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  1. Doughnuts - Texas style
  2. What to do in Gatlinburg?
  3. Net Neutrality bill?
  4. Bastardization of Service Member Civil Relief Act
  5. CPD black site at Homan Square
  6. How do you break up with a "buddy"? The best way, that is...
  7. You're going to need a bigger boat...
  8. marijuana lagallized in DC
  9. Snowing on my range
  10. Mosquitoes??
  11. LEO Question: Phoney Cops
  12. Recon1342 -
  13. I am furious with my bank right now!!! (Rant)
  14. Resources for Daughter's Speech
  15. Off topic crackdown-
  16. Crazy cold
  17. HVAC help please
  18. Great Video, Regan speech
  19. Southern Tier Counties in New York State plotting secession to PA
  20. Dads Demand Guns
  21. VA Secretary Robert McDonald lied about Special Forces service
  22. Valerie Jarrett - A Poll
  23. Go ahead
  24. Thieves and snoops and video on loopdeloops?
  25. Top Military Marksman Says Gun Nuts Shoot Better
  26. Mea Culpa
  27. Jacuzzi Tub?
  28. Canadian Sniper (American Sniper Parody)
  29. Remembering Mom
  30. Do you ever sell on ebay?
  31. Am I crazy, or will the grass really be greener?
  32. Need to speak to any member who has started a business please
  33. Bear made a strange find...
  34. Campus Carry (TX) And Cancer Research ?
  35. HAM radio questions
  36. Should I file a police report?
  37. Holster this?!?!?
  38. Dressing up for a night out
  39. Batteries Beware
  40. Any members from Johnson City TN or the Tri Cities area in general??
  41. White House Takes Over Internet (It Could Happen)
  42. The Texan Solution
  43. Picture Thread !
  44. Nuke map
  45. Putting Out the Cat ..
  46. Who are we talking too?
  47. So What Do Ya Think.........?
  48. Hick63 gets published
  49. KARMA?
  50. Hey Sarge, why won't it shoot?
  51. Education Bias on the SCOTUS
  52. What's on tap?
  53. Decorah Eagles
  54. Other Gun Forums and Blogs
  55. Machete control bill coming in NY
  56. US Navy SEAL "Budweiser" Pin
  57. Forget ISIS. DHS Says Right Wing Militants are the Concern
  58. New toy (not a gun)
  59. Does "Racking" a gun scare an intruder?
  60. 21 Shameful Ways We Are Forcing Children To Be Sissies
  61. Send in the clows
  62. Sign hacks that are priceless
  63. LA Fitness ?
  64. Interesting conversation this afternoon
  65. Smurfette
  66. Snow update for Central Maine
  67. Woman Adjusting Bra Holster Killed
  68. Bear think this good reason to carry even at home...
  69. I saw this headline a hundred years ago
  70. I fell for a scam
  71. Questionnaire for Class...any replies are appreciated.
  72. Take an Open Carry Test Run
  73. Marine Corps and Glock
  74. Bear must be getting old...
  75. Cold weather tires: best all-season passenger car tires you know of
  76. Car dash cam recorder?
  77. 10 TH Infantry Division
  78. Risk
  79. Former Air Force One sits in Arizona desert, in need of new home
  80. Uranus
  81. Thank you Defensive Carry and members!
  82. Every Driver Has A Story
  83. For Gatorbait
  84. Huge arsenal
  85. Mea Culpa
  86. Was the lack of an Ebola vaccine an error in Strategic Terrorism?
  87. See pic. Can you find the item that got my attention?
  88. Good For Egypt !
  89. Bear got another story to tell that is so impossible to believe no one here going to…
  90. Help my brother with Cerebral Palsy
  91. Steel framed.... House?
  92. Finally got to use a John Wayne line.
  93. road conditions
  94. How and why have we lost it all.
  95. Did anyone see this!
  96. Who could EVER WORK in a Place like this??????
  97. Pancake compressors
  98. Cliches in Gun Culture - What can you add?
  99. Brrr it's cold out tonight
  100. Be careful getting advice from a handyman aka husband
  101. Will the truth truely set you free?
  102. Do Cats Exist to Shed Hair?
  103. It's Hard To Keep Politics Out Of Gun Discussions !
  104. More Snow Comedy from New England
  105. Sassy 80-Year-Old Cracks Up a Florida Courtroom
  106. Happy Valentines Day
  107. The only easy meal was...
  108. Well finnaly told my boss to shove it
  109. A new precedent
  110. WARNING! Do not open if you have a weak constitution! WARNING! Bear image Warning...
  111. Great sign at a Texas range
  112. 50 Shades & Concealed Carry
  113. RANT TIME!!! Once again, a bank costs me time and $$$
  114. Bear done did get woke up…
  115. My Peas & Carrots is all Peas.....
  116. Car-Winter Rant
  117. Took my daughter to the range for the first time.
  118. Biden's Buddy
  119. Pasco, WA Cops Shoot Man Throwing Rocks at Them, Killing Him
  120. Inner peace
  121. The Man with the Golden Gun
  122. Just Got My Badge!
  123. Apology
  124. Sad - Bob Simon, War Correspondent, Dies in NYC Traffic Accident
  125. Bear done did watch the news…
  126. Shooting death on Adrienne Way ruled justifiable homicide
  127. Harryball
  128. Free Advice for Men
  129. Pecans in the cemetery.
  130. Pinewood Derby
