: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. Wings Over Wayne Air Show (picture heavy)
  2. Boating stupidity!
  3. I laughed out loud at this...
  4. Reports: 9 dead in Waco, Texas, shooting
  5. my dog is hurt..........
  6. 9v battery hazard
  7. Better stay away from BACON...
  8. Kids and guns
  9. Finally got a new router-question for IT geeks
  10. What impression will you leave behind..
  11. This guy was out front today...
  12. One of my neighbors brought home a boat the other day
  13. OD
  14. I saw Mad Max Fury Road today
  15. Any AC/DC fans, here's something different
  16. Disney Vacation
  17. Iheart radio tribute to B.B.King
  18. Woman arrested for pointing a firearm at neighbor.....
  19. Body noises during exercising
  20. Drones
  21. For the fishermen/women ~ new fish found
  22. Rest In Peace B.B. King
  23. You know it had to come to this. The new iGun
  24. Uh oh, need some input...
  25. How times have changed!!
  26. Good Reads
  27. This is hilarious..no matter if you like the Patriots or not!
  28. News Stories.
  29. Unwanted calls from inmate phone service...
  30. Incoming!
  31. good story about autism
  32. The Bear Came Back
  33. How To Make A .50 Cal Better
  34. Lewis gun - WW1 and 2
  35. Myrtle Beach Bike Week Pics
  36. Origin of some everyday words
  37. Jeep Wrangler TJ Side Step's - Might order these
  38. Two Heartwarming Moments From Last Night
  39. Maybe it would be wise for me to help around the house more?
  40. Arlington National Cemetery
  41. Would You Like Some Dye With Your Meal ?
  42. Mowing wet grass
  43. Kids with Stocking caps in summer
  44. the 12 minute mile
  45. Plumbing Help Please
  46. Modified BB gun will shoot real bullets!
  47. Bumper-Stickers Seen On Military Bases:
  48. Saw a good movie yesterday - "Black Sea"
  49. New Indian Military custom bike w/Tommy gun
  50. What Horror-Show is this ??
  51. Zimmerman Shot: Can this guy stay out of the news?
  52. Brutal beating in Baltimore in the street in front of the guy's house
  53. Why in the name of all that is holy...???
  54. 15th and max
  55. Staying healthy is important for mind and body
  56. Motivational posters meet perspective
  57. Bear done did hear a rumor...
  58. Got a kick out of this !
  59. Happy mothers day
  60. Hamburgers and Minimum Wage.
  61. Legal Shield
  62. Coyote attacks dog in front of 2 young children
  63. Mother's Day thread: Whatcha get if anything?
  64. Finally bought something fully assembled
  65. Happy Birthday; bmcgilvray
  66. Keep your range clean
  67. La times writer blames glocks
  68. Mesh for Jeep top?
  69. May 8: World Donkey Day! Maggie's Day Off!
  70. The office building with a Shooting Range
  71. Best price cellphone provider?
  72. Good thing POTUS is safe now...
  73. LIVE FEED WWII Flyover DC Today!
  74. On This Day in 1945 (Re-Post)
  75. Southwest Airlines Preflight announcement.
  76. Lyme Disease
  77. Criminal robs a bank: Puts it on Instagram
  78. Favorite Youtube Gun Channel
  79. All things electronic...
  80. Dilbert's Salary Theorem
  81. We don't yet have phased plasma rifles in the 40 watt range
  82. Another Idiot Sues Over Coffee Being Hot!!!
  83. Grandpa's People Mover
  84. Australia: How low have they've fallen
  85. Anyone here have this "UZI" Wristwatch?
  86. Beer Commercial
  87. The Bear's got a new cave...
  88. Is Ben Carson soft on the 2nd amendment?
  89. Stomping on the Flag
  90. Protest today in Martinsburg over LEO incident that happened TWO years ago
  91. exercise sucks
  92. New HD Gun
  93. Do you know what this is?
  94. Anybody Heard From Hopyard???
  95. Hi all! Been gone a while but I'm back and could really use some help.
  96. Cops shoot a guy in Baltimore
  97. 33 Imporessive private gun displays
  98. HELP- Washing machine problem!
  99. My Dogs know what day it is
  100. Happy STAR WARS Day
  101. Is it just me?
  102. Small engine carburetor help
  103. Memories Thread
  104. NASA Mars study debunks effectiveness of tin foil hats. Instead use...
  105. Arsenal Or Collection
  106. Humor: Respect Older Folks!
  107. Not gun related, but, great customer service...
  108. Mayweather vs. Pacquiao
  109. 2nd Annual Texas International Firearms Festival
  110. Primates and guns
  111. MRE storage question
  112. Identify Please!
  113. LEO & Fire dept at the beach
  114. We just had an earthquake...
  115. Locks and the bigger society
  116. What are you having for breakfast?
  117. Arizona toddler in critical condition after grabbing gun, shooting himself in face
  118. Anyone familiar with carpenter bees?
  119. A little humorous relief - man punches bear...
  120. Maybe a young man will get a chance to redeem
  121. I need a new toaster now...
  122. Turning a Hi-Point into a firearm
  123. So confusing
  124. Moonshine
  125. Top Gun Range...Houston (Smash & Grab)
  126. Everybody said it wouldn't work out
  127. A cool shirt I would buy
  128. Bear Spray in a Bar???
  129. Who has a toothache remedy??
  130. Thread for real football fans: 2015 draft just started!
  131. China has now genetically modified human embryos
  132. This weekend's dinosaur bones
  133. Hit piece on NRA finances
  134. Bass Pro at the Pyramid in Memphis
  135. Airline ticket holder: ‘Oh, no. Did I forget my gun?’
  136. 594 is obviously working great!
