. Loud Harleys
  207. Calling all gardeners! Need help!
  208. Be glad you don't live in CA.....
  209. Upcoming TV
  210. Signs out by the highway
  211. Is it 'bionic' if there are no moving parts?
  212. Good Bye (Riddance) David Letterman
  213. Glossary
  214. so the Ferguson protestors WERE paid...
  215. The end of the U.S. as we knew it
  216. White-on-Black Police Kindness and Courtesy
  217. Guilt by association
  218. Boy/Girl Scouts
  219. From me to all I know and respect - back shortly. Update.
  220. Crane fights three tigers
  221. The Canoe Race
  222. Bitme
  223. job choice, a good thing
  224. Read this today.
  225. A lLittle over a century ago...
  226. My new Badge!
  227. Words of wisdom
  228. Bubba's new truck
  229. Worst Cities For Mosquitoes
  230. Beyond Facebook
  231. Look what followed me into work today!
  232. Getting old!
  233. Cool A-10 video
  234. Under Armour:Offensive Iwo Jima shirt
  235. Great White Shark
  236. Today was a good day
  237. Legal/medical question....Where's PEF? ;)
  238. Lethal Nerf results in suspension
  239. Story Behind Screen/User Name
  240. Guess Who I Met at the Ammo Case!!!
  241. Mensa & the salt & pepper shakers....
  242. OT, synthetic Morphine
  243. Music, how and what...
  244. Anyone familiar with Germanic languages?
  245. Traveling to Germany and Switzerland and I need advice
  246. Thieving buggers
  247. Waco, Twin Peaks & Dumb Remarks
  248. Kinda bummed this afternoon
  249. Found two concealed carry badges and a junior police officer badge at a customer
  250. 18 year old shot Cop in ambush