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  1. Dog bites shark!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Clemson v. alabama
  3. Watches
  4. You'll never guess how many guns the average owner has-Reported by MSN
  5. First brisket of 2017
  6. Always Obey The Rules of Gun Handling Safety
  7. Traffic Blocking Protest Ends Poorly
  8. State of Emergency Declared in Georgia
  9. When to tell a girl you CCW and are into firearms.
  10. Sometimes it's good to be a dog...
  11. Shooting at FL airport ..9 shot ..muilt dead
  12. Another example why warning shots into the air is a bad idea.
  13. OMG, profanity uttered on the news tonight.
  14. OD missed out on prime rib...
  15. Name that Gun: fun 5 minutes to kill
  16. Dashing through the snow
  17. New Years Eve plans?
  18. Oh boy.............
  19. Naked and alone
  20. This is me as a moderator
  21. New Years Prediction From Mike1956
  22. Best Caption Wins...........
  23. What Laws Did The Homeowner Break?
  24. Whoooo Has a White Christmas
  25. Tim Allen's Last Man Standing
  26. This 1979 Christmas Tune Was Based On A True Story
  27. Christmas cheer.
  28. For the Star Wars Fans.
  29. I Was Here, Then I Was Gone, Now I'm Back
  30. A Christmas Gift
  31. Merry Christmas to all on this site
  32. Christmas Wishes
  33. An Answer Which Has Always Bothered Me
  34. This looks cool! WWII tours...
  35. if your boss screwed up, would you forgive him?
  36. Merry Christmas from Mrs. Claus ................
  37. Husband claims gun fired when he threw it on bed killed wife
  38. Armed Legislator-to-be Robbed and Carjacked
  39. They're back; those tear jerker whiny lying ASPCA ads.
  40. Show Your Self Defense Vehicles
  41. Merry Christmas
  42. Oh Well............!!!!
  43. Here's Otto...............again.
  44. Young man shoots deer in house
  45. Just made this. Enjoy!
  46. Man Cave ideas...lets see 'em
  47. Planning a move down south
  48. Never let your guard down!
  49. Restless Heart--Fast Movin' Train.
  50. Sicko kills his daughter to punish wife for divorcing him
  51. If You Like Dogs.
  52. Safe and Secure
  53. 2016 - Holiday Gun Song Survey
  54. NEW for Christmas...The Auto-Revolver
  55. Wife shot me
  56. First American to orbit the earth has died: John Glenn 95
  57. Something for glock lovers
  58. Miss Sloane, Another Dopey Anti-gun Movie
  59. Thanks on Pearl Harbor day.
  60. Social media as weapon
  61. The cars of Wal-Mart
  62. Stop Jerking the Trigger
  63. If there was any question
  64. James Mattis Quotes
  65. Going Camping Next Week
  66. Back Porch Visitor
  67. People Are Nuts These Days
  68. Flag Burning
  69. Gatlinburg hotels, homes destroyed in TN wildfires
  70. Do over or second election?
  71. Use of paper money and coin
  72. High Speed Filming: Propellers and Bullets in WWI
  73. Dictator Castro Dead - Finally
  74. Gun related fun
  75. Butterball is a Terrorist organization?
  76. Christmas Gift Ideas
  77. A Thanksgiving Thought
  78. Go home or I'll shoot
  79. Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!
  80. 200 dead in Memphis so far, "easy accessibility to guns as a factor "
