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  1. Gardening - FYI
  2. Knife People
  3. Good news from a home invasion...
  4. Can you guess what kind of rifle this is?
  5. Any Chess nuts out there! Anand vs Carlsen Round 5
  6. LOL (for you military pals)
  7. FUN: utterly pointless but hysterical little ditties, tunes, videos on the 'net
  8. NO!!!! You cannot use .454 Casull in your Taurus Judge
  9. ADDICTED (This made me laugh)
  10. No Guns for Hunting?.... How about using Eagles!
  11. I plead the The 5th
  12. Guys you have to see this.; this could be really handy...
  13. White Supremacist Learns he is "14%" African - Awesome!
  14. He's a Rocket Surgeon (Funny Story)
  15. Metro Detriot may auction guns, not destroy them
  16. Free gift with dishwasher (snake)
  17. Finally! I understand "Get off the X"!
  18. "kneecapped" for a cel phone...
  19. So, there's no guns in Oz... well almost none....
  20. Second Amendment discussion turns deadly...
  21. Something you don't normally see at the airport
  22. I just love banks, part deux:
  23. Socialism and tyranny for the "good of the people"
  24. Medical & losing your doctor, what's your story?
  25. Redneck Santa
  26. GUESS: Who's The Most Talked About Person On The Internet? :
  27. He just wanted his back pack back...
  28. Hooray, Huzzah and Whoopee!
  29. Jefferson: Original Doc.: US Population and Breakdown: 1790
  30. If your side doesn't win...just change the description of the office
  31. Report: Montana Releases Map Of All Gun Owners
  32. Interesting Anti/Pro gun photo depending on which way you look at it.
  33. I would like to thank Golden Corral for thanking thosed who served!
  34. unexpected call today
  35. Hollywood, and video games can't be the problem....
  36. If you like Tool, you have to see this
  37. Govt, Military, Veteran Goods For Discounts
  38. Yet another reason to shun NYC...
  39. Harold Percival -- Never heard of him, wish I had.
  40. Family Problems (this will be long)
  41. Coin Check! To you VETERANS! God Speed, and, um Coin Check! God Bless your time in!
  42. Not political or religious, just wondering
  43. Ender's Game Pre-screening
  44. This Gave Me A Real Jolt.
  45. Ceredo-Kenova, WV Veterans Day Parade
  46. 38 years ago today
  47. Tom Cruise says making a movie is like......
  48. VERY Weird Cat Behvior:
  49. Thank You All Who Have Served(Happy Veterans Day)
  50. Would you get arrested in D.C. for having a ceremonial flag with shell casings?
  51. Strange tapping on window, peeping Tom???
  52. USMC Toys For Tots...
  53. USMC - on 10 November, Happy 238th Birth Day! Semper Fi! You Earned It!
  54. CNN : throwing in the towel on News reporting .....
  55. Absolute Frustrated RANT Thread = RANT (but keep it human and in the rules of DC)
  56. Got flu shot?
  57. Interesting Election Result
  58. Putting meat on the table!
  59. A Amazing Sight
  60. Deer hunters let's hear from you!
  61. Think you can outsmart Internet scammers?
  62. Continuing: It's what's for dinner - what the heck ARE GMO's?
  63. DC.com If you were President what would you do in this situation?
  64. I just love banks to death...
  65. A Secessionist Movement Idea Thread
  66. "This May Be Earth's Biggest Storm":
  67. This One Is 4 The Gals here...I need help
  68. Its here! The first full sized metal "printed" .45 ACP.
  69. FUN: Quirky euphemisms for commonly-used products
  70. Trans fat banned
  71. Gun control laws
  72. "Strongest Tropical Cyclone to Hit Land Anywhere In The World In Recorded History":
  73. Budgeting graft per state.
  74. My Hope America
  75. Is This Right or Wrong? Police Force a Man NOT To Save His Child From Death? :
  76. The kindest gesture
  77. Scratch n' sniff your monitor
  78. Incognito/Martin controversy
  79. Rules
  80. School Administrators Need to Learn to Pick Their Battles
  81. Dick Metcalf & G&A
  82. Shooting groups by state
  83. Oh joy...
  84. YouTube
  85. Congresswoman talking about Martial Law?
  86. Favorite "old classics" films ... what's on your list?
  87. Bullet resistant fence
  88. "Government officials' commands must be obeyed by all."
