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  1. In memory of Saint John
  2. I Was Arrested
  3. My Debit Card Was Compromised Yesterday
  4. Excuse me Sir. Is that a Banana in your pocket?
  5. Diversionary thread. With all the turmoil, how can we relax?
  6. Woo Hoo Who's Going Where For Turkey Day??? And What's On The Docket???
  7. Rock N roll Lyric Game if you are an old guy like me :-))
  8. Must have been a heck of a metball
  9. A cane for my Dad and a request to identify the wood
  10. Best NFL catch ever? Awesome!
  11. DROOL ! (CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Pistol)
  12. Paid $600 for being constipated! Cool ;)
  13. Situational Awareness FAIL
  14. My Thanksgiving Thread For the Good people of DC
  15. Bet Mad Moms Would Like These Guns
  16. RIGHTS ERODING by Rightseroding
  17. Riddle me this, Riddle me that...
  18. Bit-O-Truth
  19. Now illegals flooding into Canada
  20. FBI Terrorism Analyst does a anylisis of Woman and Man, pretty funny
  21. NFL Domestic Violence Commercial
  22. Shirley Temple Classics
  23. For the Middle Earth fans, you know who you are....
  24. Not so concealed defense at the corner store
  25. Food content: contaminants, GMO, pesticides, bacteria, etc
  26. Too Cool! Micheline Airless Radial Tires!
  27. What's in your vehicle? (emergency, not guns)
  28. The Dumb Thug Thread
  29. A Journey
  30. Seek And You Will Find!
  31. Uncle Si Frys a Turkey (State Farm PSA)
  32. tangoseal needs to clear his inbox on DC - It is your turn for watch
  33. Nuff of this seirousness Kid Rock Rock N Roll Jesus
  34. Rookie NYC PO shoots unarmed man in building in East New York
  35. Crazy food
  36. My Family Portrait
  37. Patient advocacy .... Take care of your people
  38. Stupid People Tricks
  39. What's your excuse?
  40. Beware of Money Left On Windshield
  41. Kalifornia ????
  42. Russia get right to carry before NJ....?
  43. Interstellar
  44. At least somebody still likes the US.
  45. The Depravity Standard
  46. Don't Open Carry When Protesting Near the White House
  47. The .45 caliber song; kind of catchy!
  48. Presidential Pardons & the Constitution - A Question
  49. Milwalkee Police Chief just got my respect
  50. Need advice. May be facing a divorce from my wife.
  51. Michigan's UP Declares War on the USA
  52. Didn't want to put this on "Bob & Terry's Place"
  53. Parental Rights
  54. Florida state shooting
  55. FSU Library Shooting
  56. Russian government allowing concealed carry?
  57. This is why you shower carry
  58. News Sabbatical
  59. Bear sometimes gets surprised by the smallest things...
  60. Another light in the sky over the Ural
  61. November 19th, 1863
  62. Thanks dcc
  63. How cold is it where you are?
  64. Now this is over the line. Its illegal to feed hungry PEOPLE.
  65. any fireplace masters that can help???
  66. Current Gun Laws Work
  67. Truckers Encounter
  68. 9 year old child run to death as punishment for eating a candy bar
  69. Hey Cowboys! I need your help identifying these...
  70. northerners
  71. Serious Question on the Off Topic Board
  72. Total lack of parenting.
  73. California sneaky tricks?
  74. A great beer commercial.
  75. Is this a good look for me?
  76. Another "You Can't Make This Stuff Up" thread
  77. Thumbs Up to Guinness!
  78. Sell or trade this gun, not sure how
  79. Parents furious after unannounced shooter drill at Polk middle school
  80. Members in Arizona
  81. NFL
  82. Should the choke hold be a crime when used by LE in NY?
  83. I gotta get me one of these!
  84. Insomnia on DC! And Life = Not in Bed. Us late night folks.
  85. Grab a rope...
  86. Podcasts
  87. Spent the day in the keys.
  88. Lordy, how she gets them britches on.....
  89. Amazon rocks for returns and customer service
  90. Noname!!!
  91. Mea culpa
  92. Anyone else get agitated over people not showing up for something they scheduled
  93. Jewel thief shot himself dead. ..
  94. More gun buy-back stupidity.
  95. Randomly Swabbed at the airport
  96. Dementia and shooting
  97. More Movies (pic thread)
  98. Accept my losses or continue the fight?
  99. People really do buy them.....
  100. Stupid people, look up the word!
  101. Tell me what you think
  102. Ten shots fired, 22 dead. WOW
  103. Adoption anxiety, what is the best thing to do.
  104. Magic Mushrooms Explains Santa
  105. A New Maggie Picture?
  106. Sons Of Anarchy Final Season
  107. 10 Quotes on Firearms
  108. TOUCHDOWN! Man has landed a probe on Comet 67P
  109. Anyone else watch the first episode "the man who killed OBL" tonight?
  110. Anti Veteran facebook post by FFL dealer in Anniston Alabama
  111. He tried to save her life.
  112. I need Friends
  113. Concert For Valor
  114. My Apologies in advance - I miss them! Veterans Day................................
  115. 21 Gun Salute Hysteria: Vets given cold shoulder
  116. Obamacare Architect: Yeah, We Lied to The "Stupid" American People to Get It Passed
  117. IRS Scam email
  118. I was young once....
  119. Bear is doing great!
  120. Who "wins" a war?
  121. Halloween Costume or Part Time Waiter.....I dunno.
  122. Gun Purchases Up & Crime Down
  123. Do you believe in Angels?
  124. Happy Birthday Marines!
  125. This is going too far! This is not a joke.
  126. Give up your guns for home defense...
  127. Just saw a great doc on the 48 war today
  128. Bear just want to ask dumb question...
  129. I am evil.
  130. Premature celebration in college football
  131. Ebola Schmola-> We have "Kissing Bug Disease"
  132. The Edmund Fitzgerald
  133. Today's dumb criminal
  134. Seat Belt Law
  135. $100 an hour?
