: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. Age of Ultron - May 2015 - Planning on seeing it??
  2. Great Fun! "Oilfield Dodge" Promotional from 1925
  3. What happens to dead bodies in the ocean?
  4. layed off and bored
  5. Sort of an anniversary
  6. My truck is in the shop
  7. Auto spell
  8. Gun Talk
  9. Typewriter Artist......
  10. Threatened at COSTCO!
  11. Bear embarrassed staff at restaurant…
  12. post counts?
  13. New girlfriend(?) and coyotes
  14. Welding machine?
  15. What Can be Improved or Annoys you about DC Forum? Be Fair!!!!!
  16. Guns n Music - your song must have a gun mentioned!
  17. Traveling Without your Firearm Ain't that Bad
  18. New Revolver
  19. The dreaded elliptical
  20. Deflategate Part II (Go Pats!)
  21. Guy goes to Mexico to kill himself,,, Craziest article i've ever read!!
  22. The future is here!
  23. Local BB&T Bank - Anti Gun and Pretty Stupid
  24. Trip to the LGS
  25. Winter storm
  26. Bought a Bicycle today
  27. Potential Data Breach: Turbo Tax
  28. Oregon. A day at the beach in 1970
  29. Things that make me furious!
  30. I Carry A Gun Everyday (OpEd)
  31. Man Shoots Himself While Driving
  32. Funny from another Blog/Forum
  33. Bear have a ball!
  34. More snow!!!!
  35. Difference between High School 1970 and 2015
  36. The toilet seat
  37. Lt. Col. (Ret) Ralph Peters on ISIS Burning Jordanian Pilot
  38. Less Then Lethal Advancement or Stupidity ?
  39. Lifelock-can anyone recommend?
  40. USMC Rules For Gunfighting During War........
  41. Illustrating the Difference Between Knowing your enemy and understanding your enemy..
  42. 2nd form of identification?
  43. School in LA teaching student "Allah is the one true God"
  44. Ghost elevator
  45. Fog for Brian Williams
  46. Winter Driving
  47. Why Grandpa Carries a Gun
  48. Bear got him a plan… and permission!
  49. What's The Big Deal With White Castle?
  50. One Little Dot
  51. Glock commercial.
  52. Richmond/Rosenberg, TX
  53. Blood and Steel - Paintball Propaganda
  54. Woman, 77, fights off home intruder with hammer
  55. Keep your head on a swivel guys.
  56. ISIS burned the Jordanian pilot alive
  57. I just had to Post this For GimmeCoffee, Walmart Toe Sucker Arrested, Crazy Crazy,,,,
  58. How to be Tacticool
  59. I don't always...but when I do...
  60. Planned Monument to anti-police protestors SLU
  61. Probabilities and How the Public Thinks About Probabilities
  62. Military-style Magic Assault Ring w/ High-Capacity Clip & Shoulder Thing that Goes Up
  63. Locals Produce Tribute to Chris Kyle
  64. Did you hear about?
  65. Columbine Survivor for arming Teachers
  66. Humor in Honor of Groundhog Day
  67. Be Careful Of New Scam at the Local Mall!!!!
  68. Snow,snow and more coming.
  69. My wife did it!
  70. Super Bowl Ads - Rate Them
  71. day at the museum
  72. Chris Kyle Day In Texas
  73. AdBlock Plus - Finally, an incredible software extension!
  74. Groundhog Day
  75. More Idiots Running Schools
  76. On Modern Banking & Finance
  77. Bear so HAPPY!!!!
  78. Got pic so it must'a happened
  79. Range time didn't go as expected, but I did make the news...
  80. Rattlesnake Logic.....
  81. Ten Safest Cities (another reason to not trust stats/studies)
  82. Best engagement photo ever
  83. In honor of superbowl weekend.
  84. Prepping for a Foot of Snow Tonight
  85. I apologize. For my sins and trangessions on DC Forum, and my past life.....
  86. If Bear had a Hammer…
  87. Eric and BB
  88. Suicide at my Local Indoor Range
  89. Tale Of Two Research Reports
  90. Come the apocalypse (zombie or otherwise) THIS is the guy
  91. Who Says There Is Never A Cop when You Need One !
  92. Hammers Booty shakin 1970 80's mix For Bear And She Bear to get a Groovin To
  93. Pawn Star, Pawn Stars, Pawn Stars.....uggghhhhh
  94. New IDPA division
  95. Too Slow on the Draw!!!
  96. Role models?
  97. SUPER BOWL! - Seating Arrangements
  98. On the way to the Super Bowl!!!
  99. a quick video i made regarding the muskogee cop shooting..
  100. Your Top 5 Rock Frontmen or Women
  101. It's hot in Arizona.
  102. Armed Robber Gets Gun Taken During Robbery
  103. Theatrical Road Rage - Holyfield
  104. Looking at starting a Firearms Range in Gilroy, Ca (NorCal)
  105. Funny thing happened on the way to the range today
  106. Beach Boys Latest Hit
  107. Man threatens employees with gun: "I will kill everyone in here"
  108. CQ 4 times this week
  109. any of y'all like fantasy art
  110. A Bear Idiosyncrasy…
  111. Worst jokes ever thread!
  112. For the flyers: Formation flight.
  113. Daddy dinner night....again.
  114. Members buy sell lunacy
  115. Happy Birthday Hammer
  116. Need help with a clever FB response to an Anti as it relates to Gun Free Zones
  117. Bergdahl Charged With Desertion, WH Wants It Kept Quiet
  118. Postscript to almost buying the farm
  119. DOJ National Car Tracking Database
  120. Anyone watching Sons of Liberty?
  121. Crimemapping: Easy, local, current
  122. Bet there will be screaming for drone controls now.
  123. Security Cameras Vandalized
  124. Senior Moment...
  125. I Had AN Encounter With LEO Tonight :-)
  126. MAC Goes To bBattlefield Las Vegas
  127. Good experience at Gander Mountain today
  128. Hoo boy, I think I'm about to get unfriended over guns.
  129. Columbus, OH Restaurant Recommendations
  130. 10 Years today
  131. Eric Fullerton - Subdued a killer
  132. You can lose your right to counsel in the US
  133. One a day
  134. Dang Fairies
  135. PistolPay anyone use this?
  136. Buy the BATFE
  137. trail of deer scat......
