: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. Going "Green"
  2. Added a new horse to the stable
  3. I have a doppleganger in my area
  4. Quick thinking old guy
  5. John Kerry injured
  6. Joe Biden's Son Beau Passes
  7. Eagle has a Moment of Silence
  8. A very nice man helped out my wife and future DIL
  9. Math Majors Question
  10. My new black hole...
  11. Sometimes You Get The Swordfish...Other Times....
  12. S.C. Trash
  13. Phoenix Draw Muhammed Protest Live Updates
  14. Those Hitler Parodies Are Great, But What Is He Really Screaming About?
  15. Travel ban for Taliban leaders swapped for Bergdahl ends soon
  16. Cuba Used car lot
  17. Calling all Comic Book Guys
  18. The truth about revolver capacity!
  19. Wendy's Drive Thru Robbery & Robbery of Bacon and a Rifle.
  20. My mini Vacation
  21. Texas Flood
  22. Heavy Metal Song
  23. Book recommendations "A Walk in the woods"
  24. The Obama-Internet is here!
  25. Hammertime?
  26. Saw a "Like" from Hopyard today
  27. The meaning of life
  28. Anyone catch the VA-Alert from VCDL about the Arlington gun shop owner under attack
  29. i love camels now
  30. I hate it when...
  31. Golfers anyone?
  32. To our Texas and Oklahoma board members
  33. Biltong. It's what's for dinner.
  34. There are dumb criminals then there are DUMB criminals
  35. Remake Point Break!
  36. Credit Rating
  37. 4 graves from men who served in the Revolutionary War.
  38. Juice Vox proposes "War Resistor's Memorial Day"
  39. Need some dad advise
  40. Strange signs on the side of the road
  41. Over 40 in Chicago is a winner!
  42. Kinda cool to see on Memorial Day weekend
  43. Helpful hints - from 100 years ago
  44. Found on the side of the road
  45. Jetta TDI questions/concerns?
  46. Happy Memorial Day?
  47. The History of Arlington...
  48. Bad: Young friends kill one of their own playing with a bulletproof vest and gun
  49. Younger Generation Remembers
  50. Khameyea Jennings, Sen'Derrick Marks' prom date, passes away
  51. Extreme Sports
  52. In poor taste - Lowes Memorial Day promotion
  53. Do you carry a token
  54. Disrespectful people/neighbors or am I out of line?
  55. Tailgate me not!
  56. All purpose survival rifle
  57. Rolling torture rack
  58. Memorial Day Weekend 2015
  59. News stories make me think.
  60. Went for a hike today...
  61. Mom's demand less than honest
  62. Ruger Customer Service
  63. What are ya'll doing this Memorial Day?
  64. Loud Harleys
  65. Calling all gardeners! Need help!
  66. Be glad you don't live in CA.....
  67. Upcoming TV
  68. Signs out by the highway
  69. Is it 'bionic' if there are no moving parts?
  70. Good Bye (Riddance) David Letterman
  71. Glossary
  72. so the Ferguson protestors WERE paid...
  73. The end of the U.S. as we knew it
  74. White-on-Black Police Kindness and Courtesy
  75. Guilt by association
  76. Boy/Girl Scouts
  77. From me to all I know and respect - back shortly. Update.
  78. Crane fights three tigers
  79. The Canoe Race
  80. Bitme
  81. job choice, a good thing
  82. Read this today.
  83. A lLittle over a century ago...
  84. My new Badge!
  85. Words of wisdom
  86. Bubba's new truck
  87. Worst Cities For Mosquitoes
  88. Beyond Facebook
  89. Look what followed me into work today!
  90. Getting old!
  91. Cool A-10 video
  92. Under Armour:Offensive Iwo Jima shirt
  93. Great White Shark
  94. Today was a good day
  95. Legal/medical question....Where's PEF? ;)
  96. Lethal Nerf results in suspension
  97. Story Behind Screen/User Name
  98. Guess Who I Met at the Ammo Case!!!
  99. Mensa & the salt & pepper shakers....
  100. OT, synthetic Morphine
  101. Music, how and what...
  102. Anyone familiar with Germanic languages?
  103. Traveling to Germany and Switzerland and I need advice
  104. Thieving buggers
  105. Waco, Twin Peaks & Dumb Remarks
  106. Kinda bummed this afternoon
  107. Found two concealed carry badges and a junior police officer badge at a customer
  108. 18 year old shot Cop in ambush
  109. Do The CAN-CANnon............
  110. Temperature must be rising in Chicago
  111. Old Men - Soldiers
  112. We can talk about anything here at DC forum
  113. Tactical Ted at Sea World?
  114. Wings Over Wayne Air Show (picture heavy)
  115. Boating stupidity!
  116. I laughed out loud at this...
  117. Reports: 9 dead in Waco, Texas, shooting
  118. my dog is hurt..........
