: Off Topic & Humor Discussion

  1. We did it, hogan wins md!
  2. Anyone else got this letter in the mail???
  3. Awesome pic
  4. First time I ever kissed my gun
  5. Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends, Family, and Anyone Else who is still speaking to me;
  6. Who is going to stay up and watch the returns?
  7. Question: Is Sex Work?
  8. Dirty Politics
  9. for those who need a laugh
  10. Texas Sheriff's Exam
  11. Anyone w/a TAVOR bought from MAKO GROUP??
  12. McRib is Back
  13. Texas International Gun Festival
  14. 3 Arrested in Riot...
  15. Joni Ernst....bid for Iowa Senate.
  16. New Home Security System
  17. Android phone shortcut maker?
  18. Lawsuit accuses Led Zepplin of plagiary
  19. Bowie's Knife, Crockett's Gun given to Texas (Alamo)
  20. PA Gun Auction
  21. The Flu or stay away from little kids
  22. how do i remove a post?
  23. 2000 Posts. Woo Hoo!!
  24. Sighting in for deer season
  25. A Nun's cab ride
  26. Cool video of the day
  27. Bruins player mirrors Bobby Orr's famous goal
  28. Missing wife
  29. Bragging On My Daughter
  30. The Hickenlooper Blues
  31. OOPS - Yet another DOJ Issue..........................................?
  32. Lawsuit filed against BATFE
  33. Where can I get high capacity newspapers?
  34. Four shot Halloween night in DC
  35. My New Hero
  36. Just walking down the street looking good merits harassment
  37. Possible Ebola In Portland, Oregon
  38. Cardio, and double tap may not be enough tonight
  39. The Bag Piper
  40. Northern Lights
  41. Disturbing and Alarming Events!
  42. The Hickenlooper Blues
  43. Woohoo! 500th Post!
  44. Halloween PSA
  45. Most Horrific Single Atrocity ISIS Has Committed
  46. Is Islam on the Curriculum @ Your School - Marine Dad Banned from Daughters School
  47. Some People Really Shouldn't Do Police Work
  48. Been there, done that....... Yada, yada - lets hear your best OOPS or otherwise......
  49. What a nightmare for this guy
  50. New Self-Defense System-Instant Kill
  51. Did I miss a Memo?
  52. The Case Of The Blue Honda
  53. My "Favourite Drug Dealer" Arrested Again
  54. Anyone else ever just do "nothing" for an entire day?
  55. High Risk/Low Frequency Events
  56. SF won!
  57. When Did This Start?
  58. Granny Smith Apples -- What you didn't know
  59. Field Sobriety Test fail
  60. Good High-Protein Recipes?
  61. Getting froggy on my knives
  62. Modern Edumacashun (Merged)
  63. More beheading horror in NY
  64. Jose Canseco Blows Off Own Finger
  65. How 'bout them Royals? !!!
  66. News: "500 S&W Tree Fail"
  67. Resupply launch from Wallops was an EPIC FAIL - Antares Kaboomed
  68. Shooting in N. Carolina
  69. Hackers
  70. Check out these Halloween costumes!
  71. St. Louis Civil Unrest/Riots anticipated in wake of GJ verdict
  72. Foxcatcher-Mark Schultz (Very special to me)
  73. Vehicle Registration Rant!
  74. Started a new job yesterday. Off the streets and on the radio.
  75. whole bean coffee
  76. Murder at Wal-Mart
  77. Whooopeee
  78. What do you guys think of my new video?
  79. New Permit
  80. Breathtaking!
  81. He called her a bad name.
  82. Carry +1 AND OC/CC Questions Solved Once and For All
  83. CC hacked twice
  84. Need Airsoft pistol education please
  85. Withdrawls BIG Time... Kickin Coffee Stinks!
  86. Took SIL Shooting
  87. One Can Only Hope, Chuck...
  88. YouTube, Beware: Election-spending regulator sets sights on political Internet videos
  89. Want Coffee
  90. Quarantine of Kaci Hickox - Interesting comments
  91. Question for football fans:why do they still use the chains for first downs!
  92. Scariest Haloween costume ever!
  93. These guys have some funny stuff on their channel...
  94. Those of you in tornado alley will be disappointed.
  95. Taking S I L To Range
  96. Pics or it didn't happen you say?
  97. I have my apartment back! They are outta here!
  98. Fall Foliage at Shendandoah aka Skyline Dr.
  99. Quiet neighborhood ????
  100. Remora Goofed Up Order
  101. The largest sunspot in decades is pointed right at Earth
  102. Sacremento CA officers shot just in
  103. Active Shooter Incident at Marysville-Pilchuck High School North of Seattle
  104. "King of The Hill"
  105. Weights - Discovered PowerBlock
  106. OK ! sounds painful ?
  107. Seniors are cute too !!!
  108. I swear it is sand in my eyes
  109. Went to California AGAIN! Almost threw up
  110. This one tore me up..
  111. Possible Ebola in NY
  112. Like a Boss...
  113. Had a good temporary job offerer today
  114. My Glock Is Taking Over
  115. Road rage preparedness
  116. Please find or kill Bigfoot!
  117. so how many guns do i NEED?
