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  1. PWS photo contest - please vote for me
  2. Weapons as Christmas gifts!
  3. We live among animals
  4. Happy Birthday to Me
  5. My Apologies to my Canadians friends ;-)
  6. UK - Bloomberg Approve Vending Maxhine
  7. Best And Worst Christmas Movies Ever?
  8. Zombie Targets: Whatever Floats Your Boat !
  9. Looking for some input here.
  10. 2014 Budapest Air Show Highlights
  11. Furries gassed in Chicago.
  12. Of all the things I never thought I'd do,
  13. Bear be wondering...
  14. Wishing
  15. No Offence To My American Friends Intended, But This Is Funny!
  16. Does anyone Remember
  17. Official Epic Christmas Song Thread
  18. Smash and Burn Toy Guns
  19. Itís that festive time of year. I never seem to tire of the favorite holiday songs.
  20. Donkeys on the farm...I'd have never figured
  21. South Carolina residents, this applies to you.
  22. Police Department Issued Firearms
  23. A funny bit of trivia.
  24. Would you allow your daughter to work at hooters?
  25. Up is down and right is wrong....
  26. Maybe I Did The Right Thing
  27. Luke Somers, American hostage, killed in rescue attempt
  28. A tale of two gifts: (Warning: Long)
  29. Finally, a 1911 everyone can afford!
  30. Any Published Fiction Authors Out There?
  31. Just Your Opinion........
  32. Warren Wilhelm.........I dunno.
  33. humor: U.S. court case, chimp 'has no human rights'
  34. Why I hate bars/clubs and big cities
  35. Recent Google thread about their search algorithm .... and truth in the Cloud
  36. You Know They're Out There
  37. Google just declared war on the firearm industry
  38. A couple of Christmas wish list items ....
  39. The gift exchange
  40. Thank God I live where I do
  41. The Rising Cost of Drunks and Crackheads
  42. Christmas Lights
  43. Delcaration of Independence
  44. BREAKING: Santa has lost a Ho!
  45. Pet Peeves - What Are Yours?
  46. Wal-Mart investors to reconsider gun sales after NYC church challenge
  47. NEVER FORGET! 07December1941
  48. So Hows that No Gun Policy Working for Ya?
  49. Feeding the homeless
  50. My little guy.
  51. You owe it to yourself to watch this.
  52. It's Almost Here!
  53. Can y'all help me find something?
  54. the ugliness of jealousy
  55. Christmas/Hanukkah Shopping On-Line?
  56. Well I jumped the shark .. Answer the door to the bible thumpers ..Armed
  57. Nobody Needs 10 Bullets to Kill a Deer
  58. Chicago Sun Times front page
  59. This will cure a case of dry eyes
  60. Mandatory Medical Questions
  61. This is why you read the fine print, people!
  62. Illeagal Alien Problem,, pretty Disturbing View.
  63. American Tactical Solutions-The Professionals
  64. How to wrap up a good day with a D'oh!
  65. Change coming?
  66. Government Threatens.....
  67. What are you riding right now?
  68. So I had an earthquake last night ..
  69. On being homeless and unemployed...
  70. 17yo girl shot and killed, Bass Pro parking lot.
  71. Trying to find "fun" gun related Christmas gift for a friend...
  72. Possible Super Bowl Preview coming up! Patriots vs Packers
  73. The best thing about Black Friday is
  74. Postcards from Pripyat, Chernobyl
  75. Show me yours, I'll show you mine!........ TREE!
  76. 1 for the Irish
  77. Uplifting Story: Black residents stand guard at white-owned store
  78. Holiday/Silly Season = Stupidest Conversation/Incident at the Family Gaterings?
  79. Very Cool World War 1 commercial
  80. Thanksgiving with Pilgrims, Indians and Lizzie Borden....
  81. Didn't see that coming.
  82. Pay it forward thread
  83. Power Point
  84. Mexico and symbolic feel good acts
  85. The Good Elf - Santa was good to me!
  86. So soon?
  87. Happy Thanksgiving--An Outrageous Thing To Say
  88. A Progressive's Guide To Thanksgiving Conversation
  89. Star Wars VII official trailer
  90. A new type of Thanksgiving.......
  91. All I want for Christmas is....
  92. merry christmas to me !!!! I got a new TV !!!
