: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. So, it rained today....
  2. For Oldvet
  3. How many mistakes? Chainsaw-Wielding Man / Road Rage
  4. Guy behind gun counter at Cabelas today
  5. Wide spread power outages in Washington DC
  6. When Chainsaws Are Outlawed...
  7. No functional guns at NRA convention
  8. Yes, I am a Duke fan
  9. Pretend "gun freeschool zones"
  10. Musical Monday?
  11. More evidence of “selective” reporting.
  13. Horse fencing
  14. Weird moment in the locker room--what would you tell your wife/daughter?
  15. 40 K hit
  16. Fast and Furious 2.0
  17. Monday Morning Chuckle
  18. A country of howling cheapskates
  19. What to do? Norfolk/Williamsburg, VA
  20. Walk in the woods
  21. German Shepard/Rottweiler mix
  22. Everytown now pitching its plea on MTV
  23. Daiquiri fight
  24. Easter Feast
  25. County park passes
  26. Happy Easter Y'all
  27. Thanks to all for who were pulling for WI in the NCAA Final 4-On to the Championship!
  28. Oh look the gov is stocking up on rubber bullets and tear gas ....
  29. Today learned a new skill
  30. My wife And Her Liberal Sister
  31. Happy Easter
  32. What Are You Reading?
  33. Stress Relief Range Day!
  34. Range With Wife and Friend
  35. Going to go visit with the Ancients
  36. Sarah Brady passed away today
  37. Man Rescued After 66 Days At Sea
  38. Flame Warrior Roster
  39. Nothing Like A Good 15 Minute Police High Speed Chase
  40. kinda cool song
  41. Easter Avatar
  42. In Recodnition of Autism Month
  43. Why Glocks are so popular?
  44. Justified showdowns
  45. Feel good/funny video of the day:80 year old sexy dancing
  46. He Gets A New Heart And Second Chance.......
  47. Good morning
  48. Chicken vs bra.
  49. I'm really worried about Patti
  50. Get your Flame Broiled Hamburger Perfume While it lasts.... NOT!!
  51. Anyone else prank thier significant other today?
  52. NJ Sends Out Eviction Notices To Residents With The Last Name ‘Gunn’
  53. Troubled Georgia teen who got controversial transplant dies in police chase after law
  54. Amazing medieval remedy cures MRSA
  55. New Avatar?
  56. War Story
  57. These people really are loony.
  58. LEO strikes again
  59. I'm Sleeping with her Tonight...
  60. Google Maps PacMan!
  61. GUNSMOKE, everybody's favorite gunshop, is back in the news....
  62. Sadness as I to must say goodbye
  63. WWYD? Man finds gun in thrift store purchase
  64. Got kicked out of DQ this morning...
  65. "vVgil" here this evening regarding officer involved shooting of a young black man.