  118. Texas Int'l Firearms Festival
  119. Sweet Dreams, Sleep Tight...
  120. Neb School District Says Guns In Senior Portraits Ok If Done Tastefully..
  121. Retirement practice
  122. Call from the Teacher
  123. White Family Beaten After Black Bus Driver Arranges Attack
  124. A question for the LEO's here
  125. Sign of The Times
  126. Ouch!
  127. Ferguson- THE ONE AND ONLY THREAD!!
  128. Does Lockheed Martin Really Have a Breakthrough Fusion Machine?
  129. Another bugdude punkin
  130. Moms Against Everything
  131. Safety First!
  132. JeanLouise is going to kill me....
  133. News Channel One America News (OANN.COM)
  134. What the Russians are saying about Ebola
  135. New tactic for the anti-gun zealots
  136. Alzheimer, Dementia and Phosphotidylserine
  137. Broken hearted Browns Fan, thinking of a divorce...
  138. You ever stick with a job as there is nothing better ? Need to rant a bit
  139. Must be a booger to live in NY
  140. I'm a living dinosaur
  141. Packaging
  142. A Debt Of Gratitude
  143. If you thought Ferguson was much ado about nothing....
  144. Wussifying the Sonoran desert
  145. Have my Rights been VIOLATED?
  146. The Right To Bare Arms
  147. Hand well water pumps
  148. Nosey Neighbor, Or Dangerous Anti
  149. We are all Patty Hearst
  150. Remember the car wash video where nothing happened? Yeah, this is NOT that video!
  151. Big Brother Keeps Knocking
  152. Riots in Keene (NH)
  153. P51D retored with working .50 cals
  154. Ever take a shooting vacation during the winter to a warm place?
  155. Solicitor Fun
  156. Kicking Butt
  157. Yes, that's snow!
  158. How special, chip-based credit cards will now become available
  159. banning guns is part of medicine
  160. Tips for finding an apartment quickly
  161. Fury out today, Sherman vs. Tiger... (MERGED)
  162. You Too Can Play the National Anthem
  163. Momma wants a gun and her cwp!!!
  164. Burglar, rapes 100 y/o woman
  165. Nashville Police Chief Tells Secret Service To Follow Their Oath
  166. Feeding Frenzy
  167. 23 Years Ago Today in Kileen TX
  168. Even hockey coaches are tough
  169. Does this hold the promise for clean environmentally friendly power?
  170. New rules of engagement for home defense
  171. Mayor Gulianni vs Noreiga (call of duty game)
  172. Bug A Salt gun
  173. Long term food storage.
  174. Favorite rabbit recipe?
  175. What should be done with this 10 year old who murdered a 90 year old woman?
  176. Ferguson, MO blacks voting Republican - "Dems Take Us For Granted"
  177. Today is Bear's Birthday!
  178. IT help please, "start" button gone
  179. For Bugdude: Happy Halloween!
  180. Man Gets Life for $22 Robbery: Really?
  181. Do you have a quote in your signature line?
  182. Kathrin Glock
  183. The Devastating Impact Of Ebola
  184. Marines MEF III Due Battle With ROK Army (Drum Line)
  185. Feedback on Tactical Flashlight
  186. Good deed for the month completed.
  187. Hm, does this count as a ND?
  188. Executive Order on IVORY BAN leads to confiscation of guns and musical instruments?
  189. UT: Oh great! ND in school by teacher
  190. Question for rockhounds an amateur geologists
  191. Gaston Glock a Bad Guy??
  192. Another, you can't make this up: SCIENCE: Save The Earth By Peeing In The Shower
  193. Going to A Wedding:What To Wear?
  194. Bird Season
  195. A thought for the day
  196. Another Ebola case in Dallas
  197. How does everyone feel about progun/gun owning democrats?
  198. Home spun idioms and other explanations
  199. No Heavy Metal Intro, No Bearded Spec Ops Guys
  200. Joe Biden: I Pray For Another High Profile Victim to Push Gun Control (MERGED)
  201. Glock Gun Empire Rocked By $500 Million Lawsuit From Founder's Ex-Wife........
  202. Have an AT&T phone?
  203. George Washington's Secret Six
  204. Foley's Parents want to "Understand" IS...
  205. I have a date today with a woman
  206. First jury duty experience complete
  207. Another boating accident?
  208. What is going on in N. Korea?
  209. Ultimate 007
  210. Gwyneth Paltrow Gushes Over O (Reportedly)
  211. "Dogma"
  212. Lots of mistakes but nobody hurt.
  213. The Far Side - Your Favorites
  214. Favorite Stupid Quote From Perp's Family
  215. NY article, is Bloomberg legal?
  216. SWAT Team Raids House And Kills Homeowner Because Criminal Who Burglarized The House
  217. Another one of....You can't make this stuff up!
  218. Real life horror story.
  219. The 100-Year-Old Agreement that's Driving the Islamic State.
  220. Kangaroo MMA
  221. Harvard: How can smart people be so dumb?
  222. NHL Started tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  223. Are you a real Tactical Operator
  224. Comcast Told His Employer About Complaint, Got Him Fired
  225. Every gun post on every internet forum into a single bullet list
  226. Auto Mechanics, advice needed.
  227. Track my kid / spouse app?
  228. With A Rebel Yell
  229. OMG, I agree with Piers Morgan -rips the POTUS on Hannity
  230. Most beautiful voice in the world
  231. Did a favor got nice gift
  232. Soldier Denied Entry in His Daughter's School
  233. For Soldiers Young and Old...
  234. Speaking of jolly old England ...
  235. Jim Stafford sings a beautiful Western Ballad
  236. A variation of "What's in your wallet?"
  237. October 7th, 1780, The Battle of Kings Mountain
  238. Good Cop/Bad Cop
  239. Interesting observation from the UK
  240. Show Us Your Guns
  241. What "gets your goat?" Thread
  242. Build it and they will want it
  243. I can't hardly walk today, but I have to brag
  244. Black Sheep Squadron is on ME TV
  245. Good thing there's no guns in Oz.
  246. The importance of being prepared
  247. How much is "excessive bail?"
  248. 30 years of marriage
  249. Irony or Hypocricy?
  250. ISIS - Too Much Is Being Revealed