  119. 9v battery hazard
  120. Better stay away from BACON...
  121. Kids and guns
  122. Finally got a new router-question for IT geeks
  123. What impression will you leave behind..
  124. This guy was out front today...
  125. One of my neighbors brought home a boat the other day
  126. OD
  127. I saw Mad Max Fury Road today
  128. Any AC/DC fans, here's something different
  129. Disney Vacation
  130. Iheart radio tribute to B.B.King
  131. Woman arrested for pointing a firearm at neighbor.....
  132. Body noises during exercising
  133. Drones
  134. For the fishermen/women ~ new fish found
  135. Rest In Peace B.B. King
  136. You know it had to come to this. The new iGun
  137. Uh oh, need some input...
  138. How times have changed!!
  139. Good Reads
  140. This is hilarious..no matter if you like the Patriots or not!
  141. News Stories.
  142. Unwanted calls from inmate phone service...
  143. Incoming!
  144. good story about autism
  145. The Bear Came Back
  146. How To Make A .50 Cal Better
  147. Lewis gun - WW1 and 2
  148. Myrtle Beach Bike Week Pics
  149. Origin of some everyday words
  150. Jeep Wrangler TJ Side Step's - Might order these
  151. Two Heartwarming Moments From Last Night
  152. Maybe it would be wise for me to help around the house more?
  153. Arlington National Cemetery
  154. Would You Like Some Dye With Your Meal ?
  155. Mowing wet grass
  156. Kids with Stocking caps in summer
  157. the 12 minute mile
  158. Plumbing Help Please
  159. Modified BB gun will shoot real bullets!
  160. Bumper-Stickers Seen On Military Bases:
  161. Saw a good movie yesterday - "Black Sea"
  162. New Indian Military custom bike w/Tommy gun
  163. What Horror-Show is this ??
  164. Zimmerman Shot: Can this guy stay out of the news?
  165. Brutal beating in Baltimore in the street in front of the guy's house
  166. Why in the name of all that is holy...???
  167. 15th and max
  168. Staying healthy is important for mind and body
  169. Motivational posters meet perspective
  170. Bear done did hear a rumor...
  171. Got a kick out of this !
  172. Happy mothers day
  173. Hamburgers and Minimum Wage.
  174. Legal Shield
  175. Coyote attacks dog in front of 2 young children
  176. Mother's Day thread: Whatcha get if anything?
  177. Finally bought something fully assembled
  178. Happy Birthday; bmcgilvray
  179. Keep your range clean
  180. La times writer blames glocks
  181. Mesh for Jeep top?
  182. May 8: World Donkey Day! Maggie's Day Off!
  183. The office building with a Shooting Range
  184. Best price cellphone provider?
  185. Good thing POTUS is safe now...
  186. LIVE FEED WWII Flyover DC Today!
  187. On This Day in 1945 (Re-Post)
  188. Southwest Airlines Preflight announcement.
  189. Lyme Disease
  190. Criminal robs a bank: Puts it on Instagram
  191. Favorite Youtube Gun Channel
  192. All things electronic...
  193. Dilbert's Salary Theorem
  194. We don't yet have phased plasma rifles in the 40 watt range
  195. Another Idiot Sues Over Coffee Being Hot!!!
  196. Grandpa's People Mover
  197. Australia: How low have they've fallen
  198. Anyone here have this "UZI" Wristwatch?
  199. Beer Commercial
  200. The Bear's got a new cave...
  201. Is Ben Carson soft on the 2nd amendment?
  202. Stomping on the Flag
  203. Protest today in Martinsburg over LEO incident that happened TWO years ago
  204. exercise sucks
  205. New HD Gun
  206. Do you know what this is?
  207. Anybody Heard From Hopyard???
  208. Hi all! Been gone a while but I'm back and could really use some help.
  209. Cops shoot a guy in Baltimore
  210. 33 Imporessive private gun displays
  211. HELP- Washing machine problem!
  212. My Dogs know what day it is
  213. Happy STAR WARS Day
  214. Is it just me?
  215. Small engine carburetor help
  216. Memories Thread
  217. NASA Mars study debunks effectiveness of tin foil hats. Instead use...
  218. Arsenal Or Collection
  219. Humor: Respect Older Folks!
  220. Not gun related, but, great customer service...
  221. Mayweather vs. Pacquiao
  222. 2nd Annual Texas International Firearms Festival
  223. Primates and guns
  224. MRE storage question
  225. Identify Please!
  226. LEO & Fire dept at the beach
  227. We just had an earthquake...
  228. Locks and the bigger society
  229. What are you having for breakfast?
  230. Arizona toddler in critical condition after grabbing gun, shooting himself in face
  231. Anyone familiar with carpenter bees?
  232. A little humorous relief - man punches bear...
  233. Maybe a young man will get a chance to redeem
  234. I need a new toaster now...
  235. Turning a Hi-Point into a firearm
  236. So confusing
  237. Moonshine
  238. Top Gun Range...Houston (Smash & Grab)
  239. Everybody said it wouldn't work out
  240. A cool shirt I would buy
  241. Bear Spray in a Bar???
  242. Who has a toothache remedy??
  243. Thread for real football fans: 2015 draft just started!
  244. China has now genetically modified human embryos
  245. This weekend's dinosaur bones
  246. Hit piece on NRA finances
  247. Bass Pro at the Pyramid in Memphis
  248. Airline ticket holder: ‘Oh, no. Did I forget my gun?’
  249. 594 is obviously working great!
  250. Bear luckyest Bear in town!