  131. Fight in Wal-Mart
  132. Space X rocket goes up;
  133. Blessings, got another one
  134. The media and passes for lapse of memory and lying.
  135. Kudos to a couple of guys in Arkansas!
  136. Open carry and Valentine's Day
  137. Little League Champs Stripped of Title
  138. Spider Chart
  139. I lost my friend.
  140. Stanford Review on Campus Carry
  141. Bear neighbor got spiffy new car...
  142. SEWAGE in my Herb Garden!!!!
  143. Do you suffer from Chikungunya?
  144. Bear so proud of Bear!!!
  145. 8-year-old boy killed after tannerite explosion
  146. Mole Invasion
  147. Russian Police In Action
  148. Chris Kyle's Second Book On Sale: $2.99
  149. Mathematical models prove armed populace is best for fighting a zombie outbreak
  150. Bear looking back...
  151. Age of Ultron - May 2015 - Planning on seeing it??
  152. Great Fun! "Oilfield Dodge" Promotional from 1925
  153. What happens to dead bodies in the ocean?
  154. layed off and bored
  155. Sort of an anniversary
  156. My truck is in the shop
  157. Auto spell
  158. Gun Talk
  159. Typewriter Artist......
  160. Threatened at COSTCO!
  161. Bear embarrassed staff at restaurant…
  162. post counts?
  163. New girlfriend(?) and coyotes
  164. Welding machine?
  165. What Can be Improved or Annoys you about DC Forum? Be Fair!!!!!
  166. Guns n Music - your song must have a gun mentioned!
  167. Traveling Without your Firearm Ain't that Bad
  168. New Revolver
  169. The dreaded elliptical
  170. Deflategate Part II (Go Pats!)
  171. Guy goes to Mexico to kill himself,,, Craziest article i've ever read!!
  172. The future is here!
  173. Local BB&T Bank - Anti Gun and Pretty Stupid
  174. Trip to the LGS
  175. Winter storm
  176. Bought a Bicycle today
  177. Potential Data Breach: Turbo Tax
  178. Oregon. A day at the beach in 1970
  179. Things that make me furious!
  180. I Carry A Gun Everyday (OpEd)
  181. Man Shoots Himself While Driving
  182. Funny from another Blog/Forum
  183. Bear have a ball!
  184. More snow!!!!
  185. Difference between High School 1970 and 2015
  186. The toilet seat
  187. Lt. Col. (Ret) Ralph Peters on ISIS Burning Jordanian Pilot
  188. Less Then Lethal Advancement or Stupidity ?
  189. Lifelock-can anyone recommend?
  190. USMC Rules For Gunfighting During War........
  191. Illustrating the Difference Between Knowing your enemy and understanding your enemy..
  192. 2nd form of identification?
  193. School in LA teaching student "Allah is the one true God"
  194. Ghost elevator
  195. Fog for Brian Williams
  196. Winter Driving
  197. Why Grandpa Carries a Gun
  198. Bear got him a plan… and permission!
  199. What's The Big Deal With White Castle?
  200. One Little Dot
  201. Glock commercial.
  202. Richmond/Rosenberg, TX
  203. Blood and Steel - Paintball Propaganda
  204. Woman, 77, fights off home intruder with hammer
  205. Keep your head on a swivel guys.
  206. ISIS burned the Jordanian pilot alive
  207. I just had to Post this For GimmeCoffee, Walmart Toe Sucker Arrested, Crazy Crazy,,,,
  208. How to be Tacticool
  209. I don't always...but when I do...
  210. Planned Monument to anti-police protestors SLU
  211. Probabilities and How the Public Thinks About Probabilities
  212. Military-style Magic Assault Ring w/ High-Capacity Clip & Shoulder Thing that Goes Up
  213. Locals Produce Tribute to Chris Kyle
  214. Did you hear about?
  215. Columbine Survivor for arming Teachers
  216. Humor in Honor of Groundhog Day
  217. Be Careful Of New Scam at the Local Mall!!!!
  218. Snow,snow and more coming.
  219. My wife did it!
  220. Super Bowl Ads - Rate Them
  221. day at the museum
  222. Chris Kyle Day In Texas
  223. AdBlock Plus - Finally, an incredible software extension!
  224. Groundhog Day
  225. More Idiots Running Schools
  226. On Modern Banking & Finance
  227. Bear so HAPPY!!!!
  228. Got pic so it must'a happened
  229. Range time didn't go as expected, but I did make the news...
  230. Rattlesnake Logic.....
  231. Ten Safest Cities (another reason to not trust stats/studies)
  232. Best engagement photo ever
  233. In honor of superbowl weekend.
  234. Prepping for a Foot of Snow Tonight
  235. I apologize. For my sins and trangessions on DC Forum, and my past life.....
  236. If Bear had a Hammer…
  237. Eric and BB
  238. Suicide at my Local Indoor Range
  239. Tale Of Two Research Reports
  240. Come the apocalypse (zombie or otherwise) THIS is the guy
  241. Who Says There Is Never A Cop when You Need One !
  242. Hammers Booty shakin 1970 80's mix For Bear And She Bear to get a Groovin To
  243. Pawn Star, Pawn Stars, Pawn Stars.....uggghhhhh
  244. New IDPA division
  245. Too Slow on the Draw!!!
  246. Role models?
  247. SUPER BOWL! - Seating Arrangements
  248. On the way to the Super Bowl!!!
  249. a quick video i made regarding the muskogee cop shooting..
  250. Your Top 5 Rock Frontmen or Women