  93. Turkey on the Weber Kettle!
  94. Happy Thanksgiving
  95. Thanksgiving
  96. Bear must intrupt this day...
  97. Thanksgiving Dinner State by State--with recipes too!
  98. SCOTUS Justice Ginsburg
  99. Noname
  100. Need Help With Wiring
  101. Happy Thanksgiving 2014 to all DC members!
  102. Feel good thread? Just when you think it can't be worse...
  103. In memory of Saint John
  104. I Was Arrested
  105. My Debit Card Was Compromised Yesterday
  106. Excuse me Sir. Is that a Banana in your pocket?
  107. Diversionary thread. With all the turmoil, how can we relax?
  108. Woo Hoo Who's Going Where For Turkey Day??? And What's On The Docket???
  109. Rock N roll Lyric Game if you are an old guy like me :-))
  110. Must have been a heck of a metball
  111. A cane for my Dad and a request to identify the wood
  112. Best NFL catch ever? Awesome!
  113. DROOL ! (CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Pistol)
  114. Paid $600 for being constipated! Cool ;)
  115. Situational Awareness FAIL
  116. My Thanksgiving Thread For the Good people of DC
  117. Bet Mad Moms Would Like These Guns
  118. RIGHTS ERODING by Rightseroding
  119. Riddle me this, Riddle me that...
  120. Bit-O-Truth
  121. Now illegals flooding into Canada
  122. FBI Terrorism Analyst does a anylisis of Woman and Man, pretty funny
  123. NFL Domestic Violence Commercial
  124. Shirley Temple Classics
  125. For the Middle Earth fans, you know who you are....
  126. Not so concealed defense at the corner store
  127. Food content: contaminants, GMO, pesticides, bacteria, etc
  128. Too Cool! Micheline Airless Radial Tires!
  129. What's in your vehicle? (emergency, not guns)
  130. The Dumb Thug Thread
  131. A Journey
  132. Seek And You Will Find!
  133. Uncle Si Frys a Turkey (State Farm PSA)
  134. tangoseal needs to clear his inbox on DC - It is your turn for watch
  135. Nuff of this seirousness Kid Rock Rock N Roll Jesus
  136. Rookie NYC PO shoots unarmed man in building in East New York
  137. Crazy food
  138. My Family Portrait
  139. Patient advocacy .... Take care of your people
  140. Stupid People Tricks
  141. What's your excuse?
  142. Beware of Money Left On Windshield
  143. Kalifornia ????
  144. Russia get right to carry before NJ....?
  145. Interstellar
  146. At least somebody still likes the US.
  147. The Depravity Standard
  148. Don't Open Carry When Protesting Near the White House
  149. The .45 caliber song; kind of catchy!
  150. Presidential Pardons & the Constitution - A Question
  151. Milwalkee Police Chief just got my respect
  152. Need advice. May be facing a divorce from my wife.
  153. Michigan's UP Declares War on the USA
  154. Didn't want to put this on "Bob & Terry's Place"
  155. Parental Rights
  156. Florida state shooting
  157. FSU Library Shooting
  158. Russian government allowing concealed carry?
  159. This is why you shower carry
  160. News Sabbatical
  161. Bear sometimes gets surprised by the smallest things...
  162. Another light in the sky over the Ural
  163. November 19th, 1863
  164. Thanks dcc
  165. How cold is it where you are?
  166. Now this is over the line. Its illegal to feed hungry PEOPLE.
  167. any fireplace masters that can help???
  168. Current Gun Laws Work
  169. Truckers Encounter
  170. 9 year old child run to death as punishment for eating a candy bar
  171. Hey Cowboys! I need your help identifying these...
  172. northerners
  173. Serious Question on the Off Topic Board
  174. Total lack of parenting.
  175. California sneaky tricks?
  176. A great beer commercial.
  177. Is this a good look for me?
  178. Another "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" thread
  179. Thumbs Up to Guinness!
  180. Sell or trade this gun, not sure how
  181. Parents furious after unannounced shooter drill at Polk middle school
  182. Members in Arizona
  183. NFL
  184. Should the choke hold be a crime when used by LE in NY?
  185. I gotta get me one of these!
  186. Insomnia on DC! And Life = Not in Bed. Us late night folks.
  187. Grab a rope...
  188. Podcasts
  189. Spent the day in the keys.
  190. Lordy, how she gets them britches on.....
  191. Amazon rocks for returns and customer service
  192. Noname!!!
  193. Mea culpa
  194. Anyone else get agitated over people not showing up for something they scheduled
  195. Jewel thief shot himself dead. ..
  196. More gun buy-back stupidity.
  197. Randomly Swabbed at the airport
  198. Dementia and shooting
  199. More Movies (pic thread)
  200. Accept my losses or continue the fight?
  201. People really do buy them.....
  202. Stupid people, look up the word!
  203. Tell me what you think
  204. Ten shots fired, 22 dead. WOW
  205. Adoption anxiety, what is the best thing to do.
  206. Magic Mushrooms Explains Santa
  207. A New Maggie Picture?
  208. Sons Of Anarchy Final Season
  209. 10 Quotes on Firearms
  210. TOUCHDOWN! Man has landed a probe on Comet 67P
  211. Anyone else watch the first episode "the man who killed OBL" tonight?
  212. Anti Veteran facebook post by FFL dealer in Anniston Alabama
  213. He tried to save her life.
  214. I need Friends
  215. Concert For Valor
  216. My Apologies in advance - I miss them! Veterans Day................................
  217. 21 Gun Salute Hysteria: Vets given cold shoulder
  218. Obamacare Architect: Yeah, We Lied to The "Stupid" American People to Get It Passed
  219. IRS Scam email
  220. I was young once....
  221. Bear is doing great!
  222. Who "wins" a war?
  223. Halloween Costume or Part Time Waiter.....I dunno.
  224. Gun Purchases Up & Crime Down
  225. Do you believe in Angels?
  226. Happy Birthday Marines!
  227. This is going too far! This is not a joke.
  228. Give up your guns for home defense...
  229. Just saw a great doc on the 48 war today
  230. Bear just want to ask dumb question...
  231. I am evil.
  232. Premature celebration in college football
  233. Ebola Schmola-> We have "Kissing Bug Disease"
  234. The Edmund Fitzgerald
  235. Today's dumb criminal
  236. Seat Belt Law
  237. $100 an hour?
  238. Heroic Teen Saves LEO
  239. Soldiers Hero Dog Stolen By Military....
  240. My eyes--My eyes !
  241. Attraction - Must Watch
  242. Pink Floyd new music this week.
  243. 1St Texas International Firearms Festival
  244. Speed Dating :)
  245. Free Stuff
  246. Will this make you scream Uncle?!
  247. My 420 post
  248. Should Alcohol be banned again...
  249. Colorado elected an insane Moron who believes in mythical beings attacking the USA...
  250. Who else thought the 1980's was horrible?