  89. Shut up and Shoot!
  90. First deer taken with a bow!
  91. Noname762
  92. 299 Days
  93. Sunset Pic
  94. Zilmax, it's what's for dinner
  95. HWAG a new problem
  96. Army Vet Banned From Daughters School - Posted Weapon Permit on FB
  97. Unofficial Defensive Carry IRC Channel
  98. a measurement of freedom in the USA by state
  99. The Media Needs a Crash Course of Firearms
  100. FireHouse Door & Plaque Honoring their Dead in 9/11 - + "THE CROSS: GROUND ZERO"
  101. Allen West: Obama has no credibility, no honor and no integrity
  102. Another mall shooting
  103. Would you purchase a gun with known bad history?
  104. Good sports story-“Every Little Thing, Gonna Be Alright!”
  105. Why was this guy out of prison?
  106. Home invader tries to cut off victim's finger and ear...
  107. Single guys, beware...
  108. NFL player leaves team because of bullying
  109. My Photographic Site:
  110. Good Samaritan gets taken for $3500.00
  111. New NRA News Commentator
  112. Like Count
  113. Ever meet a firearm that you regret to not have acquired? Yeah, I've been there.....
  114. NAVY SEALS Not To Wear Extremist Patches
  115. We're ON to them...
  116. Just before catastrophe hits
  117. Testing A Bullet Proof Vest In The Hood........
  118. Remember Burma Shave signs?
  119. ACRONYMS like IIRC or smh, what do they mean? (Sticky this please Mods)
  120. 3 home invaders, take man's pants...
  121. Obama's Latest Position on Firearms
  122. So, how many of you just 'Spout off' into radio to push our 2A position?
  123. Guns And Ammo ?????
  124. KNOCK KNOCK JOKE With a twist i'll start.
  125. My Photography
  126. You know you're an "old fart" if ...
  127. You know you're a "young pup" if ...
  128. Did you turn your clocks back?
  129. How was your halloween?
  130. What is it with pot and GFZs?
  131. Bernie Goetz, the NYC "subway vigilante" of old...
  132. The sportsman guide
  133. Wild boar attack in Russia! Only in Russia can they use a SINK to stop a boar!
  134. Old time movies and TV
  135. Shame on you NRA Store - re: "Affordable Care".
  136. What's for dinner?
  137. BREAKING: Suspect shot, in Custody at LAX After TSA Agent Killed :
  138. PETA Launches Air Angels To Track Hunters
  139. The New Cold War?
  140. Happy Veteran's Day
  141. Help! Bald Faced Hornets
  142. Bad: And two other home invasiongs for Lubbock
  143. Millions On Food Stamps Facing Benefits Cuts
  144. If Congress can defund the 2nd Amendment, it can defund Obamacare
  145. Need men advice, 50yo +
  146. What is the ave price/round you are seeing by geography? Baseline the cost.
  147. Credibility Long Gone, No Need to Speak Anymore
  148. The best of the Human Race
  149. Poor Yogi
  150. I almost posted this... the original story
  151. Let's see your Costumes
  152. Wolverine: Chasing the Phantom
  153. I've finally joined the 21st century
  154. U.S. Deficit Falls to $680 Billion From 1.1 T in 2012
  155. Great Birthday with slight disappointment
  156. Caption Requests
  157. Class Project - 2A Persuasive Speech
  158. Moose hunter shoots man on toilet
  159. Going hunting? don't forget your mask
  160. There are jobs out there. Don't know why the unemployment is so high
  161. We Pray
  162. Ok, gentlemen. Your opinion on bodybuilding women.
  163. Trail cam pics this week
  164. Would you buy a gun from your local police chief?
  165. My house is under siege
  166. 90 year old rifle still getting it done. Kids first Elk.