  81. -Lifted trucks-
  82. A little dated or early...you decide
  83. The Two Americas
  84. The national anthem perfofrmed in a very unique way
  85. A question for our veterans?
  86. I finally got to make one of these!
  87. Straight Razors
  88. If lead could speak
  89. Avoid Road Rage, Stay In Your Car
  90. Nerve racking football weekend for Doghandler
  91. If The Donald was a gun, what kind of gun would he be?
  92. Happy Veterans Day
  93. My brain is tricking me into buying guns.
  94. USMC Birthday
  95. whoops
  96. My view coming to work 11/9/2016
  97. President Trump
  98. Well, my wife's damn cat likes my new KSG . . .
  99. Gun store robberies increasing North Carolina.
  100. Don'y forget to change your clocks.
  101. Tested my aim ..... so I shot him
  102. Wow! Don't mess with Baby!
  103. Conversations with a 15 year old
  104. You are responsible for every bullet...
  105. A Tale of Two M&Ps
  106. Steven Seagal
  107. "Selfie" stupidity
  108. Women make better assassins
  109. Great story
  110. Tactical Pocket Sand
  111. Windows......Arrrg!
  112. Fancied up my coffee table ...
  113. The Robots are coming!
  114. Weird symptoms
  115. Tired of MSM news?
  116. Can Someone Update Me?
  117. A great flyer Gone West: Bob Hover
  118. How to tie a tie.
  119. Nothing for Nothing
  120. Thousands of California soldiers forced to repay enlistment bonuses a decade after go
  121. Anybody Know What Happened To "OldVet"?
  122. No sense of humor!
  123. It took 70 years but we got it ...
  124. lubbock residents shoot it out. UGLY
  125. Fall crud making it's way around
  126. Man Named John Browning in Attempted Murder Incident
  127. Won't be here as much as work locked me out of here
  128. Deer vs car.......Car loses
  129. Zimmerman's shooter gets 20 years.
  130. A different non gun problem
  131. Was at the BLM march in Philly today
  132. When Bored, Try This!
  133. Caption this
  134. HRC's 25% Gun Tax
  135. I’m baaaaaack: post Matthew.
  136. Food porn...... heheheh
  137. Columbus Day? Not for Much Longer
  138. Civil War cannonballs found on South Carolina beach in Matthew's wake
  139. Great Quotes
  140. Hurricane Matthew
  141. Looking for A Cartoonist or Charicature Artist
  142. You'd think this would hit mainstream media...
  143. Come And Take It ! (The Real Meaning)
  144. I got the feeling.........
  145. Eagle eye.
  146. Deer road rage.
  147. UFO seen on thermal above Bristol Channel
  148. When in Houston Avoid This Crazy ANTI Business !
  149. Debate
  150. New therapy for the poor socially aggressed snowflakes.
  151. Wrong Man
  152. The duck is pulling the truck
  153. No Deplorting!!!
  154. Shooting Washington mall. 4 dead
  155. DOJ & FBI cover up ISIS connection to NY/NJ bombings
  156. Think you can hide in a crowd, guess again.
  157. TSA has an Instagram page!
  158. I am back!!!!!!!! Stetson
  159. Social Justice Warriors EMOTIONAL FIRST AID KIT !
  160. Easy drinker vest
  161. 6 States Facing Possible Gas Shortages After Colonial Pipeline Spill
  162. He Still Got It!
  163. Catchin' up: did I tell you about my heart "procedure"???
  164. Armed Robber of Cash & Sex Toys
  165. Just when you think you have seen it all
  166. Here's Otto ............again.
  167. Finally a sign on a truck I like
  168. A posting of business's not supporting the 2A
  169. Condolences
  170. Seattle Sea Hawk protest
  171. Dog Leash Recommendations?
  172. A golf joke.
  173. Winter weather advisory during summer
  174. Cookout Creamery
  175. Rejoice: It’s 3 September 2016.
  176. car's temp gauge always in the middle?
  177. Texas Deputy Exam
  178. Plane falls off carrier but does not crash.
  179. USPS
  180. A tide and true form of therapy...
  181. Chicago "gun" problems. Again.
  182. Japan just had a gun crime
  183. Gene Wilder dies at 83
  184. How do you make your pork butts?
  185. Do you have a Loan Mower?
  186. Dog Day pic
  187. Glockophiles rejoice.
  188. After getting the permit...
  189. They just refuse to get it
  190. The things you will find online.
  191. Just got back from 7 week vacation...
  192. Mosquitoes from hell
  193. Why do Glock owners
  194. Man gnaws face of Palm Beach stabbing victim
  195. N. Virginia & Maryland - Need a Safe Delivered/Moved....This is Your Guy
  196. Any serious paintballers on here?
  197. Odd thing on Facebook
  198. Gang activity in Montana
  199. Great minds think alike....
  200. Where are we today that this is actually real?
  201. Why are people from Washington State so serious all the time?
  202. Had a great weekend!
  203. Benghazi families sue Clinton
  204. Harley biker and the “news” media.
  205. My new favorite TV Commercial!
  206. I guess I need to wear my BBQ gun today!
  207. Wells Fargo turns down hogue weapons
  208. Anyone have any experience buying ammo from Eagle Eye Guns?
  209. Today is the Day I Love to Hate (or Hate to Love)
  210. If You're Going To Fight!
  211. Yes yes yes ..A man I woul vote for
  212. Gas station hold up with AR15 , clerk hids in panic room
  213. Door stops
  214. Taking responsibility.
  215. What is wrong with people today?
  216. Does anyone buy in cycles?
  217. Clinton Cash
  218. Another strong 2A message
  219. Modern round
  220. Anti-Gun Senator Shoots Intruder
  221. Psychic Friends Network's "Miss Cleo" dead
  222. Clinton invites families of blacks killed by police
  223. A little off-topic - Security Concerns - Contractor in the House
  224. Say What ??
  225. I find these very cool
  226. Two attractions for the price of one!
  227. cop shoots unarmed caretaker
  228. Whiskey barrel flags spread across the nation.
  229. No more black rifles for Massachusetts
  230. This Post Has 83 Likes
  231. France says we need more armed citizens
  232. Man attacks multiple people on German train with a knife.
  233. Unwanted Beer
  234. Photo bucket test 2
  235. Photo bucket test
  236. Moving to Florida
  237. One Hell of a Shot
  238. Washington post analysis of Obamas easier to buy guns than books
  239. Idiots Guide to the AR
  240. Harvard study on discrimination in police force
  241. No more Glocks!
  242. Always Know What the App Does Before You Buy It....
  243. Today has been a crazy day
  244. How do you respond to Hollywood radicals?
  245. Gatling anyone?
  246. Not humor: Paging "Reverend" Al, "Reverend" Jesse,
  247. Sometimes You Get the Bull and Sometimes You Get the Horn
  248. Have to raise them right!
  249. "It doesn’t take a ton of courage to join a mob."
  250. "Here Kitty, Kitty!" Law of the jungle.....