  137. Bear luckyest Bear in town!
  138. Another failure in victim selection.
  139. My son met R2-D2 at the hospital.
  140. April 29th 1975
  141. Mother
  142. Calling all Masons and Brick Layers
  143. Coming soon to Duolingo- Klingon!
  144. Letter of recommendation
  145. Found this old advertisement
  146. Virus
  147. Nurse Mare Foals (NMF)
  148. UNDERSTANDING RIOTS David D. Haddock and Daniel D. Poisby
  149. Home Remedies
  150. I will be a guest on Warrior Talk Radio this evening
  151. Never knew the History Channel Could predict the future (F22)
  152. Some of my critters(pics)
  153. Another map kinda question
  154. Mutiple stops route map directions app?
  155. Bad Day at Black Rock
  156. A cop refuses
  157. Bass Pro Memphis
  158. New discovery, heaviest element known to science
  159. Oakley Radar Pitch
  160. The Official Ask PEF Anything Thread!
  161. I'm too lazy to look something up, so please do it for me and explain it to me, tx
  162. Funny Image/quote of the day
  163. Quick question for any electrician here
  164. Coyotes in Manhattan
  165. Stars
  166. Protests/Riots in Baltimore
  167. How did you propose to your significant other?
  168. When the tomatoes don't do well...
  169. Thoughts on Jury Nullification
  170. ROAD TRIP Let's hear about yourn......
  171. got the internet back on.
  172. Traveling, Radisson Hotel in Austin, TX, allow CCW?
  173. Cool Turkey Hunt Pic
  174. Hickok45 Guns Being Auctioned By Buds
  175. No glass of red with dinner
  176. Sated by a surfeit of guns
  177. Hairspray eating ozone causing incest among wolves.
  178. Hot Brass
  179. Glock 43 discussion
  180. Speaking of rights...
  181. Why yes, it is snowing....
  182. Is it just ME?
  183. Bitten by pet snake
  184. Time for something good....
  185. Some Amendments Are More Important Than Others?
  186. Its been a long hard road, but worth it/...... super excited..
  187. Pickup Trucks: let's see 'em!
  188. Well, I've been financially naive
  189. Security Job Position... Scam or No?
  190. Cornered Cat Article
  191. I got nuthin'....... kissn' snakes ain't too intelligent
  192. Man kills computer.
  193. Man robed with AK near Liberty Bell ..
  194. So...Who's the New Amazon?
  195. What does it mean?
  196. Real life Kermit the frog
  197. I am surprised this does not happen more often: Man kills Computer
  198. How to get a divorce in 2.5 seconds. lol
  199. Be aware!
  200. What did ya'll do this past weekend?
  201. 1000th Post
  202. Weird handshake, what would you do?
  203. Intersesting poll from PEW
  204. Saw this on another site and thought I'd pass it on. So true !
  205. Mascot got owned!!! LOL
  206. Ever have one of those days. lol
  207. Thanking the Military
  208. Weekend of silly movies...
  209. The Tarheel Traveler on the Civil War.
  210. For anyone who has an elderly parent or grandparent with dem
  211. South East Storms
  212. STAR WARS Rogue One another one
  213. Gun people are also dog people!
  214. Roth IRA Investing Help (Limited Contributions)
  215. Wowzer - Oregon rancher tells police she shot 2 men, let pigs feed on bodies
  216. Starting a biz is a PITA
  217. 19th of April
  218. 72 Killed In RKBA Riot
  219. How many are grilling tonight?
  220. Ransomware warning....
  221. What is the difference between banning a gun or a person?
  222. Your Top All-Time Baseball Team
  223. Decide for yourself....Police chase ends deadly
  224. Why Are People So Quick To Believe The Worst?
  225. If you live in Commie-fornia, You just got screwed!!!!
  226. Pic for TruckerJoe
  227. BAD: WHY I CARRY: Father of 5 Stabbed, Left to Die
  228. Shannon Watts At Austin Area Range
  229. ESPN Britt McHenry goes postal
  230. Subject of DUI is not normally funny but I just had to share this one.
  231. WOW the USCG has been very busy.
  232. Why I carry: Man Tries to Kidnap Autistic Child from Restaurant
  233. I'm on a roll! (actually my brother's on a roll) This is another amazing video
  234. O my gosh...O my gosh....O my gosh.....
  235. Wally World & Jade Helm
  236. Drone Trap Shooting
  237. New Address, gun-cool
  238. USMC To Deploy Alabamian Code Talkers
  239. Michigan War Vet Monument Under Attack - Pathetic
  240. Sarcasm for the day ...
  241. Unbelievable pictures !
  242. A cow died at my place Friday night
  243. Gatling Gun
  244. Range Humor
  245. Hernandez is a Convicted Felon - Murder 1
  246. "Tactical training simulation" - AKA video of me paintballing this weekend
  247. Anti-Saloon League Commemoration Day (15 April)
  248. One of my dogs mauled an old lady
  249. April 15, 1910 (when income tax was still unconstitutional)
  250. Man Flips Off Armored Vehicle, Gets Pulled Over By Same