  136. Heroic Teen Saves LEO
  137. Soldiers Hero Dog Stolen By Military....
  138. My eyes--My eyes !
  139. Attraction - Must Watch
  140. Pink Floyd new music this week.
  141. 1St Texas International Firearms Festival
  142. Speed Dating :)
  143. Free Stuff
  144. Will this make you scream Uncle?!
  145. My 420 post
  146. Should Alcohol be banned again...
  147. Colorado elected an insane Moron who believes in mythical beings attacking the USA...
  148. Who else thought the 1980's was horrible?
  149. A "Feel Good" Video
  150. How was your day?
  151. You can't make this stuff up!
  152. California:Beam Me Up Scotty !!!!!!!!
  153. World's Most Worthless Cat??
  154. Crazed man attacks hospital staff
  155. Red, white, and blue showing in my neighborhood
  156. Eric Holder's Replacement Pick
  157. Defense attorneys finally get their statement from officer PC Peach
  158. the gun as a magic wand
  159. Iracing
  160. And why I carry..... People are basically animals. Especially in Philly, PA (Video)
  161. .22LR Mystery Shortage Solved
  162. Just Sayin'
  163. New Section??????
  164. Minister to the Downtrodden = Go to Jail???
  165. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  166. I am the Koolest Guy that i know
  167. New Additions to the EDC
  168. Really hard to find reliable sitters, nowadays.
  169. Hey Oregonians!
  170. My condolences Colorado Friends
  171. Gecko 45's Flavor of the Month
  172. Your Favorite Movie Of The Of 2014
  173. Damn if the idiot isn't on TV again!
  174. going out on a wire with this one
  175. Ren Fest
  176. Marbles (Blurry Monitor Alert)
  177. Medical MJ fails to pass
  178. Want to know why I love West Virginia?
  179. Congratulations
  180. And you thought your day was bad!
  181. We did it, hogan wins md!
  182. Anyone else got this letter in the mail???
  183. Awesome pic
  184. First time I ever kissed my gun
  185. Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends, Family, and Anyone Else who is still speaking to me;
  186. Who is going to stay up and watch the returns?
  187. Question: Is Sex Work?
  188. Dirty Politics
  189. for those who need a laugh
  190. Texas Sheriff's Exam
  191. Anyone w/a TAVOR bought from MAKO GROUP??
  192. McRib is Back
  193. Texas International Gun Festival
  194. 3 Arrested in Riot...
  195. Joni Ernst....bid for Iowa Senate.
  196. New Home Security System
  197. Android phone shortcut maker?
  198. Lawsuit accuses Led Zepplin of plagiary
  199. Bowie's Knife, Crockett's Gun given to Texas (Alamo)
  200. PA Gun Auction
  201. The Flu or stay away from little kids
  202. how do i remove a post?
  203. 2000 Posts. Woo Hoo!!
  204. Sighting in for deer season
  205. A Nun's cab ride
  206. Cool video of the day
  207. Bruins player mirrors Bobby Orr's famous goal
  208. Missing wife
  209. Bragging On My Daughter
  210. The Hickenlooper Blues
  211. OOPS - Yet another DOJ Issue..........................................?
  212. Lawsuit filed against BATFE
  213. Where can I get high capacity newspapers?
  214. Four shot Halloween night in DC
  215. My New Hero
  216. Just walking down the street looking good merits harassment
  217. Possible Ebola In Portland, Oregon
  218. Cardio, and double tap may not be enough tonight
  219. The Bag Piper
  220. Northern Lights
  221. Disturbing and Alarming Events!
  222. The Hickenlooper Blues
  223. Woohoo! 500th Post!
  224. Halloween PSA
  225. Most Horrific Single Atrocity ISIS Has Committed
  226. Is Islam on the Curriculum @ Your School - Marine Dad Banned from Daughters School
  227. Some People Really Shouldn't Do Police Work
  228. Been there, done that....... Yada, yada - lets hear your best OOPS or otherwise......
  229. What a nightmare for this guy
  230. New Self-Defense System-Instant Kill
  231. Did I miss a Memo?
  232. The Case Of The Blue Honda
  233. My "Favourite Drug Dealer" Arrested Again
  234. Anyone else ever just do "nothing" for an entire day?
  235. High Risk/Low Frequency Events
  236. SF won!
  237. When Did This Start?
  238. Granny Smith Apples -- What you didn't know
  239. Field Sobriety Test fail
  240. Good High-Protein Recipes?
  241. Getting froggy on my knives
  242. Modern Edumacashun (Merged)
  243. More beheading horror in NY
  244. Jose Canseco Blows Off Own Finger
  245. How 'bout them Royals? !!!
  246. News: "500 S&W Tree Fail"
  247. Resupply launch from Wallops was an EPIC FAIL - Antares Kaboomed
  248. Shooting in N. Carolina
  249. Hackers
  250. Check out these Halloween costumes!