  66. The Good Morning pointless coffee cup thread
  67. Neighbors have 4 yappy dogs that bark incessantly. What do I do?
  68. For today's TACTICOOL AR...
  69. Woman cuts man's throat, steals his gun, etc......
  70. Rant, hostile...texas?
  71. Hilarious video
  72. It's that time of year!
  73. Pizza Hut I Frequent Robbed at Knife Point
  74. Welcome To My Home On Palm Sunday
  75. Trigger control chart
  76. FBI Report Process Coopted - No Longer Reliable
  77. Hikers and backpackers take note...
  78. Time for a Doggie Nap
  79. Bought the pig
  80. Funny but true sign.
  81. Musings on weight loss...
  82. netflix
  83. I found a picture of Bear at dinner time! Bear said so....
  84. The Shaving Thread
  85. Spring Break Shooting - Panama City Beach
  86. New Carry Revolver
  87. We done did it!!
  88. Dash Cam?
  89. Body Cam?
  90. Situational Awareness
  91. Political Crud....
  92. Post America Presidency- best speech on "O" and Islam, sharia and terror ever
  93. New York Hillbilly Triple Dipped Beer Battered Fried Chicken Baby!!
  94. 30,000 more reasons to carry
  95. What's the funnest or most unique gun you ever shot
  96. Army Freaks Out Detroit
  97. Texas legislator proposes ending GFZs
  98. It's Friday Pics Day!!!
  99. Home alarm permit woes?
  100. Toddler hospitalized after shooting self.
  101. More Nutters Runing Schools
  102. Thunderbirds.
  103. Blue Angels
  104. Essay from the Survey I posted several weeks ago
  105. Drug Bust Across The Street From My Church
  106. Favorite Movie Line
  107. What else do you do for safety?
  108. Gasoline prices -- what's your area up (down) to, these days?
  109. Jeep Wrangler TJ question
  110. Pucker Factor for the year - Vehicle checklist
  111. Sad, sad day in the D
  112. What IS this thing?!?
  113. School Board "Meet the Candidates"
  114. Spring is in the Air
  115. Would you buy a car with this feature?
  116. Absolute Truths
  117. Happy 71st Birthday Gunny
  118. Justified
  119. Oh, auto-complete...
  120. Happy birthday...
  121. It’s spring; watch out for exploding manhole covers.
  122. So called Mom smh
  123. Downed German Airplane this morning
  124. I'm guilty, are you?
  125. Tactical Reload
  126. Sick Boy & Army Rangers: Feel Good Story of the Day
  127. Awsome/magical photos of dogs walking on water
  128. Go Bag
  129. Even Bear can do a good deed... and get nose picked at same time
  130. Complacency, No Laughing Matter
  131. My Wife's Fight with Anti-Family
  132. What's you birthday song???
  133. How can an Ex Member have a green "online" light?
  134. Where are the best places to sell gun related accessories
  135. Have Ya Ever Put Butter on a Poptart?
  136. Question for the young Marines
  137. Chuck Bednarik, Pro Football Hall of Famer, passes at 89
  138. Bentonville Battle Ground 150th Anniversary.
  139. Worth A Thousand Words
  140. Mall Ninja Holster
  141. 24 hours of spring break BBQ
  142. OK this is just weird, TSA agent sprayed with wasp spray.
  143. Norman Rockwell
  144. How to protect figs on small fig tree?
  145. How About a Legal Flamethrower?
  146. PSA: Please remember DOGS are family members too !!!
  147. Timmy farm update
  148. Have any of ya'll ever hung upside down to relieve pain.
  149. TGIF Friday Pics!!
  150. 4th Graders right a bill and lawmakers laugh at it.....
  151. [b] Costco has some good Tequila [/b]
  152. Student group demands California university rename building after convict cop killer
  153. Attaboy, USPS!
  154. Planning to shoot 'Action Pistol' matches again!
  155. Anyone watching "The Following" this season?
  156. Alfred Hitchcock Episode "Wake me when I'm Dead"
  157. WARNING: This Story Will Make Your Soul Cry
  158. Should voting or gun ownership be mandatory?
  159. Conecuh (con-neck-uh)
  160. My New Favorite Pants: Propper Lightweight Tactical Pants
  161. I Finally Found the Perfect Job
  162. Skinhead goes on shooting spree, 1 dead/5 wounded.
  163. Is there a way for a member to see how much time they have spent on the forum?
  164. Do you friend your family on Facebook?
  165. A Working, Scale Model of the Federal Government
  166. Kid funny
  167. When it is time to shoot...No warning shots
  168. Happy Saint Paddy's Day To My Friends Here At DC
  169. Recommendations for a "Crossover" Vehicle?
  170. Pinellas County Deputy subdues two beach troublemakers amongst the spring breakers...
  171. Vladimir Putin says Russia was preparing to use nuclear weapons
  172. Our Youth: Top 3 Cartoons
  173. Finding someone who skipped town?
  174. Things grandma/grandpa used to say
  175. Took My LCP Out For A Day
  176. Holster everyone needs
  177. Bear done did get him some culture and sophistication… (Warning long)
  178. MWAG wrestled to the ground. Put the gun next to the sprinkles.
  179. Winter Sports: Then & Now
  180. Yea for local youth techies...
  181. Does legitimacy still matter?
  182. Pictures from the past
  183. Road Rage On Two Wheels Goes Wrong
  184. Group of teens/young adults beat up on young woman and little boy. ***Video***
  185. Perhaps a new group of Second Amendment Supporters?
  186. Sort of Off Topic but an oldie
  187. Doctors and Guns.....
  188. What being a subject looks like.
  189. What do you tell people who inquire about your ethnic background?
  190. Bad things can happen in a heartbeat.
  191. Washington’s Glasses
  192. Any "Banshee" fans...??
  193. Watching a great oldie show with future DIL and cleaning shotguns
  194. One day, he may walk again
  195. Castle Doctrine Applied to Police Entry
  196. Fly Navy!
  197. Flocking...
  198. What do you make of this?
  199. What does it take to be considered an expert/analyst and work for a news station?
  200. More Arrests After Dog Tied To Tracks and Shot.
  201. The New Friday Pics Thread
  202. Friday the 13th
  203. Feel good story of the day:Basketball players defend cheerleader with Downs Syndrome
  204. Are all military submarines black?
  205. Fairly new member and completely put off by this forum
  206. Lock down Ferguson MO
  207. PolySTAT: An injectable polymer curbs blood loss by strengthening clots
  208. Happy picture thread
  209. Powdered alcohol coming to a store near you!
  210. Save some $$s
  211. Got Lucky at Sprtsmen's Warehouse
  212. Gun Toting Women - I Hope There Are More Events Like This
  213. Does "Change" mean everything is now free...including the internet?
  214. Anti-gun filmmaker attacks pro-gun filmmaker
  215. Wow- A Piers Morgan article I generally agree with...
  216. Bagel question
  217. I am offended
  218. I think I embarrassed a federal agent of some sort
  219. So, is this a parody site?
  220. Stray dogs? Or are they?
  221. What's some good American music?
  222. What not to watch
  223. Makin' Bacon M-16 style
  224. A Doe Raced Me And Won
  225. Easter Eggs Au Naturel
  226. Remember The Four Basic Rules(Even With Light Artillery)
  227. Knock Knock Jokes
  228. Well officially a year older.
  229. Has anyone ordered these pants before?
  230. Why do Evangelicals and most Republicans have a love affair with Israel?
  231. Walking and texting
  232. Mixed up / Crazy things reported to 911
  233. Gun Control laws are illusions
  234. Ever wonder how a conversation develops....................
  235. Code enforcement?
  236. Flirting is it ok or not so ok ???
  237. should my daughter visit her mother in jail? is there a benefit to visiting?
  238. New Bug Out Buggy
  239. Gabby Giffords is mocked with facts.
  240. Great customer service at Garland, TX DMV!
  241. Safety Dog
  242. 511 Pants Online?
  243. Have you heard the one about the Giant Panda hitman?
  244. AMC must be desperate for movies...
  245. Sport Shooting......Must be nice When Your Young
  246. BUG out bag
  247. Looking to buy a gravity wagon.
  248. Magic Door Prank
  249. Yo Sixto!
  250. The Nuge Is On VH1 Classics