  167. Hunters Beware Of Drones
  168. 21 things that only people that CC understand
  169. Is anyone familiar with Rasmussen College
  170. Hickock 45 makes "The Blaze"
  171. GOTTA SEE: My New Little Puppy, "BAMBI": Never Seen Cute One Like This:
  172. VERY SCARY Little Known Guard Dogs: BIG As Well:
  173. Three Strikes and A Do Over
  174. Stupidest pet names you have heard.
  175. Interesting insight into the pulse of the NYC voters
  176. Huffington Post: At Least 9,900 People Have Died From Guns In The U.S. Since Newtown
  177. glock model 33, 357 cal.
  178. What State Do You Belong In ?
  179. complicated style of stopping one's vehicle at a traffic signal
  180. Wallet Stolen - read what she did!
  181. Attention VA Residents: HUGE hypocrite running for Fairfax County Sheriff
  182. I just stole a bike
  183. The Pastor's Ass
  184. Women drivers beware
  185. American Blackout
  186. Is Grandma and Grandpa's wedding photo fading?
  187. This is so wrong
  188. 3:30 morning wake up
  189. An Angry Marine.......
  190. WW II Kodachrome 4x5 Negatives - The Real Deal
  191. Walmart Good Guy Intervenes, Gets Pummeled, Then Fired
  192. Daisy ....A Story Of Inspiration
  193. National Security an the Our National Healthcare System
  194. Truthfullly honest?
  195. A Touching Story About Mommy.....
  196. Do you think this is for real?
  197. What are you doing/dressing up for halloween?
  198. Maryland AG gets caught at teen drinking party...oops
  199. Deal of the day: Supercarrier USS Forrestal sold for a penny
  200. Do you stand up when the USA National Anthem is played? Too Many do not............
  201. CBS News May Drop Benghazi Bomb On Obama This Sunday
  202. To NSA: "STOP WATCHING US!" : Big Names Make Video:
  203. More Idiots Running Education
  204. 187 MPH Motorcycle Driver Acquited!
  205. Cold in the Bluegrass, making comfort food.
  206. Let's see your wallpapers!!
  207. Have to vent a little bit about the Health Care Website
  208. The GOP and Conservatives should push for legalized Pot!!
  209. "Our Crystal Palace" ?
  210. Not About Guns or 2A..It's Fear..All Fear
  211. Marine Corps seeks feedback on universal cover for men and women
  212. A QUESTION: What Percentage of You Would Do What's Below? I Assume Most: 90%+. Right?
  213. The Real Story of Glock
  214. WINCO Gives WallyMart Run For Their Money
  215. Bumper stickers and what not?
  216. A Pair of Little Lady Smiths for my Little Ladies
  217. Usa going going gone ????
  218. Parenting skills
  219. I was in the woods today and I saw....
  220. Another stupid 911 call: instant idiot just add alcohol.
  221. Cuban Missle Crisis compared to Sept 11
  222. Yuk Yuk
  223. Zombies?
  224. Pew Research just loves me
  225. Can you recommend a Rochester, MN gun shop for an elderly lady
  226. Accidental Shooting In My Neighborhood (non-fatal)
  227. Age is beginning to effect me.
  228. Improved ACA website
  229. Mother's Poor Judgement?
  230. Obamacare registration showed up in the mail today
  231. POTUS ACA speech...explained in simple terms
  232. My least favorite time of year
  233. Araz Alali Says we need to see the big picture...
  234. Way off topic, NO HUMOR... TRAGEDY
  235. SAFE act... Not working so well in NYC...
  236. De-Facing our National Parks
  237. The Ant and the Grasshopper v.2
  238. The BEST You Tube video I have ever seen
  239. College Football GOOFY Clemson Fan :)
  240. Why do some people choose a life of crime?
  241. You Know What I Hate About This Forum?
  242. 120 Rd. 5.56 Can @ Wal-Mart!
  243. Got a new car...... 2013 Hyundai Elantra
  244. Protected by iPhone
  245. So, would you start a life of crime....
  246. Money Problems
  247. Bird feeder
  248. 25 divided by 5 equals 14
  249. Rock and Roll is still alive
  250. Quiz