  138. "Trigger Happy" - Weird Al Yankovic
  139. Almost bought the farm yesterday
  140. Number One With a Bullet
  141. Meant to be funny, but sadly true.
  142. Ernie Banks Has Died
  143. What would you do if you won Powerball tomorrow?
  144. "You Think" Thread
  145. Closing today!!!
  146. Two trees and a woodpecker
  147. Your phone + FLASHLIGHT APP = China, Russia, India with your info.
  148. Happy Birthday WannabeCPA
  149. Just for fun; Alien (ET kind) invasion scenario
  150. NFL 2015 Bad Lip Reading
  151. Where would you go...or would you?
  152. What did you accomplish in 2014?
  153. PSA: Gun show in Myrtle Beach, SC Jan. 24 & 25
  154. A bounty hunter, a smuggler and an archaeologist walk into a bar
  155. I saw a Christmas tree today
  156. MLK assassination question
  157. gun nuts
  158. Morality of Dignity Paper
  159. Bryant Gumbel - Full of Hate
  160. This is one cool pool!!!!!!!!!!!!
  161. D.E.A. Officers
  162. Doctor shot in Boston
  163. 10 Things About Me
  164. Anti Gun Leader Upset Police Arrest Violent Vigilante
  165. A solution to your 22LR shortage.
  166. AWESOME book. Must read!
  167. Cheaties cereal!
  168. Anyone know what's happening with TTAG?
  169. Good day at the gym
  170. Going to Columbia SC Sunday
  171. Bacon scented lottery tickets
  172. Sony's 'The Interview' coming to Netflix
  173. Who is going to be here instead of watching State of the Union address?
  174. Had to come down on my youngest tonight
  175. Hijacked Thread
  176. Boating Accident
  177. Super Bowl Chow?
  178. The proud uncle
  179. Home Antenna for your TV?
  180. Promises, promises...
  181. Why it's fun to deal with first time gunbroker user
  182. Want to get your kids kicked out of school?
  183. My little 10 Year Old Buddy Named Salami :-))
  184. Cardiac surgeon shot at Brigham and Woman's hospital in Boston
  185. Who here has lived in both at one time or another - house & condo?
  186. KY State Trooper Shoots Man in "Gunlock" KY
  187. 1984 has arrived- Radar see's through walls
  188. 50 Greyish Shades . . . .
  189. Chilling reports from a German journalist that was embedded with ISIS
  190. Well, ISIS shows its rear yet again...
  191. Seeking mechanical help
  192. Shhhh.... don't show the libs this picture
  193. Bear's dream...
  194. FAA Security inspector caught with gun in carry on
  195. Michael Moore calls snipers "cowards" on Twitter (MERGED)
  196. Accidental Shooting Nets a Felony Charge
  197. I am a Hero and I Lost My Nuts for it!
  198. My nit picking of reporters, writers and over paid proof readers
  199. 2 blasts really fired outside Biden's house
  200. John Kerry
  201. Cutting Body Fat = GRUMPY!!!
  202. Hanoi Jane in the News
  203. Poll:Who will win the Super Bowl?
  204. Secret Service: Shots fired outside Bidens' Delaware home
  205. Big bag meats
  206. The Most Dangerous States in America
  207. How "Paris" can happen here - Copied from another forum
  208. Avoiding the public because of the flu?
  209. Para Ordinance Answers Liam Neeson
  210. New medication proven to greatly reduce crime where approved for use
  211. Scoreboard
  212. Dover officer caught on cam trying to shake it off
  213. Propane tankless water heaters
  214. The liberal 2A
  215. If You LIKE Your Doctor...
  216. I'm Baaaaaack!
  217. Think Local
  218. Puddle of Mudd concert tonight...
  219. Favorite Weatherman
  220. Do you name your car(s)?
  221. James Taylor
  222. Restoration of Joe Paterno's Wins Sends the Wrong Message to Victims
  223. Reunion time
  224. Talk about sheeple
  225. Something for your commute.
  226. Saw the movie American Sniper today
  227. Ted Cruz...Abolish the IRS??
  228. Funny Boat Names
  229. Where is the heads of protesters?
  230. Be Nice to Your Pizza Guy or Face the Wrath of the Internet
  231. Idiot Neighor !
  232. Paris: Colin Noir OpEd
  233. Look what I grew this winter accidentally!
  234. Free Link to search for sex offenders in a given location?
  235. First cold in over a decade.
  236. bmcgilvray
  237. I Could Use Some Prayers For Tomorrow, If You Feel It In Your Hearts.
  238. Anti gunners training Journalists . .
  239. Old rifle found in Great Basin National Park
  240. Scouting - Range Officer Training
  241. Assassin infiltrates NASCAR
  242. Prayer at Valley Forge
  243. Tooth fairy trap!
  244. Another Hollywood Moron Bashes Guns
  245. Muslim call to prayer at Duke University
  246. Why Didn't We Think of This??? The Perfect Defense!!!
  247. Even in the good part of town....
  248. Never realized he's done so much for us...
  249. American Sniper Movie.....not sure.
  250. Hail, Hail the Bubble Heads!